PFS #5-21 The Merchant's Wake

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Please provide the following information about your character:

Player Name:
Character Name:
OP Number:
Day Job/Downtime:

The Exchange

Thanks a lot for GMing! :-)

May I ask when you start? If you can wait another week or so then I would like to apply with the following character:

Player Name: noral
Character Name: Sadaf Kargar
OP Number: 314670-17
Faction: Exchange
Day Job/Downtime: prof. merchant : 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (11) + 14 = 25


Sadaf is a Dwarf from a Kelish merchant family that always felt the pull of the wilderness and saurian animals. He embraces the lessons of the dinosaurs as these archaic animals have watched over this world since the beginning of time. But this connection to nature also irritates people that are around him.

He is a stoic negotiator but has an empathic approach. He is very perceptive and understands people's motives which is very important as a herbal merchant.

He typically walks around in his non-metal armor and during battle usually tries not to attack but use spells and his animal companion ‘Danduun’ instead.

The Exchange

Player Name: Mage of the Wyrmkin
Character Name: Rogarch
OP Number:115226-9
Faction: The Exchange
Day Job/Downtime: None.
Notes: She has a bloodline familiar named Helping Hand. I will be using a replay credit but I do not remember this adventure at all.

Silver Crusade

Player Name: supervillan
Character Name: Sleeping Sword
OP Number: 75577 - 8
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day Job/Downtime: none
Notes: Sleeping Sword is a dhampir follower of Shizuru; he flurries a katana and staggers foes with his Gentle Repose domain strike.

I have played this scenario before but would be happy to burn a replay. (My first play was around 5 years ago).

Sleeping Sword is level 5 (cleric 1 / monk 4)

The Exchange

Haven't played PFS1 in a while, Would love to play though. Need to look at my characters when I get home from work, see what I have in the 1-5 range...

Grand Lodge

I’ve never played this one and have a Level 4 dwarf oracle. Glad to see some more PF1 games get off the ground!

The Exchange

Player Name:Joey Martin
Character Name:Lo Pei
OP Number:73425-7
Day Job/Downtime: none
Notes: Aerokineticist 1/ Ninja 3. Wayang.

Went with this character, fits best for the group I think. Have actually never played him online, will get him posted up over the next day or two.

Grand Lodge

Here's the full info:

Player Name: Jhaeman
Character Name: Makras Vekker
OP Number: 238544-6
Faction: Grand Lodge
Day Job/Downtime: Profession (Street Preacher): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24
Notes: Level 5 Oracle

Looks like we will have five for this, and playing high tier. Feel free to start introducing yourselves in the gameplay tab. I will do the briefing at the end of the week so noral can join. You are starting in the Pathfinder lodge in Katheer.

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