Prometheuis falling. An Iron Gods Campaign (Inactive)

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The cave
This is for the Iron Gods Adventure Path.
To see sights never seen in Golarion before, to handle things so advanced that it seems like magic.

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This is the official open recruitment for the Iron Gods Adventure Path.
I plan to take 4-5 people on this ride.
Be warned 2 people have already a fixed place


Starting Level 1
You have the chance to roll 3d6 6 times. Either use that or 20-point buy
Races: All Paizo Core
Classes: All Paizo
Traits: 2, one must be from the Iron Gods Players Guide.
Max HP at every level
Traits 2
Starting Wealth 150gp
Everyone has one BOON.
You can use it to either:
*take a Featured or Uncommon Race
*Take an extra Feat
*Take a second legal Archetype
*Ask for something special. (Member of the Pathfinder Society with excellent contacts, be a member of the nobility with political strings)
Alignement No Evil. You can use a boon for something very shady, but we have to work it out.

You have till Sunday to apply. How to get choosen. Read the recruitment thread carefully. And follow it! ;-)
I expect:
Rule 1: Attendance:

One post per Day. At least!
To be informed if you are in holiday, do an exam etc. Really no Problem, but I hate to wait for someone and do not get in information!

Rule 2: Teamwork:

I expect that everyone works together. This does not mean I want Teflon, I prefer rough ends. But still work together

Rule 3: Virtues and Flaws:

Each one of you should offer one Virtue and one Flaw. Be it you are an alcoholic, full of doubt, you have a short fuse.

Rule 4:If negative prepare for consequences:

If you insist on 7 Charisma, expect people to ignore you, children to run away. If 7 Int, please write in simple sentences. I do not mind an uneducated fighter, this can be great for roleplaying, but please roleplay it!

Rule 5: Backstory:

Nothing fancy, but I would love to get a feeling for your character!3-4 good lines can be enough


Enjoy it, have fun, be amazed, be frightened and know it is a game!


Catfolk rogue (use boon :P)
Focus on feint

Loyal but quickly to get angry

Witty little cat. Quick on his feet. But also quick to bring out his claws.

background after I read a bit of the players guide

need 1 more trait. But that will be campaign one :P


Male Catfolk Rogue 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide 90) 
CG Medium humanoid (catfolk) 
Init +3; Senses scent; Perception +4 
AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +3 Dex) 
hp 8 (1d8) 
Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +0 
Speed 30 ft., climb 20 ft. 
Melee 2 claws +1 (1d6+1) 
Special Attacks sneak attack +1d6 
Str 13, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 14
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 14
Feats Catfolk Exemplar (Sharp Claws)[ARG] 
Traits dirty fighter 
Skills Acrobatics +7, Bluff +5, Climb +13, Disable Device +8, Escape Artist +7, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +4, Sleight of Hand +7 (+11 to hide objects on your body (doesn't stack with heavy clothing but does with bonuses for attempting to hide small objects)), Stealth +8, Swim +5 
Languages Catfolk, Common, Gnome, Goblin 
SQ cat's luck, catfolk rogue/ninja, trapfinding +1 
Other Gear lamellar cuirass, hip flask, pathfinder's kit, pocketed scarf, softpaw boots, thieves' tools, 59 gp 
Special Abilities 
Cat's Luck (1/day) (Ex) Can roll 2d20 for a Reflex save and take better result. 
Catfolk Exemplar (Sharp Claws) Your feline traits are more defined and prominent than those of other members of your race.

Prerequisites: Catfolk.

Benefit: You can take the Aspect of the Beast feat (Advanced Player’s Guide 151) even if you do not meet the norma 
Catfolk Rogue/Ninja +1/2 bonus on feint and pickpocket checks. 
Climbing (20 feet) You have a Climb speed. 
Dirty Fighter +1 damage when flanking. 
Scent (Ex) Detect opponents within 15+ feet by sense of smell. 
Sneak Attack +1d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed. 
Trapfinding +1 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.

When do you plan on making your choice? I have my name in for another Iron Gods game (selection is tomorrow) but I would like to be considered for this one as well, in case I don't get picked for the other one.
Here is the character I submitted for the other one (I, of course, would have to make some changes for this campaign).
CN, Male, Oread
Bloodrager 1

Short Version Backstory:

Vohnkar was the captive of an especially vicious member of the Technic League who used him in countless terrible and agonizing experiments of science and magic. Vohnkar never knew the reasons for these tests for he had no memory of anything outside his dark cell or the bright agony of the lab. To this day he does not know if his memories were erased during his time in captivity or if he was created by the cruel man just to endure the endless torture. 7 years ago Vohnkar was able to escape his hell when a rival member of the League attacked the lab, laying it to waste. Crawling from the wreckage Vohnkar found his captor dying in the Ruins. Using a crude sword, formed, from a hunk of melted metal, Vohnkar ended the wretch’s life. Covered in rags and clutching the jagged blade, he stumbled out into the harsh lands of Numeria.
Vohnkar wandered the shattered lands until one evening he witnessed the flash of light in the distance that lead him to Torch. It was there he meet the Half-orc smith Claynack, who took him in and gave him his fist glimpse of a life not filled with pain and fear. While still naive to many of civilized society’s customs he has been able to integrate himself into Torch with the help of Claynack, hiding his stony, shard infused, skin to pass himself off as human to all but his closest friends.

