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Full Name

Perdita Imogen


LG Half Elf/Fey Paladin of Lathander


16 / 16 HP .... AC: 15 .... Initiative +1 .... 2nd Level



About Perdita Imogen





The Past:

The Moonwood is lovely; that is true. But it is also dark and it is also deep, and its many promises are kept: kept from escaping, kept from justice, kept from hope.

Among these is a lonely grove, a bower with a great Sycamore and its Dryad, Mistress Lolita. From her sanctuary she rules a court of lust and imprisonment, keeping both elves and men from escape, keeping them from justice, keeping them from hope.

For four years and four days one of these kept mortals was the darkly humorous, deeply cynical, Half-Elf, Jaques. Imprisoned and violated by the wicked Dryad, he conceived to her a daughter, Perdita Imogen.

Perdita was three when her father found his opportunity to escape; Mistess Lolita was busy with a new captive mortal and her wicked Quicklings, Grigs and Sprites were off tormenting some wandering Halflings. Jaques took his babe and fled for Silverymoon.

And the Moonwood was lovely and it was dark and it was deep.

The Present:
Growing up in a Silverymoon Temple of Lathander, and getting all the education Jaques and the clerics could provide, Perdita Imogen lives a life of dichotomy. She feels deeply the Morninglord's ideals and feels a hunger for more education and knowledge. But she also has her father's mistrust and cynicism, and her mother's mischief and deceit.

Her call to Paladinhood came as much a surprise to Perdita as it did to her aging father. His disapproval and stories of her dark mother, instead of frightening her to stay, compelled her to leave Silverymoon and her cloistered life behind.

The Future:

On the road to Waterdeep, a young scholar, acolyte Paladin and mischievous half-fey, Perdita Imogen knows her life will be a grand experience of beauty and discovery.
That life is precious and resilient.
Full of hope and creativity.

And nothing can be as dark as her deep past.

Character Sheet:

HP: 16
AC: 15
Move: 30
Initiative: +1

STR: 14
DEX: 12
CON: 10
INT: 16
WIS: 10
CHA: 15

Glaive +2 1d10+2 (Reach)

Advantage to Charm Saves
Immune to Sleep
Divine Sense
Wisdom Save Bonus
Charisma Save Bonus

Special Abilities:
Divine Sense
Lay on Hands: 10 / 10
Defensive Combat Style (+1 AC)

Spells & Divine Smite:
2/ 2
Divine Smite: 2d8 Radiant Damage (+1d8 vs Fiends & Undead) .... Bonus Action
Cure Wounds:
Bane: (Select 3 Foes for a -1d4 to all d20 rolls; CHA DC13 Save) .... Bonus Action / Concentration
Hunter's Mark: (Select 1 Foe (w/in 90') for bonus 1d6 Damage) .... Bonus Action / Concentration

Persuasion +4
Deception +4
Insight +2
Religion +5
History +5
Arcane +5


Personality Background:
Specialty: Researcher

Flaws: Distracted by promise of Knowledge; Takes notes on Fiends instead of flees; Unlocking ancient mystery is priceless; Looks for complicated solutions

"A life of study points to true beauty & understanding, and through that comes self-actualization, truth and the betterment of life."

Bond: Will develop once she's entered Ravenloft and her faith in Beauty and Truth crumbles to horror

Chain Shirt
Hand Axe
Holy Symbol of Lathander, Amulet
Priest's Pack
(10 candles, ink pen; paper & parchment; ink; quill, 4 pieces of chalk, alms box, two blocks of incense, censer, 4 flasks of oil, vestments, 1 vial, 1 pouch)
(Letter from Lanezra: "The best way to fight evil for Lathander is to know it. Catalog the Lords of the Abyss as well as you can: Who is more cunning & clever, Graz'zt or Fraz Urb Lu? -- And which Archdevils conspire with Asmodeus and which with Mephistopheles and which with Baalzebub?")
(backpack, common clothes, bedroll, blanket, 9 days rations, waterskin)

13 Gold Pieces