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Male Taldan


Psychic 4 AC17(T12,FF16) CMD 13| HP 26/26| F +3 R +2 W +6 | Init +5, Perc +8 Sense Motive +7 | Spells used 0/7(1st) 0/4 (2nd)

About Iacopo Liacenza

Born 21 Calistria, 4660

Iacopo was the 2nd son of a noble house in Pitax, but when Castruccio Irovetti took over the city-state, he tried to decapitate any existing power structure to challenge him. Iacopo was kidnapped in the middle of the night and sold to slavers. Years later, he ended up in the slave markets of Absalom. When the Fiendflesh siege attacked the city, the Pathfinder Society freed the slaves who were willing to fight for the city. Iacopo saw his chance to get his revenge, and went to work. He's now trying to find allies to take back Pitax.

Baronet Iacopo Liacenza XP 9 Fame 17 Prestige 13
Male Human Psychic 4
LN humanoid (human)
Init +5 ; Senses Perception +7


AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 12, (+1 Dex, +1 Natural, +1 deflection)
HP 26(4d6+8(con))
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +6


Speed 30 ft, w/o armor 30
Melee mwk longspear +4 (1d6+1/x3)
Ranged mwk underwater light crossbow +4 (1d8/19-20)
Psychic Special Attacks Mnemonic Cache, phrenic pool (6), Phrenic amplification (Intense focus, will of the dead)
Psychic Spell-like Abilites (CL 4th, Concentration +8)
1/day - detect thoughts (DC 15) (can spend spell slots to use this, and higher level spell slots to increase DC)
Psychic Spells known (CL 4th, Concentration +8)
2nd (4/day) - Mindthrust ii (DC 16), hypercognition
1st (7/day)- charm person (DC 15), comprehend languages, peacebond, murderous command (DC 15), vanish
0 (at-will) - detect magic, message, dancing lights, message, telekinetic projectile
Psychic Discipline - Lore


Str 12, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 7
Base Atk +2, CMB +3, CMD 14
Trait Civilized, mathematical prodigy
Feats Improved Initiative, Favored Enemy Spellcasting (humanoid (human)), Skill Focus (Knowledge (Nobility))
Skills Climb +2, Diplomacy +5, Knowledge (dungeoneering, geography) +8, Knowledge (arcana, engineering, history, local, nature, planes, religion)+9 Knowledge (nobility)+15, Perception +8, Sense Motive +9, Spellcraft +10.
Languages Common, Varisian, Celestial, Azlanti, Jistkan
Gear Combat mwk longspear, mwk underwater light crossbow, 20 bolts, Other wand of mage armor (9/50 used), wand of clw (11/50), ring of protection +1, amulet of natural armor +1
Treasure 1915 gp

chronicle sheets:
  • 1. copy of 9-00 with the Maestro Manumission boon (3 xp)
  • 2 4-15 The Cypher Mage Dilemma
  • 3. 9-08 Birthright Betrayed
  • 4. 3-09 Quest for Perfection pt 1
  • 5. 3-11 Quest for Perfection pt 2
  • 6. 3-13 Quest for Perfection pt 3
  • 7. 5-11 Library of the Lion


Maestro of Manumission You oversaw the manumission of hundreds of Absalom's Slaves which might mark the end of slavery in the city and recruit new talent to the Society. You can check this box when creating a new character to begin that character at 2nd level with 3 xp, 1500 gp and 6 prestige points (used to make Iacopo)
Debt of the Cyphers Iacopo rescued ex-Pathfinder and Cypher scholar Hirako Gurukaza from the hands of pirate kidnappers. In thanks, he has spread Iacopo's name among the Order of the Cyphers. When in Riddleport, Iacopo gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and linguistics checks when you consult Gurukaza before making the check . In addition, the Order's connection to some of Riddleport's more powerful criminal elements also provides Iacopo with a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks in the city to gather information
Riddleport Respect Word of Iacopo's defeat of pirate captain Alejia Netrav has spread throughout Riddleport and Iacopo has earned the respect of the criminals and thugs that call the city home. When Iacopo flexes his muscle, folks in the city of Cyphers pay attention. Iacopo recieves a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks made in Riddleport.
Arnisant Museum Patron Thanks to Iacopo's work in Ridon port, his name is on display as patron for the General Arnisant Museum and Historical Residance. In addition to gaining a permanent +1 bonus on Knowledge (history) checks regarding Taldor, he can borrow a weapon or suit of armor from the museum. After hearing the adventure briefing for a scenario, he can check one, two or all three boxes that precede this boon to secure a weapon, shielf or set of armor with a +1, +2 or +3 bonus respectively for the duration of the scenario. He can reduce the enhancement bonus of a borrowed weapon with a +2 or +3 bonus by 1 in order to give that weapon the undead bane quality. Any borrowed equipment bear inscription or imagery from the Shining Crusade or Taldor. The equipment is alsways made of common materials susch as steel, leather or wood. (3 boxes)

Rising Star(5 boxes checked) Iacopo has performed a significant service for the Sovereign court and, by extension, Princess Eutropia. She has granted Iacopo the title of Baronet, in recognition of his services. This grants him a +1 bonus on Knowledge (nobility) checks. In addition, he gains a noble's outfit and several pieces of jewelry to complete the ensemble. (effective resale value of 0 gp). He can use downtime to attempt a Knowledge (nobility) check to build connections within Taldor's elaborate noble hierarchy, laying the groundwork for his own promotion later. DC = 15 +1/2 your character level (minimum 0). If you succed check one box, if you succeed by 10 or more check 2 boxes. If he gains a boon or vanity that grants a noble title in Taldor, immediately check five boxes. Once he checks all the boxes below, he becomes a landgrave or viscount. He immediately gains a number of gold piece equal to 75x(total XP). In addition, he can now earn gold by administering to his lands, allowing you to use Diplomacy or Knowledge Nobility for Day Job checks. When doing so, a result of 40 or higher earns you 150 gp and allows you to regain 1 previously expended Prestige point. If he already has the ability to use Diplomacy or Knowledge (nobility) for day job checks, he gains a +3 bonus on such checks.