Character Development:

Can’t decide between the Arcane or the Elemental [earth] bloodlines at the moment.
My idea is to develop Vohnkar from a bestial creature to a more “human” member of society. I’d like to move from CN to either CG or NG and even maybe move away from Bloodrager to a more refined class like Fighter or even Ranger.
I'd like to explore where my character came too from if possible. Either from exploring the runes of the lab I was in, finding the Rival who attacked the lab, Flashbacks and/or dreams, etc.

Thanks for your consideration.


Will flesh out later but would be very interested in playing a Gear Gnome Archivist Bard. Professor character really interested, almost obsessed with digging up the secrets of Numeria.

Flaw: Obsessed with unearthing the technical secrets of Numeria.
Virtue: Amiable and helpful, a good friend to have.

I really want to play a barbarian in this AP. This guy is a barbarian from one of the tribes who stayed loyal to the Black Sovereign. I'd use the boon to have 2 archetypes- Invulnerable Rager and Savage Technologist from the Technology Guide.

Kevoth is a Blood Elk, one of the few tribes still loyal to Kevoth-Kul, also known as the Black Sovereign. Kevoth's father idolized Kevoth-Kul, as many Kellids did while the great warlord was uniting the tribes and marching on Starfall, and named his first son after the great warlord. The Blood Elks are one of the few tribes who still follow Kevoth-Kul.

Or put another way, the Blood Elks are one of the few tribes the increasingly paranoid, drug-addled Black Sovereign hasn't exiled from Starfall. In the eyes of some, this is no blessing. Like their master, the tribes of and around Starfall are indulging too much in alien substances and degenerate practices. Kevoth's grandfather was a harsh critic of what he saw as the end of the Blood Elk way of life.

Kevoth grew up listening to his grandfather's stories about the old ways. His father was often absent, commanding loyal Kellid bands and units of gearsmen against rebels, and his grandfather was Kevoth's main role model growing up. Unfortunately, Kevoth's grandfather spoke out one too many times or too loudly, as the gearsmen came for him one day and took him away.

Kevoth fought and managed to kill the Kellid tribesman in charge of the detail, but the gearsmen still managed to take his grandfather. Knowing they would come for him next, Kevoth fled for the wilds where the Black Sovereign's grip is not so tight. As he left he vowed to one day come back and free his grandfather or avenge his death.

Virtue: Never gives up
Flaw: Hates 'traitor' Kellids who loyally support the Black Sovereign

Liberty's Edge

How about a shield champion brawler type? Would be a fairly tanky front line combatant with some OK out of combat skills. Will have to read the players guide first, but I need to take my brother to register for HS now. Will post something more substantial later.

Lantern Lodge

I'm struggling to make an Android Oracle work, but it's not looking easy. Maybe a Sylph and Wind Oracle. I'm still working on it.

I'm in for consideration. Will put a character together tonite. I will NOT be going for some off-the wall combo of race/class/archetype. I plan on a plain ol' sword and board fighter: to handle all of your combat needs. Sometimes the classics are best!

What do you mean by "second legal Archetype?"

I might be interested in playing, possibly an Arcanist. Might be going an odd race for the boon, I'll be working on the character tonight though.

This is a character I made for a different iron gods campaign but didn't get in.

Second archetype.
For the Arcanist you can combine unlettered and occultist. But allowed one, so it is just either or. If you use your boon, you can take booth.

Sovereign Court

are androids considered uncommon/featured races for this? I mean considering that we are in Numeria just checking, if I need to use a boon for them.

I'd like to submit Davkas The Small, a Male Halfling Barbarian who was "rescued" from Technic slavers as a child during a barbarian raid. He was taken in initially as a source of amusement for the barbarians, an old offshoot of the Tiger Lords, but turned into far more of a warrior than they had ever bargained for. Davkas has gained a number of nicknames since, including "The Deadly Child" and "Watch Your Damn Kneecaps."

He's since become somewhat of a nuisance to the tribe, as he's a better fighter than many of the humans, and has been sent to investigate the Flame's disappearance because it "Reeks of Technic Treachery." In reality, the tribe members hope he perishes in the journey, but he's hardly one to die so easily...

For Virtue and Flaw, I'm going with "Perceptive, but illiterate." He'll be taking an extra feat for his Boon.

Should Davkas be accepted, I'll make an alias.

