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Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

My name is Mort and I’m interested in running a Strange Aeons game here.

I intend for this game to progress at a moderate(ahem) for me pace. Please try for 1/day posting.

Usually I'd ask for 2x/day, but I'm already running another AP, Ironfang Invasion. I cannot keep up with both games on a rapid pace, furthermore I am not on European Timezone, so at most I would only be awake for Europe mornings and afternoon. I understand my limitations.

My GM updates in the Ironfang Invasion AP will take precedence since I started it first, and told the players to push for speed.

Should you have RL commitments that make you unable to do so, please inform me in the discussion thread. I’m not totally unreasonable.

The maps will be provided on Google Drive. Please make sure you can access to Google Maps whatever device you’re posting on. I don’t discriminate against phone users, I am one myself.

Now for the lengthy part of the document – I apologize that it is that long – but I need to get the terms and conditions hammered out, so everyone knows what they’re getting into.

Character creation Part 1:

Sources: All Paizo(subject to caveats under individual categories). Trap the Soul and Animate dead type spells are not allowed. Sacred Geometry Feat is not allowed. Boots of the Earth are not allowed. No Third party allowed.

Starting Level : 1

Race: Common, Featured and Uncommon races with the following exceptions: No Svirfneblin, Fetchlings and Drow. You cannot create your own Aasimar/Tiefling variants and can only use those found in ARG, Blood of Fiends and Blood of Angels. You cannot roll for variant Aasimar or Tiefling abilities.

Alignment: Any non evil

Class: Any Paizo. No Third Party allowed.

Point Buy - 20

Starting Gold: 150 gp

Deities: All Golarion

Background skills are in play.

HP – max for first level, 1/2max+1 after

You start with 2 traits as per normal.


Additional notes on character creation:

As can be seen by what I said about myself, I am a LN GM. Futhermore, as one of the new GMs, I have limited ability to homebrew or change encounters. Therefore with those considerations in mind, I ask all of you to show some restraint in building characters(including characters that may derail the mod/AP in question). Or are waaay more powerful then members of the party leading leading to situations like this

Pathfinder is a social contract between the players and the GM. It's no fun if the GM has to roll a natural 20 all the time to hit you, or if combat is over because you murderhobo everything the moment it comes to your init roll. I also ask that as a party your cooperate with each other, feel free to build your characters around each other etc.

Yes, a certain amount of cheese is required(since I am somewhat of a combat tactician), but not TOO much, please. I rather that the party works together to overcome challenges then one person stealing the show.


Stealing this one from 5E, I will have everyone take 10 for Perception the moment they enter a new area to find monsters/traps(you’re seasoned adventurers afterall), and the result will be posted in the gameplay thread. If from the description of the room you choose to make more perception checks, you may roll them and I will tell you of the results.

Block Init for enemies. If I have to roll them individually, I’ll go nuts.

Time stops when you're RPing, I will not put any limits on how long you can be speaking among yourselves or NPCs in combat.

Eidolons, Animal Companions and Familiars move on their masters init.

Keep watch spell cannot be used for crafting. Get a ring of sustenance, please. And a portable artificer's lab while you're at it.

In my games, breath of life works against Phantasmal Killer and CDGs. Surprisingly someone has told me it isn’t RAW. But I don’t mind giving this one.

For the purposes of Polymorph spells – you may polymorph only into creatures that are not one of their own kind. I.e you may change yourself into a Gargolyle, but you may not change into Yig, Bokrug (Interpertation: Unless otherwise noted, polymorph spells cannot be used to change into specific individuals.)

The blight (any), deathsnatcher, Euryale, fen mauler, green man, mezlan, rawhead, and vespergaunt—are not legal for polymorph effects.

You may only purchase an animal, mount, or similar creature if its Challenge Rating is lower than that character's level; creatures with a Challenge Rating of 1 or lower are exempt from this restriction, as are horses. Each player may only have one of such a mount/animal/similar creature in combat at any time. Animal companions, familiars, eidolons, phantoms, summoned and called creatures do not count towards that limit.

Trapfinder trait from Mummy’s Mask does not need to be tied to any location. Just insert your favourite tomb, and use it.

I use block init, I will roll saving throws,knowledge checks (for Monster Identification) and AOOs for you to save time.

Why Trap the soul and animate dead type spells is not allowed:

Players when given too much freedom, take opportunity to start squabbling about it. Now I firmly believe in doing onto others what you want done onto you, and since I don’t like my GM dictating how I should play my character, I don’t like to enforce it on others either. I don’t come here to debate ethics and morality and telling people how to play their characters. So in the name of reducing character conflict, since it’s a sore point with some characters, its banned.


