Carrion Crown Blues: Broken Moon

Game Master Kartari

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Recruitment is now closed, but it may be open. Don't talk to me, talk to the other players -- but talk here.

As one of the players, I say it's open. :)

Recruitment criteria to follow... stay tuned and feel free to dot for now.

Then I'll dot for sure!

Hai Guise!

Recruitment is not open yet, but we will be using a tweak over Yog's rules. Applications that don't include something from below will be rejected out of hand. You will need the Carrion Crown Player's Guide for this.

Races: Any core, plus changelings, dhampirs, and orcs. Playing an orc is risky in Ustalav but could be fun. Just sayin'. I was the orc, now we have no orcs.

Alignments: Good.

Classes: Any core, APG, Ult. Combat and Ult. Magic archetypes acceptable. No Ninja or Samurai because that's not the flavor of the AP.

Point Buy: 25 points; you're heroes, you're supposed to be epic.

Starting Gold: Max for class.

Starting HP: Max, (half-max + 1) on level-ups.

Traits: One normal, one campaign.

Backgrounds: A nice, fully-done background will go a long way towards getting you into our game. We don't need pages, but we need vividness. Make me feel your character. They should feel like, if not Ustalav natives, that they have a very, very good reason to be there.

We were waiting for Yog, but he left and did not come. We hope Yog's game will happen one day. For now, you'll get an orc instead.

Out of curiosity... I gather you have taken up the "new DM" mantle, Ulrik?

As recruitment is not open yet, I would imagine that submitting a character would be rude at this point. If i could ask one question though; what characters have been made by the accepted players so far?


Javell, I volunteered to entertain such a fine group.

James Kondolow wrote:
As recruitment is not open yet, I would imagine that submitting a character would be rude at this point. If i could ask one question though; what characters have been made by the accepted players so far?

It's by no means rude to submit a character, it's just that we do not have all the details... But if you want to gamble of the specifics of the recruitment, do go for it :)

Our current group is formed by Aliseya Belododia, Naught, Zelda Lamplighter, Cellawyn Cayentelva. Also Lord Charles Iridian Bloodgrave? Ulrik of Belkzen killed a certain Odalric that will never make it to the funeral.

Hey guys, I'm sorry to see you ran into trouble so quickly. The same thing has happened to me before.

Andras here was part of the initial recruitment. For the moment I'm just here for moral support but if you do decide to open recruitment I might throw my hat back in the ring :)

We've got a barbarian, a rogue, a magus, and an oracle so far, James. So we've got a balanced party already.

That said, I believe we're going more for fluff over crunch... a compelling back story and great roleplaying potential will get my vote. :)

I believe we're actually close to opening recruitment (sorry for the false start, Ulrik). So stay tuned...

Ulrik of Belkzen wrote:
Our current group is formed by Aliseya Belododia, Naught, Zelda Lamplighter, Cellawyn Cayentelva. Also Lord Charles Iridian Bloodgrave?

I believe Lord Charles bowed out?

I've got a pretty 'fluffy' Oracle headed to Zen Archer that is very much a supporting role PC. He could be the Knowledge guy and the back-up skill monkey and would be rather unaccommodating to undead, at least by level 6 or 7 which I understand might be sometime during the next presidency... Regardless, color me anxious.

Haiiiii guys. I believe I was told to come here.

I know someone that believes that shadowy figures lurk in dark corners and would love to decide the future of a nation.

She'll no doubt look to make your acquaintance later today - and if the party have need for another in Ustalav, she'll be more than pleased to make good on her promise to repay Professor Lorrimor' favour.

As Birch33 suggested, Mirelenza has been invited to the reading of Professor Lorrimor's will and would be delighted to travel with others rather than alone.


As young women go, Mirelinza is a typical Varisian physically. She has dusky skin and large, expressive indigo eyes. Her hair is a very deep shade of brown that has a hint of redness in the right light.

Unlike the typical Varisian, you’ll never catch her wearing flowing, beautifully embroidered garments of red, green, blue, and purple – although her armour is often adorned with strings of coins and tiny bells.

Following the fashion, she loves her brightly coloured, intricate, and personally significant tattoos – although none are visible. She was also blessed to enter the world with a tattoo in the form of a birthmark. These “birth tattoos” bear little resemblance to conventional birthmarks. Hers is an elaborate and multicoloured representation of the Dawnflower on her right shoulder.

