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I am in the creation process but may eventually need help....this is my first PF2 character and I'm still reading through the CRB.

Player's forum handle: thawizkid
Character name: Adran Galanodel
PFS#: 286811
Race/Class/Level: Elf/Evoker Wizard/5
Faction: UNK
Day Job Roll, if any: ???

Let me know the when and where, thanks!

Hello, I wish to sign up for a PbP Starfinder game - are there any openings? Thanks!

OOC - should we post character sheets somewhere?

Iseph is an android with gray skin and a strip of buzz cut blue hair down the center of his head. He wears a blue and gray flight suit with a holstered pistol on his right leg.

It would be logical that we be very cautious about this seller, he could be that n business with whoever might be holding the crew. This could be their way of ultimately getting a ransom.

I'm completely new to Starfinder, I would like to use a pregen character: the Android Operative Ace Pilot.

Does anyone have an opening in a Starfinder PbP game? I'm new to Starfinder and am reading through the Core Rules but have played Basic D&D, AD&D 1e & 2e, some D&D 3.5e, and some D&D 5e......mostly PbP form. Thanks for your consideration!