Now alignment is subjective – I’ll give you that. You may put whatever you like (non evil), on your character sheet as your alignment, but I will be the one who decides by your actions what alignment you are. (Aka – Alignment shifts will come from me)

Reasons for this is my Strange Aeons campaign blew up, because players were arguing with me on alignment, and we all know by the paladin fall threads in forums that a discussion of alignment gets nowhere. You’ll be warned that a particular course of actions will be given an alignment shift and given a chance to change your mind before you commit a certain action. And honestly I am generally quite relaxed about alignments.

Casting a spell with the evil descriptor 100 times will cause you to have an alignment swop so please don’t be relying on that infernal healing wand too much.

NPC protection clause:

All NPCs come wearing this shirt. You may only attack them on the orders of another NPC(it causes the shirt to disappear), or if they start attacking you (the shirt disappears when they start attacking you(Init is rolled). Attacking NPCs other then in those above stated circumstances will cause an alignment shift.

Of course – if you want to intimidate NPC guards to let you by the gate etc, that’s fine, so as long as no violence was carried out.

Pointing things out/discussions of rules:

I am a LN GM. So pretty much it’s by the rulebook. And if you point it out politely and nicely, I would most likely go as what’s written in the book. However there will be times when my interpretation and yours differs or I do not follow RAW – I will usually explain my point and you may discuss with me on it in a civilized manner. If I do not, you have the right to ask me for an explanation, and are allowed to discuss in a civilized manner on it. I may change my decision/retcon things based on what you said, but at the end of the day you need to live with my final decision. Because as GM – I need to keep the game moving, and several days of heated discussion on rules does NOTHING, except piss off both the player and the GM.

I do in all honesty want to learn the game rules better because there’s always room for improvement.

Now in the past – I used to think that players and GMs could talk stuff out nicely but I pretty much lost patience at the point where players start demanding things.

About me:

I’m on GMT+8 time. I would think myself as a lawful neutral GM. That is, I will do everything by RAW. Please don’t expect me to do the rule of cool, because I am not into it – since we’re given a bookful of rules, it is expected that they should be followed. But please note on the deviations on RAW in the clause above. And in my games – I try to have the party’s actions have effect on the gameworld.

All of you are requested to be in by Edeldhur, so I'm trusting his judgement on all of you.

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Please read the player guide here, feel free to use any information in it. It is, unfortunately too big to copy paste here.

The setting is in Ustalav. Note that Ustalav is very suspicious as general of anyone who isn't human, but I won't restrict what races you play, I'll just get the local prejudice going =)

I would like to draw your attention to the following:

"You might be tempted to play a character that venerates a Great Old One or an Outer God, but that isn’t a great option for this Adventure Path. You’ll be fighting against cultists who worship these foul beings, and knowing all about the Elder Mythos hinders the horror of the unknown. Any of the other gods in the setting work just fine in this campaign, but if you want a deity with a connection to Ustalav (where the Adventure Path begins), consider choosing Desna or Pharasma as your patron.

If you worship a deity and draw power from your god, you awake with an understanding of that faith and can feel your divine connection. If you venerate a good deity, you might awaken with a vague sense of guilt or shame that you can’t quite put your finger on. Regardless of this lingering doubt, you feel that your god has granted you a second chance to redeem any misdeeds."

Basically the premise of Strange Aeons is you made the proverbial deal with the devil(or maybe Great Old One?)(leading to you losing your memories), and you’ve been given a second chance to fix the mess.

I wish to have from each of you at least a paragraph on why you would enter a bargain with a powerful arcane caster. Put these in spoilers for GM only.

I will put all of you to through an adapated PFS scenario/quests just to see how the team works together, and also for you to have an opportunity to have better then the starting GP, since there is no magic mart for book 1 and minimal purchasing ability for book 2. In Book 3 there is a 90 day travelling period, but during those 90 days you are also expected to do some story stuff, so you may not have the full 90 days for crafting.

I will also mod the AP some, because run as it is, it's a tad too dark for my tastes.

I do not run APs like Way of the Wicked, Hells Vengeance or Skulls and Shackles.

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

Edeldhur (Caradwen/Helgarr/etc.) just dotting in - thank you for having suggested/made yourself available for this Mort.

I have been inviting people from other time zones apart from Europe - I have played with them before without any issues, so decided to go ahead and risk it - think that is ok?

