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Creation Rules:
-25 pt buy
-No stats below 10 and above 16 prior to racial modifiers
HP: Max 1st level. 1/2+1+con mod for the remainder
-Starting wealth is average or roll and keep whatever you roll based on class.
-No third party
-No Evil of any kind, (this is a good campaign)
-Teamwork is key, and the party comes into play knowing and respecting each other.
-Two traits, no drawbacks
-Certain races are frowned upon as being mostly "evil", I do not care so long as you accept the general public NPC's might not start off liking you.That said, any non third party race is allowed.
-Drow Nobles are not an option
-No Chosen child/Rich Parents
-Leadership is allowed just do not get too carried away.
-No hero point system
-Automatic Bonus progression
-Mythic is a thing, you'll get it when you get it.
-Diversity is recommended as you will each be utilizing one another's skills in both battle and survival.
-There will be all different forms of enemies, especially undead for all you favored enemy classes.
-I will not always be able to post everyday, but I will try to at least post once if not more when able
-If you don't post within so much time I may or may not either post for you, or replace you.
-This a home-brewed campaign with home-brewed items in it as well
-Rp to your hearts content
-GM has final say

*Please be mindful that rules are subject to change under certain circumstances*

Also please put the following in your Classes/Levels section of your alias and adjust for your stats and class. For Ex.

Enlightened Paladin 2 (HP 23/23) | AC:18 | T:16 | FF:14 | CMD 18 | Fort +11 | Ref +10 | Will +11 | Init +4 | Perc: +2 | Speed 40ft)

Active Spells/Effects:

Real-time Over-world

The sun rays filter down from the heavens, as the clouds streak across the sky. A breeze billows softly and across the fields plant life bend gently to its will. The sound of wildlife sing throughout forests and such, giving an overall peaceful outlook to the world. Each of you traveling together having gained each others' friendship along your journey. Due north towards what you believe to be a new beginning for each of you. Along your recent travels however, you have heard rumors... Rumors that bring back the legends of old, and makes to question if they actually had happened. Sitting down or resting in some form for a few moments before proceeding you look about the scenery before you... If true, the rumors you had heard would possibly bring destruction to this place and many other beauties of the world as well. The world has changed a lot in the last thousand years, many of the earth's scare have since become areas of beauty while others barren. In the recent town two days back, rumors had been about the great statues referred to as the "Rift Guardians", to have begun falling. Old lore addicts praise them as true protectors claiming that the fall of them meant for many evils to be closer to becoming unleashed upon the world once more.

Random Old Man Preaches to anyone "The world is forever changing, and while we were not there to see it with our own eyes, we must pass on the memories of those whom died shielding us from seeing such truths. It is very likely the world may need to call on a new generation of heroes to stand where others cannot once more. Should our history have it right, it has been a thousand years since the last great war. The prophecies speak of the apocalypse coming again at the fall of the great statues...

First the statues will begin to crumble one by one,
Second, the earth will shudder
Third, the gates will open to all...

Should that happen, many will be doomed"

...His worlds still echo in your minds even days later as you sit by the lakeside...

Over-world Outline
The world is changing, with the rift guardians falling, new beings are being sighted by the day. The world is in need of new heroes as it's peace plunges into utter turmoil the more the prophecies go on unnoticed. The time has come for the world to both call on it's new heroes, and to learn their names as they are forevermore carved into it's history. The apocalypse could very well be on it's way...

While some choose to inflict pain and misery, others can become persuaded to become great allies by being redeemed.

The fates of retribution call upon those due to compensate for their sins. Beings of unknown origin and quantity begin invading our planet as the rift guardians fall. The pressure of holding the fate the world rests on the shoulders of many. Ready to call forth and forever be engrave the names of these brave souls in it's history, There lay before each of you a choice that will both challenge and influence you. Should you take on the mantle of adventurer, which path will you take?

The world is calling... Who are they chanting for?


