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I've received an email from Paizo informing me that starting on Tuesday, November 19th,I'll be able to download the Advanced Class Guide Playtest PDF.

I am now thinking of running a short game (possibly with an option to make a campaign out of it later on) with Advanced Class Guide classes exclusively, plus Magus.

For fun's sake, I would place the game on the Ustalav/Numeria border, and I'd allow only non-Core races.

Character creation rules:

28 point-buy
1st level
Max hp and wealth
3 traits or 1 bonus feat

Also, you can take feats, traits and similar from sources by Kobold Press and Super Genius Games (conditioned by my approval).

This is just an interest check to see if there are some folks who would like to try these new classes once the Playtest document becomes available. So, there it is...

Sounds awesome!

Is the playtest closed to some people for now,or will it be released for everyone?

Also, any idea on the type of campaign yet? I imagine quite dark with the region you chose. But would it be players shining in the darkness or players spreading it?

I got the same e-mail. I think it went out to everyone registered in the Pathfinder Society.

Hugely interested.

Leaning towards Hunter or Slayer, but of course, it will depend in large part on what the actual document holds.

What about custom races? I have a half-troll* I've been wanting to experiment with.

*Not really, but now that I mention it, I should....

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The game will be grimdark sword and sorcery, basically. Something along the lines of Conan meets Ravenloft, I guess. It depends on the races and classes that players choose to play.

I am prepared to allow races from sources other than Paizo, but they'd have to be appropriat to the theme of the game, and the class chosen. I will probably make some of my own homebrewed classes available to this game, though.


I am quite interested in this. How will we, the players, get access to these classes though?

Conan meets Ravenloft? I am even more interested than when I first read the post.

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The playtest will become available on Tuesday for all interested players.

Ah! Mokshsus, I see you've been baited by this as well!

I would likely be interested in a Swashbuckler, Brawler or perhaps the Hunter or Warpriest

Most interested in the Swashbuckler though.

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Eh, why not? I'll dot for interest. Still not sure how I feel about these new classes yet, though I do want to see how it all turns out and what classes we're getting first.

Yes please. The swashbuckler and skald are probably the classes I'm most interested in, but I'm happy to make anything for testing purposes.

This sounds like fun. The classes I'm most interested in seeing how they perform are the swashbuckler, slayer, and brawler, but I might not end up building one of those if another class strikes my fancy.

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sounds interesting..I like the war priest or arcanist!!! would love to try them out!!!


Count me as Interested, once I get my grubby mitts on that book too..

Silver Crusade

I just want to watch.. see how the tale unfolds.


I think if you're wanting to try out the classes, I'd start them at lvl 8 or something so that as many of the features can be tried. In a PBP, you'd be lucky to get to lvl 3 before the hard cover was on the shelf....

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The goal is to reach 2nd level, and then I'll probably run another game at higher levels.

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I'm interested, but for a playtest, wouldn't it be better to run with something more normal? That is, 15 or 20 point buy, no bonus feats, no 3PP, etc.

Dotting with interest

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RainyDayNinja wrote:
I'm interested, but for a playtest, wouldn't it be better to run with something more normal? That is, 15 or 20 point buy, no bonus feats, no 3PP, etc.

Well, yes and no.

I think that a lot of players will run exactly that kind of playtests, so there is a need to test those classes in conditions when they could be overpowered in comparison to standard games.

On the other hand, games that I run have a high mortality and they are both challenging and heavy-powered, so I want to test these classes not just for standard PF games, but for my own needs as well.

I'll be keeping tabs on this, but I'm planning on playtesting the new classes in a different way - in my Shattered Star game starting soon. At the very least, if my players don't give the new classes a shot, I will be using NPCs.


Either way, they'll be seeing some action!

Though.. I *may* roll up a character for this as well. I do enjoy me some high mortality campaigns :P


yeah I'll probably make one or two or three for de giggles.

