Rebuilding Kenabres (Inactive)

Game Master Klokk

This is a downtime Campaign set within Kenabres.

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I bring greetings onto you this day,

You have been selected from a short list of one full score of Adepts, Aristocrats, Commoners, Courtesans, Experts and Warriors to come and represent your Kingdom, City, House, Clan, Guild or Tribe and help with the rebuilding process of Kenabres after its devestation last month on Armase by the demonic legions of the Storm Lord.

Horgus Gwerm is serving as the Treasurer up north within the recently recaptured city of Dresden. He was uncommonly lucky in the attack upon Kenabres in that none of his extensive property was damaged at all. He owns roughly 75% of what is left in Kenabres, what he did not own before the attack he purchased from people leaving afterwards.

I am his Nephew Winston Gwerm and I am writing you on behalf of my uncle to invite you to come and prove yourself in the economic regrowth of our fair city. I have invited others of simular station as yourself. You will meet them all shortly. It will be up to you to determine business partnership if any that will exist.

As our city is ruined, upon the 16th of every month taxes are due. The current tax rate while it is rather high at 20% will be reduce to our standard 5% once Kenabres has been rebuilt.

Let me be the first to welcome you to our fair Kenabres, we hope with your assistance that it will soon be a fair again.

Character Creation Rules:

20 Point Buy
1:1 Cost Ratio
20 Max Atribute before Racial Bonus's
Any Race that can survive within Kenabres (Tieflings are Killed upon Sight)(3pp is Allowed)
Any Alignment: All people entering Kenabres are subject to Detect Evil by two separate paladins. If someone detects as evil they will be killed first, then questioned via speak with dead as to their purpose. If it is a noble purpose they will be raised and followed by a score of crusader knights while within Kenabres.
1 Trait (No Campaign Traits)
1 Disadvantage, if you want a 2nd Trait(This one can be a Campaign Trait)
NPC's Classes Only 3PP are Allowed
Level 5 Characters
Everything has max HP
To Reflect your Noble or Mercantile Backgrounds you each have a stripend of 4000 Gold Pieces to either outfit yourself or purchase teams/buildings with. If you buy anything you need to pay full price for the teams/buildings. You can keep at most 10% or 400 Gold Pieces at Start of Game. Anything above 400 GP in your coffers will be lost.

While there wont be ALOT of combat as were more focused on the Downtime Rules.. A couple of things you should know about combat

Critical Hits
There is no confirmation of Crits, there are no feats that add to anything to do with critical hit confirmation roll.
Examples of how Critical hits work against AC 21
Roll 20 with a Rapier +0 Hit = Miss
Roll 20 with a Rapier +1 Hit = Critical Hit, Roll total once Multiple total by Crit Modifier
Roll 18 with a Rapier +3 Hit = Miss
Roll 18 with a Rapier +4 Hit = Critical Hit, Roll total once Multiple total by Crit Modifier

Critical Misses
There is no Automatic Dropping of weapons, the chance of dropping your weapon is based on its quality.
1d02-----|Common Weapons
1d04-----|Masterwork Weapons
1d06-----|+1 Magical Weapons
1d08-----|+2 Magical Weapons
1d10-----|+3 Magical Weapons
1d12-----|+4 Magical Weapons
1d20-----|+5 Magical Weapons
Each roll of 1 with the same weapon in combat will increase the chance of dropping the weapon. So on your second 1 with a Common Weapon and on your 20th 1 with a +5 weapon you will drop it, unless you have a weapons chain on your weapon.

*Note: You can be as creative as you want with your Race/Class choices, pending that it will be able to pass the detect evil test. If you are evil and your try to enter the gates, you will be slain first and then questioned via speak with dead as to your reasons for entering Kenabres. You will be allowed any Class from Level 6th and Above. 3PP is Allowed at that point.

3PP = Means that is is available on website or i have a copy of the pdf/book its from.

Here is the City information for the Ruins of Kenabres.