The world as you know it, has seen peace for roughly a thousand years since the first great war of "Four Flames". Though the world had suffered wars prior, it was the great wars that forever left it's scars on the world. It was in these wars that heroes were born and remembered throughout history... at least, most of them...

It was in the world's first great war that the evil being 'Beatrice' enacted her treachery upon the world, attempting to bring it into damnation by the very souls whom guarded it. These were known as the monks of the four fires. Brave souls born into the world as prodigies specifically to fight and cleanse the world of it's evils. In some ways they were the martyrs for which the world was able to rest easy in peace for centuries... The world has since been protected from other planes via the rift guardians. Placed by what most believe to be 'the gods', they are one of a kind constructs whom demand respect. Made of various rare metals and stones they have stood watch for these last thousand years. Though they seem as ordinary statues resembling great virtues or honorable warriors, the legends have since been looked at as folk tales by the lesser believers as the years passed. Forever dormant to those of this day in age, they still stand strong throughout the world.

The day goes on as the group travels along a beaten trail through a forest. It's path soon opens up after about an hour's worth of traveling to reveal a large open area roughly a mile in diameter. An island is seen in the middle with a land bridge leading straight through from one side to the other, connecting only to the island along the way. what is assumed was a great crater at one time has since been worked and filled in from rain and runoff thus becoming a great lake.

History DC 15:
Approximately one thousand years ago these grounds were home to a grand sized battle between two opposing religious groups held by two individuals. A paladin of pelor, and a cleric of Nerul. A small town used to call a portion of this lake, home before it was blown off the face of the map. It is said that in the center a single forgotten unnamed grave sits on the island to the paladin, on it a single undying blue rose that never wavers.

Upon making it towards the edge of the waters you each take in the serene beauty across the crystal clear waters. able to see to the bottom for about 100 feet out before it becomes too dark you may assume that the water is indeed deep. The breeze soon begins to change as the moments go on, a chill in the air as the pressure significantly drops as well. The wind is still coming at you backs and with the tree line blocking your view you cannot visibly see a storm coming, but you can feel it.

Geaography DC20:
The next noteworthy town is another days travel on this roadway due north. Not to say that there aren't other towns along the way, just that there are no noteworthy ones.

Geography DC15:
The distance between this entrance from the forest and the exit of the other side is approximately 1 mile in diameter

A few more moments pass and deciding it to be a better idea to travel across the lake before the storm hits becomes priority for now. As you take your first step the ground begins to shake just enough so that you almost loose your balance. Regaining your footing (if your standing) the ground shakes more and more violently for roughly 5 mins before once again each of you deem it safe to cross. Once you get a ways away from the shore and treeline, you're able to see more of the clouds in the distance, roughly half an hour away.

Looking for good backstories and compatibility between the chosen. If you'd like to role play prior to build character relations feel free to here but with the mindset that the post above would mostly be null and voice until you were chosen for the party. In that sense you would be in a tavern at a previous town as the party formed in the past. If not then ask freely of any questions her and please keep the discussion and game play tabs free of nonsense.

Thank you and goodluck!

Thoughts thoughts fun fun thoughts.

I'll be dotting in with interest, but first a few questions:

1)I see inside the History DC 15 that the two leaders of the armies were a paladin of Pelor and a cleric of Nerul.
1A)That means we'll be using 3.5s gods? I like me some Pelor or Heironeus.
1B)Is Pelor in particular still praised upon or have they faded into the shadows, knowledge of them mostly lost? If the answer is yes and you are okay with the following I may or may not (Still thinking about it) like to be a divine character (Paladin, Cleric, Warpriest, etc) follower of The Light/The Sun (A thousands years ago revered as Pelor) either trying to bring back the faith in his religion or just trying to be a proud "Pelorite" helping people in need.
If the answer is no, do you allow Clerics following a concept instead of a Deity?

2)Can we get a rundown of the world's countries/cities/towns? Just so we can know the places of the early years of our characters

I know I'll have more questions later, I'll post them as soon as they come!