Davkas the Small
Male Halfling Barbarian (Superstitious, Wild Rager) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 0; Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 0)
CG Small humanoid (halfling)
Init +2; Senses Perception +7
AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 18 (+5 armor, +2 shield, +2 Dex, +1 size)
hp 15 (1d12+3)
Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +2; +2 vs. fear
Speed 30 ft.
Melee battleaxe +5 (1d6+3/×3) and
. . gauntlet (from armor) +5 (1d2+3) and
. . unarmed strike +5 (1d2+3 nonlethal)
Ranged halfling sling staff +4 (1d6+3/×3)
Special Attacks rage (6 rounds/day)
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 9
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 15
Feats Power Attack, Risky Striker[ARG]
Traits freedom fighter
Skills Acrobatics +6, Climb +7, Perception +7; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception
Languages Common, Halfling
SQ fast movement, uncontrolled rage
Combat Gear barbarian chew; Other Gear scale mail, heavy wooden shield, battleaxe, halfling sling staff, sling bullets (20), barbarian's kit, 28 gp, 9 sp
Special Abilities
Fast Movement +10 (Ex) +10 feet to speed, unless heavily loaded.
Fearless +2 racial bonus vs Fear saves.
Power Attack -1/+2 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Rage (6 rounds/day) (Ex) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.
Risky Strike -1/+2 Subtract from your AC to add to damage vs foes 2 sizes larger.
Uncontrolled Rage (DC 12) (Ex) When drop a foe become confused (Will neg). If fail, save again each rd.

You need a boon for androids. And you better watch ST NG to give me a decent presentation of a soulless computer.

I looked at the player's guide but if the answer's in there I missed it. Is there any adjustment to the normal gunpowder level? Any chance there are Guns Everywhere in Numeria?

Liberty's Edge

Very interested..will get a character made up asap (later this afternoon)

I'll make a human magus. Take the Dual Talent Alternate Racial Trait, use my boon for a bonus feat, and go pure magus.

1: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 6) = 10
2: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 1) = 11
3: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 1) = 5
4: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 5) = 7
5: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 2) = 8
6: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 3) = 12
...20 point buy it is :P

Virtue: benevolent

Flaw: dogmatic

One very important question. Can we roll 3d6 and then choose to go with 20 point buy if the rolls aren't good?

Azih wrote:
One very important question. Can we roll 3d6 and then choose to go with 20 point buy if the rolls aren't good?

Instead of pressing "Submit Post" just hit "Preview." You'll be able to tell what your rolls are, and if you don't like them you don't clog the forum with irrelevant info!

Made a mistake on my calculations. I have 2 points left. So make it a Con of 12. =^^=

I have this character concept, a scholar that got traped in ancient times in a falling structure, but saved and mantained in extasis/slumber by a protector being, just to awake in the actual Golarion, with some memory loses and an angel-like being at his side (actually a summoner with his eidolon)-

He can be a bit of the party-face and a dedicated buffer, with little battlefield control (apart from summons).

He will make use of his summon abilities per day, only summoning its eidolon as a last resort and/or healing duties, but playing it as ever present, just incorporeal and transluced, as rp element with no game effect, if possible.

Going for the Joker, of course.


Perception: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6) = 12
Perception: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 5) = 12
Perception: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 2) = 12
Perception: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 4) = 14
Perception: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 3) = 8
Perception: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 5) = 15

I take the 20 pb

Virtue and Flaw: Valt is naive and gullible. Both for the good and the bad.
Another flaw it will have is the language, he speaks Hallit with strong outsider accent, and none of common, at least for now. (That last is part of the concept, he was going to have it anyway)

Valt Skyddade:
Valt Skyddade The Angel protected
Male Human Summoner 1
[Favored Class - HP:0 Skill:1]
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +4 Senses Perception + 0
AC 13, touch 10, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor)
hp 10 (1d8+2 Con)
Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Summoning: 7/7day
Spells: Base DC: 14 +1 for conjuration spells
Cantrips: Detect magic, light, mending, daze
Level 1 (2/2day): Grease, Shield
Str 10
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 18 (16+2 human)

Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 10
1-Spell focus: conjuration //-Augmented summoning (human) //-Improved initiative (boon)

Skills 6/level (2class+1 human+1FCB+2Int)
Craft (Int)
Diplomacy (Cha) (1) 9
Fly (Dex)*
Handle Animal (Cha)
Knowledge (arcana) (Int)(1) 6
Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int)
Knowledge (engineering) (Int)
Knowledge (geography) (Int)
Knowledge (history) (Int) (1) 6
Knowledge (local) (Int)
Knowledge (nature) (Int)
Knowledge (nobility) (Int)
Knowledge (planes) (Int) (1) 6
Knowledge (religion) (Int)
Linguistics (Int) (1) 6
Profession (Teacher)(Wis) (1) 4
Ride (Dex)*
Spellcraft (Int)
Use Magic Device (Cha)

