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I am new to TTRPG (since March 2022). My gateway to RPGs is D&D 5E, which I play weekly (ish). Since participating in Beginner's Box Day Weekend, however, I have graduated to PF2E, and have soured a bit lot on the D&D.

At Paizocon I was able to bring drag my Rogue, battered and bruised, to level 4, where she waits healing and preparing for her next adventure.

During online play sessions, I spend a LOT of time reacting to the circumstances of each game and trying to figure out the mechanics of my character, and the system (Foundry), and do little RP. PbP is a way to get to know my character better, and therefore do some RPing.

Below are Useful References that I came across in my online search to become a better ally.