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The hordes of Cheliax are poised to sweep across the Aspodell Mountains and invade Andoran once and for all. Can a group of intrepid heroes unite the unruly local cities against the devils so as to buy the capital enough time to create an army?

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Phil, important question:

Would you let me take the Child of Nature trait, which is technically for those who worship Gozreh or another neutral deity, despite my worshiping Erastil?

The concept behind having the trait would that my PC was blessed by the fae at birth. So despite not being a nature oriented class he'll have some cool abilities regardless.

I know they *might* not be all that useful in the game, but I am willing to sacrifice some crunch for awesome fluff. I also won't be really hampering my PC with these choices, in case that's a concern.

Also, this is my alias.

Phil Tucker wrote:

A) Perdita was raised until the age of 10 believing she was Chelaxian nobility, and enjoying all due perquisites. How did she react when she discovered she not only wasn't, but that her mother wished for her to flee into a life of poverty?

B.1) How does Perdita introduce herself to strangers?
B.2) Does she still identify as Chelaxian? How does she feel about Cheliax, and the man she spent most of her childhood believing was her father?



A) Admittedly, I hadn't thought through this, so much yet, but now that I am,...
Because of her merely average WIS score I feel that this would have been a pretty surprising emotional revelation -- not one of those "Well, I always kinda felt Something was off about 'Dad' and something was 'on' about General Magnus Vikingsson."
Confusion, emotional turmoil, a curiosity about the Linnorm King Crusader who was suddenly her father, these would have all been strong and mixed emotions that would have been part of her for the next few years -- a time when her mother fled Cheliax for Absalom. This would have been MUCH further compounded by the fact that her birth father stayed behind in a fight to the death to buy them more time, AND that within moments of their ship leaving her mother was struck by a curse (from the Chelaxian's Contingency spell) that killed her within a couple days.

Perdita Imogen, despite the trauma of those days, clung to the one thing that was still stable in her life -- that's what we do when our world is turned upside down, cling to the thing that is stable -- her education and studies. Her early days in the abandoned shack Mistress Quickly turned into a brothel were spent in the back reading every book Mistress Quickly and her "Aunts" Timandra and Phrynia could get for her from their clients (usually from The Petals Quarter).

B.1) Perdita Imogen is confident, strong willed, charismatic and extremely well educated -- she introduces herself with confidence, and can adapt depending on the situation.
She spent 20 years as a low-ranking Investigator in Absalom's Ivy District, (and a part-time teacher in The Wise Quarter) and as such enters a situation and looks straight for the clues to figure out what she needs to know.
In the last four years as she's spent as an Inquisitor of Zohls, leaving Absalom for Augustana and beginning a more "adventurer" lifestyle, she knows that she has certain strengths as well as weaknesses and she knows to make allies who can work with her to complete her goals.

B.2) Well, this was, after all, over thirty years ago and she hasn't been to Cheliax in all that time. But she had put Lord Bassianus Leopard Eyes on a pedestal -- put Cheliax on a pedestal -- and when a childhood pedestal crashes with the truth of reality, it crashes hard.
Perdita Imogen is torn inside, her childhood ideals of Cheliax are long burned down but a rage sill burns in her -- she was taught that worshiping Devils was GOOD?!?! Yes, the rage still burns her.
And YET, she won't deny fond early childhood memories and an incredible beginning to her lifelong career as a scholar. It's not just a part of everything she is -- it's her entire foundation.
She hates, fears and, damn it, remembers fondly, Lord Bassianus Leopard Eyes.
She IS, after all, a Chelaxian -- more than a Varisian or an Ulfen.

Better than any Andoran she's met, she knows how a Chelaxian thinks and what one believes, philosophy-wise -- she was taught it from the very foundation of her education.
This really helps her now, as she fights to destroy it.