I am extremely interested, but would this be limited to those with access to the play test material or would you make it available to those that did not receive said informative email?


playtest is usually an open playtest on paizo. simply go to the advanced class guide entry on the 19th and it should be available to anyone with a paizo account (which you have by virtue of posting)

Nice playtest parameters nightskies, and I like your reasoning.
I'd be interested in seeing your homebrewed classes too.

As someone who is
A) interested in the hybrid approach Paizo is taking but
B) only slowly warming to the Hybrid base classes, though hoping for more awesome in the archetypes

I'm thinking a Brawler or Hunter at this stage - I really want a fun combat maneuvriste and a full natural attack ensemble team (Human with warhound, Lizardfolk Hunter with giant lizard, Half-orc with just about anything vicious) would also be fun...

Me me I'm in

I'd love to make something yet unnanounced.

Definitely interested in trying out a new class. I need to get out of being a ranger in every campaign.

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I am also interested. If you are thinking Conan meets Ravenloft, than I am definitely going to have to try out the new Investigator Class.

Sounds interesting.

Would you allow an android as a race?
According to d20pfsrd, androids come from Numeria's lost ruins.

Android-Slayer sounds fun to me.

Scarab Sages

I'd be interested in playing an Investigator. Possibly Ratfolk!

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Dotting for interest. Tomorrow I'll put some characters together.

Luchador. That is what I will be going. Kellid Brawler!


The Exchange

I'm going to wait until tomorrow before I decide. I have my fingers crossed for a rogue/arcane class that will save me from the horror that is a mid-game arcane trickster.

im interested,id love to do a shaman changeling or Samsaran

Alrighty guys, since the playtest is out.. I'm going to be making a Dwarf Luchador Brawler!

Hehehe.. I'll get the stats up for it soon.

nightflier wrote:


For fun's sake, I would place the game on the Ustalav/Numeria border, and I'd allow only non-Core races.

Would you allow for drow(CR+2), half-fiends(CR+1), half-dragons (3.5 version, CR+2), half-celestials(CR+1), etc...

as playable races. for use.

Oh, non-core races only?

Hmmm Orc Luchador it is then!

Liberty's Edge

The arcanist, bloodrager, and brawler immediately jump out at me as classes I want to try, and have specific character concepts that they should fit marvelously.

I like the idea of the swashbuckler; the investigator sounds fun for a "batman" archetype; the warpriest sounds good for a holy crusade.

the others don't really gel with me, or just aren't as intriguing as those at first glance.


Currently my plans are a toss-up between a Oni-Spawn Tiefling Brawler, a Fetchling Investigator, or a Svetocher Dhampir Bloodrager.

Can anyone aid me in my conundrum?

Oh, the choices... Samsaran investigator, or skinwalker shaman...

Ptol, you should go Oni-Spawn Tiefling Brawler, and we can be..

Los Dos Diablos!*, Luchadors who seek to wrestle the Numerian Robots into Submission!

I'll go Oni-Spawn Tiefling Brawler as well, in that case.. or just stick to Orc.

* I don't actually speak Spanish, so if this is wrong, let me know. I used Google Translate, heh.

I would totally be ratfolk special investigator Sabatini.

The world is not enough!

EDIT: Oh, I seem to have had the same inspiration you had, Minoritarian

Waiting on GM to answer my question before I proceed on making the character.

DM Crustypeanut wrote:

Ptol, you should go Oni-Spawn Tiefling Brawler, and we can be..

Los Dos Diablos!*, Luchadors who seek to wrestle the Numerian Robots into Submission!

I'll go Oni-Spawn Tiefling Brawler as well, in that case.. or just stick to Orc.

* I don't actually speak Spanish, so if this is wrong, let me know. I used Google Translate, heh.

As much as I like the idea, I would like to see as many of the new classes played as possible.

