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Loving all the dwarf submissions. Could get an entire party of Kraggodan Castaways!

Speaking of which, if someone wants to make a joint submission I’d be happy to. :)

rorek55 wrote:
you don't need to take the feat two select a different variant teifling.

Ok. What about the “you may roll on the Variant Tiefling Abilities table three times and choose the most favorable ability.” part of the feat? If it’s one roll regardless, I won’t take the feat. But getting my choice of three rolls makes the feat totally worth it.

Sorry to ask again but you seem to have missed it last time - can I play a Lashunta who is, fluffwise, a human contaminated by First World influence?

@MonkeyGod what kind of ranger build were you looking at?
Almonihah what direction are you going with your awakened animal?

With limited gestalting options, it might be helpful for all to know what the guaranteed players are building in coming up with our own, unique concepts.

Almonihah specifically said he was going to try to build to any holes he saw in the submissions. <shrug>

rorek55 wrote:
firearms are Ok, however, due to the nature of the AP, getting ammo or power will be exceptionally difficult. Getting materials to make either will also be difficult, at least through the early books.

Oh, yeah, forgot about that. Oh well. Will do an eldritch scion magus // some kind of mounted cavalier then.

Silver Crusade

@monkeygod. yes and no, the extra favored enemy may be increased like normal, however only one may do so. No, if you trade away favored enemy selection for a specific one due to an archetype, you do not gain another favored enemy.

@ouachitonian If you took the feat, you would get three rolls yes.

a lashunta is fine to apply with.

Then I'll take the feat. Go ahead and do my rolls.

Would you also be ok with a Wyrwood? I'd be taking the Living Machine alternate racial trait making it behave more like a non-construct.

I'm actually having second thoughts and I think I'm going to make a cleric of shelyn (evangelist archetype) / cavalier (order of the cockatrice) or unchained rogue.

For cavalier and this AP, is having a mount/mounted combat build going to be problematic? I think I'll go with rogue otherwise w/ the idea of being a persuader/intimidator/buffer/healer build.

What About...

Astrill of Desna:

Human (Varisian) fighter (weapon master) 1/warpriest of Desna 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 60, Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 109)
CG Medium humanoid (human)

Init +5; Senses Perception +5
AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+6 armor, +1 Dex, +1 shield)
hp 13 (1d10+3)
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +3
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee starknife +6 (1d6+4/×3)
Ranged light crossbow +4 (1d8/19-20)
Special Attacks blessings 3/day (Liberation: liberation, Travel: agile feet), sacred weapon (1d6, +0, 1 rounds/day)
Warpriest Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +2)
. . 1st—protection from evil, shield of faith
. . 0 (at will)—create water, light, purify food and drink (DC 11)
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 18

Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 14

Feats Divine Fighting Technique (desna's Shooting Star), Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus (Bluff), Weapon Focus (starknife)
Traits ironfang survivor, reactionary

Skills Acrobatics -3 (-7 to jump), Bluff +7, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate +8, Perception +5, Survival +5

Languages Common, Halfling, Varisian

Other Gear breastplate, light wooden shield, light crossbow, starknife, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, hemp rope (50 ft.), holy text[UE], mess kit[UE], pot, soap, spell component pouch, torch (10), trail rations (5), waterskin, wooden holy symbol, 22 gp
Special Abilities
Blessings (3/day) (Su) Pool of power used to activate Blessing abilities.
Divine Fighting Technique (Desna's Shooting Star) Starknife att/dam is Charisma based. Advanced: full-rd thrown starknife deals 1d4 hits.
Point-Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Precise Shot You don't get -4 to hit when shooting or throwing into melee.
Sacred Weapon (Su) As a swift action, grant weapon enhancement bonus or certain powers.

Travel and Liberation
Desna's Shooting Star and Startoss Style Tree

Charisma/Dex Build, possible multiclass into Rogue Knife Master.