Many of the 3.5 gods are now old world gods as the party will soon learn of as the plot unfolds. They have since died and many other gods, (from the newer pantheon) have come into existence.

Most knowledge of them is and has been lost for centuries. Though some lore based NPC's may have ancient scriptures available with various random and or less heard of knowledge involving what happened and such.

You could very well worship any of the old God's, however they simply will not be able to grant you any of their divine blessings thus granting you spells and or abilities. If you however would like to "bring back" the religion and worked towards it, a revival may or may not be possible based on your devotion and hard work. I could set up a quest-line easily where you perhaps eventually traveled with the party to learn about and visit the God graveyard, resting place of fallen Gods. Or wont the favor of a current God and gained help in reviving Pelor/Heroneous and/or so on. It's actually an open end possibility I thought might be fun for later down the road if the players chose to do so.

"If" you can find any Pelor worshipers they are generally going to be old, and not possess any devine capabilities due to him being dead. But they are somewhere in the world. like many other worshipers of fallen Gods, they do still exist though many would consider them outcasts for sounding crazy and such. (as if the old Gods had never existed), of course, it's been roughly 1000 years! lol

Since the Great War had left much of the world thoroughly scarred and deformed it took centuries for some plant life to even return. Where as other sites have since turned into great lakes, seas, deserts.

Basic cities include:

Duskoak-A mainly Elvin/fey city. Dislike towards the humans is great among many whom live here for having cultivated and destroyed much of the land in their eyes. Still though, there are some who can see past the racism and hate towards less nature attuned races and creatures.

Cedar-A smaller yet popular human settlement home to farmers and other such blue collar workers.

Skybane-An ancient city once worshiped by races without angelic descent. Since the Great war they have opened their doors to most good natured beings. Though still skeptical to some races some refuse to change and deem themselves above others. They are more open than that of most other races however.

Zeal-A port city known for great shipments of rare metals at times as well as fishing expeditions from the great eastern seas. Old lore from ancient times speak of strange happenings at sea. Some of the best fishermen whom leave for sea and are gone for months on end come back swearing they seen proof of the hidden city. Though none truly know for sure.

Havenshaw-In the northern plains towards the middle most of the continent this town calls home to many retired vets. A mixture of races live here in peace and dispute little to nothing despite their culture.

Keil-An island a few miles off the eastern coast from Zeal.

Koral-The Great city of Koral, said to have fallen at least once in all it's glory during the Great war. Legends speak of a Succubus whom burnt it to ruin. Many other mysteries lay here that were never explained. Homes many different races, and tolerates little to no racism for any race. It is strict though, and highly enchanted!

Little Brook-Mostly a core races are found here. A larger agricultural town known for their fall celebrations for celebrating their harvests.

Ashe-An ancient Dwarven city known as the 'City of Ashe', get's it's name based on basic information. Many do not come here due to the fact that it is located within a mountain which used to be an active volcano. It is said that centuries ago their ancestors would pray to the God of fire should they be under attack and he would make it snow ashes revealing most foes and their tracks. This was a sign and tradition though since the Great war, no such occurrences have come to pass.

There are many other cities, and small towns, but like skyrim, there are other countries, islands, continents and such that give more to offer. I wanted to treat this like an expansion based game, and should the party beat end game here it would mean onto the next xpac should they decide!

Gold Roll: 5d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 6, 6, 5) = 26

A rather fat and short orc, bursts into the tavern. Causing one of the other patrons in said bar to spill his ale at the orcs feet. He stares down at his feet... Or what he could see of them and then his eyes dart up to the patrons mug. He grabs it from the man and chugs the remaining contents. He belches loudly! "No thank you, I'm skipping baths this month!" the orc almost shouts at the man as he hands the mug forcefully back.

The orc then pushes past the man to the bar and orders a gallon of mead. He sports short cropped hair and eyepatch, neat yet ruddy looking; he wears a breastplate with a extra iron plate haphazardly fitted about his stomach (for obvious reasons) and carries a rather beautiful looking cutlass that clashes with his overall rough and tough appearance. He smokes a cigar as he waits for the barkeep to finish pouring/finding a jug big enough for the orc.

