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Working our way through the first AP for Starfinder. We're using SFS rules and you get credit!

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Alright! I'm looking for four to six Starfinders to work our way through the Dead Suns adventures. We will run this SFS, so if you want to get credit for your characters, we're going to help you out here! Post your interest. We will use the forum here and google docs for the maps. Whose in?

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hmm. dot. SF seems interesting.

sounds interesting. will we be using SFS rules to make characters?

Definitely, interested.


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Count me in as interested, with a note that I'm currently running Dead Suns for my RL group, so I am already familiar with the story (not sure if that's something you mind or not.) Not new to Starfinder, but I would be new to Society play.

I've got a concept for a Mystic (Xenodruid; a new initiate in the Xenowardens) I've been toying with, and wouldn't mind playing a soldier if there was someone else who really wanted to go Mystic.

Count me as interested even though I'm also going to run it, I just won't be making the important decisions.

Really interested in getting involved in play-by-post, specifically for Starfinder. Most of my friends IRL enjoy their tabletops to be fantasy so they're not too interested in Pathfinder. Id love a chance to get involved in the sci-fi feel of Starfinder.

Consider me interested as well. I will probably end up making a Vesk Solarian.


I'm interested. I've posted this character for a few other dead suns game but have yet to be selected.

I'd be interested, though I am also familiar with the story from running Dead Suns both with my RL group and online here on the forums.

Looking maybe at an elf operative (explorer specialization) from Castrovel, and he would possibly take the Starfinder Forerunner archetype at 2nd level.

PbP looks like the only way I'll have a chance to play this. Got lots of character ideas,so can fill various roles.
Not really bothered about SFS, so if you end up with more players who are interested in that, I'd rather you gave them the chance.

I'm interested though I need to ask do you ahve to be part of SFS to participate?

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Even if you do, Tark, signing up is nothing more than a few clicks. I just did it the other day. Given we haven't heard from the OP in almost a week, though, I'm not optimistic that it will matter for this thread.

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I would love to play more starfinder games.

I'm interested, though I'm already in one Dead Suns AP (which is not for SFS credit). Can't get enough Starfinder right now. But if you don't want someone who is already in a game that's cool.

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Ok! Glad to see interest! Here are my first six people:
Edward Sobel
Dorian 'Grey'

If you are still interested, post and make a character following the Starfinder Society Rules. We'll start when we have our six ready characters. Sound like a plan?

Sounds good to me. :)

Cool, just going to take me a day, do it Sunday night. Keep in mind, I'm also Dming this, so I won't be making any of the important decisions unless I'm forced to.


cool. I assume level 1

this alias would most likely be my character.

I do have a chronicle waiting till level 3 to apply for this character though. and also has 2 xp as well.


All finished, if anyone wants to check my figures they may, I have my work shown.

Hope this is ok OP,

Anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to picked, I’m also starting a Dead Suns pbp starting with book 1. Recruits can report here


It has been four days by now since you stated everyone was in. They may not have checked back in, you might want to send them a PM.

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Ok sounds good. Money happens for me Friday, so I'm going to set up the place to start, and we are going to hit this up Monday. Level one standard rules et al. PLEASE MAKE PLAYER FRIENDLY CHARACTERS. Differences in opinion ("The one true god is X.""I disagree." or "Hive minds are good." "Hive mind governments are bad!") are ok, but "I knife the other PC in the back" makes for an angry Ed! I'm using google docs to host things, and I'm always open to new ideas so share what works for you!


Working on my Kasatha Mechanic, should be done soon....


I just realized, are you Dming all six books? Book one takes levels 1-2, but book 2 is 3 to 4. So books 2 and beyond, we would only get credit as if we played pregens, cause each book only levels you up one SFS level at a time.
Not really a problem, but just bringing it up and asking.


Thread bump, are the rest of you working on characters?

I shall work up an Operative.

I am still interested if this is happening?

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I'm just now seeing that there was actually some life in this thread after I thought it was dead. Since expressing interest in this game, I've gotten involved in two other PbPs (including one other Dead Suns game) that have already gotten started, so I'm going to bow out and leave my spot to someone else.

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Yep! We're waiting for the rest of everyone to post in the main thread here : http://paizo.com/campaigns/EdsStarfinderGame/gameplay&page=last

We have 3 (I think); waiting on at least one more to get started....

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