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This is the recruitment thread for my PFS #5-11 Library of the Lion for Play by Post Gameday IX.

The game will be open for early GM signup on August 05, 2020 and general signup on August 12, 2020. I plan to take people on a First Come, First Serve basis and will be limiting it to a table of six. The game will not start until September 01, 2020.

I will expect everyone to post in on the Discussion thread between a week and three days before the start of the game. That allows me to know that everyone is ready.

Since sometimes players fail to show, I would not mind having one or two extras signed up. I will be offering seats to them if someone drops or fails to show up.

This is an infiltration mission into a library to do research. You will want to keep that in mind when you choose your character.

The Exchange

Pathfinder LO Special Edition, PF Special Edition Subscriber

Do you think a Warpriest (Sword & Board) would be too much of a liability? He spent most of his life in Mendev so this seems interesting, he could prepare spells to help and has a skill check blessing. I can always wait to apply it to him through GMing and choose someone else.

I’m not recognizing which blessing you are referring to as a skill check blessing.

Anything you can bring in terms of skills, class features, or magic to find information will be valuable here. A sneaky mindset also helps. It is a scenario where the more battles you get into, the worse you are doing. That said, there are still battles required if you are to complete all of your objectives.

That said, not every member of the group needs to have library research skills. There are other skills that come up. Inventive use of class abilities or spells is encouraged.

I would say sign up with the character you most want to play but have a backup in case the group seems light on skills.

Silver Crusade

This is the character, so I will sign up on him and see how the group builds.

Nobility blessing can give a +2 morale to skill checks for 1 minute. I can use it 4 times a day. With Guidance +1 competence I can help with short term skill checks pretty well. Looking through spells I can prepare for the mission, Kreighton's Perusal looks like it could be a nice one.

Sounds fun and I like a challenge in roleplaying, crusaders need to learn too. Haha.

Grand Lodge

I have tried to play this one before but I have never been able to get around to it. Finally.

I think my Wizard/Alchemist will make a fine addition to the team. :)

The Exchange

Tsuan would be interested. She's not that great at research but she's good at sneaking around. She can speak Infernal, which may or may not be useful.

Caveat: Tsuan is currently locked in another campaign. We are in the BBE battle so it's likely we'll be done (or dead) by the week's end, but just wanted to be up front about it.

Sovereign Court

Stefan Mariano lvl 1 Warpriest of Iomedae would like to join.
Currently still playing Overflow Archive.

As long as the character is available by Sept 1st, no problem.

Four characters so far, with two warpriests.

The Exchange

Thanks for GMing.

I would very much like to join with Toral who is level 5.

But I have a low tier option too:

Name: noral
Character Name: Jangafzaar Kargar
PFS #: 314670-19
Faction: Exchange
Class: Cleric 3
Track: Normal

If we go high tier then this character:

Name: noral
Character Name: Toral Kargar
PFS #: 314670-9
Faction: Exchange
Class: Shaman 5
Track: Normal

On the question of tier, so far we have:

Elris, warpriest 2
Igor with Walter the toad, alchemist 1/ wizard 3, total 4
Tsuan, Ninja 3
Stefan, warpriest 1
Toral, shaman 5

15/5 = 3.

If Noral brought Jangafzaar his Cleric 3 it would end up the same way.
13/5 = 2.6 so 3.

High tier with four player adjustment.

Is this alright with everyone? I would especially like to hear from Stefan and Elris on this since they have the lowest level characters.

Sovereign Court

I'll need to update his profile, but Iacopo's a level 3 Psychic.

Alright, that makes six.

I will allow people to continue applying after this, but it would be as a replacement for someone who fails to show or drops out.

I will mark recruitment closed In the spreadsheet tomorrow.

Assuming everyone goes with their first choice, we have:

Elris, warpriest 2
Igor with Walter the toad, alchemist 1/ wizard 3, total 4
Tsuan, Ninja 3
Stefan, warpriest 1
Toral, shaman 5
Iacopo, psychic 3

18/6 = 3, High Tier with Four Player adjustment.

Silver Crusade

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I am fine playing up to higher tier.

poop. So by the time I was allowed to sign up, it was already full. Cool. Good system.

If any of you want to dot & delete in gameplay, feel free to do so.

