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Looks like a number of players enjoy my second option.

I like the second option too -- I just don't know if I'm in the game.


I'm cool with rebuilding mid-game

Is it still to be run?
I'm sure many of us are curious.

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Hey guys, I was on an unexpected business trip with no internet access. I'll review your character proposals and start the game probably tomorrow. I think that there will be enough room for all of you. I have a lot of experience with large parties, so that will not be a problem.

That's cool; these things happen. Glad to hear this is still on! =)

2nd Ronza's comment. ;)

3rd Ronza's comment.


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First post is up.

Going to wait for PDF next week to build the arcanist. Seems to be more changes since forum version appeared.

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Still in, will try to make a new avatar this weekend. Was there another shaman?

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DT is up. I'm gonna wait until 6 players post in Game Thread before I reply.

El Ronza, if your guy with the memories of pas lives wants to have that conversation, here's your chance. :)

So who all is in?

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I am gonna accept everyone who post in the Game Thread. As I've said, I have a large amount of experience with running large parties, so that will not be a problem.

I'm actually out for my real-life game all day today. I'll alias and post once I'm home.

Seems the party will consist of these characters:

Alvoise of Karcau - male Dhampir - Bloodrager (Celsetial) - CG
Henric Xantrian - male Samsaran - Investigator - N
Jayla Talusia - female Android - Slayer - TN
Raskir Windspeaker - male Werewolf-kin - Shaman (Nature) - NG
Valeria Avila Leonard - female Dragon-Half - BloodRager (Abyssal) - NG
Victor Gallant - male Kitsune - Swashbuckler - CG
Wily Ondir - male Undine - Bloodrager (Fey) - CN

plus mine to be done.

Plenty Bloodrangers being tested. Race variation rather interesting.

Seeing there is a large amount of arcane abilities in the party, I was wondering if I should take some other test class instead of Arcanist. From the arcanists discussions there is huge debates even on the latest version particularly require high Int and Cha to make it worthwhile and serious issues regarding arcane reservoir and arcanists exploits.

Should I instead of Arcanist take up the Hunter? A ranged combatant, based on modern day hunters where I live, with the animal companion teamwork could be interesting to try out? I do prefer playing spell caster / ranged attack type characters over melee characters, I tend to build lousy to almost useless melee characters.

Seeing this is one of those rare opportunities to take up very exotic race for the character, I thinking of Strix which does have Ranger as a favoured class option, as Hunter is a replacement class for Ranger and Druid.

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