More importantly, she's still a Romantic, and still has this idealistic notion of who her birth father was -- he died within a few days of her learning the truth. She never knew him as "Dad"! And Mom died from a curse Lord Bassianus put on her to keep her a slave! She wonders about Varisia from where Mom came. She wonders about her Peri grandfather and the old Varisian gypsy that was her grandmother -- what was that story?! Perdita Imogen may never know (although she's sure as, heh, Hell, studied Peri Archons -- especially as an Inquisitor of Zohls.)

Here's the roll call of all submissions thus far. When I set forth the character creation guidelines I wasn't sure what sort of submissions I'd receive, and thus it's interesting to see a mix of fighters, bards, investigators, slayers, clerics, rogues, wizards and oracles. We've two days left in the submission process, but I can already tell it's going to be very difficult to select only four from this list.

Wyssal Sloboda, CG Halfling Bard 7 (Demagogue)
Shamkrii, N Tiefling Wizard 7 (Enchanter)
Alysandra de l'Escalina, LG Human Cavalier (Daring Champion) 4 / Slayer (Cleaner) 3
Narus II Sidus, LN Human Investigator (Empiricist) 7
Alphonse Rellington, LE Human Fighter 7
Callista Jeggare, N Human Cleric 7 (Calistria)
Praetorix, LE Hafling Slayer 6, Red Mantis Assassin 1
Cawmirth Ravenheart, N Tengu Rogue 5 / Pathfinder Chronicler 2
Perdita Imogen, LG Aasimar Investigator (Empiricist) 2 / Inquisitor 5
Sebi Moncrief, NG Human Oracle (Possessed Oracle) 7
Zarrin Dusk, NG Human Rogue 7

Three questions about character building, ordered least wacky to most wacky:

1) Since I don't really have time to go through all the Traits to find the two I'm looking for, can I have one Trait that gives me a +1 to Diplomacy & Bluff and a second that gives me a +1 to two Knowledge Skills?

2) In the Pathfinder book, Blood of Angels, Aasimar Players can roll a d% to gain an alternate ability in place of their Spell Like Ability (some are grossly broken; some are grossly useless). I would like to have one of the following: #67- +2 Sense Motive, or #77- +2 Knowledge: Planes, or #95- +2 Diplomacy. Is it okay if I select one of those and replace the once-per-day Pyrotechnics with it, as part of the Peri-Blooded Aasimar?

3) When I played an Inquisitor in a Wrath of the Righteous Campaign I asked the DM if it would be okay if I traded out Solo Tactics and Teamwork Feats for "Skill Feats" every time I would normally earn a TW Feat. So, on 3rd, 6th, 9th, etc. levels I could select a Feat that improves my PC's Skills (such as Skill Focus, Scholar, Alertness, etc.). Is this okay in your game? I went to the Boards at the time, asking for advice on whether other gamers thought it would be unbalanced; Here's what they said. And my PC in our WotR game was not overpowered. I just figured I'd ask the same question here.

Thank you for the feedback. I am incorporating the answers to your questions within Sebi’s background, but for ease of review I’ve also placed the new sections here.

The aunts & other family:

Phil Tucker wrote:
Details on Sebi’s family are scant. How many aunts? What are their names? Are there any other family members that are important to her? What happened to her father?

Sebi was trained by eleven aunts in the secluded mansion on the outskirts of Olfden. Though her lessons were primarily in spell and speechcraft, the group also acted as a small mimicry of the People’s Council, with frequent bickering, infighting, and backstabbing being the norm throughout the day’s training, and was meant to be a simulation of things to come for young Sebi. Though they were family, their lessons were harsh and unyielding. They never passed up the chance to tell her when her performance fell short of the mark, even in pretend negotiations: ”Talks are ended and your family lay further in disrepair. You are failing every one of them right now.”

  • Six aunts were focused primarily on instructing academic pursuits:

    Carovella Moncrief: a bookish woman in her middle years with two children in the Andoran military, is an expert on the history and regions of Andoran at the college in Almas (and possible associate of Mr. Ravenheart?).

