Shadow over Riddleport

Game Master Joana

"We cornered his drunken ass in the Goblin last time. This time, we won't show any mercy. We'll kill him for what he did to Larur, and then he'll tell us where Lil is." -- Braddon Hurst

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Power Word Discuss!

Dotting just to follow along. I wish I could have submitted a character, but I just have too much on my plate at the moment. Have fun!

Male Human Traveler / 8

Hi everyone!

Joana, thanks for inviting me to the game. I appreciate what a tough decision it was.

Two urban rangers, huh? Interesting. it looks like we'll have a good group of adventurers.

Starting Coin for Sarien: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 6, 1) = 12 * 10 = 120

Ouch, two 1's are just sad.

I'll get to work on putting together the character. Joana, of the archetypes I mentioned earlier, does any one of them look like it'd be better for this campaign than the others?

Thanks, Navior. There were several excellent players who expressed interest but were ultimately too busy to take on another game, and to be honest, I'm quite relieved. The choice was difficult enough as it was. :)

Yes, two urban rangers, although one is ranged and the other will be melee. I approached Khaladon about possibly considering changing archetypes, but if you can't have two urban rangers in an urban adventure, when can you? That's one of the reasons I didn't want anyone to spend too much time working on the mechanics until the party was selected. Hopefully their foci will be different enough not to overlap.

Worth noting Urban Ranger gets Disable Device as a class skill and Trapfinding at 3rd level, so that would open up some archetype choice for the rogue, as most of them trade out trapfinding. I'll take a look at the archetypes tonight and get back with you.

Also worth noting we have two PCs who got in bad with the Sczarni in Magnimar right now. That would be fine by me -- Magnimar's a big place, and I'm sure the Sczarni disagree with a lot of people on a daily basis -- or if you wanted to change your backstory back to Westcrown, Wander, you could do that, too.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Thanks for the nod Joana, and it's an interesting little muddle of characters for you to torment ;)

I'll be fishing this profile out of the inactive pile to resurrect for this thread. Should get him mostly squared away today. I'll also have a peep through the other selected's characters just to get a feel for them.

Starting Gold: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 1, 2) = 12 x 10 = 120gp

Male Human (Varisian) ; 8/8 hp; AC 14 (11 t/13 ff); CMD 12; Init +1; Oracle of Lore 1

Yes, this certainly looks like it'll be an interesting party to be gallivanting around Riddleport with. I'm looking forward to the experience. Thank you, Joana, for the opportunity.

Since it's so rare that I get to do this: starting gold: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 3) = 12 x 10gp = 120gp

Male Human Traveler / 8

120 gp for starting gold is starting to be a theme!

hp 36 / 38; AC 16; Init +2; 6 Str damage Male Half-elf Ranger 4

Hi all. I'm looking forward to gaming with you all and many thanks to Joana for selecting me as one of her chosen few. Braddon is a not too bright bounty hunter, with bastard sword and two weapon fighting so it looks like I'll be the frontline fighter, though anyone is welcome to join me. And really, as if Joana will attack us from the front ;-)

My skills are currently Survival, Perception, Disable Device and Sleight of Hand, but I see someone else has Sleight of Hand and I was going for a 'face' skill. That'll free up a trait and I'm likely to plug the point into Bluff and/or Intimidate which no one seems to have covered yet. What would people prefer?

(When I say 'face' skill, Braddon is by no means a diplomat- he can spin a lie and threaten, but he is no negotiator so it may be a while before I increase those skills, unless someone is looking for back up- Braddon makes a pretty good 'Yes' man :-)

Is someone else focusing on Disable Device, as I can delay that too without impinging on the concept?

Since others are rolling for money I shall cast my lot also. I prefer set amounts, but I am trying to throw off the shackles and reputation of ill luck that clings to me in all games, so here goes-

Starting Gold: 5d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 2, 6, 6) = 19 x 10 = 190gp

Yay. Trend broken. :-)

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Ok - first polish pass on the profile is complete. The only things missing now are spells, combat stats / saves, and an overall re-format of the gear into something more legible. I've left myself with a bit less than two gold to my name so far... though could free up 15 gold pretty easy if needed for the campaign opening.