Ruins of Kenabres:

LG Large Ruined City
Corruption: +2 Crime: -3 Economy: -3 Law: +6 Lore: +2 Society
Qualities Insular, Racial Intolorant (tieflings), Strategic Location, Tenacious, War-Torn
Disadvantages: Devasted
Danger: +20
Government: Overlord
Population: 6520 (6061 Human, 312 Halflings, 66 Half-Elves, 81 Other Races)
Notable NPC's
Queen Galfrey (LG Female Human Noble )
Warden Irabeth Tirabade (LG Female Half-Orc Paladin )
Magester Quednys Orlun(LG old Male Human Wizard )
Treasurer Horgus [b](LN Human Noble)
[b]Base Value:
4,400 Gold
Purchase Limit: 10,000 Gold
Spellcasting: 4th
Minor Items: +1 Halberd, Ring of Minor Fire Resistance, Ring of Sustenace, Scroll of Raise Dead, Scroll of Restoration
Medium Items: Lesser Rod of Maximize Metamagic, Stone of Good Luck, Wand of Cure Serious Wounds(48charges)
Major Items:
Devasted: Over half the city has been destroyed and fully half of the population has been killed. Economy: -6, Society: -4, Danger: +10, Reduce Base Gold & Purchase Limit by 60%, Spellcasting: -3
Government: Queen Galfrey is the legal Queen, with the attack by the demons and subsuqesent destruction of over half of the city and almost all leadership slain. Queen Galfrey has promised whoever can do the best job of rebuilding Kenabres the title of Lord Governer of Kenabres.
Tenacious: Kenabres refues to be beaten, it still serves as a bastion of Law and Goodness. Corruption: -2, Crime: -2
War-Torn: Kenabres has been fighting against the Worldwound since the first days of the War. This long protracted war has affected the Economy. Base Value: +10%, Decrease Purcahse Limit: -20%
Strategic Location: Located on the eastern border of the Worldwould Kenabres has served in the fore-front of the Crusader. ------>

Recovery Points:

Total: 0:100
Construct Rooms: Each 500 GP value of rooms.
Craft Magic/Mundane Items: Each 1000 GP Value of Goods/Magic Donated
Donate Gold: Each 2000 Gold Crowns Donated
Heal Others: Each full days spend doing do.
Construct Teams: Each 500 GP value of teams.

Rebuild Cathedral of Saint Clydwell: 00.00% worth ?? RP
Rebuilt Fortess of the Kite: 00.00% Worth ?? RP


As I said this is open to the first 20 people that respond with a character. PM's will be sent to those that have expressed interest in other threads.

Feel free to post your interest or dot or ask any questions.

I'll have the gameplay and such set up shortly today. Game start is one month after the start of the Wrath of the Righteous AP.


In Kenabres all people coming in are detected for evil by at least a pair of paladins. If evil they are questioned under detect lies. If the reason for the evil person visiting its a good or noble or selfless reason they are registered and freed. If not they are slain and buried in hallowed grounds.

Tieflings and anyone of Demonic blood are attacked upon sight. No quarter given, or asked by the crusader knights or paladin guards.

So basically nobody evil. Ive had to many campaigns spoiled by Evil Players that ive grown to disallow any evil pc.
All Creatures with 3 Intelligence or lower has a True Neutral Alignment (unless modified by class abilities)
All Creatures with 4 Intelligence or higher can not have a True Neutral Alignment.
Positive Energy IS = Good
Negative Energy IS = Evil

I don't think there are any other house rules.

There are A lot of guns:

All Siege Weapons are Martial Weapons.
All Early Firearms are Simple Weapons.
All Advanced guns are Martial Weapons.
Early Firearms & Ammo costs 10% listed price.
Advanced Firearms Cost 50% listed price.
Advanced Firearm Ammo costs 200% listed price.
Chance of misfire increased by 1.
+10 to Chance of dropping gun upon rolling a 1.
The Gunslinger loses the gunsmith class feature and instead gains the gun training class feature at 1st level.

But Firearms NEVER do a touch based attack, ever.

I'll roll up a traveling gunsmith of some race (thinking kobold)

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Interesting. I'll have a charcter up shortly.