She’s lithe and long-limbed and has the athletic grace of a natural dancer – something she learned from her mother. Music and dance are a significant part of Varisian culture and her mother had a song for every occasion, grand and mundane, even for tasks such as washing the dishes or building a fire. And Mirelinza added the moves that formed the dance to accompany her.

Her fighting style is all about grace and movement rather than brute force – some go as far to say her fighting is like just like one of her dances.


From an early age, Mirelinza was destined for life as a member of her clan’s travelling dancing troupe. Despite her love of dance, this was not a life she wanted.

As so often happens, fate intervened. She was noticed by an abbot that was on his way to take charge of a monastery. The abbot convinced Mirelinza's parents to release her to his keeping – as she was no doubt destined to serve Sarenrae – her tattoo was proof enough. Alas, the abbot was not virtuous and groomed the young Mirelinza - as he did with many pretty young girls he had convinced families to hand over to the church.

Mirelinza knew the teachings of the church were not congruous with how she was being treated – and when a new young girl was brought to the monastery and was abused by the abbot, Mirelinza saw this as a test of her faith.

She considered her beliefs and decided that the acts occurring at the monastery were not appropriate and she confronted the abbot. He laughed at her; then beat her and promised to rape her. She picked up a nearby candlestick and calmly bludgeoned him to death.

Mirelinza knew her version of events would not be believed but she also refused to return home and become a dancer. Once more, she faced a moral dilemma. Deciding to act in a selfless way and believing it was her duty to protect others, she took up the role of a virtuous avenger. Running from the monastery, she looked for wrongs to right when others would turn a blind eye. When those who transgressed were above the law, she saw that justice was done.
Having fled the monastery, Mirelinza travelled from village to village picking up work where she could. She would wash dishes and serve behind bars but found her dancing was a far more lucrative way of making money. And she found she enjoyed the attention more than we was expecting.

Although it paid the bills, and allowed her to put distance between her and the monastery – it wasn’t fulfilling for her. The huge benefit of an inn was that ale flowed and that led to loose lips. Every village had its criminals that were above the law. Mirelinza didn’t select petty cutpurses but went after those that had power and abused it. She always offered them redemption first – as Sarenrae taught – and was surprised that none tried to bluff her and promise to change their ways but with no intention of doing so. Perhaps that was because they underestimated her?

And so one day she arrived at a small town where she encountered a paladin of the Dawnflower. And the stories the locals told of this man made her come as close to losing her control as she ever has. Instead of smiting evil and defending the weak he chose to extort money from those who could not afford it and turned a blind-eye to the dealings of his rich patrons. Her faith had taught her that even with someone who has shown himself to be irretrievably evil, she was obliged to treat him with the kindness she would show to anyone who had lost his way. Redemption was supposed to be a swift process but her every fibre wanted to lash out and kill this man without delay.

Mirelinza approached the man dressed in shining armour, the morning sun peeking from behind a could merely added to the image of a divine flame that was echoed in his shield of white with the sun beautifully painted to show the world of his ‘faith.’ With her left hand holding her sunburst pendant that was strung around her neck, she approached him as he helped himself to the donations left at the open air temple to Sarenrae that was so common in this area.

Realising she was breathing fast, she tried to calm herself before speaking. He saw her approach and looked up. ”You’re the dancer from the inn, right? You could make a lot of money with the right management.”

Mirelinza finally spoke;. ”You’re a paladin, right?” She didn’t wait for a reply. ”You provide hope to the weak and support to the righteous.” Her tone had changed from a question to a statement.

The paladin’s focus had switched to the coins in his hand as he sorted the various denominations.

”I understood Sarenrae is a powerful force against evil, and strikes down the irredeemable without mercy. How would she measure you?”

The man slowly looked up as if processing this information before responding. ”What is your point little girl?”

Mirelinza started to list the crimes she had heard the paladin had committed. From stealing from the donations to failing to minister to those who could not pay him for his services. From killing for money in the name of Sarenrae to supporting a group of slavers.

The paladin’s eyes smiled as he listened to her. He ran his eyes over her body, seeing that she had no armour and no obvious weapon. A dagger perhaps, but as a defence against a fully armoured killing machine? Her boldness amused him but he knew his patience was already being tested.

”Your point little girl?” he eventually interjected.

Mirelinza’s voice rose an octave as she tried to suppress her anger. She knew he was trying to bait her into doing something rash. ”My…point…is…you…must…be…offered the chance to bare your soul to the cleansing light of the Dawnflower so that it may be purified.”