I have taken two racial swaps from ARG at the moment - Shiftless, and Adaptable Luck. Though could change those if needed.

Joana - can you give a tidbit of how the campaign is likely to open?

Male Human Traveler / 8

I'm still building my character (Sarien - Rogue) but I'm thinking of focusing on bluff quite a bit, as much for social interaction as for feinting in combat.

I'm also going to take advantage of Urban Ranger getting disable device and trapfinding to choose an archetype (as yet undecided) that cancels out trapfinding for rogues.

Edit to add: Okay, Sarien isn't going to be nearly as skilled at bluff as Phillip.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

From a skills perspective Phillip covers: Appraise, Bluff, Knowledge (Local), Perception, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth and the all important Profession (Charlatan).

Braddon - Intimidate would make a decent choice I'd think if you were after a social skill... and in-keeping with being a bounty hunter no?

hp 36 / 38; AC 16; Init +2; 6 Str damage Male Half-elf Ranger 4

I'll go Intimidate then- Braddon becomes just a bit more thuggish :-)
Now to swap out Child of the Streets for something else...

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Wander - It's still important to have a wingman for Bluffing, someone to back up an outrageous statement or run a two man con with ;)

Re equipping, this isn't a campaign where you're gearing up and heading out into nowhere. I'd leave yourself a bit of pocket money for spending around town, enough to buy a drink or three but not enough to set up indefinite housekeeping with.

The campaign will open with your separate arrivals in Riddleport at an inconveniently early hour, whereupon you'll all be directed to the only tavern in town open at that time of the morning....

Wander, any of those archetypes will be fine. Just depends on what role you want to fill. Knife Master or Swashbuckler would be more fight-y if you want to help out Braddon, Acrobat more, well, acrobatic. In re Investigator, someone in this party is going to want Diplomacy to gather information with. *significant glance*

Male Human Traveler / 8
Joana wrote:
Wander, any of those archetypes will be fine. Just depends on what role you want to fill. Knife Master or Swashbuckler would be more fight-y if you want to help out Braddon, Acrobat more, well, acrobatic. In re Investigator, someone in this party is going to want Diplomacy to gather information with. *significant glance*

Coincidentally, Investigator is probably my top choice based on what you wrote about the campaign in the recruitment thread. He's not going to have an outstanding charisma but a decent Diplomacy for sure. I'm going to proceed with building Sarien with that archetype for now.

Male Humanly Awesome 'n Totally Rockin' Paladin of Greatness

That's true. Diplomacy might be a bit important in an adventure that consists of tons of people to talk to. You probably don't want to shake them ALL down. Well...maybe you do, I don't know. :)

Oh and will be following along as well.

Dotting to keep an eye on things. Have a great time, guys!

Three rangers would have just been too much. ;)

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Joana - Diplo is on my 2nd level want list... but I regret that at first level I have but eight skill points to give - and Profession Charlatan is clearly more important :P I can help out on the information gathering at least with Knowledge Local? - and Bluff can be used sparingly to elicit details in some situations.

I suppose I can do without the hidden compartment in my holy symbol to get 5gp back into my disposable cash kitty. I'll still have the hidey holes in my scarf and both dagger pommels. That would give me almost seven gold to get started with, and a profession to fall back on if things get desperate.

Don't mind me, I'm just dotting as a lurker. I really wish I had the time to devote to PbP, but I just had to give up a few games, unfortunately... Otherwise, I would've applied myself!

Have fun, everyone. It looks to be a very intriguing group of characters.

Oh, and Mark Sweetman, I hate to sound like a stalker, but your character concepts and designs have absolutely astounded me. Should I be ashamed when I say that I follow your posts in recruitment threads to see what kooky character you've come up with next?

Anyway, back to lurking!

The line between Diplomacy-to-gather-information and Knowledge (local) is a fine one. I'd be inclined to say that knowing which part of town Bob the Crime Lord operates in is Knowledge (local), while finding out if Bob the Crime Lord was seen down at the Wharves this afternoon is gathering information. Possible overlap between the two skills in certain situations with a higher DC for the Knowledge (local) roll due to the shorter amount of time the info has had to circulate. And creative use of skills as you can convince me they apply.