*Armor penalty -0

Languages: Androffan(Trait), Hallit, Celestial (Int), Terran (Int), Aquan (Lin).
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Summoners are proficient with all simple weapons. Summoners are also proficient with light armor. A summoner can cast summoner spells while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance. Like any other arcane spellcaster, a summoner wearing medium or heavy armor, or using a shield, incurs a chance of arcane spell failure if the spell in question has a somatic component. A multiclass summoner still incurs the normal arcane spell failure chance for arcane spells received from other classes.
Spells: A summoner casts arcane spells drawn from the summoner spell list. He can cast any spell he knows without preparing it ahead of time, assuming he has not yet used up his allotment of spells per day for the spell's level.
To learn or cast a spell, a summoner must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a summoner's spell is 10 + the spell level + the summoner's Charisma modifier.
A summoner can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level each day. His base daily spell allotment is given on Table 2–7. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Charisma score (see Table 1–3 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook).
A summoner's selection of spells is extremely limited. A summoner begins play knowing four 0-level spells and two 1st-level spells of the summoner's choice. At each new summoner level, he gains one or more new spells as indicated on Table 2–8. (Unlike spells per day, the number of spells a summoner knows is not affected by his Charisma score. The numbers on Table 2–8 are fixed.)
Upon reaching 5th level, and at every third summoner level thereafter (8th, 11th, and so on), a summoner can choose to learn a new spell in place of one he already knows. In effect, the summoner “loses” the old spell in exchange for the new one. The new spell's level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged, and it must be at least one level lower than the highest-level summoner spell he can cast. A summoner may swap out only a single spell at any given level and must choose whether or not to swap the spell at the same time that he gains new spells known for the level.
Cantrips: A summoner learns a number of cantrips, or 0-level spells, as noted on Table 2–8 under “Spells Known.” These spells are cast like any other spell, but they may be cast any number of times per day. Cantrips prepared using other spell slots, due to metamagic feats, for example, consume spell slots as normally.
Eidolon: A summoner begins play with the ability to summon to his side a powerful outsider called an eidolon. The eidolon forms a link with the summoner, who, forever after, summons an aspect of the same creature. An eidolon has the same alignment as the summoner that calls it and can speak all of his languages. Eidolons are treated as summoned creatures, except that they are not sent back to their home plane until reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to or greater than their Constitution score. In addition, due to its tie to its summoner, an eidolon can touch and attack creatures warded by protection from evil and similar effects that prevent contact with summoned creatures.
A summoner can summon his eidolon in a ritual that takes 1 minute to perform. When summoned in this way, the eidolon hit points are unchanged from the last time it was summoned. The only exception to this is if the eidolon was slain, in which case it returns with half its normal hit points. The eidolon does not heal naturally. The eidolon remains until dismissed by the summoner (a standard action). If the eidolon is sent back to its home plane due to death, it cannot be summoned again until the following day. The eidolon cannot be sent back to its home plane by means of dispel magic, but spells such as dismissal and banishment work normally. If the summoner is unconscious, asleep, or killed, his eidolon is immediately banished.
The eidolon takes a form shaped by the summoner's desires. The eidolon's Hit Dice, saving throws, skills, feats, and abilities are tied to the summoner's class level and increase as the summoner gains levels. In addition, each eidolon receives a pool of evolution points, based on the summoner's class level, that can be used to give the eidolon different abilities and powers. Whenever the summoner gains a level, he must decide how these points are spent, and they are set until he gains another level of summoner.
The eidolon's physical appearance is up to the summoner, but it always appears as some sort of fantastical creature. This control is not fine enough to make the eidolon appear like a specific creature. The eidolon also bears a glowing rune that is identical to a rune that appears on the summoner's forehead as long as the eidolon is summoned. While this rune can be hidden through mundane means, it cannot be concealed through magic that changes appearance, such as alter self or polymorph (although invisibility does conceal it as long as the spell lasts).
Life Link (Su): Starting at 1st level, a summoner forms a close bond with his eidolon. Whenever the eidolon takes enough damage to send it back to its home plane, the summoner can, as a free action, sacrifice any number of hit points. Each hit point sacrificed in this way prevents 1 point of damage done to the eidolon. This can prevent the eidolon from being sent back to its home plane.
In addition, the eidolon and the summoner must remain within 100 feet of one another for the eidolon to remain at full strength. If the eidolon is beyond 100 feet but closer than 1,000 feet, its current and maximum hit point totals are reduced by 50%. If the eidolon is more than 1,000 feet away but closer than 10,000 feet, its current and maximum hit point totals are reduced by 75%. If the eidolon is more than 10,000 feet away, it is immediately returned to its home plane. Current hit points lost in this way are not restored when the eidolon gets closer to its summoner, but its maximum hit point total does return to normal.
Summon Monster I (Sp): Starting at 1st level, a summoner can cast summon monster I as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. Drawing upon this ability uses up the same power as the summoner uses to call his eidolon. As a result, he can only use this ability when his eidolon is not summoned. He can cast this spell as a standard action and the creatures remain for 1 minute per level (instead of 1 round per level). At 3rd level, and every 2 levels thereafter, the power of this ability increases by one spell level, allowing him to summon more powerful creatures (to a maximum of summon monster IX at 17th level). At 19th level, this ability can be used as gate or summon monster IX. If used as gate, the summoner must pay any required material components. A summoner cannot have more than one summon monster or gate spell active in this way at one time. If this ability is used again, any existing summon monster or gate immediately ends. These summon spells are considered to be part of his spell list for the purposes of spell trigger and spell completion items. In addition, he can expend uses of this ability to fufill the construction requirements of any magic item he creates, so long as he can use this ability to cast the required spell.