Ony Zimyatov CN
Male, Dhampir (Svetocher) Bloodrager (Undead)
Initiative: 4
Concentration: 1
Senses: Low-light, Darkvision
Land Speed: 30ft
Health: 13/13 (15)

Str: 16 (20)
Dex: 16
Con: 14 (18)
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 15

AC: 18/20 (16/18)
Touch: 13 (11)
Flat-Footed: 15/17 (13/15)
Fort: 4 (6)
Ref: 3
Will: 1 (3)
+2 against disease and mind-affecting
-1 on saves against positive energy
CMD: 17 (19)

BAB: 1
CMB: 4 (6)

Attack Bonus: 4 R: 6 (PA: 3/5)
Damage: 2d6+4 R: 2d6+6 (PA: 2d6+7/2d6+9)
Crit: 19-20x2

Attack Bonus: 4 R: 6 (PA: 3/5)
Damage: 1d8+3 R: 1d8+5 (PA: 1d8+6/2d6+8)
Crit: x3

Intimidate 6 (3+2+1)
Perception 4 (3+0+1)
Survival 4 (3+0+1)
Spellcraft 6 (3+0+1)

Gold: 50
AC: +5
Max Dex: +3
Penalty: -4

Heavy Steel Shield
AC: +2
Penalty: -2

Class Abilities:
Bloodline: Undead

6 rounds per day, +4 str/con, +2 will, -2 AC, rules as per rage

Bloodline Power (During rage only):
-Frightful Charger: Enemies hit with a charge attack are shaken for a number of rounds equal to half Bloodrager level. Cannot advance status to frightened or panicked.

Racial, Feats, and Traits:

Indomitable Faith: +1 Will
Arcane Temper: +1 to Concentration and Initiative
Armor Expert: Reduce AC penalties by 1

Vampiric Empathy: Communicate with rats, bats, and wolves as if under a speak with animals spell, +2 racial bonus to diplomacy with these creatures.
Undead Resistance: +2 against disease and mind-affecting
Resist Level Drain: No penalties from energy drain effects, can still die from too many negative levels, after 24 hours they are removed without making a save
Darkvision 60ft
Low-light vision
Weakness: -1 on saves against positive energy
Spell-Like Ability: Obscuring Mist 3/day

Power Attack

Ony the Dog has been followed a path of blood since his conception. An inveterate fighter and living more or less because he has no idea what else to do with his life, Ony has gradually wandered from his birthplace on the streets of Caliphas out toward where the brutality that sings in his veins can find a proper home. So far that leads him toward Numeria.

Ony, you see, is not a good man. He does not fight for some high-minded ideal or the betterment of his fellows. He fights and happily faces death in order to leave some kind of mark on the world even if it is merely in the terrified stories those that survive their encounters with him tell. As he sees it conflict is the greatest force in this world. The good man will tear down nations for the sake of the oppressed. The evil man will slaughter generations for the sake of power. Ony would be the one to look upon both and say to stick it in their ear and fight like a man.

In conflict his blood sings and he can forget many things outside of the clash of blades and the challenging bellows. So he seeks out conflict, hiring his blade and fury out to those that can pay and hoping to find a proper opponent to challenge and overcome. He ascribes to no ideals beyond that outside of a strangely pragmatic morality.

Slightly dwarfed by the natives Kellids in the area but certainly bigger and more imposing that his kin in Ustalav, Ony is a rather worrying presence to say the least. Cold to the touch and six feet of muscle and scars, he bears himself with a sort of feral dignity that many Kellids wish they possessed. Ony is corpse pale, and while he does not suffer under the sun, he prefers to live most of his life at night anyway.

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Hey, guys. I was away on an unexpected business trip and I'm back now.


Android is allowed.

@Azure Zero

Not as such, but I would allow something similar. For instance, I'd allow regular drow but with albino template. As for other races, I'd allow more powerful versions of races such as tieflings, asimar and kobolds if you get 1 on d20, per the rules for Noble Drow.

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Ony Zimyatov, welcome to the game. :)

I'll make a char tonight then.

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