Amrynn Fenmaris - Monk (Zen Archer) / Rogue (Scout, Sniper) Build:

Amrynn Fenmaris
Elf monk (zen archer) 1/rogue (scout, sniper) 1/gestalt 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 115, 134, 134)
LN Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7
AC 16, touch 16, flat-footed 12 (+4 Dex, +2 Wis)
hp 10 (1d8+2)
Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +4
Immune blindness, dazzled
Weaknesses light sensitivity
Speed 30 ft.
Melee rapier +4 (1d6+3/18-20) or
. . unarmed strike +4 (1d6+3)
Ranged or
. . composite longbow flurry of blows +3/+3 (1d8/×3) or
. . composite longbow +4 (1d8/×3)
Special Attacks flurry of blows, perfect strike 0/day, sneak attack +1d6
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +1)
. . At will—light
Str 16, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +4 (+6 grapple); CMD 19 (21 vs. grapple)
Feats Additional Traits, Agile Maneuvers, Perfect Strike[APG], Precise Shot, Run, Unarmed Combatant
Traits frontier-forged (any frontier area), orphaned, resilient, unbreakable survivor
Skills Acrobatics +4 (+8 to jump with a running start), Climb +7, Diplomacy +4, Disable Device +10, Escape Artist +8, Perception +7, Profession (soldier) +6, Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +8, Survival +7 (+8 to get along in the wild), Swim +7, Use Magic Device +4
Languages Common, Draconic, Elven
SQ finesse weapon attack attribute, lightbringer[APG]
Combat Gear caltrops; Other Gear composite longbow, rapier, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, chalk (10), flint and steel, grappling hook, hemp rope (50 ft.), masterwork thieves' tools, mess kit[UE], mirror, piton (10), pot, soap, waterskin, 2 gp, 6 sp
Special Abilities
Agile Maneuvers Use DEX instead of STR for CMB
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Finesse Weapon Attack Attribute Finesse weapons use Dexterity on attack rolls.
Flurry of Blows -1/-1 (Ex) As full-rd action, higher BAB and combo unarmed/monk wep as if two-weapon fighting.
Immunity to Blindness You are immune to blindness.
Immunity to Dazzled You are immune to the dazzled condition.
Light Sensitivity (Ex) Dazzled as long as remain in bright light.
Lightbringer +1 effective level for [Light] spells and light-based abilities (including spell-like and supernatural abilities).
Perfect Strike (2d20) With certain weapons, roll twice, higher is attack, lower is confirmation roll.
Perfect Strike Helper This is a dummy ability to add an extra entry for the perfect strike feat in another section of the statblock (since it is shown with a different name in the two places, we can't use sbName).
Precise Shot You don't get -4 to hit when shooting or throwing into melee.
Run Run 5x your speed in light/medium armor or 4x speed in heavy armor and keep Dex when running.
Sneak Attack +1d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.
Unarmed Combatant Always considered armed, no attack of opportunity on grapple attempts.

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Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Inc.®, and are used under license.

Primary role - eventually the sky will be filled with lots of arrows and at long range with Accuracy from Rogue Sniper.

Secondary role - assist with a more trap finding build or a second skill monkey to cover a larger area.

Working on fluff.

And one last question: when you say the Elephant in the room feat tax rules, do you mean the blog post or the expanded pdf? Thanks!

Silver Crusade

this is one of the few APs that seems to benefit animal companions and even mounts. You may find some places tight squeezes, but for the most part, even a medium sized cavalier should be able to fight from their mount most of the AP.

the blog post, I find the pdf file a bit excessive.

1d100 ⇒ 85
1d100 ⇒ 70
1d100 ⇒ 14

I modified my build for URogue to take advantage of the free feat ... :-)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Introducing Ysias III, A Human Planar Oracle/Fighter!

Ysias III:
CN Human Planar Oracle/Fighter 1
Init+0 (+2 in Forests); Perception +4
AC 18, Touch 13, Flat-footed 15 (+4 Armor, +3 Cha, +1 Shield)
hp 12 (10[Class]+2[Con])
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +1
-4 vs Cold spells and effects
speed 30 ft
Melee Bastard Sword +6 (1d10+4, 19-20)

Oracle Spells known (CL 1st: Concentration +4)

1st: (4/day) Air Bubble, Cure Light Wounds, Fastidiousness
0th: (At Will) Create Water, Light, Resistance