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Random assorted house rules:
You can buy upgrade dust to sprinkle on your weapon for 2k gp. (For a +1). From +1 to +2, you pay for the upgrade dust piecemeal, like you would in a PFS game. This was done so that in magic-mart scarce APs(which happens quite some), its easier for players to get their stuff upgraded.

Min per level buffs. 5 min and above ,it lasts 2 combats. 10 min, 3. Anything below lasts only a single encounter.

Random Musing:
Strange Aeons, imo is fairly unforgiving as an AP. Probably because it’s pathfinder version of Call of Cthulhu.

Also, if you want to torture NPCs for info, since you don't have NPCs walking the high road(until you meet one of those) in your party, by all means go ahead. I don't have issues with torturing of bad guys for information as a GM.


Feel free to ask any questions. I have run the AP to completion (with a single gestalt player after the group fell apart), so I should be able to answer them without any issues. However if some are too spoilerific, then I will outright tell you that it's too spoilerish and I can't answer.

I will be honest and say that European timezone isn't exactly a best fit if we're trying to push for speed, since I am on Asian timezone, and will only be awake through your mornings + afternoons. So please cut your GM some slack ;)

Re: Other timezones, that's fine.

Here's a character that I made for a Strange Aeons game fairly recently who didn't get accepted. She's a brawler with the mutagen mauler and turfer archetypes. I initially built her with feat tax rules in place, but since it doesn't look like you're using those I've removed them. She has big chunks of her memory missing (after diving into the water to escape bounty hunters after her for a crime that she didn't commit (though she was committing another crime at the time.))

Motivation for the Deal with Yog-Sothoth's agents, or whoever was offering:

Catia was desperate. She'd just been framed for murdering a magistrate and is actively fleeing guards and bounty hunters, having been branded the Butcher of Kavapesta. If the pact will give her the power to escape that, even if just temporarily, she'll take it. She's also got few moral qualms about making a grab for power if it will keep her safe, though she isn't actively out to cause any harm. The world hasn't been kind to her and she doesn't feel like she owes it much. Close companions have just betrayed here and she doesn't have other social ties she can count on now, so there's little holding her back from making such a deal.

Let me know if you see any issues, but otherwise thanks for consideration!

I'll also point out that you might get more responses if you posted this in the recruitment subforum rather than the discussion subforum. I don't know how many people will stumble across this unless there are channels that others are using to get here (e.g. recommendations from Edeldhur.)

I'm in the PST time zone myself (western US) if that enters into consideration at all.

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

This is actually a closed game(by recommendation only), which is why this isnt in recruitment.

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)

Hello, GM Mort. :)

Edeldhur messaged me about this game and I am certainly interested in joining in, if you'll have me.

My time zone is GMT+11 (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

I'm currently involved in two games on Paizo: one as player and the other as GM. Posting once per week day (or even 2/day) is doable. Weekends can get very busy for me with family responsibilities and out of town travel, but in saying that, I will try to post if you need us around on weekends. If for some reason I can't post on a given weekend, I will certainly let you know in advance on discussion.

I haven't played Strange Aeons before, so I will certainly take a look at the linked Player's Guide.

Do you have a cut off date in mind for completion of characters?

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Whenever you're ready. I could start now, but I don't think everyone's even checked in yet ;)

Guys! Do you want me to really set a dateline on this?

My weekend activity can be scrappy too since I'm distracted with RL.

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)

In all honesty, at the moment, I haven't got a clue what I would like to play as I just heard about this game. So, I would respectfully ask that we have at least a couple of days to nut out a character concept, if everyone is okay with this? I don't use Hero Lab to create characters - I'm more a pen and paper gal - so it takes me a tad longer to develop/finalise one. I will need to read through the Player's Guide, among other things. :)

Liberty's Edge

Hi Mort, Edeldhur invited me too so very happy to be here.

However - full disclosure - I am going to GM this AP for my RL group beginning at the end of this month. As such, I have already read through it in it's entirety and become very familiar.

That being said, I am totally capable of separating player and character knowledge and am far more interested in telling an amazing collaborative story than gaining any mechanical advantage. But of course I would understand if you had reservations.

A little about me;

I'm a very experienced roleplayer having played D&D right from 1st edition and then through to 3.5 and eventually PF over the past 25 years.

I'm a huge fan of the pbp medium because I'm a roleplayer at heart and really enjoy the more in depth character and NPC interaction it affords.

I've run several successful games on these boards including an epic 5 year Carrion Crown with Edeldhur that we actually managed to finish - one of very few I'm aware of on these boards - so you know commitment wouldn't be an issue for me.