Tengu Monk awaits

I'm in. This avatar will be my character. I've updated his profile with the initial spend for equipment, buildings and organizations.

Still intrested. Here's a link to Dylan Tate updated with equipment and adjusted ability scores.

Sounding off. (^_^)

Sounding off, though I'll need some time to think up just the right character. I do have some questions, though.

• Regarding purchasing teams and buildings, will we be paying the full price or the price we'd pay if we were spending capital?

• The 1:1 cost ratio means that, for example, an ability score of 17 will cost 7 points rather than 13, correct?

• Given the (if my assumption is correct) generous allotment of ability score points, am I correct that we won't be factoring in the +1 to a score from 4th level?

• Oh, and will celestial obediences (Chronicles of the Righteous, p.5) be allowed? I'm assuming that not every mystery cultist is a PC class.

I'm curious if there.are other threads to read fill in the background for 20 players.what it means to.focus.on dwntime rules etc. sounds interesting but I would love a bit more background on what the game is/about and it seems like its been brought.up.elsewhere...

A Human Courtesan has caught my eye for this particular play-by-post. I'll work on getting something typed up for you by the end of tomorrow night.

And I look forward to seeing your response to AlgaeNymph's questions.

Hello again and again thanks for the invite. Just a question. What classes are allowed/available?

Much cheers and best wishes to all. (^_^)


Your going to need to adjust your stats
12, 12, 12, 14, 14, 11 = 15 Points
And finish your guy, Ill need either a Mythbuilder character sheet link or its typed out in a profile
You have spent 0/4000 Gold, anything remaining over 400 gold will be lost.


Please sort your rooms into two spoilers for me:

[spoiler=Buildings: For Profit
2.86 Alchemy Lab (Gold/Goods/Magic)
2.57 Garden (Gold/Goods)
2.00 Kitchen(Gold/Goods)
2.00 Sitting Room (Influence)
1.71 Storage (Gold)
2.43 Storefront (Gold/Goods)
2.86 Forge (Gold/Goods)
1.71 Storage
1.71 Storage

[Spoiler=Buildings: Personial
Bedroom, Lavatory, Office

2.00 Bureaucrats (Gold/Influence)
2.00 Craftspeople: Type of Craft? (Gold/Goods/Labor)
2.00 Craftspeople: Type of Craft?(Gold/Goods/Labor)
1.71 Laborers (Gold/Labor)
1.71 Laborers (Gold/Labor)

Looks Good so far, you may want to rethink you purcheses a tiny bit, you have no rooms or teams. While the magic is nice to have, there wont be a lot of combat per say, You would be better off with a couple thousand gold worth of even just pits.

Heck you could spend 4k on Pits and have 400 Pits
(Buildings/Teams Take 10 + Bonus (+1) = /7 days = 1.57 Each *400 = Gain +50 Labor, +49.5GP or +628 Gold
(each pit granting one Labor, at a cost of 10 gold or 1.57 Gold)

With your 101gp you could buy 2 Pits which would each yeild 1.57 Gold per day or one team of Laborers(1.71 GP or 1 Labor)

Meera Any NPC Class or combination of NPC Classes or The Courtesan from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Basically anything goes from this site + any Pathfinder book for setting specific things from 6th level (when you can take leadership + become a Hero Class.

* You pay full price, this is representing your family or whatever organization you belong to giving you rooms/teams to get started rebuilding here.
* That is correct, 20 Int would cost 10 points. 8 int would give you 2 more points to spend. With how generous the build is, nothing should be lower then 8, before racial adjustments.
* That is correct, I am not granting the stat bonus from 4th level. That is for PC classes. So you will gain it at 8 HD. Feats are not effected.
* Pretty much everything is allowed. I own either hard copy or pdf almost every PF book and a good chunk of 3rd party books on stuff that interest me.