    Dolin Moncrief: a severe-looking witch with a knack for political maneuvering and widower to three different politicians over the years, ever growing in influence. Expert on nobility and arcane study.

    Amara Moncrief: an impossibly old crone with patchy, wispy hair, Amara is always surrounded by rumors of insanity due to conversing with creatures from beyond the material plane for so long. Expert on the planes and linguistics.

    Kalie Moncrief: an energetic woman in her late twenties with knowledge of even the subtlest of details regarding spellcraft that would rival most libraries, leading to questions of how she obtained such knowledge.

    Pasha Moncrief: of Andoran and Qadiran descent, Pasha disproves any suspected familial loyalty with a quick smile and compliment. People are open books, and she knows what makes them tick.

    Pem Moncrief: hoarder of religious talismans and luck charms of all kinds, Pem is a shaking, paranoid middle-aged woman with a cacophony of trinkets hanging about her at all times.

  • Three aunts concerned themselves primarily with mannerisms and customs associated with high society:

    Yalda Moncrief: a dilettante and daredevil in her youth, she discovered she could set a table and banter with guests far better than steal the plates and silverware.

    Wren Moncrief: sister to Pem, Wren holds herself in the highest of regard, believing herself to be royalty, and delights in looking down on others. Just being around her is claustrophobic, as she sees everything in the starkest terms of a right way and the wrong way to go about things with no room in between. (This is Sebi’s mother. Her memory remains intact.)

    Rosangelina Moncrief: a beauty to launch wars, Rosangelina is an actress and playwright of high repute, and many comment on her warm manner and kindness. Her act continues far beyond the stage, however, as she is cold, calculating, and utterly remorseless.

  • The last two aunts were integrated in to teach the price of falling for deception:

    Galgra (assumed name: Carolyn Moncrief): A green hag from the forests of the Darkmoon Vale that lost her coven to adventurers, Galgra was put on retainer by the Moncriefs and mixed in among the aunts to torment Sebi until she saw through the hag’s deceptions. Sebi was able to overcome the creature, but still carries a lengthy scar across her spine from Galgra’s claws.

    Taylis Moncrief: a Thrune spy that married into the family to gather information on the famed arcanists. The Moncriefs have known about Taylis for a long time and sent her to Sebi’s training grounds as a test. Much subtler than Galgra, Taylis was meant to show the nonmagical side of deception. Sebi discovered Taylis’s treachery just before her training ended, believing her to be a friend amidst vipers for the longest time, and this has further damaged her trust.

    The one family member that still holds Sebi’s absolute trust is the caretaker of the family villa in Almas. Caldur Moncrief is an unassuming man that looks older than his middle-years would suggest. He is a relatively low-standing member in relation to the Moncrief hierarchy, and is content to sweep and clean and cook for family members, singing softly to himself when anyone stays at the villa. He is particularly fond of Sebi, offering honest advice on matters as much as he is able. Something that is unknown even to him is that he is Sebi’s father. A rat-catcher from the slums of Almas, Caldur won over Wren in their youth with impassioned speeches on freedom and equality for all, and the two had a secret tryst resulting in pregnancy. His memory has been modified many times over the course of his life. He does not remember much of that time now gone by, and instead remembers always being a Moncrief and being groomed to be the villa’s caretaker someday. Though he cannot remember Sebi is his child, his paternal instincts show through at times in subtle ways. Because of the trust Sebi affords him, she has yet to notice this pattern. Also, if present, the aunts quickly intervene and change the subject or escort Sebi away when this happens. They have always sought to distance the two.

  • The Moncrief Family & Sebi's Accomplishments:

    Phil Tucker wrote:
    I am unclear on the exact standing and influence of the Moncrief clan. On one hand you state that they have diminished greatly in prestige and influence, to the point where their mansion is dilapidated. On the other, Sebi has spent years maneuvering within Andoran’s political circles as well as negotiating trade agreements and sitting on government tribunals. Can you clarify if they are a regional power based/limited to Oldfen, or a national power with pull in Almas and with the Supreme Elect?
    Phil Tucker wrote:
    Finally, I understand Sebi's motivation to become involved and can see her petitioning the Supreme Elect for a position in the party. Partially based on the previous point, I would like a more compelling reason for his granting her request. Could you elucidate an accomplishment of hers that might have impressed him or his government? Or, if you see her family as still possessing national clout, do you mean for her family name to do the persuading?