I'm in GMT, but always keen to keep the game moving quickly.

If you're willing to accept the fact I have prior knowledge then fantastic but if not, that's fine too and I wish you all a very scary successful game!

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Just make sure you keep character knowledge and player knowledge seperate. I have been on the GMing end of this kind of thing before since I used to run PFS Scenarios locally. I'll tell you I'm dependable, so hell or high water, I'll show up to run stuff.

I'm relatively new to the hobby(started in 2012),as such, pathfinder is the first system I learned, though I have since picked up 5e.

I pretty much finished everything I've run on the boards... Well to a certain extent. My last Strange Aeons group fell apart so I ran it gestalt with the only player willing to continue.

I am luddite and don't trust Herolab, so if I were creating characters I'd do it ol skool too.

Strange Aeons... a large part of it takes place away from civilization, so if you're talking about opportunities to talk to NPCs, other APs like Curse of Crimson Throne, Hells Rebels, Kingmaker, even Ironfang Invasion do it better.

I will say that I'm not really sure how spooky I can get as one of my tenets is to generally lay the cards on the table so players know what they're facing and can better make decisions, but not knowing adds to fear better.

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

About why I do not at this point wish to set deadlines.

One of the previous suggestions I got was to allow more time for interactions. I understand that setting deadlines may help people be more focused and get things done, but since you're like planning for what to play for the entire AP, perhaps a little more time should be given for the party to yak shop and ask me questions to help decide what they want wish to play?

Of course, if a lack of focus is an issue, I could always come up with some...

Also yeah my true activity on my timezone is kind of... WTH. But it's going to be toned down because I'm running another AP, and also that this isn't exactly my timezone.

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

Thank you guys for checking in ;)

I'm gonna echo Ariarh here - still have absolutely no clue what I would like to play for Strange Aeons, so for sure we will need some time to get it going.

I am not very familiar (or at all) with Occult classes, so maybe it will make sense to peruse them beforehand.

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)

I'm definitely okay with talking and fleshing out characters with the other players and not having a set deadline. I just wasn't sure how soon you wanted to start the game is all. :)

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

That being said, I do have a few ideas running around in my head - a STR based Investigator (Empiricist) might be a great option for this...

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Stuck with a laggy warlock who can't make up his mind on what to play...oh just g~~ d!~n decide or lag out so I can get to my next ranked play.(Hearthstone)

Male Dwarf Archanist 4 / Paladin 3

Hello everyone. I hope I'm not too late! Thank you Edeldhur for inviting me, and thank you GM Mort for running this game.

I do need to mention that I'm playing in a Strange Aeons game, but the GM only posts about once per 1-2 weeks. As such, I know almost nothing of the adventure path even after a couple years. We might be half way through book 1. I'm capable of separating player and character knowledge.

I'm living in Western Canada, so it looks like timezone wise we're pretty spread out. I can post once per day minimum, sometimes more.

I've been playing pathfinder for about 6 years or so, but even after that amount of time I'm not super knowledgeable of the rules. I don't know the fine details of various spells or feats, and I've never had the inclination to use the rules to make OP characters. I run two games here that have been running for around 4 years. There's been some struggles, but overall we've been doing really well.

I'm not sure what I'd like to play yet. It's particularly difficult to think up a character who doesn't remember their own backstory. Here are some of my initial thoughts:
- A dwarven monk who uses mindfulness to overcome his fear
- A cleric or paladin of Sarenrae seeking redemption
- A ranger or slayer who hunts aberrations and minions of the Great Old Ones, but struggles to overcome the stress and insanity
- A wizard who originally bargained with the Great Old Ones but now is horribly frightened by them
- An aberrant bloodline sorcerer who will seek to 'cure' himself

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)

On first read through the Player's Guide, I'm considering a Witchborn Changeling Hex-Channeler/Synergist Witch to help with healing the party ... (I tend to play more healer types in my games - it's just how it goes). Looking at either the 'Boundaries' or 'Ethereal' Patron but am open to looking at others to fit the archetypes and mood/theme.

And, assuming 1 of the 2 allowable traits must be a Campaign trait, then looking at 'Foe of the Strange' or perhaps 'Methodical Mind'...

I suppose she feels a certain, natural darkness via her maternal bloodline and she works hard to heal allies to balance the darkness with good deeds (she's certainly conflicted). I do enjoy conflicted characters, especially those who have trouble remembering who they are. ;)

I'll keep thinking. It's 1 am here and I'm off to bed. Will touch base again in my morning. Night! :)

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Once every 1-2 I'm pretty sure I'll move faster then that, even on a bad day...

