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Game Master TriShadow

CORE Risen Map

Looking to run a game for Gameday 7. This is a pretty tough Free RPG Day scenario. I recommend level 4 characters.

The Exchange

I would like to play a level 4 pregen, the bard Lem if that's okay.

Unfortunately, these are the only pregens legal available play for Risen from the Sands. You may play any CORE character between levels 2-4.

Legal Pathfinder Society Characters:
Players who wish to receive Pathfinder Society credit for playing through Risen from the Sands must use either one of their Pathfinder Society characters (without modification) within the legal character level range for the module or one of the pregenerated characters provided on pages 12–15 of the module.

The Exchange

I will play one of the pregens, in that case. Whichever goes better with the party.

Sovereign Court

Ny'a is looking for a game in Session 2, though she's only level 2.

It is acceptable, and legal, for more than one person to play the same pre-generated character.

@ N'ya: I won't turn away a legal character. I just want every player to realize this will be tough for low level CORE characters. You can look through the pregens to see if there is anything you like. The chronicle is 2-4, so applying it afterwards to N'ya should not be an issue.

Silver Crusade

If it were allowed I would suggest everyone play Harsk, that way we could play the module on Harsk Mode.

Failing that I guess I'll play my Paladin if you've the room.

Player Great Green God
Character Apollyanna Lapin Sukino
PFS # 139009-40
Faction Silver Crusade
Day Job N/A

Sovereign Court

I'll play one of the pregens, then. Either Crowe or Quinn would work for me.

Dark Archive

I have a sorcerer I'd enjoy playing further. He should be 4, but haven't leveled in the week since I last played him.

Silver Crusade

Got room for one more? Would love to play. I'd use a pregen, also. Thanks! :-)

The Exchange

I can play if you need one more

Silver Crusade

While I do have this Paladin 4 here, I also have the following tier-appropriate CORE characters if anyone really wants the paladin slot (although two paladins might not be bad either): Sorcerer 4, Fighter 4, Illusionist 3, Rogue 2, or Ranger 2.

The Exchange

Mmmmm, so how we looking?

Alright, sorry for the delay.


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