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At this point I'm assuming Erin is gone as well. I'll talk to him Sunday and find out for sure, but it's probably back to just four.

Male Human Gamer / 16

That's also what I think, but they're pretty tight-lipped right now... Makes deciding what to do tough. =\

Re: the magic stuff... 2 of 3 of those things are sorcerer/wizard only (these loot drops are like Molten Core all over again! :P)... Burning Hands is a witch spell - we could hang on to that one, ostensibly for Kat, but give it to another witch who may happen upon us in the course of events. :)


Uhm, wow. Can we just sell those and buy a small Duchy somewhere? Duke Zafzalurg has a nice ring to it.

In all seriousness though, this isn't likely to be our only demon encounter and having a weapon on hand that harms them more effectively would be a good thing.

Also, Zaf wouldn't mind carry it, although knowing its value will freak him out a little.

My two cents.

Male Human Oracle/3
Quick Stats:
HP=4/28, AC=17(18), Init+4, Per+7, Fort+2, Ref+1, Will+2, Wand of CLW 42

Ok, so I say we sell the Ranseur, the handaxe, the Scroll of Flaming Sphere, the Wand of Shocking grasp and the Bottle of Wine.

Garrokmal gets the longsword, Zaf gets the cold iron awesomeness, save the Burning hands for a witch, and I'll take the silver dagger just in case we might need it (I'll only use it if we run into something that is only susceptible to weapons that slice or to silver).

If Erin comes back, he can have the silver dagger if he wants, cause it doesn't really matter much to me.

I am not sure how many if us we should divide the gold amongst... If Kat is leaving, does she get a share?

I'd hold on to Kat's and Erin's share, I don't think they'll be back. That way you guys aren't penalized for other people leaving. I know it doesnt fit completely story wise, but sometimes not everything fits. So just divide it by three.

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Hieronymous Strong wrote:
Ok, so I say we sell the Ranseur, the handaxe, the Scroll of Flaming Sphere, the Wand of Shocking grasp and the Bottle of Wine.

Yup, that's what I had on my list, too. That's 806gp, if we're going three ways, that's 269 for Hiero and Zaf - G will take 268.


Hi folks. Sorry about being tardy for the level up party, but here goes...

Hit Points#1: 1d8 ⇒ 3

Hit Points#2: 1d8 ⇒ 4

I'll take the latter and add my CON modifier (+3) which should take me to 28HP.

My new feat is [b]Dodge[b].

Updated skills:
• Acrobatics +1,
• Climb +3,
• Escape Artist +5,
• Knowledge (nature) +7,
• Perception +4,
• Perform (comedy) +9,
• Profession (sailor) +7,
• Stealth +5,
• Survival +2 (+2 to avoid becoming lost when using this),

New spells:
L0 - Read magic
L1 - Comprehend Languages


thank you for all of your help guys! let me know if my first post is OK? :)

That was a great post. Welcome to the team!

Thank you! :)

Male Human Gamer / 16

Oh, hey - we're off to Portlandia for six or so days... I'll be able to post, just maybe not as promptly as I usually do. Just wanted you guys to know!

I agree, awesome first post.

Have fun in Portland Rei! I love it up there, if my parents weren't elderly and in occasional need of help, I'd move there.

I figure we'll let Zaf and myself finish introducing ourselves to Ithrinniel and then we'll probably be ready to sleep. Then, tomorrow (game time), we can greet her as if we know her and maybe help win Garrokmal over to her side.

Male Human Gamer / 16

FYI, Garrok picked up during his shopping trip this morning:

Masterwork Backpack - 50g
Manacles - 15g
Barbarian Chew x2 - 50g

Zaf's rope has come in so handy, I thought it would be nice to have an alternate for getting a good, firm bind on something that's not dead. Just in case.

He now sits at 179gp 3sp 6cp. For the record. :]

Male Human Gamer / 16

For DW:


That is an excellent thread. And it's exactly what goes through my head every time I start up a tune.

Hi guys! I'm really enjoying this so far! :)

I wanted to let you know that I am leaving for vacation tomorrow (to Thailand!) so I will be posting when I have internet (which should be at night, at the hotels) but if for some reason I can't get a connection at the hotels, I will be off the grid. Please feel free to bot Ithrinniel, and I will definitely post if/when I can. Otherwise I will be back on Nov 24! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with the absence.

Vacations are good, I'm guessing you'll enjoy it more than you're enjoying this!

Alright, audit time! woohoo!

Actually this comes out to you're guys good. I finally got around to putting your level up into hero lab, slacker I know. So this these are the inconsistencies:

Thunder, you have 2 skill points remaining unspent.

For Zaf my skills aren't coming out the same. Here's what I have currently which I've tried to put in like yours but it's not working.

Acrobatics +5 (+1 to jump)
Bluff +9
Climb +3
Diplomacy +7
Escape Artist +5
Knowledge (nature) +7
Perception +6
Perform (comedy) +9
Profession (sailor) +7
Stealth +9
Survival +2
Swim +0

A few of my numbers are higher than yours for some reason I'm not certain of and with these numbers I'm showing 6 skill points still unspent as well.

Everything else seems alright, except does Ithrinniel's Raven have a name?

Male Human Gamer / 16

Yeah, Riatin - it's Nuala (I think someone is a Neil Gaiman fan).