Background: I started running the Wrath AP for a table at my brothers house with 12 players in June. Kinda offroaded it a bit as they did not want to wait until the AP was released the end of August. Everyone was on board when i pitched the idea for interest in a new capaign starting in october, they didnt want to wait. I didnt want to loose the enthusium, even with that huge a table i was willing to ahead. So i off-roaded things a fair bit, they ended up traveling in time between different timelines, but by the middle of the 2nd book i had 7/5 players back where they were susposed to be in the timeline of the Adventure Path. That Campaign ended up with a very very freek Total Party Kill. With the heroes (5 of them had stayed in the origional timeline – as they players went traveling with some renn faire's around the country until next week) all 7 of the heroes that remained and one more that they picked up durring the Seige of Dresden, this happened on ten days ago for your characters. So next week i will be resuming things with the five of them that are left, and they do have a couple scrolls of ressurection, enough to bring all of the fallen back, if they can find the bodies.

This is the edited version of how i become a Level 8 Pathfinder GM:

I am not going to spoil things for this campaign or the AP. But if you really wanna know what happened read the fallen players posts within the Wrath AP Forums – Search the thread for a series of posts by Klokk.

The Short version is in 29 rounds I killed their entire party and some followers. The Heroes and NPC:Heros rolled nothing higher then a 1 on attacks or saving throws or even holding onto a weapon (nobody had weapon chains). I rolled nothing lower then a 20. They kept getting confused and dropping their weapons.

That whole combat; You should know one thing else. My brother and I have been gaming since 1988 back in middle school. Between the brother that hosts, and three others of us that have been gaming together since then, and the 9 other people that show up now and then (none of the rest are predictable, sometimes six mths comes and they dont show up.. sometimes they show up an hour early for three years. Same crew basically for 25 years or so. Anyway we have this tackle box, Its Minnesota we fish here so have lots of tackleboxes just sitting around. We actually have small ones for each type of dice d4, d6, d10, d12, d20, we had one for d8's but it got sometime a few years ago, we are constantly hunting for d8's, but have 4-500 of each the others. We just chip in for a new grab bag or three of dice each year and prune the lame looking ones each summer and melt them in a bonfire.

Anyway Long Story short. I used different d20's for each of creatures actions each round. I went through almost half of our d20's and the Players used whatever dice they wanted. Our only rule for Dming is that the DM uses a different dice each time they roll. That way even a "lucky" dice will only hit once.

I am telling this to you all as you are sitting one of Winston's hooka bars, he has some magical device in the cealing that pulls up all the smoke. There is a table filled with all sorts of rare foods of all sorts and drink whatever you desire, even the fabled Elven Fey Wine and the Halflings Old Toby are available.

"The tale begins on 16 Rova 4713, exactly one month to the day from when the city of Kenebres was attacked on Armase. Horgus Gwerm, my uncle, is serving as the Treasurer for the City of Dresden. He has spent his fortune aquireing lands and properties, mostly destroyed by the demons. Your benifactor who has given you a stripend to spend or loose in getting set up here.

"A Suli claiming to be Zantos of the Azure Throne. He been tested to be true and detected honest to detect lies, multiple times with no magic present upon his person. He is said to be a Prince from the kingdom of the Sarkoris that was taken up to Heaven the day the demons first burst forth from the Abyss. His title the Azure is the color of both his hair and eyes it is the color of the only banner he flyes. He has reclaimed a good portion of Sarkoris down south near where Gundrun is, inface rumor is he and the 5th crusade control everything West and South of the Sarkora River, to a line across the northern border of the shudderwood, which the druids and forest giants are working at reclaiming. He is very Charasmatic and has reunited many of the scattered tribes. He is the anvil of the 5th Crusade crushing all that opposes, freeing people that have been enslaved for generations by the demons. "

"This is not about him other then to know, that it is because of him and Queen Gaffrey, who ceeded control of all her lands west of here -we here in Kenabres now mark the western most place within the Kingdom of Mendev.- But I ramble."

Winston takes a sip from the red wine in the glass he has been swirling in his hand as he has been speaking. Setting down the glass he presses his finger to the bowl on the hooka and creates a small spark with his pointer finger. Letting the smoke out he picks up the glass and continues."