An awkward silence followed. Then the paladin starting laughing. A quiet chuckle at first until it developed into loud bellows. The clouds now obscured the sun.

Mirelinza continued regardless. ”You are a fierce warrior, like our goddess.” At the inflexion of her voice she let the symbol around her neck dangle free. ”You are supposed to provide hope to the weak and support to the righteous. You have failed Sarenrae. Will you repent and redeem your ways?”

The laughter died away. The paladin sighed audibly and drew his scimitar. ”I remember an old tenet of the Sarenrae paladin code.” He circled her as he spoke but she remained still, even when he passed behind her. ” The best battle is a battle I win. If I die, I can no longer fight. I will fight fairly when the fight is fair, and I will strike quickly and without mercy when it is not.” He raised his sword and swung it at the back of her head. ”And this is no fair fight.”

Mirelinza’s instincts kicked in. She dropped to her haunches in a graceful motion, so that the blade swung over her head. The paladin was too confident that the blow would land and the lack of connection made him overbalance. Mirelinza immediately raised her holy symbol and stuck it into his neck. A fountain of blood erupted but Mirelinza knew it was not a killing blow. She darted out of range of his blade and now they circled each other, the man ignoring the bloom of red soaking the white vestments that overlay his chest-plate.

He swung and missed a couple of times but was patient. He knew she couldn’t hurt him from a distance and she couldn’t get past his sword. And then it happened. The sun re-emerged from the clouds and the rays bounced off the collection plate and straight into the paladin’s eyes. Mirelinza got close and managed to trip the man. As he fell he twisted, trying to avoid landing on his back. And as he fell, he impaled himself on his scimitar.

Mirelinza watched him lay there for many minutes, her breathing ragged. Then she muttered, “I shall redeem the ignorant with words and actions. If they will not turn toward the light, I must redeem them by the sword.”

She turned the body over and took his scimitar, wiping it on his tabbard. She then removed his purse and emptied the full amount in the collection plate.

In the coming days and weeks she practiced with that blade until she was competent. It felt too heavy to wield effectively but she promised herself that the day she could manage to integrate the heavier sword into her graceful fighting style, she would truly know she had made the right decision and that Sarenrae would be sending her a message that she would have to answer.

And her life as a paladin began.


Other people would pigeon-hole Mirelinza as a paladin, but she sees herself as long on theory and short on practice. Plus her devotion to the religion of Sarenrae means that she's not the typical lawful good knight in shining armour.

Mirelinza is outwardly confident but this hides a deep-seated insecurity about her life decisions. She’s looking for either some strong guidance or a sign that tells her the way to go. She wants desperately to be devout and she knows all the rules and regulations but she has never had an epiphany that she expects all true followers of Sarenrae to have experienced.

She reads the book of the faith daily and pursues the values of the faith but wonders from time to time if she's actually missing out on something.

Her skills and learning have led to the life on the right side of the law – but it’s in itself a vocation that’s in two minds. It requires both patience and swift action at the same time. Mirelinza’s personality mirrors this turmoil. She’s frequently looking for reassurance that she’s making (and has made) the right decision.

The life as a paladin has had its fair share of dark times. This is ideal for a young woman with a hankering for adventurer. And that’s Mirelinza’s second key characteristic. She’s a risk-taker, a daredevil. And there’s plenty to meet that need in this region.

Linked to that adrenaline thrill is a desire to be in the spotlight. Insecurities or not, she could have just been a member of a dancing troupe. But she chose to be a beacon for all that is good. Regardless of life-decisions, Mirelinza knows what she’s good at and likes to demonstrate her proficiency. Confident or arrogant? It’s a fine line that she walks at times.

Another facet to Mirelinza’s personality is her unwillingness to back down from a dare. Perhaps it’s that inner voice of doubt that pushes her to prove herself – to demonstrate to others what she’s capable of – but one thing is for sure…Mirelinza will volunteer for anything and refuse no challenge.

Her faith is an embodiment of these things. She can be kind and loving and can show great patience with those who choose to be blind but may one day see. Yet for all her compassion, she sees herself as a powerful force against evil, and strikes down the irredeemable without mercy.

Mirelinza’s’ Story:

Tales are told throughout Golarion of shadowy figures that lurk in dark corners—stories recounted to Mirelinza as a child at bedtime. Legends of undead creatures fascinated her and the teachings of Sarenrae only developed her knowledge and interest.