About backstories - write it as per normal. Just leave about 3 years gap for me to fill in stuff(which is what you did after you bargained with the arcane casty). And of course give me your paragraph on what you were bargaining with him for. If you were a changeling witch...maybe you wanted to be free from Momma's influence?

One thing I'm pretty big on is player freedoms. As such I am not going to dictate your backstory, since you'd have better idea then I on what your character would want to do.

Also, I'm off to bed too. Night all!

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

At the moment I am inclined to run a melee/skills role with a Bloodrager (ID/Urban rager) 1/Investigator X.

There is still a lot of room to adapt, but I'm thinking probably, and since there will only be a dip of Bloodrager (if at all), his rage will be a left over from what he has 'bargained' for.

I most likely envision him as the ancestor imbued warrior-scholar from his tribe who thought he needed more to put down those trying to wipe out his family bloodline, and went too far...

Something along those lines :D

Methodical Mind (he will be knowlegeable), Pugnacious, ritualistic and Sensitive Mind would all apply here. Though Pugnacious would be the one most closest to the background I have in mind I guess.

Liberty's Edge

I am thinking a full arcane caster. Wizard or Arcanist most likely. I have Friday off work so will put something together then.

Fwiw I personally think herolab is the best investment I have made as a player or gm, works wonders for me

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Edeldhur - anyone else checking in? Because technically we have a party of 4, so I can start more briefings. Jamzilla, what timezone are you on?

oversized hobbit

Hi! Edeldhur(Helgarr) invited me as well, just missed the pm. But I understand completely if the party is full already. I'm still reading, just wanted to post quickly the interest.

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Sure np. I can take up to 5, more then that woud strain my sensitive ears. JohnG, I also notice you're in a current Strange Aeons game. Please keep character and player knowledge seperate.

All right, since the party's in, let's get the briefing started. Besides your back stories, as I said earlier, I wanted you to write up a paragraph(minimum) on why you'd enter a bargain with an arcane casty, spoilered for GM only.

The prequel will involve all of you showing up at Thrushmoor in Ustalav, Iris Hill, with your memories intact, 3 years prior to start of Strange Aeons, for your said interview with that arcane caster. Basically you're there to prove your worth to him, so he will accept you as one of his people and give you, in exchange for your services, what you bargained for.

Also, party - usually as I run faster games, so I generally bot if any single player is holding up gameplay. Now we're doing it the slower route, so to bot or not to bot?

oversized hobbit

Thank you very much! I promise to keep any knowledge separate between me and whoever I am. Whatever that is. Still reading, made it through the first post now into the second. I am slow at times. Botting is always fine, and I tend to not argue about rules, just like being part of a story.

oversized hobbit

Caught up. I'm leaning to some kind of mercenary, that had been fairly jaded in life, but some event caused him to consider being better, just the better involved taking a deal that helped others at the cost of his servatude...

That would provide a shield for our witch and wizard.

I am Central United States time zone. I've been playing rpgs since elementary school which was a very long time ago, but pbp for 5 years, in Treasures Rise of the Runelords game in fact. If he hadn't accepted me back then, who knows, I might never have continued. Thank you again for that :)

Now to think...

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)

Hmm. Since we'll have a full arcane caster via JamZilla's wizard, I might drop my earlier witch idea and instead create a Changeling Cleric of Pharasma to give us a divine caster in game. What do you think, guys?

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

Thanks for checking in John Gs!

Hi Ariarh, I think the changeling cleric is a great idea, but if your initial plan was the Hex-Channeler/Synergist Witch, I'm thinking you can also stick with it - I'm sure we can find a way to articulate your character with Jam's ;)

As far as the team goes, we seem to be looking at something like (just a placeholder as nothing is really decided - all change their minds at will):

John Gs - Mercenary type
Ariarh - Hex-Channeler/Synergist Witch or Changeling Cleric of Pharasma
Jam - thinking a full arcane caster. Wizard or Arcanist most likely.
Fox - Mulling it over
Me - Second line caster/bruiser

Hey! It seems we are all here - thank you all for replying to my PMs.

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

Since I am a sucker for gishes, and it would fit thematically, I have been looking and looking at the Occultist, but it is definitely not a easy class geeeez.

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

I know little about occult classes so give me a heads-up, while I go familiarize myself with the class in question so I don't get completely confused when gameplay starts. Don't worry, I'm of quick study.

Ill just put trapfinder as a basic trait - for you to insert any tomb that is required.

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

Thanks Mort.