I'd make some clever remark about you not being likely to find many "Charlatan Wanted" job postings, but ... this is Riddleport. ;)

Mark, I'll be persusing Faiths of Balance tonight, per our PMs, and will take a look at the racial substitutions you're wanting from the ARG. Hopefully, Khaladon and ZetaGilgamesh will check in by tomorrow.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Knowledge Local has always bothered me a bit in application. Take Phil - he's recently arrived to Magnimar, and hasn't had any chance to become aware of local politics or the like... but since he spent points in KL he has a chance to know those small tidbits of local knowledge that might take weeks or months of osmosis to pick up in reality.

The way you distinguish makes sense Joana - Knowledge Local lets us know where we might be able to find the information... but it would take Diplomacy or other means to actually elicit the information from the souls that have it.

As for Profession Charlatan - if it comes to that, I'd actually characterise it as Phillip setting up a swindle with the profession roll marking how successful he is with it. From something as simple as a shell game, through to fawney dropping, snide pinching or similar. Though he's got Sleight of Hand as well - so he could always fall back on the noble art of pickpocketing ;)

As a point of note, I'll be dropping some victorian era criminal slang into Phillip's speech by way of adding the Sczarni character to him - but I'll explain what the words and phrases mean in OOC whenever they get a little obtuse.

DukeRuckley - many thanks for the kind words. I can only say that I work in an industry where literary creativity is not really well received and emotionless technical language rules the day... so this is my outlet.

M Brownin (Half Pale Skin/Half Dark Skin) Healer 8/Merchant 3

Wow, lots of posts! I checked in yesterday and read the first few but didn't have time to post. Sometimes weekends are busy for me, sometimes their not. Weekdays I can post multiple times per day though if necessary.

But I'm here now.

While Urban Ranger really does fir Dayn's backstory perfectly, I am looking at other archtypes, as I'm still open to changing, if anyone would prefer that or think it best.

Not feeling so lucky with the roller (we have a hate, love, hate relationship) so will stick with the average this time. 175gp.

Need a bit of shut eye right now, but will have Dayn fully completed Tuesday day sometime (my Tuesday anyway, here in Eastern Standard Time-Toronto, Canada. Where are all y'all posting from anyway?)

Male Human Traveler / 8

I'm from Vermont so I'm also on EDT.

As far as the traits you have a problem, Joana, with us remodeling the fluff to better fit our characters? For example, I've been thinking of taking the Tongue of Many Towns trait and repurposing it to fit Sarien's background:

Tongue of Many Towns (Garundi)
You have spent many years traveling across Garund, and have met many different people on your journeys.

Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus on two of the following skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), and Linguistics.

Tongue of Many Districts (Magnimar)
Despite social and economic norms, you moved throughout several districts and have met many different people from various backgrounds.

Benefit You gain a +1 trait bonus on two of the following skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), and Linguistics.

If that doesn't work for you, that's fine. Just thought I'd check.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and GMT+8 here.

Male Human Rogue (Investigator)/ 1

Draft of the HeroLab character sheet is now in profile. I still have to finish equipment purchase and update the background but at least here's something worth looking at.

Not sure I like the profile pic. So that may still change.

Hp :26/26; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Fashionable Merchant 4

Phillip you got me beat! I am GMT-10 in Hawaii.

Hp :26/26; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Fashionable Merchant 4

2d6 ⇒ (2, 6) = 8x 10 = 80

Ah, good, everyone's found their way here. :)

I'm in Texas, which is GMT-6 but counts as GMT-5 right now, due to Daylight Savings.

Wander, it's better than the old picture; he always looked shifty. I see you've applied the trait bonus to Diplomacy and Knowledge (local). (Was going to ask which two, but you posted your build while I was considering.) Should be fine, although I'd like to know what (in general terms) Sarien was up to in the several districts of Magnimar -- and what he did to get on the wrong side of the Sczarni.

Let me know when you've got your mechanics worked out and ready for a review. I think that's Phillip and Sarien so far. I won't sit down and go over the numbers until tonight my time anyway.