backpack, blanket winter, flint & steel, dagger, studded leather, Greatsword (Iophiel)
Total weight: 26/33(light) 66(medium) 100(heavy)
GP:34 SP:5
Special Abilities
Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.
Bonus Feat: Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.
Numerian Archaeologist: Numeria is a land ripe for archaeological exploration, since so many of the strange technological dungeons have been either avoided by the superstitious barbarian tribes or have been locked down by the Technic League, leaving many of them untouched and ripe for exploration. You’ve studied the strange language associated with these eerie technological ruins, and are eager to start exploring them—you suspect that Torch’s namesake is in fact part of a larger buried ruin, and you hope to enter these ruins and learn their original purpose by exploring the caves below town. You gain Androffan as an additional language. In addition, you possess a knack for technological items; when you use a timeworn technological item, roll twice when determining any glitches the item might cause and choose which result to use as your actual result. Talk to your GM for more information about resolving glitches.

World Traveler: Your family has taken the love of travel to an extreme, roaming the world extensively. You've seen dozens of cultures and have learned to appreciate the diversity of what the world has to offer. Select one of the following skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), or Sense Motive. You gain a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you. (Diplomacy)

Iophiel יופיאל (Eidolon)
Celestial outsider Summoned 1
Size Medium; Speed 30 ft.;
AC 13 (+2 natural armor, +1 Dex)
Saves Fort 3(good), Ref 1(bad), Will 2(good);
+4/+4 claw (1d4+3)
+4 greatsword 2d6+4
Ability Scores
Str 16
Dex 12
Con 13
Int 7
Wis 10
Cha 11
-Martial Weapon Proficiency: Greatsword

Free Evolutions: claws, limbs (arms), limbs (legs).

Evolutions (3): Basic Magic (stabilize) (1), Minor Magic (Cure Light Wounds)(2)

Skills: 4 (6-2Int)
Bluff (Cha)
Craft (Int)
+Heal (wis) (1) = +4
Knowledge (planes)(Int) (1) = +2
+Knowledge (religion)(Int)
Perception (Wis)
+Perform (Cha) (1) = +4
Sense Motive (Wis)
Stealth (Dex)
+Swim (Str) (1) = +7
Languages: Celestial
Darkvision (Ex): The eidolon has darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.

Link (Ex): A summoner and his eidolon share a mental link allows for communication across any distance (as long as they are on the same plane). This communication is a free action, allowing the summoner to give orders to his eidolon at any time. In addition, magic items interfere with the summoner's connection to his eidolon. As a result, the summoner and his eidolon share magic item slots. For example, if the summoner is wearing a ring, his eidolon can wear no more than one ring. In case of a conflict, the items worn by the summoner remain active, and those used by the eidolon become dormant. The eidolon must possess the appropriate appendages to utilize a magic item.
Share Spells (Ex): The summoner may cast a spell with a target of “you” on his eidolon (as a spell with a range of touch) instead of on himself. A summoner may cast spells on his eidolon even if the spells normally do not affect creatures of the eidolon's type (outsider). Spells cast in this way must come from the summoner spell list. This ability does not allow the eidolon to share abilities that are not spells, even if they function like spells.

Valt.... awake.... Valt....
Valt heard the whisper of a voice in the distance, slowly pulling out of his slumber, as if it weren't really directed to him.
Valt.... it is time... to awake... Valt
Again, Valt heard the voice. This time, less staggered, he will swears the voice does not come from the distance, but from the inside, as if it was his own conscience talking to him. Valt tries to open his eyes, but he was unable at that time; meanwhile, his other sense overtake it, first touch, noting moisture and a hard surface, then the smell, noting a stale stench and dust, then taste, showing thirsty and with an earthy taste on his mouth. Where am I? I..I can not remember it... I'm on the floor?
This time was no doubt, the voice resonated strongly on his mind, making him open his eyes finally.
who is? What the? Said Valt alarmed and confused. It's eyes wide open barely can see in the dim light that enters the place he lays. He sees now he is covered in dust, and some fungus growing on top of it, all the place filled in webs and what it looks to be plant roots. Valt tries to remember where he is or what happened to him, but nothing comes to his mind.
Uh, the voice calls me Valt, that I figure its my name, but can not even remember that. I must... must go out of here. How long have I been here? What I'm sure about is that voice is not speaking on my mother tongue, thought I can understand it perfectly.
Valt, get up... it is time... for you... to awake... finally
Valt tries to get up, but its muscles does not obey properly, atrophied by the long slumber. He then decides to crawl in direction to the dim light origin. Valt growls in pain as his muscles and articulations aches for the effort. Finally he gets to the light origin, finding too a little water trickling out from the ceiling. Totally thirsty, Valt thanks it, licking the dirty surface to get some of the scarce water. After several minutes, the young man started to burrow the loose terrain up his head, filling the room he was with more and more light.
Finally he was out. A fine rain was falling, cleaning the dirt from him, and refreshing his mouth, now with clean fresh water. And the most beautiful being he has ever seen was just in front of him, smiling. The being, with silver hair and pearly skin, has a couple of feathered wings spread on his back, and a smile with the virtue to easy the soul. A luminous mark on his front calls Valt's attention as if it where familiar.
Who are you? Asks Valt fascinated.
Iophiel is my name, Valt. Hears Valt in his mind. Lots of questions starts to form in his mind, but the being interrupts him.
Sorry, but I does not have much more time. I came to awake you as it is the time. I protected you for so long, you lived far more time than any mortal even dare to dream about, in your deep slumber. Now your time to be awake has come. Go, regain your strength and health and be aware, Valt. I left you with an image of myself, merely a carcass of my power, but will suffice for now...

