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I've pulled together my submission with Galyth Kallios, a human Cleric of Cayden Cailean. A few things aren't quite complete:

Basic Statistics:
Galyth Kallios – Taldan Cleric of Cayden Cailean 5 (Dual Talent human)
Str 16 / Dex 14 / Con 14 / Int 14 / Wis 16 / Cha 14
Hit Points: 43 (28 cleric +10 constitution +5 favored class bonus)
Armor Class: 22 (10 base +2 dexterity +6 armor +3 shield +1 dodge), CMD 19
Saving Throws: Fort +7, Reflex +4, Will +8

Domains: Charm (Love) & Travel
Feats: Dodge, Shield Focus, Weapon Focus (Rapier)
Skill Ranks: Diplomacy 5, Heal 5, Sense Motive 5, Spellcraft 5
Background Skill Ranks: Knowledge (Geography) 5, Perform (Sing) 5

Equipment: +1 Rapier, +1 Buckler, Cloak of Resistance +1, Pearl of Power I, Scroll of Make Whole, Wand of Cure Light Wounds, mithral breastplate, explorer's outfit

Background & Personality:
Galyth was born in Isger, the son of slaves to a Chelish nobleman named Tyrilius Vescare. Galyth was still young, just adapting to working in the fields, when the Goblinblood Wars came. Desperate for reinforcements against the invading goblinoids, Tyrilius offered emancipation to any of his slaves that would take up arms alongside the local militia. Galyth's father accepted the offer and died soon after in the fighting, alongside his former master. Galyth managed to flee along with his two younger sisters and found their way into a refugee camp protected by mercenaries from Druma.

For months, the free status of Galyth's family was disputed by members of the Vescare noble family, claiming that the papers were fake or that Tyrilius wouldn't have honored his pledge, but pressure from Eagle Knights participating in the war forced the Isgeri authorities to finally accept the validity of the emancipation documents. As the war drew to a close, Galyth's family joined the Eagle Knights when they returned to Andoran.

Galyth and his sisters settled in an orphanage supported in part by Caydenite priests. Inspired by their tales and the memory of his father defending their village in Isger, Galyth decided to become an adventuer and joined the faith of the Lucky Drunk. After resolving a kidnapping incident involving a Chelaxian noble scion, Galyth came to the attention of Supreme Elect Codwin.

Galyth is a good-natured man worn down somewhat by life, following several reversals in his adventuring career. He manages to put on a good face when enjoying life in taverns and only rarely hides his troubles in drink. He has been known to grow serious swiftly when his attention turns to matters of consequence. Galyth takes care to donate to the orphanages in the cities he travels to, or other worthy causes. His family and his companions come first.

I still need to finish buying Galyth's nonmagical adventuring gear. My other remaining task is traits. Do we have anything like campaign or regional traits available?

TheWaskally wrote:

If any of those submissions above wish to craft background where they have met Willim, I'd be happy to assist!!

I think Anna and Willim could easily know each other given their background. Below is my suggestion, feel free to comment or expand on it as you see fit :).

Anna and Willim backstory suggestion:

I can see Willim and Anna meeting and befriending each other as kids during a party where both their families were present, and keep seeing each other infrequently through the years at other similar events.

More recently, he could have seen her perform as a wandering musician and recognised her, despite her attempts to hide her identity (and maybe even helped her performance, her musical skills are nowhere near Willim's :p).

She would have told him the "official" story behind her travels (understanding other countries' people better to aid her future as a diplomat), carefully leaving out any sign of her disappointment at her country's government (as that might be ruinous to her family back home). But she would be openly honest to him about her appreciation of Andoran's values and the people's resolve, and her interest in seeing just how well things really are and helping things improve if she can.

Assuming he trusts her reasons, Willim could in turn vouch for her and be the reason she is considered to be part of the adventuring party.

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Anna Versilphar:
I really like what you wrote already. I have an idea to expand on.

Even at an early age, Anna Versilphar was a political-minded girl. Like her father, Anna saw these high society children's parties as a means to gather information and allies. Despite different backgrounds, young Anna and Willim got along well as young girls and boy can at that age. When Anna would come to subjects of government matters back in Cheliax, or other political discussions, young Willim would grow bored, and find a way to extradite himself from her presence.

Despite this, both Versdilphar and Goldfield children would meet socially many times throughout their adolescence at various parties and other social events.

Early in his bardic career, Willim reconnected with his 'old childhood friend', Anna Versilphar, as she had gone incognito one night at tavern in Olfden. Both young people sat down and talked. By this time, Anna Versilphar had honed her arguments to where Willim was actively listening. The two talked through the night, and in the morning, both wished the other well on their travels. For the first time, Willim had to really consider his place in Andoran society, and the aspects that needed to be maintained or changed for the betterment of all. That morning, the thought of public service did not seem so ludicrous.

If The Supreme Elect did ask for other possible people to include in his special task force, Wilim would have surely offered Anna Versilphar's name for consideration.

I will add what you have written and add that to Willim's backstory tabs. Well done!

I’m going to drop out of this one, folks. Got enough on my plate already, I think.

TheWaskally wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

I will add what you have written and add that to Willim's backstory tabs. Well done!