"Back on Track. My uncle Horgus, as i said is the Treasurer for the 5th crusade, He has chosen to open the family vaults to the crusades. As such my Uncle wants to liquidate some property here and aid in the rebuilding of the city.."

... I have been told to inform you that anything that you build or buy is to be sold to you at half price from sunrise on the 17th, tomarrow moring until the end of the year."

"Your charge from my uncle, who is going to be far to busy managing the finances of a kingdom, to deal with his owning three fourths of what is left of Kenabres and trying to rebuild here. House Gwerm wishes to liquidate all of our rooms, teams, buildings, orginizations.

Map of Kenabres:

49% is destroyed by the demons
10% is owned by Kingdom of Mendev, including the ravaged Kyte.
05% is owned by Crusades, Including the destroyed Catedral.
04% is owned by House Lansith, a new house from a newer kingdom somewhere in the river kingdoms south of here.
03% is owned by a group that is called UBIT, United Brotherhood of Independent Traders.
05% is owned by a various other merchants or the other temples.
33% is owned by Horgus.

"You would think that owning fully a third of a city this size would be a good thing, Well Uncle Horgus technically controls two thrids of what remains of this city. And hes stationed up north in Dresden serving as the Viceroy of Prince Zantos. Uncle Horgus feels mixed loyalties owning so much property that is functional here in Kenabres when he up north. He had to pull me from my studies to come serve as his as manager.'

Our Queen, has issued an ultimatium,She needs a Lord Mayor for Kenabres, and it must be one of you. Those of you that prove worthy come the 1st of '14 will be Knighted and granted lands to go with the golden spurs and white belt.

How she decides, I can only guess. Whoever of you that does the most work at rebuilding the two main landmarks of our fair city will have some bearing, as would i am sure who pays the most taxes. She might look more favoribly upon you if you rebuild something for the normal rate in the ruins, then if you buy it for half price from me. Then again she might want someone who is thrifty on and go the other way. She IS a Paladin and rumor says a Marshal as well so i would be suppriesed if you that your Honour did not have some bearinging as well who she decides.

"Any other questions?"

Just heads up to everyone:

Rooms and Teams are not modified by Settlement Factors, but your character's skill checks will be. I am trusting that the settlement has already been modified as its taken right from my hard copy of book one of the AP.

Rooms/Teams earn GP based on 10+ Their Bonus /7
so a team like the Bureaucrats earns 2 Gold per day or can earn upto 2 Influence (at a cost of 15gp per Influence)


If you are however to going to change classes at 6th level to NPC5/PC1 You will need to spend some influence to find someone to train you, and you will need to dedicate time.
Also Class changes must be logical.
You can not go from Warrior->Wizard without some of your feats/traits/skills already geared that way. You can take any of the self-taught classes without need of finding a trainer.
You could do warrior->Sorcerer or even Adept ->Warrior or ->3pp caster type.
Its not going to be difficult to find a trainer, but not every 1st level paladin is going to want to train you to be a paladin.

I was looking at going from Courtesan to Noble Scion myself. Her feats and skills will reflect this choice.

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Hey, I will detail a halfling adept 5, apothecary/alchemist business. Little busy at the moment but I will upload it soon.

You were meaning that we could take leadership at level 7 (Not 6), correct?

Silver Crusade

No, 6th like normal for leadership. Even an NPC can ben a Leader.

Id even let you have it at 5th, but I don't want to just give it to, you gots to earn it

Something about this seems appealing...ireally want to make an elven expert/adept jewler focusing on magic item creation eventually...but I need to wrap my head around the rules and assess my other will probaby be Monday before I get ot all hammered out, we'll see if a spot is still open.

Leadership normally requires level 7, that is why I asked.

Captain Fremont wrote:
A Human Courtesan has caught my eye for this particular play-by-post.

I was thinking of something similar, specifically a merchant-missionary of Arshea. What's your character concept in a sentence? I wanna make sure we're not metaphorically wearing the same outfit.

Oh, and Klokk, what's Mythbuilder? I couldn't find it online. I have Hero Lab if that'll work.