I am liking more and more the Bloodrager1/InvestigatorX idea, but was looking at a Panoply Savant Occultist archetype with Trappings of the Warrior to have an idea of how it plays out - seems this is basically a 'sword and board' character which can make use of a selected/reduced list of hand picked spells?

I'm still trying to mull over the action economy, and how it works.

Liberty's Edge

GM Mort wrote:
Edeldhur - anyone else checking in? Because technically we have a party of 4, so I can start more briefings. Jamzilla, what timezone are you on?

GMT (living in the UK)

Liberty's Edge

Ariarh Kane wrote:
Hmm. Since we'll have a full arcane caster via JamZilla's wizard, I might drop my earlier witch idea and instead create a Changeling Cleric of Pharasma to give us a divine caster in game. What do you think, guys?

I'm much happier playing arcane than divine generally so I hope I haven't stepped on your toes. If you're happy with a cleric then I think that's a good idea in any AP, but I think a touch of the divine is going to be an especially great help when we're messing about with Great Old Ones.

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

I'm happy playing arcane or divine casters so long as they have 9th level casting ^^

But paizo boards being what they are and no one wants to play divine casters due to their connotations with being a healbot, I generally end up playing divine casters and I actively try to subvert expectations of being a heal bot.

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)

I think it's better for the party if I go with a divine caster.

Looking at the Domains, I much prefer Desna's domains over Pharasma's and apparently from some readings, it appears Desna is rather favoured by Changelings.

So, the plan now is to create a Changeling Cleric of Desna.

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

Why Changeling Ariarh? Just curious ;)

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)
Edeldhur wrote:
Why Changeling Ariarh? Just curious ;)

I like the flavour of a conflicted Changeling fighting the hag mother's call (trying to do good vs her mother's evil nature trying to woo her to the dark side). Plus, Changelings get a +2 to Wisdom and Charisma which is good for a cleric. I had a quick look at Aasimar, as well... I'm quite sick with the flu at the moment and tired to boot and not thinking straight. So, if you think a Changeling is too left field or silly, then let me know, please.

If you have another suggestion re race, I'd happily hear you out before I get any further in my build.

Male Dwarf Archanist 4 / Paladin 3

I've slightly refined my ideas:

- Dwarven monk, unchained: A high Con and Wis build that will make use of bodyguard and in harm's way to protect his allies. Very resilient in all areas, but not much in the offense department.

- Paladin of Sarenrae: Three archetypes that appeal to me, Tortured Crusader (Iomedae) looks very thematic but also very selfish, Soul Sentinel is much more helpful and I think it fits with Sarenrae not too badly, and Oath against Corruption just fits well.

- Rogue, unchained: A sniper build focused on stealth and trapfinding

- Alchemist, mad scientist: Mostly a thematic whako, but can definitely contribute with disable device, splash damage, and some alchemical item creation.

John! Good to see you ^^

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

One thing I'll warn you on this AP about playing a paladin is you may have to work with unsavory characters (by paladin standards) along the way to get things done.

It could possibly boil to requiring atonement or in the worst case even falling, though I'll say as a GM I do believe good is not nice, so I'm not a stickler for traditional paladin codes.

If you decide that everything that pings evil on detect evil radar needs to be smote(which some people play their paladins that way - it is usually fine for most APs, but not this one), it'll all end in tears.

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1
Ariarh Kane wrote:
Edeldhur wrote:
Why Changeling Ariarh? Just curious ;)

I like the flavour of a conflicted Changeling fighting the hag mother's call (trying to do good vs her mother's evil nature trying to woo her to the dark side). Plus, Changelings get a +2 to Wisdom and Charisma which is good for a cleric. I had a quick look at Aasimar, as well... I'm quite sick with the flu at the moment and tired to boot and not thinking straight. So, if you think a Changeling is too left field or silly, then let me know, please.

If you have another suggestion re race, I'd happily hear you out before I get any further in my build.

I'm quite ok with the changeling idea - like I said it was merely curiosity as I never played one ;)

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

Fox, looking at the current setup we have.... I would say the 'roguish' character might be the one we miss the most.

But then again, if I go forth with my ideia of the Bloodrager1/Investigator X, I guess he can play that role from level 2 onwards ;)

If you grab a monk, I grab the idea above, John grabs the mercenary, Ariarh grabs the divine and Jam the Arcane, we would have a well rounded group I guess. I would just need to invest harder on Stealth etc.

