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Welcome to my Play-by-Post!

Here's the ctrl+P for all my games:

1. I've been running games since the late 1980s, I've seen a lot of editions. I started playing PFS with Slot 1 Season 0 at Gen Con. I'm solid with the Starfinder rules, but everyone makes mistakes. I'll try to be as fair as possible.

2. I'm a Venture-Lieutenant online, but also in Southern NH. If you're ever in the area, or you need help finding games/conventions there. PM me.

3. I post with a high rate of frequency. That being said, if you guys can post 2-3 times per day, awesome. If it's only 1/day I understand. No worries. Real Life Comes First (tm).

4. Feel free to preemptively roll Perception, Disable Device, etc. It makes the game run more efficiently. I ask only that you make sure minis are placed in their actual position in case your choices have consequences (good or bad.)

5. Let's get started:
Player Name:

PC Name:



Day Job: Feel free to roll now.

Perception and vision/senses:

Notes: Anything I should know; passive abilities, boons that are way out there, etc. If you have abilities that are immediate actions that interrupt an enemy, I'll be as fair as possible, but you can help me out by telling me under what conditions you typically use it.

Slotted Boons: You may want to wait and do this in a separate post, as you can slot boons after getting the mission briefing.


Some expectations in my games:

  • Try to post at least once daily. Remember though, real life comes first. If you're going to be gone for 24+ hours, try to give a heads up before you go.

  • Saving Throws first. If you have a saving throw to make, have it be the first dice of the post.

  • Know your obscure rules. Most people know how the basics work, but if you have a character who uses something less than common, know how it works (Handle Animal, Sunder, Grapple, etc.)

    That's about it! Looking forward to the game!

  • Dataphiles

    N Spacefarer Solarian 3 SP 3/24 HP 25/25 RP 4/4 | EAC 13 KAC 15 | F+4 R+1 W+3 | Init+0 | Perc+4 SM+4 | Speed 25 ft

    Player Name: Trex
    PC Name: Gideon McVey, Knight of Tides
    PFS#: 21019-701
    Faction: Dataphiles
    Day Job: none
    Perception and vision/senses: +4 (human ftw)
    Initiative: +0
    Notes: Slotted Boons: Dataphiles Champion


    Shirren Priest Mystic (4) | SP 32 HP 30 RP 5 | Init +1 | KAC 14, EAC 12 | Perc +10 | Blindsense, Telepathy 30ft

    Player Name:Rene
    PC Name:Spacey McSpacerton
    Day Job: Don't have one
    Perception and vision/senses: +8 & Blindsense

    Social: Street Cred (Dead Suns 1)
    Starship: Automated Defenses (YY Truth)
    Slotless: True Savior of Tasch (FotRP)


    "Male" Android Operative (3) | SP 18 HP 22 | Init +4 | KAC 17, EAC 17 | Per +9

    Player Name: Justin
    PC Name: Noble-44
    PFS#: 1998-701
    Faction: Wayfinders
    Day Job: Elven Historian
    Perception and vision/senses: +9 (low light and dark vision)
    Initiative: +5
    Notes: Slotted Boons: TBD

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