GM ShadowLord's Ironfang Invasion

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Liberty's Edge

Good luck to all

Silver Crusade

Good luck everyone!

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Alright folks, I'm finally finished going through the applications. I both love and hate the process of recruitment for a new game. So many eager players with interesting concepts, but having to narrow it down is incredibly difficult.

There are so many good options here that at one point my selections for a party were vastly different. You could create so many different combinations from these characters and have a fantastic party. I did briefly consider running two tables of this, but this campaign is a little more involved than most due to the militia aspects of it. I'd rather focus on one that spread myself thin on two of them.

I really wanted to take five players to help keep the pace moving, but I ended up with six. Without further ado, here are players I have selected to participate in the game:

Corrik (Selde))
Clebsch73 (Father Emil)
Dakcenturi (Jillian)
Gerald (Wren)
PatheticWretch (Silverback)
Motteditor (Caspan)

If your name is above, please hop into the discussion thread.

If your name is not above, I appreciate the time and thought you have put into them and I hope that our paths cross in a future game!

Thank you all for your submissions!

Alas. Congrats to those who were picked, and have fun!

Congratulations to those selected! Enjoy the campaign!

Scarab Sages

Congrats to those that made it in. Have fun!

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Hooray to those selected! I bet you'll enjoy!

Enjoy yourselves!

Thanks for your consideration ShadowLord, have a great time with the Ironfang Invasion all who were selected.

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