The sniper idea is a good one as we don't seem to have ranged focused characters so far :P

It seems most, if not all of your ideas could work just fine [not sure about the paladin in this setting, and if the Alchemist would overlap with the Investigator (probably not)], so I'll give you the usual advice - which one do you fell like playing (there is always one)?

oversized hobbit

Good morning all. Witches are lovely Ariarh, but I get the thought of needing a dedicated healer. I am thinking my character will start with fighter (sensate) but then could branch to spiritualist to provide additional healing if needed. I quite often play healers and don't mind doing so again. So if witch is your preference I'm sure we can find a way. One of the books gives lots of variants on changelings too, so just like aasimars the bonuses can all over the place. Book of the Coven I think, in case you didn't know, which you probably did, so ignore me. :)

Is possessed hand an allowed feat? Seems a tad powerful for a normal feat, so asking before I wrap an entire story around it. I'm doing what Edeldhur is doing is scouring the occult books.


Not sure thoughts of bargain with arcane caster type needs to spoiler-ed or just the finalized so...:
I've been thinking my former town guard had a little sister that took the opposite route in life, thievery and dark magic, sold her soul for power than got stabbed repeatedly pretty much right after. Her spirit managed to stay around enough to beg for help from her brother, resulting in his bargain with the caster type to keep her out of pathfiner hell. Would explain possessed hand and if he went to spiritualist his sister would be the spirit manifesting, of the angry spirit type.

Male Dwarf Archanist 4 / Paladin 3

In terms of which I would want to play, I'd rank them as follows:
1. Tortured Crusader Paladin of Iomedae (completely embodies the idea of hopelessness, moral nihilism, and despair of horror that I crave.)
2. Unchained Dwarven Monk (I like it as a way of trying to cope and overcome the horror. Meditation, patience, acceptance.)
3&4. Soul Sentinel or Oath of Corruption Paladin of Sarenrae (Turning to Sarenrae for redemption makes sense to me)
5. Mad Scientist Alchemist (Yer not afraid ova lil tetnus are ya?)
6. Unchained Sniper Rogue (I could make them methodical and cunning, which would appeal to me, but otherwise I dunno)

In terms of being useful in the party:
1. Unchained Sniper Rogue (trapfinding, ranged attacks, scouting)
2. Soul Sentinel Paladin of Sarenrae (extra healing, condition removal, frontliner)
3. Oath of Corruption Paladin of Sarenrae (Frontliner, good damage and probably overcoming DR, some extra healing and a little condition removal, aura bonuses, might have a problem if we're working with cultists of the Great Old Ones or completely irredeemable evil doers)
4. Mad Scientist Alchemist (trapfinding albeit without magic, ranged splash damage, item creation)
5. Unchained Dwarven Monk (Frontliner, damage absorption)
6. Tortured Crusader Paladin of Iomedae (Frontliner, damage, might step on John's toes)

Elf Wizard 7 / Archmage 1

I like all your ideas Fox - why not just go with number 1 and that's that? If it is the one you really like the most? Two frontliner kinda guys shouldn't be an issue I think? Quite the contrary ;)

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

Just bum off trapfinder if you feel the need for rogues, guys. Again, I have a rather low opinion of rogues.

Go ahead on possessed hand. It is more powerful then weapon focus, but honestly I've seen worse stuff.

*Cocks head curiously*

John G:

Hmm we really should flesh out that sister of yours. What were drove her to the dark side, and what did she do in the dark side that got her murdered?

Because if you're running her as your phantom, it'll be closer to an eidolon/summoner kind of bond, so some kind of backstory for her would be nice.

Strange Aeons Grp 2 |

I won't forbid anyone from playing paladins, I just want anyone playing one to know the challenges they may face in this AP, since at the end of the day it's player choice, which I don't wish to interfere with.

Always good to have 2 people in front =)

oversized hobbit

My toes are fine Treasure, never worry about stepping on them. And I agree fully to play what you'd love. As a group, we'll figure out the rest.
Possessed hand gives a bonus to disable device, so my front liner could take that as a skill with the knowledge based possessed hand feat I can't remember the name of at this moment. Or take trapfinding as our GM suggests. My former town guard is going to be Lawful Neutral I think. So your paladin will at least have a lawful character in the party.

Sounds lovely. I'll start fleshing this evening.

Male Dwarf Archanist 4 / Paladin 3

Okay, in that case I'm gonna go with the tortured crusader! I'm thinking the character used to be a paladin of Iomedae, but something happened that left her hopeless, like she was betrayed. She called out for vengeance at any cost, and only the Great Old Ones answered.