But wait... hey WAIT! But the voice of Iophiel never to be heard, just the echo of it in the carcass she left to protect Valt.

That was a year ago, in that time I meet people from all around, learned the local language, found a peaceful town called Torch and made some friends. Now I'm decided to investigate what caused the violet flame on the hill to fade, with my good friend Zandu.

more facts:
Discobered the mark א in his forehead. The same Iophiel has.
No memories from before he awake in the underground cave/ruins.
He is sociable and friendly, and thus, people likes him.
He got a work as a teacher, and started to remember (or have the sensation at the least) that he was some kind of scholar.

Creation rules:
Starting Level 1
You have the chance to roll 3d6 6 times. Either use that or 20-point buy
Races: All Paizo Core
Classes: All Paizo
Traits: 2, one must be from the Iron Gods Players Guide.
Max HP at every level
Traits 2
Starting Wealth 150gp
Everyone has one BOON.
You can use it to either:
*take a Featured or Uncommon Race
*Take an extra Feat
*Take a second legal Archetype
*Ask for something special. (Member of the Pathfinder Society with excellent contacts, be a member of the nobility with political strings)
Alignement No Evil. You can use a boon for something very shady, but we have to work it out.

I present to you Theodric Galadon for your consideration. I will need to adjust his point buy and gear (due to loss of wealth) but other than that he is ready to go.

Boon Bonus Feat
Virtue Good Samaritan: Theodric always goes out of his way to help somebody in need.
Flaw Unwelcome Vigilante: Theodric likes to "pick up the slack" for local authorities, often getting into trouble with them.

I think I was not clear. Everyone can roll. If he doesn´t like the result... he can use the pb.
For the slots.

In light of the stat clarification...

Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 3) = 9
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 5) = 17
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 6) = 18
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 4) = 15
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6) = 11
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 6) = 9

Oh I'm totally going with these haha.

Ok for my skilled guy

Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 2) = 9
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 1) = 9
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 4) = 11
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5) = 9
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 5) = 13
Stat: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 1) = 9

Blergh, 20 point buy it is.

Okay, I'll roll and see which set is better.

Stat roll: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 2) = 6
Stat roll: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 1) = 5
Stat roll: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 1) = 4
Stat roll: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 1) = 11
Stat roll: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 4) = 14
Stat roll: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 5) = 17, that's bad.

Just edited the previous post with the dice and the slot selection. I think Valt can be a nice 5th party member.

What about skilled joker? =^^=

3d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 1) = 7
3d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 4) = 10
3d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 2) = 12
3d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 4) = 11
3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 5) = 13
3d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 3) = 12

20pt buy it is :P

Kevoth wrote:

Okay, I'll roll and see which set is better.

[dice=Stat roll]3d6
[dice=Stat roll]3d6
[dice=Stat roll]3d6
[dice=Stat roll]3d6
[dice=Stat roll]3d6
[dice=Stat roll]3d6, that's bad.

Please play somebody with a 4. That 17 can make a perfect wizard!

Since I can:

Stats: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 2) = 8
Stats: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 3) = 8
Stats: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 5) = 14
Stats: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2) = 10
Stats: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 2) = 9
Stats: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 3) = 9

I would like to present: Anvil the Android Metal Wizard
Boon: Android
Virtue: Fiercely Loyal
Flaw: Afraid of fire (I used this as a flaw to gain a third trait, if this is not allowed I will remove it)
I technically created this character for another PBP, but here goes.

Here are links for google docs character sheets. I will create and alias if selected.


stat rolls:

I likely will use 20 point buy, but let's try this.
Roll: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 2) = 10
Roll: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 1) = 8
Roll: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 2) = 10
Roll: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 1) = 8
Roll: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 1) = 7
Roll: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 2) = 7

This character is currently using 15 point buy, average gold, and has a flaw. I will update if you choose my character.

stats: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 2) = 9
stats: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 5) = 8
stats: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 4) = 10
stats: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 1) = 5
stats: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 4) = 14
stats: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 5) = 11

Yeah...just going to go with the point buy

Here is my submission gm (hi Mardavig).

Question can I use the boon to grab a timeworn laser pistol instead of a battered gun? Also anything wrong with my submission?