Male Human Traveler / 8

Just so you know, I posted what my initial preference for the build was but it's totally open to your approval (naturally). If the modification to the trait fluff doesn't work for you, that's fine. I've got other ideas.

I'm still working on the details of Sarien's background that got him in trouble with the Sczarni and fits in with the trait. I've got most of it worked out but I'm still putting it down.

Hp :26/26; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Fashionable Merchant 4

Ok. Tendal's spellbook, stats and background are up. Joana, I switched Tendal from having a familiar to having a bonded object.

Male Elf Urban Ranger/ 1

So after spending some time carefully looking over the ranger archtypes, nothing else really seems to suit Dayden at all. I then looked at Fighter, and could quite possibly make him an Archer instead.

I do prefer the flavour of him as an urban ranger though, so I thought I'd ask, is there any other archetype or class Braddon could possibly be Pryllin?

Do you have any feeling or preference one way or another Joana?

I'll wait a little bit for responses and then make my final decision and hey Dayn statted up.

Male Human Rogue (Investigator)/ 1

A draft of Sarien's background has been added to the profile. Hopefully it does a good job of explaining how he got on the wrong side of the Sczarni, as well as his archetype choice and the use of that trait I chose for him.

I based everything about the Sczarni and Magnimar on a wiki, since I don't actually have any of the books about Magnimar. If I took liberties with either the city or the Sczarni that doesn't work, let me know and I'll make the appropriate adjustments.

By the way, it's just the first draft so there could well be misspellings or grammar errors in there. I'll try to go over it again and make any corrections tonight.

@Khaladon, knew there was something I was forgetting to respond to this morning: Fighter (archer) was the obvious alternative, but you lose the skills (albeit with a trade-off of feats). If you see the character as an urban ranger, though, go ahead. The different combat styles will distinguish them quite well enough; I don't think we'll be in danger of getting the two PCs mixed up.

I've just about got my schedule cleared for the evening so I'll give the completed characters some feedback later tonight.

hp 36 / 38; AC 16; Init +2; 6 Str damage Male Half-elf Ranger 4

I'm based in Brisbane, Australia (GMT +10).

Urban Hunter isn't intrinsic to Braddon, and looking over it I'm tempted to just go straight Ranger.
Apart from Knowledge(geography) being swapped out for Knowledge(local) I see no real difference between Favoured Terrain (Urban) and Favoured Community, and in fact the former seems superior if it covers any urban environment.
Braddon can easily live without the Disable Device pickup too, though someone should certainly have it and I note Sarien doesn't.
So I've ditched Disable Device and Sleight of Hand and I've moved skill points into Bluff and Intimidate. Equipment bought and character updated.
Still not carved in stone.

:-D avid

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)
Braddon Hurst wrote:
I'm based in Brisvegas, Australia (GMT +10).

Fixed that for you :P (Technically I'm Or-stray-an as well, though with a more Sandgroping and Croweating element than that of Bananabending. I've also lived in the land of the kissing cousins and that of the State of Origin losses for ten years running is it?) Trust me it makes sense in context.

Have you considered the Warden archetype Braddon? I know it gives up a lot, but you gain quite a bit in return. Plus there's a way to get favored enemy bonuses back if you take the Horizon Walker PRC

Remind me never again to say I'm expecting a nice, free evening. It's just asking for all kinds of things to pop up. :P

I'm here now, though. Wander, great job justifying the trait. We have both Sarien and Phillip arriving by ship from Magnimar: Do you guys want to have been on the same ship and be at least nodding acquaintances? Up to you whether you'd have shared any of your backstory or not; with both of your investments in Bluff, seems you'd probably be more cautious than to just start spilling how you're wanted men.

I have three arriving by land: Tendal, Daynadrian, and Malkith. Tendal, would you be traveling by caravan or by carriage? Carriage is more expensive and faster, perhaps more suiting the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed, although Auntie Kendra may have thought it would be good for you to rough it a little. Dave, I assume Braddon is going to be arriving by boat, maybe from Corentyn? I have a hard time imagining a lone 1st-level PC setting out on foot from Cheliax, traveling through all of Nidal and a good portion of Varisia, and arriving in Riddleport alive and still first-level.

