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Male Human Gamer / 16

Thunder: natural 20! Critical threat! :D

Female Elf Witch/3
HP 19/19 AC 12, Str 10, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 10, 86G 2S

WHOOOHOO Thunder!! Are all battles like this?!?

Male Human Oracle/3
Quick Stats:
HP=4/28, AC=17(18), Init+4, Per+7, Fort+2, Ref+1, Will+2, Wand of CLW 42

Yeah, they're all crazy, and we miss a lot, but they're fun. I almost died once, ahhh, memories.

Oh, and for the record, Hiero isn't old, he just looks that way in his picture. He's a stout, hairy humandwarf (and by that I mean, he's a short human that looks like an overtall dwarf with staticy hair).

His picture sure does look old, now that you mention it!

LOL this is great! OHH okay, sorry about that :)

Male Human Gamer / 16

Thunder: Just to clarify Riatin's comment re: criticals... You roll your attack:

Pretend Attack: 1d20 + 6 => (20) + 6 = 26

And that attack comes with its normal damage - in the case of your spear:

Damage: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

Once you've previewed your roll and see that it is in fact a 20, then you edit to include the critical confirmation:

Pretend Confirmation: 1d20 + 6 => (15) + 6 = 21

As long as it hits, since the critical damage on that spear is "x3," you roll damage two more times to be added to your first roll:

Crit Damage 1: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11
Crit Damage 2: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

So in this case, your total damage (from an impressive range of 21-42) is an amazing 37, which would probably one-hit most guys we're facing right now and definitely cause a Fort save against dropping dead of shock.

I wanted to clarify that for the benefit of all, as well as to confirm that I've got it straight, myself. Do correct me if I've erred, Riatin!

Male Human Gamer / 16

If I'm not mistaken, the warchanter will wake up now, won't it? Pity we couldn't get over to it to do him in.

In other news: today is Lauren's birthday. Everyone hassle her! :P

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Thanks Rei, I definitely didn't understand the 3x part. Hopefully I'll hit Ripnugget with a crit next time I have my turn and get a chance to do it right!

Happy birthday Lauren!

Yep that's correct, Rei. I don't use the massive damage rule though so you won't have to worry about that, in the long term it's much more rough on the characters than on the monsters.

Sorry for being in and out this week again, works been busy and I've been on the road so finding down time has been difficult.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes :D :D :D

Male Human Gamer / 16

FYI, I marked up a copy of the map with some notes about doors we skipped... Not sure if we'll want to/get to get back to them, but we may. The map is here.

For example, we might want to check those doors that lead to the empty space between the entry hall and the throne room - they seem like potential storage rooms or something. We didn't even look at them before, so we don't know if they're locked or anything.

Speak up if you want to do something other than forging on ahead. ;)

I assumed you wanted to hit these doors like you did the others, with caution, if you'd rather go quicker, let me know.

Male Human Gamer / 16

DW - you have 2 skill points in Stealth, so your mod is +8, unless I'm mistaken. :)



Doesn't help my terrible roll, though. ;)

Male Human Gamer / 16

Not sure what's up with Ithri, to answer your Q. Sorry. I'd say bot or delay her initiative, as you like. NBW.

Female Elf Witch/3
HP 19/19 AC 12, Str 10, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 10, 86G 2S

Hey guys! Sorry about that - I was on vacay till last night.

No prob, go anywhere fun?

Female Elf Witch/3
HP 19/19 AC 12, Str 10, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 10, 86G 2S

Nashvegas! :) I have a friend who bought a house in Nashville and we all met there. It was fun, have you been there before?

Oh yeah, I drive through there quite often, but have never really taken a vacation there. I hear its a lot of fun though. If you like country bars I hear its even better. Great food too.

Hey Rei and Riatin, mostly out of curiousity, what made you stop playing WoW?

The main reason I still pay is to play with my son when he feels like it.

RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32

The short version: Irreconcilable differences.

The long version::
I had returned to WoW hoping that many of the changes to the game (flex raid system, removal of lockouts, etc.) would facilitate a more cohesive raiding atmosphere. In my opinion, I was incorrect in this hope and things remained relatively unchanged. I created a forum thread for people to discuss their opinions and then was backhandedly accused of starting drama. I realized I'm 35 and paying $15 a month to be unhappy with a community, so I decided once again that my time and money were better spent elsewhere.