When she wakes up, I think Iomedae has abandoned her completely. I'd like for her to be accepted by the empyreal lord Ragathiel, the general of vengeance. In which case, I think tiefling would fit with ragathiel's lore.

She's got a temper, a brooding personality, and is closed off due to her pain, but she does the right thing, helps people, and opens up to those who she trusts. In terms of allying with evil people, I think this is something that can be dealt with as long as we're fighting against a greater evil and/or saving innocents. That being said, I'm perfectly okay with the premise of atonement or even falling.

EDIT: I should also add that the tortured crusader doesn't have the ability to detect evil

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)
Edeldhur wrote:
I'm quite ok with the changeling idea - like I said it was merely curiosity as I never played one ;)

I've played a few during my time on Paizo and they are fun, except they are rather squishy with their -2 to CON. She may need defending/protecting. ;) (That's if I can't use a Changeling Variant with other ability modifiers).

John Gs wrote:

Witches are lovely Ariarh, but I get the thought of needing a dedicated healer.

I had chosen the archetype 'Hex Channeler' as it allowed my witch to channel positive energy from level 2 onwards, so she could have been be a pretty decent healer. Granted a cleric can channel from level 1 ... healing hexes could have sufficed, too via the witch until level 2. I'm certainly fine playing the party's healer (although I don't want her just to be merely a healbot as that get's pretty boring real fast). As to Changeling variants - I've had a look at those and will continue to do so, so I can build something workable. Thanks for the suggestion, John Gs. I'll take a closer look at Blood of the Coven Player Companion. :)

I think having two full arcane casters in a game can be a bit much (especially a witch and wizard as for me there's too much crossover). Since JamZilla prefers arcane casters and I play both arcane and divine casters in equal measure, I'm okay with swapping to a divine caster to balance out the group.

Female Aasimar Druid 7 (Noble)

Under the spoiler I've placed a Changeling Variant which I feel suits my idea of a Cleric of Desna and would be great flavour as to why she would have entered into a bargain with a powerful arcane caster (the voice through never ending dreams/nightmares trying to poison her mind against mortal races she would certainly want to cease) and why she chose the divine route. Would this variant be acceptable to you? Just wanted to check before I flesh out my character. Thanks. :)

GM Mort:

From 'Blood of the Covens' Player Companion Guide, page 8:

Night-Born Changeling
(Moon May)

As much made as born, moon mays are
deliberately created by night hags with
foul futures in mind. Destiny haunts
their lives, fanning pride and natural
talent into megalomania.

Ancestry Night hag (Pathfinder RPG
Bestiary 215)
Typical Alignment N
Ability Modifiers +2 Wis, +2 Cha, –2 Dex
Hag Racial Trait Night-born changelings gain a
+2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease.
As creatures with the outsider type, night hags can’t
supplement their numbers by bearing children of their
own, and instead must perform foul rites over another
hag’s or witch’s unborn child to corrupt it into a moon may.
Such rituals are taxing, and night hags rarely do so without
grand plans. After abandoning her offspring, a night hag
follows her child’s life from afar, visiting her in dreams and
nightmares to tutor her in the arcane arts and poison her
mind against the mortal races. Most night-born changelings
never realize it is their mother who appears to them in these
vivid dreams—at least not until it is far too late. They are
sensitive and social young women, often finding comfort in
a church or pursuing divine magic thanks to their innate
connection to the Outer Planes. Born to become outsiders,
they feel like foreigners in their own bodies. Over time,
their growing skills and nocturnal tutelage lend them a
confidence that can blossom into outrageous egos, especially
among those who develop arcane gifts.

Moon mays are haunted by a hatred of the sun; while it
doesn’t burn their flesh, they find the light disquieting and
take comfort in the cool solace of the evening. Beyond this
proclivity, the daughters of night hags bear small lumps on
their forehead—the beginnings of their night hag horns—
and a single black or violet eye.

Moon mays spring up only where night hags flourish,
such as the Hold of Belkzen, Katapesh, and Varisia. The
outsiders typically entrust their offspring to covens, or
to cults of Alazhra or Lamashtu; cults of Gyronna are too
unstable and self-devouring for a night hag to gamble her
investment of time and magic with them.

Awakened Hag Heritage
You can form a lesser heartstone by performing an 8-hour
ritual over any gem worth at least 500 gp. While you carry it,
a lesser heartstone allows you to apply your +2 racial bonus on
saving throws against disease to all Fortitude saves. A lesser
heartstone can also be used as a focus to replace any material
spell components worth 10 gp or less. A lesser heartstone is
considered to have a caster level equal to your character
level at the time of its creation.

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