    The Moncrief family is known throughout Andoran and beyond primarily for their arcanists and their innovations in magic law and theory. For generations, the arcanists of the Moncrief family have desperately probed the family curse's magic, looking for weaknesses and loopholes to use against it. And for generations, Andoran has reaped the benefits of this frantic search in the form of an outpouring of new spells, magic items, and enchantments with which to combat its enemies. The Moncrief family is at war with their own curse, and war always promotes innovation.

    The family name is old and prestigious, but every generation there are a few less to carry it on, and each member fears their name being eroded away by time. They have many holdings across Andoran, and a family villa in Almas that serves as a gathering place. The Moncrief estate in Oldfen is more of a remote training ground than a residence. It is where the matriarchs are trained by their aunts, before being ready to function in public as the family's voice and face.

    Though their prestige and standing continues to decline, they are still very much a national force involved in Andoran's political structure. While some may criticize the family for being decadent and corrupt, or simply mired in misfortune, a bright spot in the form of their newest Matriarch, Sebi Moncrief, has rekindled at least a portion of the hope borne in the People's Council and the Supreme Elect for the Moncriefs. Sebi has shown herself to be a more than capable negotiator on more than one occasion. Due to her age, many in Andoran's political environs thought she could be easily manipulated, but all soon learned the opposite is true, due to the harsh training endured at the Oldfen house.

    Once such incident was widely reported in Almas's papers and on the tongues of public criers. After discovering Taylis Moncrief's treachery at the Oldfen house, Sebi learned of a another Thrune spy that Taylis had been in contact with, and of a mission of sabotage directed at a shipment of Moncrief wands headed for the Taldan front. Law enforcement was sent to the warehouse to apprehend the spy. The saboteur was caught in the warehouse but managed to overpower his captors and held the soldiers and the warehouse workers hostage with the deadly wands. Sebi found herself in the right place at the right time with the help of her contacts, and her ancestors. Accompanied by strange breezes whispering within the warehouse, she talked the hostage-taker down for hours before the man finally relented and released the hostages, accepting arrest.

    Perdita Imogen wrote:
    Since I don't really have time to go through all the Traits to find the two I'm looking for, can I have one Trait that gives me a +1 to Diplomacy & Bluff and a second that gives me a +1 to two Knowledge Skills?

    Extremely fashionable would probably be your best choice in that regard; it also gives you +1 to Intimidate, as long as you're wearing at least 150 gp in clothing and jewelry (something trivial at 7th level). There's a plethora of traits which give you +1 to two knowledge skills, you can find them on this guide (I should've linked the relevant pages, if not, the various knowledge skills section can be found on page 74 and following).

    Oh and I've got fluff mostly finalized, alas it's been a busy week.

    Phil, those are questions I hadn't given much thought before you asked, honestly.

    Question #1:
    As for who the targets were, I imagine Prae and the team were given names, but since he wasn't one of the main assassins on the job, he doesn't know exactly who they are.
    I have an idea of who they are, Cheliaxian nobles that were just on a trip to Taldor, which explains the opportunity for the attempt.

    I have since decided to add the nobles to Praetorix's list, as he was assigned to hunt them down and finish the job.

    As for how they acquired the dragon's help, I imagine that the nobles themselves are devil-binders, and it was part of some diabolical deal.

    Feel free to use or change any of this information for the story; I love when my background is used for plot hooks.

    Question 2:
    You're right, he hasn't spoken to his family in many years, and for all he knows, they could be dead already. Again, feel free for them to show up.