"Ah! Finally found one Don!" the barkeep says as he holds up a large clay jug. "Aye, I see... good job... NOW POUR THE DAMN MEAD! Don yells, clearly impatient with the barkeeps lack of preparation.


I would like to make a Changeling Ranger. What would you recommend for my favored enemy and favored terrain?

undead/human would be your best options because they cover the majority of the enemies. Terrain-wise varies. Underground is always a good choice, because it covers so many different scenarios and places.

Almost unnoticed in the corner of the bar, a man sits. A half-full tankard rests on the table in front of him and there is a mostly eaten meal resting in its dishes beside the tankard. He watches the Orc enter with some curiosity. As his head turns, a slight glint flickers from his eye as of metal in the firelight. Why do they always bellow and bluster? Will I never understand these fleshy creatures?

This is Trace, an Ironspy Android with the Unchained Rogue class. Built to be a scout and infiltrator, Trace awoke with no directives. His search for some purpose in life has led to this tavern.

Is this an open recruitment?

Yes this is an open recruitment at the moment :) currently taking in apps for my new homebrewed campaign! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Starting level is 1, correct?
Is the God pantheon Faerun or Pathfinder?
Is class/race Pathfinder or 3.5 Faerun?

What are the current deities of the world?
I'm interested in trying a Herald Caller cleric with a lean towards support and buffing allies.
The chance of turning summoned monsters into specific allies that help, and remember your deeds appeals to me.

Game is Pathfinder for races and classes. And the Pathfinder Pantheon is also being used, with lore to reference the 3.5 dieties as "Old World" gods that have since died out.

Yes we are starting at lvl 1, sorry I knew I'd forgotten to add that in creation rules :/. Also thank you Arrathion for answering for me. What he said basically haha. Pathfinder all the way with lore to reference 3.5 dieties as the "old world gods"

Well, I like what I see and what you told me. I'm totally down for a quest to bring back an Old World God, that's sure.

But I'll need help. I have no problem being a cleric with no powers until later. It will be hard mode but I can deal with it.
Another option could be being a fighter (or whatever class I chose) and later start taking oracle or cleric levels, whichever feels more apropiate.

Now that I have exposed my concerns, I'd like to get input from you about which one seems nicer to you!

Praise Pelor, for he provides hype and light to this humble servant.

I feel that it would be a similar situation to that of a fallen paladin. You can't gain more levels in paladin until you get atonement. With no god to influence you, you wouldn't be able to gain levels as a cleric. The way around this of course is simple. Your beliefs/domains/ideals would have to be that of a worshipper of Pelor but you couldn't worship him directly. You could just be a cleric that is searching for a god to worship with the ideals that grant you your power. This raises the issue for your character of why not just worship Iomedea or Sarenrae instead? Why would your character reject those gods? Necessary fluff needed, but it sounds like a excellent character build.

Don Carnauj on the other hand doesn't worship anyone, because prays can't buy mead, lol

"Careful Don, you'll scare away the other patrons. The poor man'll go out of business, and where then would you get your mead?"

A young human male sat just beside the eager orc, sampling his own pint with a grin. Aside from a slightly above average appearance, Akari featured bright amber eyes that were in stark contrast to his usual pensive expression. Sheathed upon his back rested a long, exquisitely crafted sword.

"Barely took him any time at all to get mine, I wonder if he likes you much."

"Akari, I'll let you in on a little trade secret." Don leans towards Akari. The stench from the orc along with his cigar's smoke billowing from his mouth as he breathed was all but pleasant. "I'd... GO TO A DIFFERENT BAR!!! HAHAHAHA!!!" Don boastfully yelled out, giving Akari a slap on the back that no doubt would have cracked a rib if not for his armor. He rears back and takes a draw from his cigar and then drinks deeply from his jug of mead without removing the cigar from his crooked toothed mouth. He clearly mastered the art of drinking and smoking at the same time as after he gets done drinking puffs out the smoke from his lungs towards the tavern ceiling.

