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glad to hear you had a good vacation! :) and +1 on the cute kittens.

Sorry I've been absent the last few days, been in vacation mode again. I'll get something up either today or tomorrow, I haven't forgotten ya :)

Alright, sorry, I didn't get a chance last week like I had hoped, but I'm back and it'll be up shortly.

Sure is quiet in here... gonna be out for a week, back Sunday the 19th, then out from Tuesday the 21st -Sat the 25th. Bot me if you need to!


Hi everyone.

Sure has been awhile. But rather than just let this fade and cause me twinges of guilt when I remember that I haven't played a turn in awhile, perhaps, and I say this with a heavy heart, we should shutter the campaign.


I have to admit I panicked when I saw the ring, any of us could use it, so who does it go to?

Otherwise I am fine with the slow pace.

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Hey there... Riatin, Ru just told me you're not coming to GenCon! I totally thought you'd be here - was looking forward to chatting with you. No Mori this year either - guess it's just Ru, Bones and myself at the IC reunion.

My thoughts:

1. I'm really interested in seeing this campaign through... I have a wee bit of spoilery knowledge from other games that use the Rise of the Runelords story, and would love to see both the things that I kinda, sorta know and all the stuff beyond it that I have no idea about.

2. More frequent posts would help - originally the idea was a post per day, and while that may not always be realistic, being in the habit of posting more often causes you to think about posting more often and it becomes self-reinforcing. Even if your character doesn't have anything to contribute, a short post of a thought or incidental action helps.

3. The thing that causes me to not want to post is feeling like I'm carrying the group. If it's just me and the GM, it's not as much fun. I'm in the unique situation of knowing everyone (currently) playing (only Rob not in RL), and my enjoyment of the game comes more from seeing my friends being engaged and enjoying it than myself.

4. That said, if you're not interested in posting or can't fit it in, I'd rather you said so and back out for someone that will be more active than make a half-hearted attempt to do something you're not terribly into to make the rest of us happy. (I don't know how Riatin feels about that, though.)

The main thing to me goes back to what Riatin said when he originally was trying to put this group together, which is that the RotR adventure path is one that he's wanted to GM for a long time and he thought this would be a good format. I know how seriously he takes his groups and I think he's done a fantastic job so far and I want this to succeed because I know how much work he's put into it.


G is gonna post real quick, then I'm going to enjoy GenCon for the rest of the weekend and catch up again when I'm back home. I hope we all land on the same page next week. I know you all have other ways of contacting me - if you want to , please do! -JR

Hey, good comment Rei.

I know things have slowed down a lot here, and I expected it over the summer as always with vacations and the like, people don't always have time to post much less the time to put thought into a post. I had vacations at the beginning and end of june and that was certainly true for me.

That being said, I'm happy to carry on in any capacity that people like, I've enjoyed running what we've been through immensely and if it ends there due to lack of time or interest that's fine, but if anyone wishes to go on I'd gladly put in as much effort as I can to make it a great experience.

I know this isn't the format for everyone and that I expected a drawn out story but some of you may not have anticipated that. So like Rei said, if you're into it and having fun and want to go on chime in and let me know, or if you're just not feeling it and don't think you're up to posting as often as is probably needed. Just let me know and we can move on or find a solution. Don't feel obligated, there are lots of players here on the boards that I can open the game up to. (Don't take that as me trying to urge anyone out the door either, I enjoy all of your characters.) We've had turnover and that was also expected.

So just say what you're thinking and let me know the course I need to take. :)

Count me in, having fun.

Just wanted to add, as far as carrying the group, someone has to be the guy who goes in first and Garrokmal is the one best suited for it. So naturally Rei is going to have the most typing to do.

That said, as of this writing, Hieronymous has 7 posts less than Garrokmal...

Perhaps, one day, I will carry the group!

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Well, I didn't mean it in that sense, Thunder... G isn't "carrying" anything in the game - he'd be proper f++%ed without the others!

I meant in terms of the narrative. I'm interested in these four characters and would like to see what happens to them and how they behave. That doesn't happen if it's just Riatin and myself going back and forth as G opens doors and stuff. Reactions, side notes, distracted conversations - they all make the story more interesting and give the characters something to work off of.

It's even more important when we're not in the more tactical "dungeon" mode, since the only thing of importance going on (like in the meeting that's happening right now) is conversation between characters.

That's what I meant - I agree G is the best guy to open doors, but once through it, he's SUPER glad Hiero's there to beat on things, too. :)

Sorry Rei, I was talking about dialog, but sometimes my words fail me.

What I was trying to say is that I find it difficult to come with something interesting to add when I am not in the driver's seat. I am not complaining, after all, the only person that should be in the driver's seat is you by virtue of the character you've chosen.

To put it another way, could the rest of us post more dialog and flavorful posts? Yes. Is it easy to do so when your character isn't the decision maker? I don't think so.

That said, you have given me food for thought, perhaps I can be more inventive/imaginative when I post.

I do agree that more frequent posts would be helpful if we can manage it (I check this page daily except when I am on vacation, so I don't have a problem posting daily).

I haven't seen anything posted from Zaf or Ithrinniel for a few weeks so I'm not sure if they're dropping. Should I try to get a new pair of people to replace them?

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I don't know, let me hit them up in email - give me a day or two. Thanks!


I'm still here. :D I'm still in.

I just wanted to make sure there was still interest.

So, on with the story then...

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Cool - good news, DW. :D

Riatin - Lauren's new job has her juggling too much, I guess. We're gonna need another witch. Or whatever.

Okay. That's no problem, sorry I got distracted for a few days there. I'll start asking for another player in a day or two.

Thanks for hanging in there folks.

So, how's everyone doing?

Me, my allergies are stomping on me but life is good so I am going to shut up about that and suffer quietly.

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Busy! Feel like I've been just going non-stop since GenCon... Work, family stuff, band, game group, more work... How the hell did it get to be almost Labor Day again!?


Nudge Check: 1d20 ⇒ 19

Pretty clear that this isn't going to happen.

I hope Riatin is ok as it's been a while since we've heard anything from him, and I wish the best to all of you, it's been a pleasure to be here.

Rei and Riatin, if you ever need me you can reach me through the IC site.

This was awesome, but all good things...

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Excellent closings from the both of you. I'll just let everyone assume G settles in at the bar and gets too trashed to stand up the next day.

That and he's bitter about his sword still sitting in the basement of Thistletop. :)

Long - hope everything's okay with you; really sorry this didn't work out as planned. I would also totally take another shot at it if given the opportunity. It's been a lot of fun.

Rob - DW - see you guys around, I hope... One way or another!

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Hey, not sure if you guys will check this, but I got far more busy and stressed out over this last election than I anticipated and I'm very sorry how I left this hanging. I've meant to leave a message here for the past month but never seemed to get around to it.

Keeping this going turned out to be pretty difficult but it was still a lot of fun and I'm sorry to see it end. I want to say thank you to all of you for trying and giving some great effort.

Thanks guys!

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Hey, man - Zaf and I just had lunch and thought to check if you had stopped by. Glad to see you're okay - sorry things were so hairy for you for a while there.

I really enjoyed what we came up with here... If you ever come around to wanting to try it again, you know how to find me. Cheers.

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