Few locations in Golarion are as in need of paladins as Ustalav and Mirelenza was kept busy as she set out to vanquish evil and eliminate remnants of the Whispering Tyrant’s long reign.

And so it came to pass that, as a fledgling paladin armed with only a couple of daggers, she’d survived an encounter with a particularly fearsome undead creature that that was terrorising a village. And that is when she’d met Professor Lorrimor. He approached her as part of his studies, and was amazed she had avoided death or even injury. This meeting developed into frequent correspondence until several months ago.

It was the scars of that experience and his continual reminders of the encounter that prompted Mirelinza to hone her skills lest someday she faced the same type of creature again. The professor assisted her in this endeavour, providing her with insight into the anatomy and defences of the undead. Years of study have improved her combat effectiveness against this foe.

Secrets/Plot Hooks:

Mirelinza's faith is a constant challenge. She wants to believe but is doing it by the numbers rather than through conviction at present.

She won't react well to others' challenging her faith - she is passionate about succeeding - despite her shaky faith.

Mirelinza’s Sarenrae Paladin Code of Conduct:

We paladins of the Dawnflower are fierce warriors, like our goddess. We provide hope to the weak and support to the righteous. Our tenets include:

"To be as a caring parent or sibling to all in need. Help heal the sick and lift the fallen. Be a guiding light into the darkest hearts and lands"
1. I shall heal those that ask for it
2. I must grant mercy to those that ask for it
3. I must help those that can't help themselves
4. I shall donate 15% of any monies earned to those in need
5. I will show the less fortunate the light of the Dawnflower
6. I will live life as her mortal blade, shining with the light of truth

"To only respond to violence in kind with swift metal and scorching light"
1. I will not initiate combat if another path seems open
2. I will actively seek out and destroy any cult of Rovagug
3. I will destroy any mindless undead, Demons, Daemons, and any irredeemable fiend as they are beyond redemption
4. I will protect my allies with my life. They are my light and my strength, as I am their light and their strength. We rise together
5. The best battle is a battle I win. If I die, I can no longer fight. I will fight fairly when the fight is fair, and I will strike quickly and without mercy when it is not
6. I shall redeem the ignorant with words and actions. If they will not turn toward the light, I must redeem them by the sword
7. I will not abide evil, and will combat it with steel when words are not enough. I do not flinch from my faith, and do not fear embarrassment. My soul cannot be bought for all the stars in the sky

"Each new day brings hope and renewed opportunity. I will not let darkness into my life"
1. I will not knowingly tell a lie
2. I will not knowingly use poison
3. I will never own a slave, and will do my best to free those in bondage
4. Each day is another step toward perfection. I will not turn back into the dark

"The strength of the sun guides me through the fog of mortal words"
1. I will respect the laws of the land I knows are just, fair and good
2. Whenever in doubt, especially when travelling abroad, it is the spirit of the Law that I must follow, if ever the letter is corrupted or unknown


(Varisian) Female Paladin 1
NG Medium Human / Humanoid (Human)
Init +4; Senses Perception +0
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +4 dex)
hp 13 (1d10+2)
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +2
Armor Studded Leather, Light
Spd 30 ft/x4
Melee Rapier +5 (1d6) 18-20/x2
Melee Scimitar +1 (1d6) 18-20/x2
Melee Cold Iron Melee Dagger +5 (1d4) 19-20/x2
Ranged Thrown Dagger +5 (1d4) 19-20/x2
Ranged Longbow +5 (1d8) 20/x3
Special Attacks Smite Evil [1] (PFCR 60-61)
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 14
BAB +1, CMB +1, CMD +15
Feats Armor Proficiency (LIGHT / MEDIUM / HEAVY) (PFCR 118), Persuasive (PFCR 131), Shield Proficiency (PFCR 133), Weapon Finesse (PFCR 136)
Skills Handle Animal +6, Heal +4, Knowledge (religion) +6, Perform (dance) +3, Spellcraft +6
SQ Aura of Good (PFCR 60), Detect Evil (PFCR 60)
MC Code of Conduct (PFCR 63-64)
Traits Armor Expert (Combat) (PFAPG 327), Subject of Study (Campaign: Carrion Crown) (PFAP: CrCwn PG)
Languages Celestial, Common, Thassilonian, Varisian

:-) Then I have a good idea of what I'll put forward. I had a character that started a Carrion Crown campaign a couple years ago, but we didn't get too far. I'll take her concept and put it into a 25-point build. (I lost her character sheet so I can't remember if this will bump her up or take her down, but I held onto her backstory. I'll put that up here.)