Do you want full character workups at this point?

@EmissaryOfTheNorth The quest wouldn't happen until later levels so then the encounters wouldn't have to be thrown for the party. Plus the gains from doing and taking on such a quest could be worth it depending on your outlook. But that's for me to know ;P

You could very well make another class and later take on levels in cleric but unlit matey it is up to you and if I were you, I'd ask my teammates first. Seeings as they're the ones that your choices will effect the most the party is advised to hold some level of synergy for survivals sake.

As Mr Nomington has said,

I'm all for the resurrection of a fallen God,... In one way or another it will be interesting.

@MisterLurxh As long as I have at least something to go off of at this point is good enough. But the sooner the better for the character sheets.

That said I'm both intrigued and liking what I'm seeing for character concepts thus far!!!

Grand Lodge

Here is Emissary's submission: Gabriel of Havenshaw.

I decided upon the fighter first - cleric later because it feels very organic to me, but I'm down to changing it depending on party combo.

His backstory needs to be fully fledged but these are the primary plot points:

Tidbits about Gabriel:

•You know those old people who pray upon the Old Gods you mentioned? Gabriel's grandfather is one of them. His family pays tribute to Pelor albeit hopelessly. But as Grandpa Jacob puts it "We pay respect to His Light not because of we expect his gifts, but because we thank him for the Sun and the Light. Praise be Pelor!"

•His father, Renler, is a craftsman: a blacksmith of moderate fame in Havenshaw. Gabriel doesn't remember his mother Alyndra, but he has heard stories of her deeds. She was a brave explorer/adventurer that disappeared before he was 15 years old.

•He has trust issues because of his lifespan. Because he has aasimar blood he appears as 30 even if he is 70 years old. Gabriel has loved, befriended and hated plenty of people in his life, but the most important ones have died while he remained a young man. This is what finally drove him to travel away from home: a quest to find his place in this world, to fill the hole in his soul, to find his own sun.

•He is very religious but has learned not to be too pushy about it. He understand that not everybody reveres the same entities, but tries to show them that no matter who you pray to... a strong faith and iron will allows simple men to overcome the direst challenges

And that's the primary points I already thought. I need to put everything together and write it but I hope you like it.

Letting the blow to his back carry him forward, Akari set down his empty mug and called out. "I'm going to need me some more of that liquid enthusiasm, doc."

Then he lands back on his stool, teetering back on the hind legs before rattling to a stop. "I'm sure you understand."

Grand Lodge

A man clad in a tabard covered chainmail enters the tavern. Removing his helmet he gazes upon the present congregation and walks to the inkeeper.

"May the light be with you, good sir" He says with a sincere smile "Would it be too much if I ask for a fresh drink and shelter? I'm Gabriel, from Havenshaw.

He drinks the mead slowly and nods to the orc and the man with the big sword sitting by the bar.

"Well be with you, gentlemen. Any fresh news around these parts?"

@Gabriel, the stat block for your character seems a little off. Which type of asimar did you choose? Also did you go point for point? Because it's based on the point buy for creation rules.

Grand Lodge

@Ren: Base Aasimar (+2 Wis, +2 Cha).

And it was indeed 25 pt buy adding your rule of no higher than 16 or lower than 10 pre racials.
translated to points:
10 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 5 + 3 = 25

Adding racial modifiers for a total of:
Str 16 - Dex 14 - Con 12 - Int 10 - Wis 16 - Cha 15

I think I hadn't made any mistake, or at least I don't see it, but sorry for any confusion. I chose to spread things a bit.

Grand Lodge

I've seen the mistake. I was tinkering with Dex 14 and Con 12 and viceversa and while I saved mid build to eat something, when I finished the build (as it should look right now, im so sorry) Paizo web ate it.

It's no biggie, :) thanks for clearing it up

Don looks quizzically at Gabriel. "The only news I care about is if the taverns out of mead or if the brothel is running any deals for lady favors! Hahaha!"