Zaf's stats should all add up - we just went through his character after the last level and I made sure my HeroLab file was updated for him. It remains here on a permanent basis for reference. All the validation checks out - it's got G, Zaf, Ithri and Nuala.

Everyone does need to check their character profile to update their quickstats button and stuff, though.

Male Human Gamer / 16

FYI to the gang - Lone Wolf is having a sale on data bundles for Hero Lab... The app itself is still the regular price ($30 to install on two devices) but the supplements are on a pretty decent sale... I already had some of the player's companion stuff, but today added the Adventurer's Bundle and the GM's Library Bundle... Ho-lee crap, that's a lot of data. Good times. :)

I'm about to start a second WoW account for my son, so I'll probably hold off on the Hero lab, though it sounds pretty cool.

I added two points to my skills Riatin, not sure where the extra 2 points came from but I'll take them!

hello!!!! I'm back from vacation, ready to rumble! :)

Welcome back! Hope you had a great trip.

Thank you! I had a great trip! Lots of good food, sightseeing, etc. but this jet lag is kicking my a@@ lol

Male Human Gamer / 16

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving, team... I was giving Riatin some hassle in WoW earlier, but it was just for kicks - I hope everyone has a great, relaxing day!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Happy belated Thanksgiving all!

I'm thankful for ibuprofen (should have stopped somewhere before that last beer I had).

Male Human Gamer / 16

And now: happy birthday, Duane! Hope you're having a great weekend.


Aw shucks, thanks Reitoei

Happy belated, belated turkey day to everyone!

Happy belated Turkey day!! :)


I was thinking of using a perception check and also commanding Nuala to seek now that we are within the walls of the fort, so I wanted to ask if that is something that I could/should do?

If so, I haven't done that before so I was hoping someone could help explain how I do that...I looked here for how to, but I wasn't sure if I was trained and what to plugin:

Thank you so much for your help! I'm a little lost on the game mechanics now that we are getting close to goblins!

Anytime you want to make a check for something just let me know. A lot of the time I'll prompt you when a check is needed, but if you want to check for something specific that your character may notice or be interested in knowing or learning, then you can tell me what you're checking for.

Sending your familiar off can be a very useful scouting technique and that's one of the benefits for having a more natural familiar as they aren't easily identified as such. You just want to be careful cause familiars are pretty fragile.

thank you Riatin!!

Male Human Gamer / 16

Merry Christmas, friends! :)

Merry Christmas everyone! (too wiped out to think about more to say)

Male Human Gamer / 16

I've got this funny visual in my head of everyone kind of in bullet-time slo-mo waiting for Zaf to do something, looking over at him, and he's sitting there scribbling in a notebook: "Hang on! I'm working on lyrics! I don't choose when inspiration strikes!"


It's like you're in his head or something...

Now I've got that visual in my head, and it's awesome.

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Quick rules question, Riatin: You can't perform "any kind of movement" and take a 5-foot step in the same turn. The Barbarian's Intimidating Glare rage power counts "as a move action" but I would argue it's not movement, itself.

Should G be able to 5-foot step and use Intimidating Glare in the same turn?

I erred on the side of caution in my last post, but I'm sure it will come up again. :)

Yeah, you can do that, it prohibits physical movement, not something that takes a move action.

Male Human Gamer / 16


I love the PBF format, but do think the spontaneity of the tabletop game is lost.

Maybe someday when we're starting an encounter we should say "hey, lets do a Google hangout for an hour and actually talk to each other while we post for a fight!" I think that might be fun.

Yeah, there's pro's and con's to both, obviously. I think this format tends to bring out more roleplaying but at the table is faster and has more comedy to it.

Male Human Gamer / 16

Nice to see you back, Long! I saw you hadn't been in WoW for three days and was honestly just about to start asking around if anyone had heard from you! Hope all is well.

Hey, not that I don't trust you as GM, but I'm just curious if a double-check is in order: +8 seems like an awfully high attack bonus considering the warchanter is asleep and Ripnugget's Shaken. Is that right?

G's got plenty of health, and this whole thing has turned out so far to be easier than expected, so NBW - I just want to be sure all the various conditions are accounted for.


+8 is indeed correct. I actually forgot to add the bonus from the warchanter into his attacks for the charge, so you got by with one on that. He's a goblin warchief cause he earned it ;)

Male Human Gamer / 16

Okay, well, he's still tiny. Gonna squash him, you just wait.

Male Human Gamer / 16

Actually, I was reading on d20pfsrd and think that maybe if the grapple escape is a success, G still gets a standard action? Too late to edit my post, but if that's true, Ripnugget may not be up yet. Depends on the gecko's CMD. :)

Breaking free still eats up your standard action, but you would still have a move/swift/free action, for future reference.

Male Human Gamer / 16

Yeah, that's what I thought, but the thing in d20pfsrd says "...break away so they may act freely as a Standard Action" - I guess that's referring to on subsequent turns.

And to reply to your AC question without cluttering up the gameplay: HL is telling me 18: 10+5(armor)+2(shield)+2(DEX)+1(Ring of Prot)-2(rage)=18

Edit2: Redacted. Deflection = Ring of Protection. Updated AC math to reflect that. So it's 18 for sure (unless you're tracking a negative condition I've forgotten!).

Edit: FWIW, I just updated G's character profile to include a permanent link to my HL porfolio. It's also got Ithri and Zaf.

Yeah, I lost that link somewhere. I had him charging still for some reason, that's where the other two came from.

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