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Welcome to Gameday VII, session two! Please check out the discussion tab and read my expectations and policies before posting and dotting in. Other than that, the first six in are the six who will play!

The tier isn't set yet, so feel free to decide amongst yourselves.

Please dot in then post the following information about your character.

Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Class & Level:
Day Job Roll:

Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?:

I have played PBP and PFS before, but this will be my first SFS game so please bare with me and if I make a mistake with something please let me know and I'll correct it.

Player Name: PikaPool
Character Name: Gizzmo-5
Character Class & Level: Mechanic (Drone)/1
Day Job Roll: Profession (Mechanic) +8

Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?: No

I'd like to sign up as well. I'm not yet sure which character I'll bring but I believe I'll have the following characters available come game time!

  • Mechanic Level 3, maybe 4
  • Envoy Level 3, maybe 4
  • Soldier Level 2

  • New to PFS/SFS stuff, though I've done PbP in the distant past. I don't have my character completed entirely yet (need skills, gear, etc). If you are willing to allow in a total noob (at least for SFS) I'd love to join in!

    Player Name: Apoc Golem
    Character Name: Jchk'hah, aka "Popper"
    Character Class & Level: Mystic 1 (Mindbreaker Connection)
    Day Job Roll: Profession (herbalist) +7

    Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?: No

    EDIT: Edited to add DJ roll.

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    Apoc Golem wrote:
    If you are willing to allow in a total noob (at least for SFS) I'd love to join in!.

    Welcome! This should be a great scenario to learn SFS on. Have you played Starfinder, not in organized play, before?

    I have not, though I'm an old hand at tabletops, and have given both the CRB and Pact Worlds some thorough reading over the last few months, so I think I'm as ready to jump in as I'll ever be! :)

    Popper was, in fact, birthed the very first time I opened the CRB and saw the Mindbreaker Connection for the mystic. A head-popping psychic bug was absolutely going to be my first SF character. XD

    For reference, here's the link to Popper, if needed. Pretty sure I followed the SFS guidelines correctly. I hope.

    # 6269-701

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    Cool! Well, this is a great scenario to learn Starfinder because it has no space combat. (That can be mildly confusing.)

    If you need any tips on using the Paizo forum or formatting, just let us know! By the way, the "How to format your text" button below the post box has all of the secret formatting codes. Like how to use [url] to make that link pretty and click-able!

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    This is Ewok still.

    Your page looks really good! Nice job with it. This is my mystic, in case you want to reference a different one. I do have two improvements for your profile.

    1. Make sure you list your spells.

    2. Check out this profile's Race, Class/Levels and Gender boxes. They contain all of his important information. That's because those three boxes show up as your "Tag line" under your name each time you post in the Gameplay tab. They're necessary for me to reference during the game, so please fill yours out with all of your important info!

    If you want to look over Gizzmo's stats here is his profile:

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    PikaPool wrote:

    If you want to look over Gizzmo's stats here is his profile:


    Looks awesome! It does look like you accidentally deleted your Combat Gear section.

    Ahh, okay! I did figure out the spoiler tag last night when filling out a magus. Baby steps! But yes. I'll work on sprucing up Popper's character sheet. :)

    Ok, I added that for Gizzmo and Extention

    I think I got it all? Let me know if there's anything else I need to add, or anything that needs changing.


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    Nicely done! Just dot into the Gameplay tab with your character profile and you're both good to go!

    I'm sure we'll get quite a few more players come July 1st.

    Erm. Dot? Sorry, noobing hard here. O.o

    Like, post my whole character profile?

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    Sorry! Post in the gameplay tab under your character's profile. (Literally anything. Many people write the word "Dot". Then, after you've submitted it, delete it. Then this game will be on your profile's Campaign page.

    Got it! Awesome. :D

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    Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Hi, I'm interested. I have either a technomancer 2 or solarion 1 who will be free.

    Silver Crusade

    Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    I'm dotting in with my solarion, because the technomancer will probably hit level 3 or even 4 with GM credit.

    Scarab Sages

    If there's still room I'd like to join as well

    At this point I'm not entirely sure whom I'll have available and what lvl they will be by the time this starts

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    Welcome, Redelia and Revvy. Revvy, feel free to play a pregen if you need too.

    Also, has anyone else seen spam on Paizo boards before? That is stinking weird. Please report it.

    Yah, very weird. I've never seen that before and I've reported!

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    Whoa, it's gone. Paizo has very impressive response time. Or a robot. Either way, I'm happy.


    Room for one more? I will have a couple level 2s around start time to choose from.

    At present, I hope to have this death-touched human operative 2 ready.

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    Welcome, Harrowed! Currently we have:

    Apoc Golem
    Harrowed Jack

    The next person to sign up will be our last player! It looks like we'll be playing at low tier.

    Scarab Sages

    I think you didn't count me. (There shouldn't be a need for me to play a pregen btw, I should have enough characters to choose from...I just don't know which will be available by then))

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    Ah, thank you Revvy! I missed your post when I was looking. I guess that makes our party full!

    Apoc Golem
    Harrowed Jack
    Revvy Bitterleaf

    Sounds good! Feel free to pick your characters and post their information in the Discussion tab. Though, we have till October so mostly just Dot in and relax!

    Yay, low tier! I'd rather not see my shirren squish on his first adventure. Though that may happen anyway with my dice rolls. XD


    Player Name: meloriel
    Character Name: Daire
    Character Class & Level: soldier 1
    Day Job Roll: Sadly, being amazing doesn't count as a career...

    Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?: Nope! I've read it, though.

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