A: I am loathing to give away an item worth over 2k gold as a starting equipment. Especially as I do not have the stats for a laser pistol. But the little brother is worth 2.5k.
B: A smith needs more strength. But you could be a finemechanic. We would have to reflavor the trait, same abilities just a little diffrent name.
C: Tell me, how do you work in a group. I get the vibe of a loner, a drifter, someone hard to trust someone, and someone very hard to trust!
But... persuade me!"

*Watches everybody else roll stats poorly*

*Goes to work on crunch with his rolled 36 point buy*

Grand Lodge

dotting for interest :)

Alright, My Arcanist

3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 5) = 14
3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 1) = 10
3d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 6) = 11
3d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 5) = 13
3d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 1) = 7
3d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 2) = 7

Where can I find information on Virtues and such?

Looks like 20 point buy for me as well then. ><

Liberty's Edge

Here is my character profile. If chosen I will create a proper alias.

Uran, the Gnome Gunslinger:

Male Gnome Gunslinger (Experimental Gunsmith) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide 0; Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 9)
NG Small humanoid (gnome)
Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +6
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +0; +2 vs. illusions
Speed 20 ft.
Melee longsword +3 (1d6+1/19-20)
Ranged pepperbox rifle +4 (1d8/×4)
Special Attacks grit
Gnome Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +2)
. . 1/day—dancing lights, ghost sound (DC 12), prestidigitation, speak with animals
Str 12, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 14
Feats Point-Blank Shot
Traits against the technic league (weapons), just like new
Skills Craft (firearms) +7, Diplomacy +2, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (local) +5, Perception +6, Sense Motive +1; Racial Modifiers +2 Craft (firearms), +2 Perception
Languages Common, Gnome, Goblin, Sylvan
SQ deeds (deadeye, gunslinger's dodge, quick clear), experimental firearm, innovations (recoilless), master tinker
Other Gear lamellar (leather) armor, longsword, pepperbox rifle, 135 gp
Special Abilities
Against the Technic League (Weapons) +2 weapon damage vs. targets you know are associated with the Technic League
Experimental Firearm (Pepperbox rifle) (Ex) Can use Gunsmithing feat on experimental firearm only.
Grit (Ex) Gain a pool of points that are spent to fuel deeds, regained on firearm crit/killing blow.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Master Tinker You are proficient with any weapon you have personally crafted.
Point-Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Recoilless Increase range increment by 10 feet.


Born in the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar, Uran was fascinated with firearms and as soon as he was able, he joined the many craftspeople working within the gunworks. It soon became apparent to his supervisors that this young gnome had a knack for repairing and altering firearms. He soon found himself in the research and development department, where he created a system of counterbalances and clockwork gears to counter the recoil from some larger firearms. It was this invention which brought him to the attention of a visiting member of the Technic League. This figure was purchasing weapons for his faction, and decided to add to his bounty by bribing the young gnome to come back with him. Through flattery and promises of unlimited access to "high tech", he conned Uran into leaving the Grand Duchy and following the emissary back to Numeria.

The truth of this was Uran was approached by members of the Shieldmarshals as soon as the Technic League emissary made his offer. He was deputised by the Marshals and was sent to learn as much as possible about what the League knew about firearms. Unfortunately a turncoat in the Shieldmarshals tipped the emissary off and outside the town of Torch, he made his move. He left the gnome for dead, but did not finish the job. Uran was able to make it to Torch and began the slow process of healing. He is still in the town, determined to carry out his mission, or die trying.

Virtues, Flaws and Boon:

Virtue: Uran is both stubborn and loyal. He takes his mission very seriously and will do almost anything to bring down the Technic League.

Flaws: Loyalty can be a two-edged sword, and while the gnome is honourable and good, if the chance to deal a great blow to the Technic League presented itself, he might go against all his training and take the opportunity, no matter the repercussions.

Boon: His experimental masterwork pepperbox rifle with his own recoil suppression mechanism attached.

Liberty's Edge

3d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2) = 10
3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 1) = 13
3d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 5) = 9
3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 4) = 16
3d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 2) = 9
3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 2) = 9

Thinking a human slayer called Kimos Kousei. Will dwell more on it. ;)

Man, everyone is rolling really badly.

Been a while since I last threw my hat into something. I already have an vague idea in mind, but let's see if the dice agree.

3d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 3) = 6
3d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 5) = 15
3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 5) = 13
3d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 1) = 6
3d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 5) = 13
3d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 5) = 13

Ha ha ha, absolutely not. That's all right, 20 points are plenty.


1, perhaps stun or dart gun instead? Gunpowder weapons just don't seem "right" in Numeria.
2 yeah he is more of a mechanic, he will with the right labs (which he will commandeer from the Technic Leaque) craft most of his own equipment eventually.
3 Jacen would never function well with the "holy types" (e.g Paladins and priests of gods like Iomadae or Sarenae) but lets be fair those guys have their own campaign called WOTR where they belong.

Numeria is a more brutal land, where more brutal characters reign. Jacen would function well with a neutral group however, he would find such folks as priestess's of Brigh eccentric but easy to live with (so long as they ain't Sarenae priests in disguise, I've seen way too many of those).