I like the game and I like the people, but the philosophy around the static raids inflames me like few other things do. I considered starting a new guild but that's a lot more work than I'm ready to put in to start over. So, I'll drop by on the forums and run this lovely game for you guys, and play some Star Wars:ToR.

Male Human Gamer / 16

What Long said... I actually still think of myself as "playing" although I've been too busy to actually log in for like a month, but I'd like to level my priest still. The WoD content is fun.

But I was also hoping that the raiding situation would be a bit more egalitarian these days and found that not to be the case. And the people who are in the raids seem even less active at other times than before...

Part of it is scheduling and my own busy-ness, I acknowledge that. But it seems that IC is less a casual raiding guild now than a social group with a hardcore segment and a casual segment. That's not what I came back to WoW for.

We'll see what happens - as I said, I'll be back on at some point to see new stuff and do things with my priest, but I don't know when.

But not today - it's International Tabletop Day! Woohooo! Ithri and I will be playing a bunch of games this afternoon/evening with other friends - Tokaido and Dead of Winter, for sure. We'll see what else shakes out.

I agree with both of you, I tried to look at things from their point of view, my conclusion is that from where they sit (static raid, same people all the time), the guild doesn't seem to have any problems.

Some of the replies to the thread you are talking about (from people I had considered to be friends), made me sad, but I guess like many things, the Iron Circle of old couldn't last forever. We had a good run though.

The reality is that guild chat is dead and the forum is dead (possibly partly my fault, I've pretty much given up saying hi or gnight when I log on and off, as I rarely got any replies).

Combine that with other changes to the game that make it easier to pug than to group with friends, and the fact that I don't even have to leave my stronghold to gear up... it just doesn't seem like much of an MMO from outside the static group.

On the other hand, I get a lot of stuff done outside of computer gaming, so maybe it's better to be playing a game that I don't really spend much time in. The sun is so bright though...

Male Human Gamer / 16

Just it of curiosity regarding the description of the statue and beasts, if Hieronymous were to describe in detail what he sees, would others be able to make knowledge checks? Perhaps of a higher DC? Just wondering from a rules perspective.

This also seems like an appropriate time to ask: as long as we're keeping character knowledge and player knowledge separate in our minds, is it okay if we read others' spoiler text or would you as DM prefer all that kept actually secret?

With a description the statue should be a pretty easy guess for anyone with some religion knowledge.

As for the secrety stuff, it's easier if that stuff just stays reserved for the person that it's meant for. It keeps player meta knowledge out of the game and it allows players to have knowledge that isn't necessarily group knowledge (if you wanted to skim or steal or be otherwise morally questionable).

GM Riatin wrote:

With a description the statue should be a pretty easy guess for anyone with some religion knowledge.

As for the secrety stuff, it's easier if that stuff just stays reserved for the person that it's meant for. It keeps player meta knowledge out of the game and it allows players to have knowledge that isn't necessarily group knowledge (if you wanted to skim or steal or be otherwise morally questionable).

Sorry, meant to add more to this but got distracted. To continue, I think the lack of certain bits of knowledge make for better roleplay and better immersion, making the game more fun overall. But I understand reading the spoiler text is fun and gets you more clued into what's happening in the story as well. There's good to both. My caveat in reading the text is if you do, formulate your players response to the current situation before reading the spoiler and write it down. Then follow through with that response after you've read the blurb.

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Male Human Gamer / 16

Cool, thanks - I'll endeavor to leave the spoilers closed then, and if I absolutely can't stand it, take that suggestion. :]

Happy Birthday Thunder! Hope you had a good one, save me some cake.

Haha, thanks Riatin, it was a pretty mellow day, if you were anywhere near here I'd definitely save some cake!

Female Elf Witch/3
HP 19/19 AC 12, Str 10, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 10, 86G 2S

Happy Birthday! Whohooo! :)

Thanks Ithrinniel!

So, there's a guy at work who is less than a year older than me, I've known him for 4 years, every year he talks about how much older he is than I, and I remind him that I am pretty much his age. Yesterday I realized that he truly believes I am in my mid thirties (I am 47).

I think I am going to give up trying to convince him.

Ha! Well, that's good right? He doesn't think you look as old as him.

Male Human Gamer / 16

Hm - I'd always had you pegged for a young'un, Thunder... Even acknowledging that your "guild faces" picture could be several years old, you have a youthful vigor. ;] Happy belated!

And I hope that vigor carries over to your character, because he's pretty much on his own for the moment. o_O

I typed up something and they my old eyes clicked the wrong thing and now I have to retype!