Mystery: Lore
Str 18 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 17
Base Atk +1; CMB+5 ; CMD 15
Feats Cosmopolitan [Stealth, Linguistics], Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword), Weapon Focus (Heavy Blades)
Traits Armor Master, Dangerously Curious, Guerrilla Tactics
Skills Knowledge (Planes, Religion) +5, Linguistics +5, Perception +4, Stealth +4(+6 in Forests) Survival +4
Languages Common, Elven, Infernal, Protean
SQ Oracle Curse (Cold-Blooded), Planar Affinity (Maelstorm) Revelation (Sidestep Secret)
Combat Equipment Bastard Sword, Buckler, Chain Shirt
Other Equipment Outfit (Scholar), Silver Holy symbol of Ydajisk, 10 GP
Special Abilities
Cold-Blooded: -4 Penalty on Saves vs Cold spells and effects: Can survive 4 times longer without food
Side-Step Secret: Use Cha instead of Dex for AC and Reflex saves: Armors Max Dex limit applies to Cha instead

In the deviled halls of house Thrune, many nobles play a delicate dance of posturing, political intrigue, and infernal bargaining under the banner of hell. In this unholy government was young Theren Blaidys III born. House Blaidys was noble stock through and through... But the past several generations had been hard for the family, all starting when their great-grand patriarch made a startling, public deathbed conversion to the faith of Sarenrae. His conversion was quickly redacted in the public eye, but House Blaidys was forever cursed to live under greater scrutiny than their noble peers.

Young Theren Blaidys was never good with magic, or in the delicate art of bargaining with the forces of hell- Theren simply couldn't remember all the sub-clauses and legal implications that contracts carried. Thankfully, what he lacked in mental stamina, he made up with flashy, brawny swordsmanship. And while he struggled with the letter of the law, Theren found hope that he could ascend the ranks of the hellknights, and revitalize his families name. This dream came to an end when he and his family was accused of heresy, and arrested.

Theren was seated in front of a great Devil known as a Phistophilus. "Tell me your families crimes, and offer yourself up as a witness on trial. Your swordsmanship has the Cheliax nobles enthralled, and I will see that you live a long and prosperous life."

Theren denied the Contract Devil twice- All too often he had failed to discern a devils intent. And he was not going to sacrifice his families good name.

Unfortunately, House Blaidys had fallen victim to other noble's scheming ploys: Under the cover of night, an anonymous shade of a person opened a portal to the Maelstorm in the middle of the royal archives. A ton of important paperwork was lost or destroyed, and such mockery of the Thrune name could only mean execution by hellfire: And House Blaidys stood accused. No evidence to clear their name, and no supporters to stand by. Guilty with no chance at innocence.

In a cold jail cell, Theren found salvation when a mysterious, ghost like entity slipped through the wall behind him. "I'm here to free you! ...But I'll need your body. Hope you don't mind, because that wasn't a question!"

Turns out, Thrune hadn't dealt with every Protean that slipped into the material world- And floating before Theren was a Pelagastr. An incorporeal protean who yearn to possess new and exciting creatures.

Theren's memories for the next month was a blur- And hard to tell what was real and what was fake. Challenging a barbed devil to arm wrestling, punching an imp in the face, defiling Cheliaxian propaganda with graffiti- All that he knew for sure was that in his chaotic, possessed revelry he managed to escape Cheliax, waking up in a small hut on the shore of Lake Encarthan.

"Thanks for the fun! But I have to go. Stay safe Ysias!" The Pelagastr had left as quickly as it came, leaving the ex-noble all by himself- And leaving him a host of new discoveries to deal with.

It seems that, while under the Pelagastr's control, Theren had changed his name to Ysias III, learned to speak in the twisting tongue of Protean, wracked up a debt at some tavern, gained the holy symbol of an obscure protean god, and even learned to cast magic... Though at the cost of his bodily warmth, his pulse having slowed to a reptilian crawl. Still, his new life was far better than a damned existence in hell. And his first order of business would be to pay back his dept of 10 gp to some tavern.

Goals and Quirks:

-Pay back his 10 GP dept to the Taproot Inn located at Phaendar
-Discover the extent of his new, magical prowess
-Rescue his family: whether they rot in a Cheliaxian dungeon, or languish in hell.