Echo's last day at home:

Echo slowly opened her eyes as the sunlight from her window slid over her face. She groaned while trying to slide out of bed. The aches and pains of her arms and shoulders protested as she went through her morning routine. After drying to cool water off her face, she looked into the silver mirror and tried to smile. Her lips and cheeks protested and ached more than the rest of her body, so she let her countenance fall down to the ever present passive expression that the community knew was hers alone. She had always wished she could feel or even just show some happiness, but it always hurt to do anything but frown. At least she could look like felt nothing at all, which is better than always being in pain.

After tying a belt around her waist, she hurried out the door of her adopted father Arnae’s house to get to Calistria’s temple. She had received a position under Garoth the priest as an apprentice herbalist, and that was ok It was all simple, but everyone in this Elfin village treated her like she was less of a person since she was human. Isolationist, racist, closed-minded fools. At least Garoth was willing to let her experiment with some unstable compounds. That was interesting, but still not fun. Everything was interesting at best, and frustrating at worst. She was past her “age group’s” proficiency with bows and swords, but at 21 years the elfin children were barely taller than her waist. Those elfs weren’t much of a challenge. Those who were her size had the benefit of close to 70 years of experience. They always bested her, and she had a couple scars to prove it.

As Echo walked up the darkened stone steps, she pulled her shoulder back and held her head high. Garoth would never allow her to serve in a public ceremony unless she appeared totally confident, even though few people attended these public ceremonies. She often remarked to herself that without being forced into faking confidence, she would have become a truly sullen and self-centered individual. Today’s sacrifice was important of course, but it was not the main worship for Calistria. The Savored Sting’s true worship came from vengeance or through pursuits of the flesh, but still a small sacrifice which is then offered to the wasps was still encouraged. Many other elfin communities enjoyed the worship of Calistria because of their long lives, but this community was different. All prayers that were offered petitioned Calistria for her blessing upon their revenge. Nobody fought against each other, and nobody ever said who this vengeance would be against, so Echo never knew what this revenge would be for. Perhaps when she was older she would introduced to this deep seeded anger, but until then it was just another oddity.

Nobody was there to disrupt the simple ceremony. Garoth and Echo stood alone, the only sounds filling the temple were Garoth’s words, the crackling of the small fire in the braziers, and a dull buzz of wasps. Echo didn’t look up, but knew there was a small nest of wasps in the rafters. Garoth said that this was Calistria’s blessing, but Echo thought it may just be a coincidence. At least she didn’t have to go out and hunt down wasps in the forest to offer the burnt sacrifice to.

As Garoth continued through the local prayers, the smell of incense suddenly overcame Echo's senses. Her eyes dimmed and her mind blurred. She was no longer in the temple, but instead was in a dim rugged shack. Around her were simple cloths and an oil lamp, but in front of her were two silhouettes that were both foreign and familiar. Echo tried to call out to them, but she couldn't form any words with her mouth. Her entire body felt weak and useless, but she felt safe. But as soon as she realized that comfort, she saw the dull red of blood spurt from the man on her right. Echo knew it was a man after she heard his yells of pain and anger. The woman on Echo's left stood and screamed before her head was separated from her body. The last thing Echo saw was a silver pendant with a scarab that had an eye on its back. After that, all was black.

When she woke up, she was in the common room of her house and the only two people near her were Arnae and Garoth. Echo was reluctant to say any part of her dream, but slowly started to describe the room that she had started in. Arnae started to fill in the details, and surprisingly gave an even more accurate account than Echo could recall. Garoth just sat nearby with an impassive look upon his face.

When Arnae had finished the story, Echo was confused and asked him how he knew so much about this. Arnae said, because I was there. I saw what the room was like after he killed your parents. Echo was shocked, and immediately started to bombard Arnae with questions. As Arnae sat there quietly, it was Garoth who answered.

We want to tell you everything, we really do Echo, but we can't. Our oaths of secrecy bind us so tightly that we can share only the smallest bit of information. You were born and raised in Ustalav, in a village that has been worn down to the ground by now by fire and the elements. We were members of a group along with your parents, but we are forbidden from even sharing its name.