The Exchange

I didn't check this thread yesterday, but wanted to correct before things crystallize. Tsuan is 3(.2) right now, but has several unapplied GM credits - she's going to catapult up to level 5 after her current adventure. I think we're still high tier with the adjustment, though
(but barely).

Given Khouri's strong interest, I'm willing to withdraw to give my seat to her if she hasn't signed up for anything else.

Thanks for the correction on Tsuan's level.

Khouri did ask to be contacted if anyone dropped. If you do drop, they would have dibs on the seat. I will leave it up to you if you want to do that or not.

My character that was interested was only level 1, so that may affect the tier.

The Exchange

The seat can be Khouri's. I will find another game for Tsuan.

Ooo thanks!

Alright, hope to see you around another time Tsuan!

Looks like we have:
Elris, warpriest 2
Igor with Walter the toad, alchemist 1/ wizard 3, total 4
Stefan, warpriest 1
Toral, shaman 5
Iacopo, psychic 3
Khouri's character, unknown class 1

16/6 = 2.667 = 3. Still High Tier, Four Player adjustment.

Khouri, I would really like you to state what character you are bringing.

Half-Orc Paladin "Grelthe"

Since we have so many Divine characters, if the group would rather I can play a pregen and then just apply the chronicle sheet to this character instead. Not counting divine classes, I'm most familiar with the Rogue or Magus class - I leave it up to the party.

Silver Crusade

I think a rogue would be highly appreciated, looking at our composition., if you don't mind.

OK I'll grab the level 4 version of Merisiel then... pretty sure that is 19/6=3.17 so same tier adjustments.

I assume since I'll be applying this chronicle to "Grelthe" later, she cannot signup for another concurrent game, is that correct?

Merisiel done

Khouri P. wrote:
I assume since I'll be applying this chronicle to "Grelthe" later, she cannot signup for another concurrent game, is that correct?


A character can only be on one adventure at a time.

Grand Lodge

Player name: Mage of the Wyrmkin
Character name: Igor Ivantoe
OPF #:115226
Character #:10
Faction:Grand Lodge
Day Job roll (or a note that you have no day job): Craft-Alchemy (Take 10 - 26) for 50 gold.

Just a note. My familiar is not an active participant in combat so he simply grants Alertness and +3 hit points but cannot take actions or be a target of spells or effects.

Could you please post that in Discussion, Igor? I might lose track of it in Recruitment.

Grand Lodge

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Done. :)

Ehhh, looking at all of your characters in more focus, it doesn't look like we have anyone with decent Charisma? Also since the title is about a library, I was thinking maybe a Bard would be a better fit for the party?

If y'all don't think that's as big of a concern as traps and locked doors, then I will totally stay as the Pregen Merisiel Rogue.

Just a thought to consider :)

Also, do I need to... do anything to prove I own the items for the Organized Play Accessory Perks? Like send you a link to a pic or something? Or is it just taken on trust? Idk

Please move discussion to the discussion area.

Unless it is really rare or I have some reason to question it, I take it on faith you own what you say you own. Just tell me what you are gaining the perk from. Other GMs may require more.

Sovereign Court

Sorry but I'll need to drop from this game. My warpriest is not done yet.

With the drop, we have room for one person.

Liberty's Edge

What are you needing? Is a specific sub-tier being favored?

I have this 5th-level oracle available, but other options too if he's too far out of line.

The 5th level oracle would pull the group firmly into high tier.

Previously the group was looking at high tier 4 player adjustment. We have a level 1 and level 2 character in the group, but both previously said they were willing to play high tier.

Do you want in?

Liberty's Edge

I'm in, but I do have lower-level characters if it helps.

In addition to this Oracle 5:
- Magus 1 (brand new)
- Wizard 2
- Arcanist 3 (maybe, current scenario finishing any time now)
- Wizard (spellslinger) 3
- Kineticist 1

Liberty's Edge

If needed I do also have some unused 1st-level martial characters, a cavalier and a bloodrager (as i just realized the options I provided above are pretty caster-heavy).

Otherwise I am happy to play this oracle, just trying to be flexible :)

Silver Crusade

The great (and sweaty) Abyssal speaking Arin! Woo!

You’ve in.

Go to discussion and work with the group on which character you will play. As long as none object, you can play the oracle. It would make the APL 4, so high tier 6 player rather than high tier 4 player.

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