-That Cheliaxian scouts will find him and drag him back before he grows stronger
-Bees and Wasps
-That his pulse, cursed to be slower and colder, will eventually slow to a stop.

-His family back in Cheliax have been [Redacted], so he will have to personally learn what happened to them.
-While under Pelagastr control, Ysias became fast friends with a cleric named Rhyna... Though tragically, Ysias remembers none of his time at Phaendar. As such, the friendship with Rhyna is one-sided... And possibly fragile if she took his sudden departure personally.

Phaendar Ysias is returning to Phaendar to pay back a 10 gp dept to the Taproot Inn. He will stay for the festivities, and possibly look for temporary work after the festivities peaceful end.

Stress Quirks Ever sense childhood, Ysias tends to grind his teeth when in a pinch. He is also irrationally afraid of Bees and wasps, and tends to mistrust overly complicated sounding words and people- Being eloquent is fine: But being overly verbose clearly means your hiding something.

Character roles?

Saffiro is primarily a traditional trap finder. (+11/12 Perception and +11 Disable Device out of the gate)

He has the ability to provide some serious assistance on the survival skills long-term (+7 base up to +10 to Get Along in the Wild out of the gate), gaining track and more as he levels.

He starts as a reasonable contributor for combat, but his contributions there will also grow when he gains his wildshape ability at level 4, gaining pounce, the ability to sneak attack at the end of a charge, and 3 primary natural attacks all at the same time. I'm also looking at Canny Tumble, which opens up more opportunities to force Sneak Attack dice into combat (no earlier than Level 5, and for only 1 attack per round, though).

Currently considering a Hunter/Fighter, but I want to re-read the player's guide(I read it quite a while ago for a different attempt at the game) to see if I get any inspiration.

Hm, I'll have to apply for this one. Eilyen was in a previous Ironfang campaign that died part way into book 2. I'd love to play her again as I really got attached to her. Just wish I saw this yesterday since I'm stuck at work today. I'll work on getting everything done in the next couple of days.

Rorek, will we be making use of the militia rules at all? If not, do you have any idea how to offset the benefits having access to a militia provides?

For the extra feats, do the various wild shape feats count for the extra even level non combat feat?

For the record, here is my planned bonus feats. GM, if anything isn’t allowed please tell me:

Bonus Feat Plan:

I believe this is in the spirit of the bonus feats

Silver Crusade

those feats would work kurgan

snapzilla, which wild shape feats specifically?

Wild speech, quick wild shape
Side note does endurance fall into this catagory

Silver Crusade

thats fine, and yes.

What about shaping focus?

Would this concept work?


I've settled on a Hunter/Fighter(Eldritch Guardian) companion build. He'll be a fey touched human hailing from the Fangwood.

Liberty's Edge

elven archer. gestalt class ranger

Alright, this is Ouachitonian's character. Nox is an Alchemist/Fighter, who can fight on the frontline (especially once I take Feral Mutagen at 2), but can also fill in at pretty much anything the party needs, from healing to disabling traps to buffing. On the fighter side, I too the Dragonheir Scion archetype, but I'll be playing the Draconic features from that archetype as though they're part of his tiefling blood, not that he's a tiefling who also has Draconic ancestry. I hope that's ok.

I'm going to dot this - we'll see if I have time to put together a character, but I have a couple characters I ran through other Ironfang games that died partway through (end of Book 1/a fifth of the way through book 3 after skipping all of book 2) I'll need to modify for your build rules. One in particular was a drow sorcerer I made for a "redeemed monster" game I'd like to play again.

Here's the aforementioned awakened wolf! Still have some background details to work on, but the build's mostly there now.