Ultimately Jacen Ordo will fight against the Technic Leaque, he views them as cowards and hoarders. The fact of the matter is if you start a fight with him he will finish it with your body in the ground. Jacen is loyal however and honor's his word, just don't screw him over.

As for how well he works with a group as I said previously that depends, Jacen just ain't a good character. If your looking for the closest analogue available think Jango or Boba Fett, they weren't good but they certainly weren't evil: They were mercenaries.

Anything else GM?

Hey Helicon, just down loaded the players guide for Iron Gods to see what I can put together.

Helicon wrote:
2 people have already a fixed place

Can you tell us what these two are playing so we know what's open?

roll: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 2) = 9
roll: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 3) = 13
roll: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6) = 16
roll: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 6) = 12
roll: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 2) = 5
roll: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 1) = 8

definitely going with 20 pb

3d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 4) = 10
3d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 2) = 6
3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 4) = 13
3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 5) = 17
3d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 1) = 11
3d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 6) = 15

Definitely going with pb.

Crunch and stuff for Elizabeth Ardoc, runaway daughter of the Ardoc family in Kaer Maga who became an apprentice in numeria in the hopes she will be able to build golems someday. 20 point buy


Full Name : Elizabeth Ardoc

Race: Human

Classes/Levels Wizard (Skill points)

Gender f

Size M

Age 18

Special Abilities :

Alignment: NG

Deity Brigh


Languages Common,Dwarf,Dragonic,Abyssal,Celestial

Occupation : Apprentice Technic

Strength 10
Dexterity 12 (+1)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 18 (+4)
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 10
Height: Weight: Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Favored Class: Wizard
Hit Points: 11
Spd: 30
Init: +5
AC: 12( armor shield)/Touch 12/FF 10)
BAB: +0
CMB: +0
CMD: 12
Saves: Fort +2 Ref +1 Will +3(+5 vs. fear)

Club +0 1d6
Light Crossbow 1d8 19-20/x2 80 feet

Skills: 8/Level(2 class INT+4 Race+1 FCB+1)
Perception (1+1)2
Know-Engineering (1+4+3+1)9
Spellcraft (1+4+3)8
Know-Planes (1+4+3)8
Fly (1+1+3)5
Profession-Engineer (1+1+3)5
Craft (armor) (1+4+3)8

Feats:Improved Initiative, Toughness(+3 HP +1 HP/lvl past lvl 3),Defensive Combat training(Boon)Use HD as attack bonus for CMD(1).Scribe Scroll(Class)
Traits: Mathamatical Prodigy(+1 Know-Arcana/Engineering),Couragous(+2 saves vs. fear)
Special Abilities:Bondeditem(Ring cast 1 spell known/day)

Wizard's Kit (21)
belt pouch
flint and steel
iron pot
mess kit
spell component pouch
torches (10)
trail rations (5 days)
Light Crossbow
20 bolts
Potion of CLW
44 gp

Spells per day 3/3/
DC 14+level
0:Detect Magic,Light,Jolt
1(15)Magic Missle,Ray of Enfeeblement,Enlarge Person
Virtue:Elizabeth is devoted to advancing her knowledge so she can at long last build golems.
Flaw:Elizabeth despises mysogony and will be abupt and rude to such people.

0 All
1 Magic Missle,Ray of Enfeeblement,Mage Armor,Enlarge Person,Ant Haul,Charm Person,Alarm

Background:Elizabeth originally hails from Kaer Maga where she was born into the Ardoc family, a group of ruthless criminals who enforce their will through golems and other constructs. Elizabeth longed to be able to join her brothers in the golemworks but the Ardocs were male-dominated and Elizabeth was expected to be a 'good girl' and eventually marry for the benefit of the clan. Elizabeth rebelled against this and stole money to fund her journey to Numeria and eventual apprenticeship to the Technic League where she hope she will be able to achieve her goals.

Dotting, will post a character at some point this week (Android Investigator, and yep, I watched ST NG, but won't copy Data).

Here's Iosif.

Boon is for Android. Drawback is Naive and took Resilient trait in exchange.


There was a noise, a noise to loud he could feel it. It encompassed everything he knew and everything he would know. When he opened his eyes he was in dirt, buried up to his chest. He could remember nothing aside from the noise.

Eventually he crawled out of the dirt. He did not know where he was, he did not know who he was. He looked up to the stars and knew there was something there, something out there that meant something to him. He tried to remember if he had a name. A series of names swam up in his memory, but he was uncertain if those names meant him or if they meant exclusively him.

Eventually he found a place to go. The native people were not fond of him for some reason, but eventually he discovered he could conceal his circuitry-tattoos. He also discovered that these same locals were very attached to the idea of certain of their rituals and celebrations occurring at very specific times and seasons. His knowledge of the stars and celestial patterns could be of use to them.

One day he felt a conjunction about to occur. It led him to Torch, a place he had been a few times before. Just as he was arriving the flame of Torch extinguished itself. Since the he has been working on what this means, and if it has anything to do with the things he does and does not know.

More details to come.

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