    As to the friends and associates, there is a Red Mantis cadre in Andoran that he frequents, and has made several "friends:, if they can be called that. It's usually not wise to make friends in his business, those friends might not be alive tomorrow.

    As for friends outside of the cadre, he has made many acquaintances with his various aliases, the most recent being a gnome trader named Panabar that runs his trade route from Andoran to Druma.
    Whenever Panabar comes into town, Prae usually takes his Lankar guise, and then spends a night drinking with his friend.

    Several others include many members of the Andoran military, including officers, along with a few "lovers" that require a visit every now and then.

    His problem with forming relationships is that he tends to see new "friends" as just extensions of his network.
    He hasn't had many true friends during his life, as most of his time has been spent either alone, or preparing for jobs.

    Hope these answers help shed some light on his story and character!

    Zarrin Dusk wrote:

    Phil, important question:

    Would you let me take the Child of Nature trait, which is technically for those who worship Gozreh or another neutral deity, despite my worshiping Erastil?

    Sure, that's fine.

    @Phil Tucker
    If you have the time, feel free to give me your take on Narus. I like him but I am bias so I never mind second opinions. ;)

    Character Sheet and overall proposal essentially done.

    I've got to pick a couple Feats, a few languages, detail a bit of recent history for my PC, and maybe tinker with my purchases,... but the character is pretty much done. And ready for criticism.

    Here's hoping Perdita Imogen and my vision of her fits the game we're all looking to play!

    Presenting Perdita Imogen (Per DEESH ah EM Oh Jeen) with additional inspiration and even a bit of quircky mischief

    Grand Lodge

    And as for me, I'm relatively new to PBP, having only played in one PBP, but I've been gaming since '81 when I was a wee lad.

    Hopefully I'll get to join this one, too.

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    @ Phil,

    I can finish my PC in a matter of minutes upon hearing from you about my Feats & Traits questions.

    Sorry found this rather late.

    Bode Level 7 Mastermind
    (Still working on the sheet. Sorry)

    Character Description.:
    He is a short gaunt wispy thing man with youthful features. His body is pale and covered in blue swirls. His hair is black,slightly long and looks like he has been standing on windy coast all his life. he normally prefers wearing faded dark colors with a strong preference towards blue.

    He is rather quiet, observant and curious like most sylph. He is fascinated with power structures and how they combine to make peace and harmony. He enjoys sitting quietly and observing seeing how human interactions interact with one another but really only gets involved. When he does he much more enjoys manipulating things towards his favor rather than direct conversation. He also tends to get bored fast and is flighty with his interest.

    Background :
    She glanced into the mirror, applying her liner. She took one more look and sighed. She was going to run tonight, and it would end in either death or freedom. Either case she wanted to look good. If you are going to be a corpse you might as well be beautiful.

    She could hear commotion from downstairs, her husband's lackys going about their normal debauchery. He would probably be back soon, drunk, hoping to force himself onto her. She would not be here though. She would be gone, free of his love, free of his spite.

    She knew the danger, he would rip the streets apart to find her. He owned them. Hell she gave them to him, all part of a foolhardy plan of her and her brother to bring order out of bloodshed. The odd thing is it worked. Violence had given way to rustling markets and children playing. This would soon change though the streets would floe red once again, her escape would make sure of that.

    Her brother would be disappointed in her, but where was he. He was not the one who had to sit under the fat oaf, hating boiling inside, being endlessly thrusted upon. He had disappeared, off to herald peace and prevent death with a blade and manipulation.

    She remembered when they were young. Both bastard offspring of some whore who didn't survive long enough to become a mom. He was a small frail child who always had a breeze falling him. Blue swirls covered his body. He was quiet but always lurking, curious about what was happening but never wanted to get involved.

    Growing up where they were from was not easy, it could only be best characterized by its violence. Its not the kind of violence of warring powers or feuding gangs. It was a lot more senseless than that, with death coming by the most foolish of reasons. Guards were never present, why should they risk themselves to keep beast from mauling each other a part.