With all of these awakened animals, I am having a nostalgia flashback to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG ... LOL

Alright, say hi to Ori and Harael. Elven Luring Cavalier // Eldritch Archer Magus, normal horse companion, for mounted archery goodness supplemented with some offensive magic. Out of combat, some slight crafting stuff and rangery things.

background/personality/description, with all the requested points integrated:
Oriphiel Vasiliss hails from the elven lands of Kyonin. The youngest child in a family of well-known arcane researchers and warriors in the capital of Iadara, Oriphiel was taught in the art of elven magic and archery from a young age, often being forced to study ancient tomes for hours on end or fire arrows with pinpoint accuracy until her hands bled. Unfortunately, her strict upbringing didn't include time for such trivial matters as friends and leisure. Her only downtime was spent in the family's stables, cleaning and caring for all sorts of exotic magical beasts and animals brought home for study. Unlike the rest of her elven family, though, Oriphiel saw these creatures not as simple test subjects or experiments, but as intelligent beings and friends, and, over time, even as her true family. Naturally, her parents didn't take to this attitude kindly, and tried to punish Oriphiel by limiting her access to the stables. However, the young elf nearly went catatonic without her animal friends, and so they had no choice but to let her back in.

Eventually, after decades of torture in the guise of learning, Oriphiel managed to escape from her family's grasp with the help of her best friend, a white Taldor jennet named Harael, freeing as many of the captive creatures as she could on the way out. She first sheltered with sympathetic acquaintances in the Kyonin port city of Greengold, but there she was never able to stop looking over her shoulder, both literally and figuratively. Fleeing effectively cut her off from her family, but she was well aware that they could easily find her with their magic and come take her back. Determined to make it as hard as she could, Oriphiel, by now simply going by "Ori", moved across Lake Encarthan to the land of Nirmathas with Harael, at the same time making it her goal to prevent anyone from going through the same kind of abuse that she and her animal friends did in Iadara. After spending some time in Tamran, Ori accompanied a trade caravan to the town of Phaendar about 20 years ago, where she settled down, finding something comforting in the small, tight-knit community surrounded by verdant plains, and as a bonus, she's found nothing that would remind her of her old life here. Ori's fears about her family have been somewhat eased over the years by the fact that her family has not made a single move to find her, but she still can't stop looking over her shoulder constantly, especially when stressed. Perhaps here in Phaendar, she can finally let go and rest, and move on to a new phase in her life...or perhaps not.

Ori is rather high-strung and jumpy, and takes things perhaps a bit more seriously than she should. Having been shut off from interaction for most of her early life, Ori sometimes can have difficulty with communication, at times speaking in oddly flowery language and struggling with idioms. However, she has a kind heart and good intentions, even though it doesn't often manage to show.

Ori is rather short for an elf, perhaps a result of being closed in for much of her adolescence. She's almost always rather heavily armed, carrying a clearly high-quality bow and other strange elven weapons, though she doesn't wear heavy armor or carry much other gear. She's almost never seen without her mount, a large white stallion with a gleam of intelligence in his eye that isn't readily seen in common animals.

Enter Trunkin. Question on Animal Companion options: Are dinosaurs out of place in this AP?

Application Info:
Background Trunkin hails from the Mindspin Mountains where his small clan mined and cultivated the land of a northern mountain. Years of fighting against the giants in the area gave Trunkin an admiration for the mighty creatures. His fellows misunderstood this as the roots of collaboration and exiled Trunkin. He roamed for years until finding his way to Nirmathas.

Trunkin did not want a part in the conflict between Nirmithas and Molthune, choosing instead to take on the neutral position of a wandering healer. He made contacts in both the Molthune and Nirmathas camps, though neither could ever fully trust one who did not take sides. In need of a time to rest and recuperate, Trunkin made his way south via Skelt to the small village of Phaendar intending to seek out knowledge of the Kraggodan siege after his rest.

-Despite the exile from his own clan and his neutral stance on Molthune and Nirmathas, Trunkin is still a Dwarf. He wants to see the siege of Kraggodan ended.
-Along with his exile, Trunkin has been missing the companionship of his clan; he wants to connect with the one of the druidic groups in the Fangwood.

-Odd for a dwarf, Trunkin fears the dark and the mines. When he was a child, his older brother Trug led Trunkin into the mines where he blindfolded and bound Trunkin’s hands. For four hours Trunkin stumbled in total darkness. Stories of the Darklands pervaded his imagination. Trunkin was eventually found only a few dozen feet from the mine entrance, curled into a ball and crying.
-While he knows he can never return home, Trunkin has largely hidden his exile from other dwarves under the cloak of his druidic lifestyle. This means that while he has camaraderie with dwarves, he keeps himself distant from true friendship for fear they will discover his shame and cut him off from all contact with his race.