Thank you! I really like how you expanded on it as well (particularly how Anna might have given Willim a small push towards his role as an Andoran agent).

Character sheet is now 100%. Certainly takes a bit more to make a fifth level character than a first, even with some of the details handled already. Tern was much easier to manage!

I've added an appearance/personality section and major purchases to Hendrina's profile. I still have some money to spend but it will just be a few scrolls and potions.

She's essentially ready to go.

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One more day to go, so it seemed like it was time to post another applicant list.

Dotted and Ideas:
Phlynn: Wizard, likely
Trevor86: Shaman
Chyrone: halfling cleric or huntsmaster inquisitor riding a wasp.

Finished Characters:
TheWaskally: Willim Goldfield Male Human Bard/3, Cleric of Sheln/2
Mightypion: Aurelie de Simone-Simmons Female Human Bard 5
Dslak: Kian Liës Male elf (Forlorn) wizard (sword binder) 5
Sarabian: Leo Valerius Male Human Swashbuckler 5
Lapyd: Charlize Kudd Human (Taldan) Brawler (Shield Champion) 5
AGM Lemming: Julian Vorast Male Human Cleric/Divine Paragon of Torag
Bonnocloudwolf: Caesus Fallstar Male Human Ranger 5
Ellioti: Buggles Male human Feyspeaker Druid 5
PJP: Benedict “Bennie” Adams Male uman Rogue 5
Ruin Explorer: Lith Femaler Human Druid (Menhir Savant) 5
hustonj: Timo Goldfield Male Human Paladin (sacred Shield) 5
Pancakes: Anna Versilphar Female Human Wizard 5
Louxman: Elias Quince Human Male Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 5
rdknight: Hendrina Verkirk Female Half Elf Bonded Witch 5
Simeon: Adweard Holte, Male Human brawler (hinyasi) 5
SqueezeMeNow: Anastasia Armat Female Human Ragechemist (Alchemist) 2/Barbarian 3
polyfrequencies: Sebastian Iolaus/Vincenzo Coltellato Male Human Vigilante 5
Nathan Goodrich: Galyth Kallios Male Human Cleric of Cayden Cailean 5

I apologize if I've gotten anyone's name or information incorrect, please let me know and I will fix it.

Arjuna332, If we get more applicants I'll post the list again tomorrow late in the day. I've been invited to play in a 'Lost Land's' game, which I'll want to focus on for a bit, so I am removing Ivar from the application here. Again thank you for running the game, we players appreciate it. Good luck and good gaming all.

Definitly an impressive list to chose from!

Interesting setting. Sounds like an early United States although Washington was wise enough to step down after his first term.

Robert Henry wrote:
I've been invited to play in a 'Lost Land's' game, which I'll want to focus on for a bit, so I am removing Ivar from the application here.

Sorry to see you self-eliminate, but I think you'll have fun.

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I think it's time to close the application. Now I will choose the players for both tables. Please look forward to it.

Good luck GM!
Not an enviable task to whittle down the masses.

Silver Crusade

Wanted to drop a note officially, I withdrew from the applications. Due to unexpected real life commitments I was unable to finish my submission. Good luck to all those who applied!

Best of luck everybody!

Good luck to all!

Now is the time of anticipation and nerves.

Still he said 2 tables of 5, and there are 18 completed submissions. Better than a 50% selection rate. MUCH better odds than for most of these applications.

Good luck.
I notice the absence of Sorcerer and Fighters

hustonj wrote:

Now is the time of anticipation and nerves.

Still he said 2 tables of 5, and there are 18 completed submissions. Better than a 50% selection rate. MUCH better odds than for most of these applications.

Especially if he's filling party rolls, I only counted two character which had the 'disable device' skill.

I could slot it in by exchanging traits, will not get me into being able to deal with magical traps, but here are trait ways to get disable device, vagabond child would fit with Aurelie earlier upbringing, or lack thereoff.

Ideally someone else would spot the traps for me :).

As one of the characters trained in disable device, I will say it's definitely useful but far from the only way to deal with traps. As long as a party can spot them, they can often be bypassed if you can figure out what the trigger is and then avoid the trigger. Jump over the pit, go around the pressure plate, launch an arrow at a triggering rope, put a stick into a bear trap, or summon a minor monster to go trigger something unassailable. It just takes a little creativity (and a cooperative GM).

Aram Zey's Focus is also a nifty spell, as is Knock.

All that to say, may the odds be ever in your favor.

The suspense is terrible!...I hope it'll last.

I have decided on who will join the first table. I will announce the second table some other time.

Those who are selected, head over to discussion thread and dot your stuff. Also, feel free to put finishing touches on your sheets if you must.

Aurelie de Simone-Simmons
Benedict "Bennie" Adams
Elias Quince
Hendrina Verkirk
Julian Vorast

Silver Crusade

Sarabian wrote:
The suspense is terrible!...I hope it'll last.

As you say Willy.

Cool. Enjoy the game!

Maybe I should have made a James Raynor character to ensure I got into one of the tables.

Or a Kerrigan. <3

Just checking with the GM whether there was any potential timeline/consideration on a second table (and/or deliberation about one of the initially selected from the first table not joining yet).

Got me wondering if I should resubmit with a more rogue-based character instead.

Meh. Deadline passed.

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