Grand Lodge

Taking his glass for a toast he says to the orc
"A most noble task, if I've seen one hahahaha! I was asking not only out of curiosity, but because I'd be interested in working or helping if I can. And I know for sure that eccentric people in taverns are prime quality for that."

Finishing his glass he sends his gaze again to the orc
"I hope you didn't take offense with eccentric, you must agree that your appearance differs greatly for the norm of these lands."


His gear is not done yet, but here is Trace.

Picking up his dishes, Trace walks over to the bar. Setting the dishes off to one side, he slides the mug to the barkeep with the requisite two copper coins, "Another, please."

Dotting for interest. Strongly considering a Swashbuckler or Hunter (probably the former).

"And what do you know of normality? You clearly aren't of the same race as this guy." Don gives a lazy thumb point to Akari. "Your too clean... Like that of a finely polished silver piece... If you want to live long in this world, you need to get dirty.

Grand Lodge

"And another truth spoken directly. You have a keen eye, sir. Hahahahha!"
Gabriel signals the bartender for another drink "But I disagree. I believe that there's hope at the end of the journey and I can make it there while still being... clean, to say something. I guess that only the gods know if I'm right."

"What do you know of anything clean, Don?" Akari asked, lazily hoisting his new drink. "A shower wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole!"

Grand Lodge

Gabriel falls from the stool, holding his side in a hopeless attempt not to lose them.
"Oh, Sun Father, please help me. It hurts! Hahahahaha!"

I swear I hearthily lol'd hahahaha

Akari wore a foxlike grin at Gabriel's response as he waited patiently for that famous orc retaliation.

Glad you enjoyed that, lol.

"Not the type of clean I was referring too. I meant morally clean." Don took another long swig of his mead as their laughter didn't seem to phase him.

Grand Lodge

"Don't take it as a personal offense, sir. But the remark caught me completely off guard."

Gabriel manages to climb back to the stool, his sides still hurting from the laughter.

"I didn't expect the silent man to break the ice with that. I hope you accept my apologies. "

Don Carnauj wrote:
"Not the type of clean I was referring too. I meant morally clean." Don took another long swig of his mead as their laughter didn't seem to phase him.

P.S. Don, Are you a particularly wolf-like orc? Do you frequently say "Yes-no?" Do you have an outrageous french accent? ;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MisterLurch wrote:
Don Carnauj wrote:
"Not the type of clean I was referring too. I meant morally clean." Don took another long swig of his mead as their laughter didn't seem to phase him.
P.S. Don, Are you a particularly wolf-like orc? Do you frequently say "Yes-no?" Do you have an outrageous french accent? ;)

Yes-no ;)

After seeming to hesitate for a moment, Trace speaks into the silence around the three at the bar, "I do not understand your logic, Don. Why do you say that to live you must become morally dirty?"

@Trace, your stats are off. You get a -2 to charisma for being an android. for the points to add up correctly your charisma should be two lower. 12 initially but 10 after the neg from your race.

Don snorts loudly and looks at Trace. "In this world we live in. Their are good people and their are bad people. The bad people are bad to the good people. And the good people rely on others to enforce laws and restrictions on the bad people... Doesn't that sound one sided? Good people get taken advantage of, bad people just don't need to get caught. Being flexible with your morals is way easier... and more lucrative. Hahaha!"

Grand Lodge

"I must hearthily disagree, good sir. Yes, the world is harsh and evil people try and abuse good willed ones... but that only makes the path to goodness more noble."

Gabriel's face turns serious as he continues his speech.

"That perfection is impossible shouldn't stop us from walking the path to achieve it. That's what the Sun Father teaches us. That's what I believe in and no matter what you say, my will to remain like this won't falter."

He calms himself enough to be quite ashamed of having talked so excited about it.

Absolutely right. Sorry about that. I have it fixed now.

not a problem

I have looked at the damnation feats, I will not be allowing them as they are evil in nature im a good campaign

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