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About GM Mort

My name is Mort and I’m interested in running a [insert campaign name] game here.

I intend for this game to progress at a fast pace.

I WILL do multiple posts per day. I expect that all of you will try for 2x/day posting.

Should you have RL commitments that make you unable to do so, please inform me in the discussion thread. I’m not totally unreasonable.

The maps will be provided on Google Drive. Please make sure you can access to Google Maps whatever device you’re posting on. I don’t discriminate against phone users, I am one myself.

Now for the lengthy part of the document – I apologize that it is that long – but I need to get the terms and conditions hammered out, so everyone knows what they’re getting into.

Character creation Part 1:

Sources: All Paizo(subject to caveats under individual categories). Trap the Soul and Animate dead type spells are not allowed. Sacred Geometry Feat is not allowed. Boots of the Earth are not allowed. No Third party allowed.
Starting Level : 1
Race: Common, Featured and Uncommon races with the following exceptions: No Svirfneblin, Fetchlings and Drow. You cannot create your own Aasimar/Tiefling variants and can only use those found in ARG, Blood of Fiends and Blood of Angels. You cannot roll for variant Aasimar or Tiefling abilities.
Alignment: Any non evil
Class: Any Paizo. No Third Party allowed.
Point Buy - 20
Starting Gold: 150 gp
Deities: All Golarion
Background skills are in play.
HP – max for first level, 1/2max+1 after
You start with 2 traits as per normal.

Additional notes on character creation:

As can be seen by what I said about myself, I am a LN GM. Futhermore, as one of the new GMs, I have limited ability to homebrew or change encounters. Therefore with those considerations in mind, I ask all of you to show some restraint in building characters(including characters that may derail the mod/AP in question). Or are waaay more powerful then members of the party leading leading to situations like this
Pathfinder is a social contract between the players and the GM. It's no fun if the GM has to roll a natural 20 all the time to hit you, or if combat is over because you murderhobo everything the moment it comes to your init roll. I also ask that as a party your cooperate with each other, feel free to build your characters around each other etc.
Yes, a certain amount of cheese is required(since I am somewhat of a combat tactician), but not TOO much, please. I rather that the party works together to overcome challenges then one person stealing the show.


Stealing this one from 5E, I will have everyone take 10 for Perception the moment they enter a new area to find monsters/traps(you’re seasoned adventurers afterall), and the result will be posted in the gameplay thread. If from the description of the room you choose to make more perception checks, you may roll them and I will tell you of the results.
Block Init for enemies. If I have to roll them individually, I’ll go nuts.
Time stops when you're RPing, I will not put any limits on how long you can be speaking among yourselves or NPCs in combat.
Eidolons, Animal Companions and Familiars move on their masters init.
Keep watch spell cannot be used for crafting. Get a ring of sustenance, please. And a portable artificer's lab while you're at it.
In my games, breath of life works against Phantasmal Killer and CDGs. Surprisingly someone has told me it isn’t RAW. But I don’t mind giving this one.
For the purposes of Polymorph spells – you may polymorph only into creatures that are not one of their own kind. I.e you may change yourself into a Gargolyle, but you may not change into Yig, Bokrug (Interpertation: Unless otherwise noted, polymorph spells cannot be used to change into specific individuals.)
The blight (any), deathsnatcher, Euryale, fen mauler, green man, mezlan, rawhead, and vespergaunt—are not legal for polymorph effects.
You may only purchase an animal, mount, or similar creature if its Challenge Rating is lower than that character's level; creatures with a Challenge Rating of 1 or lower are exempt from this restriction, as are horses. Each player may only have one of such a mount/animal/similar creature in combat at any time. Animal companions, familiars, eidolons, phantoms, summoned and called creatures do not count towards that limit.
Trapfinder trait from Mummy’s Mask does not need to be tied to any location. Just insert your favourite tomb, and use it.
I use block init, I will roll saving throws,knowledge checks (for Monster Identification) and AOOs for you to save time.

Why Trap the soul and animate dead type spells is not allowed:

Players when given too much freedom, take opportunity to start squabbling about it. Now I firmly believe in doing onto others what you want done onto you, and since I don’t like my GM dictating how I should play my character, I don’t like to enforce it on others either. I don’t come here to debate ethics and morality and telling people how to play their characters. So in the name of reducing character conflict, since it’s a sore point with some characters, its banned.


Now alignment is subjective – I’ll give you that. You may put whatever you like (non evil), on your character sheet as your alignment, but I will be the one who decides by your actions what alignment you are. (Aka – Alignment shifts will come from me)
Reasons for this is my Strange Aeons campaign blew up, because players were arguing with me on alignment, and we all know by the paladin fall threads in forums that a discussion of alignment gets nowhere. You’ll be warned that a particular course of actions will be given an alignment shift and given a chance to change your mind before you commit a certain action. And honestly I am generally quite relaxed about alignments.

Casting a spell with the evil descriptor 100 times will cause you to have an alignment swop so please don’t be relying on that infernal healing wand too much.

NPC protection clause:

All NPCs come wearing this shirt. You may only attack them on the orders of another NPC(it causes the shirt to disappear), or if they start attacking you (the shirt disappears when they start attacking you(Init is rolled). Attacking NPCs other then in those above stated circumstances will cause an alignment shift.
Of course – if you want to intimidate NPC guards to let you by the gate etc, that’s fine, so as long as no violence was carried out.

Pointing things out/discussions of rules:

I am a LN GM. So pretty much it’s by the rulebook. And if you point it out politely and nicely, I would most likely go as what’s written in the book. However there will be times when my interpretation and yours differs or I do not follow RAW – I will usually explain my point and you may discuss with me on it in a civilized manner. If I do not, you have the right to ask me for an explanation, and are allowed to discuss in a civilized manner on it. I may change my decision/retcon things based on what you said, but at the end of the day you need to live with my final decision. Because as GM – I need to keep the game moving, and several days of heated discussion on rules does NOTHING, except piss off both the player and the GM.
I do in all honesty want to learn the game rules better because there’s always room for improvement.

Now in the past – I used to think that players and GMs could talk stuff out nicely but I pretty much lost patience at the point where players start demanding things.

About me:

I’m on GMT+8 time. I would think myself as a lawful neutral GM. That is, I will do everything by RAW. Please don’t expect me to do the rule of cool, because I am not into it – since we’re given a bookful of rules, it is expected that they should be followed. But please note on the deviations on RAW in the clause above. And in my games – I try to have the party’s actions have effect on the gameworld.

As I am trying to push the game for speed – I want all of you to submit your ideal posting times. I will say that those based Asia Pacific and America(night shift) will be at an advantage. I understand it may be discrimination, but on non compatible timezones, there will be delays, which I wish to avoid.

I will vet applicants on their post history (more plot pushiness and general positive interaction with party is good), activity and timezones. I do not expect a novella length backstory, nor do I care too much about it.