    She is not sure how it began but she and her brother went about trying to right this wrong and bring peace. It started out small with gangs of children. Together they would be the perfect one two punch, her the seducer and him quiet knife in the night, molding winners and losers.

    As they moved on from small thugs they required skills and abilities beyond that of two penniless bastards. For that they looked towards the cities gutters. A greater collection of knowledge than any of the world's finest universities. A collection of once great men now beggars and addicts for one reason or another. Amongst these great minds they would mingle, exchange a listening ear, a warm blanket, a vile of drugs and if need be their bodies in exchange for knowledge and training that would help them.

    As their formative years ticked by they murdered, seduced, and manipulated, forming an order and structure to bring peace to their ghetto. It all culminated in her marriage. A man hand picked by her to rule and bring peace. For years following things went smoothly. Her brother would spend his days lurking, observing keeping his ear to the ground. She would play her part as the loving wife, manipulating her husband's morals for the betterment of the neighborhood.

    Days past as normal till one day a man entered ghetto. Finely dressed and classy, looking to entertain his hedonist desire for a younger man, like many of the cities well off have done. But this one was different, there was something mysterious about him, something that perked her brothers eye. Her brother made sure he was the one serving the man's needs for the night. He always preferred the company of men over women in that way.

    The next day she expected to see him, hoping for a story of the prior night's proceedings brimming with curiosity and wonder. Instead all she heard were murmurings about Sylph beggar exiting the ghetto with a mysterious man.
    As time past she would hear stories of deaths and intrigue happening throughout the city. She knew her brothers work better than anyone. He could never hide that from her. Whoever that man was her brother had found a soulmate worthy of his skill.

    For her things went less well. As years past her marriage grew more spiteful and her husband more brutish and hate filled. The streets stayed safe but her homelife became a living hell. “That would soon change” she thought as looked once again in the mirror.

    Behind her the door creaked open and a Butler walked in with a tray and pot of tea. Startled she turned towards the man.
    “I don't recognize you, where is Paul” She said.
    “He is sick today Madam, he should be back tomorrow” the bulter replied as he made his way towards the side table. He placed a cup of tea on the table with three other objects and then looked up at his mistress. “Will there be anything else Madam” the he said. Confused the she staggeredly replied “N0..., tth-at will be all”.

    She got up and walked over towards the table. On it sat a vile, a note, and a locket. She opened the locket, inside was a picture of her husband. Next she looked at the note, it was written almost perfectly handwriting. It talked about how she could not go on anymore, how sorry she was towards her husband and how much she loved him.

    She gasped, there is no way little runt could know her plan. Her brother had been away for years, there is no way he would do this to her. On the back of her neck she could feel a breeze. She got up to look towards the window, it was still closed. She looked frantically around room as tears began to form in her eyes.

    “You can’t do this to me. You left, you left me with him. You have no idea what he has become.”
    She felt a gust of air blow through the room.
    “So what if they die and violence returns, they can fend for themselves. I did, you did. I am not going to be a caged rat for your peace. Stability, harmony, order I spit on it all”
    Another gust of wind flushed through the room. She began to move but before she could she felt a strong yank on her hair and was jolted backwards into a seat. She tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth as another pried it open. A bitter burning liquid rolled down her tongue and soon weakness overcame her till all she could do was murmur.

    “Why, why, don't do this. I don't wanna die.” She felt herself being dragged and positioned. She could feel the cold chain of the locket being wrapped around her hand. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought about the note and her husband.

    “Dont make me die in this lie, I hate him, hate him.I ha….” she muttered quieter and quieter as the poison overtook her body.

    In her last moments she could feel a light wind and warm tears falling on the nape of her neck as a breeze fluttered into her ear “I am sorry sister.” it whispered.

    Why Chosen:
    The network within which bode operates is formed by a loose collection of advisers, bureaucrats, guards, businessmen and others who have a strong belief in stability brought about by Machiavellian means. They normal use bode a manipulator in bad neighborhood to bring peace. They feel he is rightly suited for this to make the winds blow in their favor.

