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Game Master Wolfspirit

Odyssey Stats:
Starfinder Society Drake (Starfinder Society Roleplaying
Guild Guide)
Medium transport
Speed 8; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Drift 1
AC 14; TL 14
HP 85; DT —; CT 17
Shields light 70; forward 20, port 15, starboard 15, aft 20
Attack (Forward) coilgun (4d4), heavy laser cannon (4d8)
Attack (Aft) coilgun (4d4)
Attack (Turret) coilgun (4d4), high explosive missile
launcher (4d8)
Power Core Pulse Green (150 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic;
Systems budget medium-range sensors, crew quarters
(good), mk 1 trinode computer, mk 4 armor, mk 4
defenses; Expansion Bays cargo hold,
escape pods;
Complement 4–7

As promised, I'm putting my hat into the ring for running the Into the Unknown Quest Pack. This is level 1 only, and new players are welcome.

There are multiple sections of Spacecombat, so having a party balanced between the space ship roles would be recommended.

I'd like to reserve spot for Sunny Dillo Jr. A level 1 Vesk operative. He's close to finishing up scenario 1-03. He should be available by mid week though.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Card Game, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Count me in! I have a lovely and sarcastic operative to bring but since we already have one I have a more diplomatic solarian I can bring along.


Exemplar-2 would like to adventure.

The Manifold Host

My half-orc envoy will be thrilled to be bart of this adventure!

Hi guys!
I would love to jump in with Obazaya! ;-)

Player: noral
Character: (Credit to: Shamshir Shah) Obazaya
SFS: 314670-702
Faction: Exo-Guardians

I started playing around with the Starfinder character creation rules and got really swept up by it; created a Shirren Operative named Hishrizzik I would love to try in play and see how it works.

(Since I haven't played SFS before, still need to make an alias for him.)

I'm completely new to Starfinder, I would like to use a pregen character: the Android Operative Ace Pilot.


I didn't say before but Ietsuna checking in with Exemplar-2, an android mercenary mystic.

Would love to bring in an Elf - Ace Pilot - Operative, though it seems like there might already be a few operatives. I could make him a soldier instead, but the Operative seemed more appropriate. He would have been training since his birth, a generation after The Gap to be one of those who went looking for the answers to the questions the elves have about their loss of memory.


This would be the Solarian I (Agent Eclipse) mentioned before. Politician and frontline.

If there is room at a table, I'd like to play. I am looking to get a couple more quests in for the Alien Archive boon before the June 14th deadline, though I have both played and run these quests before.

Presently leaning towards starting with the Mystic pregen at the moment, but would likely bring in ysoki soldier or dwarf envoy for later quests once they are freed up from their current games.

Well, we're currently at 7, though I don't want to turn away interested new players. If we get a few more interested parties, perhaps we can run two tables.

I just need to complete two more quests to fill in the slot on another Alien Archive boon, so if you don't mind 7 for the first two quests, I'd be appreciative.

That being said, I understand the desire to keep the table manageable, so I am happy to wait for the next offering if you are ready to proceed with six.

Actually looks like we're solidly at 2 tables with 11. I'll set up two.

Awesome, I'll set up an elven character alter ego here and get to work on character creation!

EDIT: New Alias set-up and changed the Post As...

I miss counted applicants with some duplicates. It looks like we're at 9 now. I set up two tables, splitting the classes roughly evenly:

Red Table
Gargalus Mystic
Obozaya Solider
The Norv Operative
Thawizkid operative

Blue Table
Triggersadness operative
Kharos Solarian
GM Valen Mystic Pregen
SolidSteve82 Operative
Exemplar-2 Mystic

Please post an introduction into the appropriate Gameplay and confirm that you're on board in the correct discussion thread. If there's any swaps, or late additions before we get to the action I'll add people in.

Is there room for one more? I only count 5 in the first table?

There's room in both tables. You'll be number 5 on Red table.

Also, triggersadness's alias is now Velas Thurre. I'm reading the IC post now!


Room for one more? I'm about to get my Commencement chronicle sheet.

Delta-5 wrote:
Room for one more? I'm about to get my Commencement chronicle sheet.

Delta, go ahead and post in the Red thread attached to this campaign :)

Let me know if you ever have room again..I'd love to join

Nina, both tables just finished part 1 of 5, so you could join in if you wanted. Alternatively, I'm setting things up so I can run this again fairly easily.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

ThaWizKid doesn't seem to have made any posts during part 1 at all.

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