At that point Arnae turned to a shelf, opened a small neglected box, and pulled out a small pendant which had in it’s very a center a scarab beetle with an eye on it’s back.. This was your mothers. It is the symbol of our order, and it may bring you some luck. At the very least it may help you find some comfort from unknown friends. When Arnae had finished, the tension in the room smothered the three somber people in the room.

Echo was puzzled. That's it!? You can't tell me anything else? Why don't you tell me why they were killed, or even their names!?! Please just tell me my mother's name!

Again, Garoth answered with cold simple words. We can't say anything because our oaths keep us from revealing too much. If you want to know more, perhaps you can find more in Ustalav. Professor Lorrimor may not still be in good standing, but at least he could point you to somewhere you could he initiated into the Order.

Echo felt a small tear run down her cheek, but quickly turned to hide it from her mentor and her adoptive father. She quickly went to her bed and packed her few belongings. As she turned to walk away, she almost ran into Arnae. He still held the pendant. Echo, I'm sorry we can't help you more. Please hold closely onto this, but keep it away from anyone you don't trust. Our order has as many enemies as it does friends, and the enemies won't ask twice about how you got that pendant. He leaned over her shoulder to put the pendant around her neck. He gently whispered, Be careful, be safe, and that was the last time she heard his voice.

Hey all, this is hedgeknight and here is my character for consideration: Durgan Stoneshield

Good luck to all applicants.

After being accepted in another game, I am withdrawing my character submission. Good gaming!

The Exchange

Is there room for a cleric?

Good luck, hedgeknight.

D-Kal, sure, why not. :) I think we're open to pretty much any class Ulrik has allowed.

How long will this remain open? A couple of days maybe?

Alright, here's the cleric I spoke of. If any of the players want to look over my profile and provide feedback, that'd be cool

Recruitment is open, and we are closing it on Sunday (as long as it's Sunday somewhere in the world, you're game).

We will try to make our choice on Monday or a bit later, and this should give me enough time to finish prepping.

So far we have Andras, Javell, Kye, Maia, Mirelinza, James and Marckus.

We are looking recruiting two characters according to the criteria posted before, so please make sure the crunch is in line by the time the game starts.

Because it is hard (at least for me) to read through many applications, I cap the number of applicants to ten, unless any of the current players chooses a larger cap.

(If other players from the previous recruitment wish to re-submit their characters and the cap has been reached, we will make room for them too.)

The decision will be made by our group, based on fluff and on which character/player we expect having the most fun playing with. Crunch-wise the group is capacity-even, so choose your favorite character concept and give it a shot :)

Submitting Echo (whose initial background was submitted earlier), a female human alchemist, raised by Elfs in a Calistrian temple after her parents were murdered.

I'll be posting some additional fluff when I post the crunch layer tonight. It will illustrate her meeting of Prof Lorimoor, along with any sort of story the current players or DM ask for.

Submitting my CC character, Ulam. His crunch has to be re-worked for your specs and I will get it done ASAP. His fluff is included in his profile.

I've submitted him to several CC campaigns and he hasn't been selected yet, but I think he'd be a real joy (and perhaps a bit of an exciting challenge) to play. Please take a look and like I said, I'll rework his crunch ASAP before your deadline

I have to say I am quite intrigued. However, the only character I have to might work is Neutral. Not that he does not want to do good, it's just that he gets uncontrable during battle (he's a barbarian) and tends to murder people when battling... he is a bit trouble to say the least. Would it still be okay to apply or is the "Good" rule unavoidable?

I'm going to jump in to this before the ten applicant cap is reached! The character here is in the preliminary stages, but I think her group role as a bomber alchemist with mad knowledge skills is clear, and the fluff is done (prior to editing).

Ulam Bone-Cracker wrote:
His crunch has to be re-worked for your specs and I will get it done ASAP.

Actually - he's good to go! I realized he was originally created for your campaign with the original GM. I may want to re-think his gear as I have a lot of gold left, but otherwise he is ready to roll. Thanks so much for your consideration. Fingers crossed.

TheCelticCircle, I actually played such a barbarian once, and he spiralled down big time...
About being good, I will definitely characters that will do the morally right thing even when they don't have incentive to do it, actually, even when they have incentive not to do it.

I'd be willing to put my name in the hat as well. I'll be creating an inquisitor with the "final rest" inquisition.

Good support for your already balanced group. And should fit the flavor of the genre well.

I'll post back with an Alias shortly.