Family Because of his exile, Trunkin does not have close relationships with any of his family. In any case, Trug was never a friend to Trunkin. For reasons beyond Trunkin’s understanding, Trug always despised his younger brother and sought to do harm to him or diminish his position in the clan. It was Trug who started the rumors about Trunkin’s collusion with the giants.

Quirk When Trunkin is trying to figure something out or get things done he has a tendency to snap his fingers together repeatedly and cast spark over and over.

Character Sheet Trunkin

Here is my tanky submission. The plan is 10 shifter then 10 stalwart defender. If you have any questions please let me know.


Osgrin Granitehide
LN Male Dwarf Shifter 1 (Adaptive) / Fighter 1 (Molthuni Defender/Savage Warrior)
Worships Erastil
Init+3; Senses Darkvision 60 ft; Low-light Vision: Perception +7
+2 Perception to notice unusual stonework (auto check within 10’)
AC 18, touch 13, Flat-footed 15
(+2 dodge AC vs goblinoids, +2 dodge AC vs aberrations)
HP 17
Fort+6 Ref+5 Will+3
Speed 20 ft
Melee: Claws(x2) +4 (1d4+2, x2)
(+1 attack vs orcs/goblinoids)
Range: Splash +3 (x2)
Str 14 Dex 17 Con 17 Int 10 Wis 17 Cha 6
Base Atk+1; CMB 4; CMD 16
(+2 grapple CMB vs aberrations)
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Toughness, Improved Unarmed Strike
Traits: Bastard, Ironfang Training
Dwarf Racial Traits: Deep Warrior, Mountaineer, Hatred, Stone Cunning, Craftsmen, Unstoppable
Reactive Form (7 uses/day): Stretching Form, Adaptive Defence
Adventure Skills: Nature +4, Perception +7, Sense Motive +8, Survival +7
(+2 Craft/Profession related metal or stone, advantage Intimidate/Sense Motive/Stealth 1/day vs goblinoids)
Languages Common, Dwarven, Druidic
Wild Empathy: -1
Combat gear Lamellar (Horn) armor, Acid flask x2, Holy Water x2, Cure Light potions x2
Other Gear: Bedroll, 50’ silk rope x2, Dwarven trail rations x5, Backpack, Bandolier x2, Water Skin, Belt Pouch
Wealth: 4 gp, 9 sp


Osgrin Granitehide
Osgrin was born the bastard son of a minor noble in the Sky Citadel of Kraggodan around 4620. His father sent him off to live with some distant druidic relatives in Fangwood Forest. Growing up he developed a strong tie to nature, but always excelled more physically than mentally in his druidic training. When he was nearing his third decade, a Molthuni ranger detachment visited his commune looking for guides and potential recruits to help the young nation explore the wilds of Fangwood and stabilize their southern border frontier. Being a restless young dwarf, Osgrin gladly joined the rangers, acting as first a guide near his home and then joining the Molthuni border guard at Fangwood Keep. He has fought for Molthune about six decades and has participated in several campaigns from the Freedom War with Nirmathas to the War of Long Winter. He has served long enough to become a sovereign citizen of Molthune, but he has chosen to remain in the military.
For the past few years he has been stationed at Fort Ramgate. He was on a long patrol with some fresh recruits, when the town was apparently sacked and burned. When they returned, he had to decide whether to follow the tracks of whatever invading force sacked the town or get the news and recruits back to Molthune. He chose to make sure the recruits made it safely back to Molthune because they were not ready for that type of engagement. After delivering his news and recruits, his superiors sent him on another mission to do a survey of the various border towns his urgings to investigate the matter further; his superiors assumed it was just another raid from Nirmathas, and this year’s campaigns against them would serve as adequate vengeance.
He is a stubborn, but still adaptable, dwarf that has found more comradery and support in the Molthuni military life that he had with his family, so he is a fiercely loyal citizen. He is of average height and has a wiry build. He keeps his coal, black beard and hair shorter that the average dwarf (about 6in). In combat he focuses on becoming an immovable object that keeps enemies off of the less defensible members of his squad.
Find out what happened to his garrison at Fort Ramgate.
Confront father for sending away his son.
Water that he can not see the bottom of. He is not a strong swimmer and generally wears heavier armor
Reason to be in Pheandar:
Surveying border towns for attitude towards Molthune, defenses, numbers, economies, etc.
Fastidiously cleaning his fingernails and claws when stressed.