Ah! I see..*Nods* Working something up. Again, thank you for the invitation. (^_^)


Mythbuilder is a Character Sheet hosting site You register there and can make as many character sheets as you need or want. Not just for pathfinder. Ive got my rogue trader guy on a sheet there too. Its very handy if you want/need a standard format character sheet instead of a NPC entry type character sheet.

Fair enough Captain, Never paid attention to that change from 3.5. None of my players have taken it before 12th since ive been GMing pathfinder and when playing I was 9th at the lowest whenever I took it.

Man, if all 20 spots fill up before Monday.. I will be on to something. :) And someone else better pickup everyone whos left & me cuz I love this downtime stuff, heck most of the Ultimate Campaign/Rulership stuff. Even moreso then normal table play.. :)

Another question: when you said for us to sort our rooms into two spoiler tags (one for rooms, one for teams), what's the number in front of each room/team?


10+ Room Number = GP or Capital gained per week /7 to get daily yield. The spoiler may seem dumb now, but Unless you happen to have a huge whiteboard or chalkboard or something of the sort on one of your walls.. You will thank me for making you sort you buildings. It will make the turns go easier, so you don't have to do the math every turn. Ill be checking your work and such but for the most part will trust you math. simply because if you fub you math intentionally you will be stealing tax moneys.. and queens tend to frown upon nobility that steal from them.

Two Tags for rooms
One for rooms that are private/don't give gp/capital bonuses & rooms that do give capital bonuses but you are using for yourself, such as a bed room or personal storage.

One for buildings that gain GP/Capital that you having 'working' for you. Which may vary per day. Using my pit example above you would write it

350 Pits Gain GP (x*350G P), 50 Pits gain Capital: Good (-50GP +50G)
450 Pits Gain GP (x*400 GP)

Don't worry when the time comes ill show you an example of a few turns, and have no issue walking ya all through the turns. Until you all get a feel for things will do daily turns. Say for the first four days of the campaign, to get ya guys guys, then will move ahead to a week or tenday or even fortnight.

And one tag for Teams.

Unless you don't want to spoiler it, The numbers are mostly for you so you can just cut/paste for turns.

Introducing Yasmin. Am going to generate 5 levels of 'Courtesan' NPC class. Though race is going to be Aasimar (Plumkin type).

Will be leveling in Oracle (Inspiration from the Aasimar) and Alchemist, though running her establishment will always be close to Yasmin's heart.

Very much cheers to all. (^_^)

Is Suny/Meera behind tha' new avatar. (^_~)


I know the building math seems weird at first.

But basically all buildings, teams, rooms, organizations are treated as character sorta, in that they get a roll each week to gain gold or capital if you want to spend the gold. But they can only take 10.
So you take that 10 roll of theirs and add onto the building's modifier. Such as a pit gains +1 Gold/Labor. So the buildings roll for each week is 10+1=11.

Since it can vary between days what you want to do. And in the one downtime game that I play, with uzziah, none of us choose to give our employees or buildings weekends off each week not even the gmpc when we started. I am assuming that none of you want to do either. Its simply that total of 11 from the pit being worth 1.57 because you divide the "roll" of 11 by 7 (days in week you are open for business).

Whatever days you are closed you simply would not gain the 1.57gp from the pit. Likewise when you teams are off work they wouldn't you dun gain anything from it.. other then their appreciation.

My rogue runs 4 teams of laborers, 5 pits, 1 soldier a storage, shack & lavatory... On the days that I give my crew off my laborers/pit/storage gain no GP, and the shack gave us a place to sleep without having to pay an inn fee + all teams need a building to work out of or they only gain 50% of their take.

So like a bureaucrat gains +4, That means they earn a static 14 gold per week working all 7 days. Or they gain 2 gold/Influence per day, but the 2*I (influence would still cost you 2*15=-30 Gold.

IF you didn't own a some room they can sit down in and do their business they would only gain 10+4=14*50%=7 gold per week or 1 Gold/Influence per day.

I got PM's from two others asking me to explain how I got the numbers from in front of your rooms/teams Kristoff.