    Perdita Imogen wrote:

    Three questions about character building, ordered least wacky to most wacky:

    1) Since I don't really have time to go through all the Traits to find the two I'm looking for, can I have one Trait that gives me a +1 to Diplomacy & Bluff and a second that gives me a +1 to two Knowledge Skills?

    2) In the Pathfinder book, Blood of Angels, Aasimar Players can roll a d% to gain an alternate ability in place of their Spell Like Ability (some are grossly broken; some are grossly useless). I would like to have one of the following: #67- +2 Sense Motive, or #77- +2 Knowledge: Planes, or #95- +2 Diplomacy. Is it okay if I select one of those and replace the once-per-day Pyrotechnics with it, as part of the Peri-Blooded Aasimar?

    3) When I played an Inquisitor in a Wrath of the Righteous Campaign I asked the DM if it would be okay if I traded out Solo Tactics and Teamwork Feats for "Skill Feats" every time I would normally earn a TW Feat. So, on 3rd, 6th, 9th, etc. levels I could select a Feat that improves my PC's Skills (such as Skill Focus, Scholar, Alertness, etc.). Is this okay in your game? I went to the Boards at the time, asking for advice on whether other gamers thought it would be unbalanced; Here's what they said. And my PC in our WotR game was not overpowered. I just figured I'd ask the same question here.

    Quick answers here, as I am responding via phone:

    1. Extremely fashionable seems to address this concern, and you can write in a placeholder trait for now for the skills, which I would ask be replaced by a real trait when you have time.
    2. Sure.
    3. Sure.

    Ok, here I am at last, squeezing through by a hair. She'll probably need some finishing touches here and there, but I think her profile should already give a fair idea of who she is and how I envision her as it is.

    And of course, good luck, everyone.

    The deadline for submissions is within one hour. I'll not be awake come midnight to call the official deadline, but will post my selections tomorrow morning.

    Good Luck to all. :)

    Grand Lodge

    Good Luck!

    I hope we all make it.

    While I really want in this game, I am unsure if I can get a fully detailed background up selections are made. I have to head to bed soon, as I am getting up early to go to the Steampunk World's Fair.

    I have a fair amount of my ideas for the background in my head, but I lack the time to put them to the alias.

    I won't officially bow out, but I understand if I'm not selected due to lacking the full backstory required.

    Good luck everyone!

    Good morning everyone. I have made my selections. This was not an easy prospect, and I have spent the past few days earnestly debating the possibility of taking on two teams at once. Perhaps I could send the second team to a different geographic area, develop a whole second side to the adventure, have the two teams interact...

    As attractive as this option seemed at times, I've decided not to go that route. I want this adventure to succeed and be of the highest quality, and thus diluting my energies between two groups and biting off more than I can chew is something I don't want to risk.

    As such, I'm not going to be able to accept all of the stellar submissions that caught my eye, and for that I can only thank the players for putting the time and effort into creating their PC's.

    Without further ado, here are my selections:

  • Cawmirth Ravenheart
  • Callista Jeggare
  • Alysandra de l'Escalina
  • Sebi Moncrief

    To those who were selected, please report over to the Discussion Thread and we'll set to getting the game kicked off.

    To those who were not selected, I know it sucks getting passed over for games, and I'm sorry to put you all in that position. Unfortunately, that's the nature of PbP Recruitments. There were only four slots and so there could only be four selections. Best of luck to all of you in the future.

  • Grand Lodge

    Congrats everyone who made it!

    (I still hope to lurk to enjoy the game vicariously, if no objections.)

    I entered the fray rather late, but would it be ok to lurk?

    Lurking is most welcome.

    Congratulations to those chosen!
    Please keep me in mind if you need a replacement.

    The Exchange

    Thanks for the opportunity Phil.

    Best of luck with your game :)

    Congrats to those that made it, better luck next time to those that did not. ;)

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