This is not overly serious

Ugh, I need like 5 extra feats, and I wish could make a custom race, LOL

This is just me being a little bit whiny. My PC will be awesome, just not ultra perfect, lol

The only thing I was wishing for is that Awakened Animals, excluding primates since they already have it, had hands. That ruined my other concept. And/or that Unchained Monks had official Paizo archetypes. However, I am happy with my current build too.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

...You know, the constructed Pugilist Brawler Archetype gives you a Prosthetic limb, and the language of the class feature suggests you don't actually need to lose/have an arm: You simply gain a prosthetic arm capable of doing a select number of activities.

I've run an Awakened animal using this archetype before, and it works wonders: Though mileage varies depending on the gm.

A good idea, unfortunately none of the functions include range but definitely something to remember for a melee build. Thanks!

With gestalt the second class could also be an aether kineticist:

“Basic Telekinesis

Element(s) aether; Type utility (Sp); Level 1; Burn 0

This ability is similar to mage hand, except you can move an object that weighs up to 5 pounds per 2 kineticist levels you possess (minimum 5 pounds), and you can move magical objects. Additionally, you can create a container of entwined strands of aether in order to hold liquids or piles of small objects of the same weight. You can dip the container to pick up or drop a liquid as a move action. If you possess the extended range wild talent, you can increase the range of basic telekinesis to medium range and increase the rate of movement to 30 feet per round, and if you possess the extreme range wild talent, You can increase the range of basic telekinesis to long range and increase the rate of movement to 60 feet per round. You can also use your basic telekinesis to duplicate the effects of the open/close cantrip.”

Coupled with

“Telekinetic Finesse
Source Occult Adventures pg. 28
Element aether; Type utility (Sp); Level 1; Burn 0
You can perform any sort of fine manipulation you choose within close range, including attempting Sleight of Hand and Disable Device checks”

And the only good stats you need are Dex and Con!

Anderlorn wrote:

A good idea, unfortunately none of the functions include range but definitely something to remember for a melee build. Thanks!

Constructed Pugilist does have a ranged option; Limb Extender. Not sure that I agree that the prosthesis can be added in addition to all of a character’s ordinary limbs.

There is also the extra limb discovery for alchemists. There are several paizo uc monk archetypes; just look at monk archetypes that came out after the unchained book.

Anderlorn wrote:

The only thing I was wishing for is that Awakened Animals, excluding primates since they already have it, had hands. That ruined my other concept. And/or that Unchained Monks had official Paizo archetypes. However, I am happy with my current build too.

You could also go for a rodent like a squirrel or a rat or even the american porcupine or a musteloid like raccoon or a weasel. All those have front paws that are close enough to hands to be used as such.

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Gyrwynt wrote:

...You know, the constructed Pugilist Brawler Archetype gives you a Prosthetic limb, and the language of the class feature suggests you don't actually need to lose/have an arm: You simply gain a prosthetic arm capable of doing a select number of activities.

I've run an Awakened animal using this archetype before, and it works wonders: Though mileage varies depending on the gm.

So... an awakened animal WITH a prosthetic limb? I'm not sure this is a nice thing to do with a poor animal lol!

If Anderlorn goes for this, it would be a good idea to check with the GM first... not many campaigns would make sense with such bizarre creature IMHO.

This is Sir Longears' submission.

I've moved away from the druid/ranger idea since there are already too many rangers around.

Instead, I've gone for a Brawler (Living Avalanche)//Fighter (siegebreaker). He will be mostly focused on the bull rush and overrun combat maneuvers, something I've never done before because of the huge amount of feats required for combat maneuver builds to be effective.

My plan is for going for a wilderness focused build, which would be really fitting this AP. Will be working on the other requirements for the application.