I don't have the spoilers on his sheet, because I have a large whiteboard in my room that covers a wall. I have my info written up there.

Alright, then thanks for answering my questions here. Sounds like you're running things a little differently than what I interpreted from the rules (first time really running a downtime scenario, apologies). The only question I have then is how we apply our +10 for when we're "running our business" during a downtime activity phase. To how many rooms/teams does the +10 apply to?

Also, as I increase my holdings throughout the city I am expecting to be buying them/building them as other buildings separate from what I am starting with. I assume I can only be running one building/organization per day so that if I spend too much time at one business (without hiring a manager) I start to run into Business Attrition.

I also plan on having her work towards the story feat Magnus Opus. I assume you would prefer I meet the prerequisites for the feat during game play and take it at level seven, correct?


All rooms, are treated like that if they are part of your active business. Like your bedroom kristoff, I assume that is not going to be "rented" out for the day. You would then put that into the list for personal.

You don't add up the total +#'s from the assorted teams/rooms, you treat each thing as though it is its own "person" if it is active so to speak.

Think of like magic the gathering, your gold, labor, influence, magic, goods are your various lands. Except once you tap them they are gone.

Once you tap them they let you pick up various rooms and teams. Which are your various creature cards.

For ease of purchase/reference they are listed as buildings or organizations with an assortment of rooms/teams that fit that purpose. The prices are exactly the same (ive checked for all in the UC book) if you buy a Building or if you just buy the assorted rooms and make your own Building.

One thing I did that helped was cut our graph paper to the shapes of my buildings. and then put their info onto index cards. That's helped my face-face players.

And you have basically two rows that your 'creature cards' (teams/rooms) can be in.

Front row are active, earning you Gold or earning you Capital of their "color".

Back row are inactive, not earing their gold/capital but serving a personal basis. this also includes all cards that serve no finical purpose. like the shack or lavatory or bedroom if you are using it for yourself.

Does that help at all?

Captain, that's a nice feat. I thought about it for a few rounds of civ5. If you want to dedicate the appropriate portion of your starting funds for it. And can make the dc checks and roll for it if you cant just take 10. You can use special materials, whatever you can afford. If your making it yourself you need to spend 1666.67 gold on materials for your masterpiece. You will not sell it though, its donated to your sponsor's organization or some other worthy cause of your choice.

Yes, that helps a lot. Thanks Klokk. I have a couple of questions more, but they can be answered as we go. They're passing curiosities.

I was looking at achieving the prerequisites through Perform (Dance) checks. Checks I can assure you that the character can make by simply taking a 10. Instead, the courtesan would have accompanied her lord to various events and made the performances at those points in time. Does this sound fair to you? I would assume this is part of what garnered the lord's interest in her.

Seeing as this does not require her to craft anything, would you still require me to spend anything out of my starting funds for it?

Silver Crusade

This is chillblame. Here is my character (on profile. I have to finish money (under 400gp but still positive) and spoiler it and write my background.
Whew. A bit of effort.

I must admit I'm a bit lost here. What rule set is this game being played from?

Silver Crusade

Basically it's a pathfinder rpg varient, using the main rules and ultimate campaign. The stat system is that you have been given 20 points to add to your character's stats. If you want a strength of 14, that costs 4 and so on. You can only start with npc classes and you must have a business/organization.

sounding off! still interested.


Downtime Rules were released with Ultimate Campaign and supplemented with Ultimate Rulership.

Basically its a form of economic warfare/Gampelay. It is ment to supplement standard gameplay in that if you have 4 days free time or 50 while a party member is enchanting magic items, you can still do things or even control all of a city.

My campaign is focusing on probably 80-90% downtime rules. Basically its a large scale test of the system. You create a character, of any combination of NPC's class at 5th level. You get 4000 gold to buy teams/rooms or the buildings/organizations that are combos of the teams/rooms. You can keep 400 gold on hand at the start of the game unspent.

You will need to read that link above, and probably favorite it if you do not own the downtime rules.

Why are you green shael? :)

I would like to redirect you to my previous post and the question I put forth there regarding the Magnus Opus feat.