Hopefully Ihtrinniel makes her saves, I think I am going to have to burn a hero point, or three...

Just show us them mad 20 droppin skillz! This is a rough encounter, that's for sure.

Hey guys! I'm sorry, I'm getting confused with this round with the Will Saves and the turn order, is it my turn now after Hier? (And thank you for bot-ing me, sorry for holding it up!!)

Hi Ithrinniel, your turn will be after the second yeth hound goes, assuming that it isn't dead yet (it's going to eat poor Hieronymous).

So I'm trying to get a blog off the ground for pre-generated random encounters and most likely other things in the future. It's not nearly finished but its starting to look like an actual site, so if you guys want to give it a look and offer any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. You guys will be the first to see it other than my friend that hosts it.

Just head over to:

Male Human Gamer / 16

Holy s!@! - those high-level encounters are nuts compared to what we've seen so far. :o

That's pretty awesome, man... Reminds me of how when I was young and didn't have anyone to play with, I'd roll characters (mostly for Shadowrun) and envision scenarios that never got played at all, but I had fun creating them. I hope yours get played - you've put a lot of good work into the stuff that's up there!

There's a big difference between power level in what you're doing now and what you'd be doing at 12th or 13th level, there's a lot more options and ways to snatch victory back when things go sour as well. It's pretty similar to what you're talking about in basically just making up scenarios and stating them up too. Something kind of fun to do when work gets slow. Thanks for giving it a look!

The highest level encounter I've run was also one of the most fun. The campaign I ran before my latest table-top one was about the return of a world ending Titan, kind of like ragnarok in a way. It was supposed to be a series of titans falls from the heavens and causes colossal destruction and the pc's were in a race to gather the artifacts that would make them strong enough to defeat them.

We got to the first fight and it was a CR 22 fight with a Tier 2 Mythic colossal Bear Construct that could basically shrug off one hit a round while around him a Mythril Golem (think T-1000 but 10 ft tall), 4 Bronze Golems (10 ft tall Bronze Minotaurs with Scimitars) and a Cannon Golem (It has a cannon for an arm) played havok destroying buildings and citizens. It was a ton of fun.

I gave them the option to continue with that or play the pirate AP, and they chose to do the pirate AP cause frankly although fun, it was altogether insane.

I like it, navigation is intuitive, colors are awesome, the only thing I find a little weird is how the bottom of the Home page has a lot of empty real estate. But maybe not best to listen to my opinion, people say I look at the world a bit differently.

I used to do the same thing Rei, we lived in a sort of rural area and none of my nerd friends were anywhere nearby, so I did a lot of solo playing.

That world ending Titan campaign sounds amazing.

Yeah, there's supposed to be more on the main page, it's still a work in progress and I'm still figuring out some wordpress things. Just getting it off the ground.

The site looks great! I used my phone and looks great there too! :)

Male Human Gamer / 16

Yeah, count on Wordpress for some decent built-in responsiveness and good looking templates. A wise choice!

Cool, I hadn't tried it on a mobile yet so I'm glad to know it's looking okay.


So I launched the site I guess you could say. Have a few articles up there and such so now I'm trying to get the forums going. It would be awesome if you guys could drop by and maybe reply to a thread or two or make start one of your own. Any suggestions to get things rolling would be appreciated too. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey guys. I'm headed out to Vegas later today and will be there until next Saturday so needless to say my posting time will be near 0. So please, don't rely on me to keep things going, feel free to head to the Rusty Dragon and hash out a new plan or just roleplay some little interaction that you've wanted to have or something. We can pick it up again when I get back.

Male Human Gamer / 16

WOOOOOOO VEGAS! Or something, whatever... I was there once, it was hot. :)

No, really - have a great time!

I lived there for about 9 months in 1999, girlfriend got allergies so we moved back to Reno.

Nice to visit, but definitely way too hot, I don't miss it much.

Those are some seriously cute kitties. I managed to add a couple of cats to my household as well at the end of last year. Have you named them yet?

All of my allergies went away in vegas and the climate agreed with me, now that I'm back in KY they've come back with a vengeance. Was a good trip though, yet very expensive.

Male Human Gamer / 16

We're only adding one - the other two are being held for their forever-owner until they're back from vacation. Only another week. I'll be very sad when I can't do this anymore.

So the grey one is ours and her name is Ripley. The other two don't have names but Jen and I have been calling them Jonesy and Bowie.

That dry desert air is nice, I'll give it that. Glad you had fun!

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