Hp :26/26; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Fashionable Merchant 4

Oh, certainly by wagon. Auntie Kendra probably felt a few splinters in the behind would give Tendal an attitude adjustment. Tendal would just think that she was being cheap though.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

I'm not opposed to coming in on the same ship as Sarien... though you're right in saying that Phillip is hardly going to be forthcoming with truth.

Male Human Traveler / 8

I'm fine with Sarien and Phillip being on the same ship. I also agree that neither of them would be forthcoming about their past. Sarien would share his cover story that he is traveling to Riddleport to begin negotiations for a new contact for his employer (a modestly successful merchant specializing in the acquisition and sale of antiquities).

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

To Sarien, Phillip would have spun that he was setting out to see the world while he was still young... but Sarien might have o'er heard Phillip giving a variety of of other cover stories to other members of the crew: that he was visiting relatives, sent to work as a scribe, etc. All innocuous and nothing fanciful - but the variance of tale would be suspicious.

Lastly, at some point in the trip Phillip would have used Sin Sense on Sarien to get a read on what sin drives him. Wander - would you be comfortable to committing to which of envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, or wrath most influences Sarien?

Obviously has no mechanical impact and if you're not comfortable stating one then just say so.

Male Human Traveler / 8
Phillip Hargreaves wrote:
Wander - would you be comfortable to committing to which of envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, or wrath most influences Sarien?

At this point, wrath would probably be what most influences Sarien at the time Phillip encounters him on the ship. Which would likely make an interesting counterpoint to the way he keeps talking about the fortune he expects to make in Riddleport.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Cool - thanks Wander :)

hp 36 / 38; AC 16; Init +2; 6 Str damage Male Half-elf Ranger 4

Joana. I figure Braddon came by boat from Corentyn, but was originally from Ostenso. Daddy was a military man and took Braddon hunting and was no doubt at sea when Braddon decided to make a name for himself.

Yes indeed Mark- Brisvegas. Dunno how that one slipped by me. Been in the Sunshine State most of my life. :-)

Don't have UC, but checked out Warden in the PRD and I think I'll skip it. Really want the Favoured Enemy vs Humanoids(human). 1d10+6 damage with one hand is sweet, and Braddon is more about the target than the setting. Warden sounds quite intense and requiring of commitment, which Braddon couldn't ever really pull off.
I think Braddon may be Australian too. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!! :-D

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

The real kicker for Warden / Horizon Walker doesn't kick in until level 9 when they get:
Terrain Dominance: At 3rd level, a horizon walker learns total dominance over one terrain he has already selected for terrain mastery. When dealing with creatures native to that terrain, the horizon walker treats his favored terrain bonus for that terrain as a favored enemy bonus (as the ranger class feature) against those creatures.

At that time they should have stacked up a favored terrain (urban) bonus of +8 (+10 with a two level Rogue dip)... but it is a very late payoff and you give up a lot on the way.

Rock on the straight Ranger!

Queensland is the only state in Aus I haven't spent much time in... maybe one day.

Taking a few hours this morning to look over the numbers, as I didn't get to do so last night. Mark, I'm missing spells on your sheet, and it looks like you didn't add in the Child of the Streets bonus to Sleight of Hand; should be +10.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Figured I'd forgotten something :P

0th: daze, detect poison, guidance, sift
1st: expeditious retreat, litany of sloth (UC)

Thanks, Mark; Phil looks good now. Let me know if you decide to keep the secret compartment in your holy symbol or have the extra 5 gp in your pocket. For what it's worth, I understood how you intended to conduct your chosen Profession; I was just being flippant. :)

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Given that I've got no valuables to hide in the secret pockets in my scarf or my two dagger hilts... I guess the symbol is overkill. I'll remove that from the loadout and bump up his disposable income to 6.8 gp.

Male Human (Varisian) ; 8/8 hp; AC 14 (11 t/13 ff); CMD 12; Init +1; Oracle of Lore 1

Just checking in to let you know I'm still hear and ready to go, pending any errors or adjustments you may find, Joana.

Thanks for checking in, loreweaver; you're next on my list of character sheets to look over, right after lunch. One question I already see: Which of your languages is your tongues curse?

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