Hakon of the Greathorn
Male human (kellid) brawler (living avalanche)//fighter (siegebreaker) 1
N Medium humanoid (human)
Initiative +3; Senses Perception +5

AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +3 Dex, +1 shield; +2 vs. goblinoids)
hp 14 (1d10+4)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +2

Speed 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +5 (1d6+4) or
Melee armor spikes +5 (1d6+4) or
Melee spear +4 (1d8+6/x3) or
Melee longsword +5 (1d8+4/19-20)
Melee dagger +5 (1d4+4/19-20)
Ranged javelin +4 (1d6+4, 30 ft) or
Ranged dagger +4 (1d4+4/19-20, 10 ft) or
Ranged spear +4 (1d8+4/x3, 20 ft)
Special Attacks breaker rush (4 damage), martial flexibility 3/day

Str 18 (+4), Dex 16 (+3), Con 16 (+3), Int 12 (+1), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 7 (-2)
Base Atk +1; CMB +6 (+8 for bull rush, grapple, and overrun); CMD 19 (21 vs. grapple)
H: Tribal Scars (greattusk)
1: Spiked Destroyer
B: Unarmed Combatant
Skills 5 ranks; 2 background
Acrobatics +5 (1 rank, 3 class skill, 3 Dex, -2 ACP)
Climb +6 (1 rank, 3 class skill, 4 Str, -2 ACP)
Handle Animal +2 (1 rank, 3 class skill, -2 Cha)
Perception +5 (1 rank, 3 class skill, 1 Wis)
Profession (herbalist) +5 (1 rank, 3 class skill, 1 Wis)
Ride +3 (3 Dex, +2 feat, -2 ACP)
Stealth -1 (3 Dex, -2 racial, -2 ACP)
Survival +5 (1 rank, 3 class skill, 1 Wis)
Swim +6 (1 rank, 3 class skill, 4 Str, -2 ACP)
-2 Armor Class Penalty
Traits Ironfang Survivor, Spirit Animal (wooly rhinoceros)
Languages Common, Giant, Hallit
SQ brawler's cunning, giant ancestry, martial training

I am not going to go for Constructed Pugilist Brawler and Limb Extender does not do range, it does reach.

Limb Extender: As a standard action, the constructed pugilist can activate an extender, giving her limb the reach weapon special feature. Returning the limb to its normal length is a standard action.
You could also go for a rodent like a squirrel or a rat or even the american porcupine or a musteloid like raccoon or a weasel.

All too small for me. I wanted to use a cheetah but since the awakening doesn't give them hands, I dropped the idea.

Anderlorn wrote:

I am not going to go for Constructed Pugilist Brawler and Limb Extender does not do range, it does reach.

Limb Extender: As a standard action, the constructed pugilist can activate an extender, giving her limb the reach weapon special feature. Returning the limb to its normal length is a standard action.
You could also go for a rodent like a squirrel or a rat or even the american porcupine or a musteloid like raccoon or a weasel.
All too small for me. I wanted to use a cheetah but since the awakening doesn't give them hands, I dropped the idea.

D’oh! Brain fart on my part.

Anderlorn wrote:
The only thing I was wishing for is that Awakened Animals, excluding primates since they already have it, had hands. That ruined my other concept. And/or that Unchained Monks had official Paizo archetypes. However, I am happy with my current build too.

Unchained Monk does, in fact, have many official Paizo archetypes!

Unchained Monk does, in fact, have many official Paizo archetypes!

Thank you but not the archetypes I am looking for. Why didn't they implement some of the original? Granted 3rd Party did but we can't use 3rd party.

Here is my updated submission ... Ayre Fenmaris

Primary: The sky will be full with arrows and the first one could be a devastating hit depending on the target immunities. With Scout, the target no longer has to be feinted or surprised at 8th level. Range Sneak Damage extended to 90+ feet.

I tried to do a Ranger/URogue/Arcanist/Arcane Trickster build and while some things increased, range effectiveness believe or not slightly decreased and my main concentration was range. With Fighter, it was slightly better than the ranger (excluding favored enemies) but still not as good as the Zen Archer.

Secondary: Skill monkey/tracking assistant and can hold his own depending on the task. Has the potential to catch up over time.

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