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1. This discussion thread is open for all OOC matters, so no ooc tag needed. For OOC matters in the gameplay thread, please use the [ ooc ] tag.

2. Please post at least once a weekday, and at least once on weekends. If you would be away, please let me know in advance where possible, and we can work something out. Otherwise, if you go missing, where necessary, I will bot your characters for the sake of the rest of everyone else. Thus, it is a good idea is to leave botting instructions for normal combat (with dice rolls), space combat and non-combat in your profile page beforehand.

3. If you have any disagreements over some of my GM calls or interpretation of the scenario, please take it to the discussion thread or, even better, pm me.

4. If you have played and/or GMed this scenario before, please do not metagame or spoil the plot. And please let me know.

5. It is the responsibility of the player to keep track of the game, including referencing the map on google slides and moving your token.

Normal Combat
6. Once surprise (if any) and initiative is determined, for the group of characters who can take actions, I would resolve actions in posting order, NOT initiative order. I used to do the latter but it doesn’t work that well in PbP, so am going with the former instead.

Space Combat
7. Alright, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Space Combat.

In PbP, it's terribly slow and boring. So, this is how I propose we run it. If you have any suggestions or comments, please speak up. I'm still refining this.

I'll ask for the scan roll as the group enters the ship. Then, I’ll roll the initiative at the start for all ships based on the respective piloting checks.

Then, once it reaches your ship’s turn, everyone will post* but I will resolve the actions in the Engineering – Helm – Gunnery phase order. As such, while you can declare your actions in the open, please have your dice rolls in spoilers.

*There is one exception to this.
(1) Gunnery phase might need to wait for all the ship movement to finalize to determine which weapons are available for firing. So Gunners might want to hold your posting until then or set up a series of contingency actions depending on the final facing and positioning.

Rolls and Skill Checks
8. I will do your initiative rolls, as well as perception rolls for surprise rounds.

9. On knowledge checks for general information, sometimes I use spoilers, sometimes I fill you in based on your roll. I'll let you know each time it comes up. (Don’t forget that you can make knowledge checks untrained for DC10.)

10. On skill checks where there could be team effort involved, please be explicit when making the rolls whether you are attempting the check on your own, or whether you are aiding. There might be situations where only one character is allowed to attempt the check (and the rest to aid) – I’ll state so explicitly if that’s the case.

11. On skill checks in general, if I feel you have roleplayed well, e.g. gave a good description of what your character does to search for a trail, came up with creative ways to befriend a hostile NPC, gave a very rousing speech, I often give bonuses.

Roleplaying Matters
12. The maps and handouts link (at the top of the page, and my statblock) will display all the maps, handouts, pictures, etc as the scenario progresses. (Incidentally, Android and IOS has the Google Slides app in case you work off mobile devices.)

13. Please have your full character information up on your character's profile page. Also, please have your stat block updated with the key information.