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Game Master Klokk

This is a downtime Campaign set within Kenabres.

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Lantern Lodge

Ok, this weekend is really busy for me so I might not be able to work it up right away, but I'll do what I can.

Silver Crusade

back thanks for the patience.

Silver Crusade

Couple quick questions
Can the store front be linked to more than one room? For example linking mine to the book repository, the sitting room and the sitting room.

Are the Alchemist/herbalists in the example you gave experts with those skills or actual alchemists. I betting on the former, but I though I would be sure.

BTW I think I'm heading towards of cleric route, of saranrae.


You would need a separate storefront for each room to gain the bonus from the storefront. But I would assume that your storefront would be able to sell say, Food from a Kitchen, gear from a forge, stuff from an artisan's shop.. Just not granting the +5 (or whatever it is) to capital generation.

Each room needs its own.

Just Profession: Alchemy/herbs not actual alchemists. The only classes you can hire are Rogues(cutpurses/robbers) and Fighters(guards/soldiers/Calvary)

Silver Crusade

Cool. I'll finish up the rooms soon, working right now.

Lantern Lodge

Alright, think I've more or less worked up my character for this, here's the neccesities.

[spoiler=Ffion "FiFi" Li]
Lv5 Kitsune Expert
Attributes8str 12dex 12con 18int 12wis 20cha
Feats:Extra Tail x3
Spell like abilities:Cl 5th
3/day: dancing lights
2/day: disguise self, charm person, misdirection
Skills:Appraise(class)+12, Bluff(class)+13, Diplomacy(class)+13, Disguise(class)+13, Knowledge(class)(local)+9, Knowledge(class)(nobility)+10, Perception(class)+9, Perform(class)(wind)+13, Profession(class)(prostitute)+12, Profession(class)(Accountant)+12, Sense Motive(class)+9,
Equipment:Courtiers outfit and appropriate jewelry
Gregarious alternate racial trait
*Not going to run up any of the combat stats or anything because that is what the help is for...*[/spoiler]

Buisness - "Fox Love"

Working rooms and Teams:

2 Sauna
2 Bath
2 Lavoratories
1 Common room
1 Courtyard
1 Bar
1 Kitchen
1 Storage
3 craftspeople (prostitutes) 6female 3 male
1 Sage (prostitute) Kitsune

Personal Rooms:

1 lodging - Staff
1 office

Grey area:

2nd lodging, living place for prostitues also "work rooms" but since they're not being rented out or anything like that they don't provide for capital?
1 Elite guard (with tabards purchased for additional cost) Not specifically working but providing protection for the building, ensuring things go smooth, perhaps add an aid another style bonus to earnings?
1 Lackeys Also more working behind the scenes to ensure things go smooth, also working the kitchens and such, perhaps earing capital? Perhaps just aiding the running of the business?

That all being said, when will this all be starting? like the proper gameplay?

The game has officially started up. One player has already started earning profit as it is today and I plan on getting my post up tonight once I get back home and have a moment to finish up the fine details on my characters and how their day will go.


If you prostitutes are working out of their personal bedrooms, then yes it would count for income, if they are not then no. They will of course be much happier to not be working out of their own personal beds.. :)

Elite guard: not an aid other, but it will be taken into accounts when events occur. That's why I wanted spoilers on your sheets for what is set aside for personal.

For example, if you had 10 bunks, 20 units of elite soldiers, 20 armories, 20 guard posts, a bunch of defensive walls/pits, then fill in the pits with water (acolyte's casting create water all day every day until its full, or filling it from the ocean/river..)

In that example, the odds of being robbed are a lot less then if you had a huge hole in the ground. Its not an actual percent or bonus number to the check, just dm fiat based on logic.

a team of cutpurses(L1 rogues), can not possibly break into a dc30 lock(good, iirc) even robbers(L3 rogues) would have a hard time without magical aid, and at that point may as well get wands of knock and just bring a few teams of soldiers(l3 fighters) with them.

So if that team tried to sneak into a vault guarded by the above example.. they would have to do very good, especially if the elite soldiers never patrolled the exact same patterns.

If 1 team per 5 rooms, ill allow them to grant a +1 to whatever rooms they are associated with's generation.

If, 1 team per room, ill allow them to grant a +2 to the rooms generation.

Far as the game play, once you get everything on your sheet squared away. go ahead and say hey in discussion if you havnt, and make you turn for the 16th.

Wait, we're starting now? I thought there'd be an official start date so we wouldn't be caught by surprise and have to rush.

Silver Crusade

you don't have to rush, ill keep it one day at a time until everyones ready. then you can just do a few days in your turn to catch up. its no big deal. no stress.

I'm just excited to start. My post in game was to dot the thread and also to show an extra example of play.


Yes, and I posted basicly because they said I could.

Since both Kristoff and I posted on the same day I think that makes a good starting day for people to start earning from, even if they start in later on, but then I'm not the one to make these decisions.


Aye each of you will start on the same day, regardless of when you get your character done.

When we catch up to "todays" date in game, any new players will start then. IF that makes sense. 2-4-14

Scarab Sages

Hey, this looks interesting. I'm uncertain as to whether there are any spots still open...if so, I'd like to take part!


sure thing you can get it on things. Creation rules are above,any questions feel free to ask, let me know when you get things ready for me to look it

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