Also, Shael's profile name is showing up in green because that particular profile happens to be linked to a Pathfinder Society character.

So...Shael now has more of a green thumb?


Sorry, couldn't resist...

Still working on things while dealing with Real Life workings.

Silver Crusade

It's not easy being green. And how did you know that's the color of my buildings? Shael is also short. :} I use the pathfinder profile as it allows me to put up a status bar if I want.

I see Shael as owning a halfling/gnome friendly establishment, as there are over 300 halflings in the city. Someone has to cater to the lower end of the market (Bad Shael, whack!) Everyone will be green with envy (Very Bad Shael, smack! Whack!)

Seriously, I have the idea of eventually developing into a hospital/hotel/chymist works.
OK I'll stop now.


Shael looks good.

As far as the feat. If you want to start with it, im going to charge you what it would cost an artesian to make the works of arts. 5k/3=1,666.67 GP Consider that the cost of your one amazing dress (with 1500 gp worth of gems on it). I cant justify a +5 to your performances check forever without having some hard finical cost, the same cost that anyone that wanted to have the same bonus for profession or craft skills would have to pay.

In game you would need the 5k of either goods or influence so its far far cheeper to use you starting funds vs 2500gp of G or I in game.

Once you get your characters done go ahead and jump over to gameplay.

Will continue any questions there, ya all got.

Silver Crusade

??? What feat?


story feat Magnus Opus for the captain.

Sorry I should have clarified it


Shael: Once you sort your buildings/teams into the two groups of spoilers your good to go. One for personal and one for profit.

[spoiler=for profit
+2.86 GP I G --> Artisan's Workshop (10+10/7 Gold, Influence, Goods)
+3.14 GP I G --> Greenhouse (10+12/7 Gold, Influence, Goods)
+2.00 GP G ----> Kitchen (10+4/7 Gold, Goods)
+2.00 -- I ----> Sitting Room (10+4 Influence)
+1.71 GP ------> Storage (10+2 Gold)
+2.86 GP G M --> Alchemy Lab (10+10/7 Gold, Goods, Magic)
+1.57 GP I ----> Statue: Sarenrae (10+1/7 Gold, Influence)
+2.57 GP I ----> Book Repository (10+8/7 Gold, Influence)
+2.14 GP I ----> Reliquary (10+5/7 Gold, Influence)
+2.57 GP I ----> Infirmary (10+8/7 Gold, Influence)
---------------> Storefront (Assigned to ??)
+2.00 GP G L --> Craftsmen: Alchemist/Herbalists (10+4/7 Gold, Goods, Labor

Storefront is bound to another Room, You need to pick which room it is permanently bound to and that room gains the +5 bonus to its math on the right, which adjusts it math on the left.

[spoiler= Personal
Escape Route

Right now if you have all the rooms/team above set for profit of +25.42 Gold or a Potential of..
..14 Influence (15g each)
..11 Goods (10g each)
..02 Labor (10g each)
..02 Magic (50g Each)

For figuring out how the totals for I, G, L, or M you take the individual room or team total and round down to nearest whole number.

Thank's for the invitation, but I'm going to have to bow out.


Fair enough Speaker for the Dead. Downtime isn't for everyone, or the faint of heart, it does involve a fair bit of math and is supposed to be more of a distraction, not a focus of a campaign.

Silver Crusade

Just a note. Where I am is about to be hit by a cyclone. It is not big (category one) but the power may go out and I may not be able to message for a while. At worse case I'll be back in a day or two.

Lantern Lodge

I'd like to put my interest in for this.

For some reason the immediate thing that comes to mind is to play the madam of a brand new brothel... Kind of hard to resist.

I was thinking of a kitsune expert as the race class combo, I can usually check a couple times a day and post once, though sometimes weekends happen and such. So let me know if it's possible and I'll make up something proper.


sure thing hordshyrd feel free to whip her up.

Shael, No worries let me know when it blows over and its smooth sailing again for you.

Four sex themed PCs...I sense a potential faction bloc!

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