Alright, Briar here is coming closer to completion, especially mechanically. If anyone with an abundance of time wants to give feedback, though, it's always appreciated! The one thing I might change is her younger years in her backstory. Having her raised by Lorrimor seems kind of excessive, in retrospect.

I shall be skipping then, hope your enjoy the game!

Speaking for myself at least, a well written and compelling back story will grab my vote most prominently. If you can really justify through story a certain factor about your character which deviates from Ulrik's stated requirements (be it alignment, race, or something else), I personally would go with story over requirements.

Requiring a Good alignment for instance suggests to me that perhaps the late Prof. Lorrimor would have chosen to name persons in his will who he deemed good at heart. So if you're applying with a neutral character, there should be a compelling case imo for why the Professor would have chosen to name your character.

I defer to our esteemed GM for final arbitration, however.

EDIT: Of course, I mean within reason. A neutral character should probably be someone who strives to water the seeds of good within themselves, but has a shady past they still haven't yet fully overcome, just for example. Evil I'd say would be definitely out, regardless of justification.

Here is my character. Crunch and fluff will both be up tonight, as soon as I get home I can finish writing. Crunch is mostly completed just needs to be uploaded.

Half-Elf Inquisitor of Pharasma. Final Rest inquisition. She would have had plenty of things to discuss with the late Professor.

(not completely happy with this profile pic, may have to keep looking.)

I agree with Aliseya, and I don't want to veto TheCelticCircle's application.

My point about alignment is that at certain parts of the campaign, the only thing that will push the adventure forward will be the characters' will to do what is morally right, without expecting any loot to reward them.

I repeat: at certain points there will simply be no incentive for the adventure to go forward -- no money, no beloved one at risk, no interest in check. It will be just this one big heck of a problem that other people have and that does not even need to be solved, for all an average neutral character would care.

If you think your character will do the morally right thing, be it because by heartfelt conviction or by whatever reason you can think of, go for it :)

If you just let your barbarian go astray, he will become a destruction machine, or at least so I believe, but I am willing to try it out if so are you and the other players.

Here is my submission. Extra fluff to follow later

Fluff is up. Crunch will be coming shortly.

This will be expanded to include my connection to Lorrimor sometime tomorrow.

Edited: I included a bit more of a description of her appearance, and added her relationship with Prof. Lorrimor.

Alright then, I shall give it a chance. I will put up the character soon.

If you want to look at how She is played, here is her first introduction in a pre-selection RP scenario. She doesn't enter until about 5th page.


I RPed Kye in that same thread. ^

I've got this guy I'm gonna throw out there.


The mechanics you'll be looking for are below the line. Backstory is above the line. you wrote 522 posts of RP, during which at least a fight seems to have emerged, and that was your recruitment? That's insane :)

Interestingly, I saw Ysmeralda in the recruitment for Yog's and she got into Scott's.

It's not very nice that we have a ratio of 2 spots for 10 people (we may actually have 11 I believe)... We could fit three parties (including ours) in there :(

@Ulrik: You could always run two parties! :) Or, maybe just have a party of eight, that way if someone drops out you don't have to replace them. Anyway, wanted to let all you decision makers know that I tweaked Kye a bit and included a 'Rationale' section to discuss where I see this character heading. If you've already looked at him, if you don't mind just reading that new addition, I'd appreciate it. I'm liking the way this casual recruitment has been organized so far.

Incidentally, there are three posts of that 522 that I made that I'm kinda proud of. They all add a little more to the understanding of his character and personality. The first is Kye's entrance on page 5 (not just 'Kye enters the bar...'), the second is his speech on page 7, and finally his attempt to address the dwarf in Dwarven on page 8 (posted under the wrong name). I'd love to get some feedback. I'm kind of a noob.

Will you permit alternate racial traits? I am considering giving a human character "dual talented". +2 on two attributes of choice instead of one, but no human bonus feat and no human skill point / level.

Hello... I would like to contribute a character to this as well, but only want to be taken into consideration after Kye and Maia... Should Morthos wish to apply with his paladin, I shall withdraw.

I participated in the same tavern RP as did Maia and Kye with the character Narah. Since Narah would by no means fit the rules or the attitude you imply for the campaign and is a relatively ineffective built which disregarded rule considerations mostly, I created this different one. (Which is a bit sad, since I liked playing Narah...)

Menadra, LG Female Human Paladin of Falayna 1
(Falayna is an Empyreal Lord as described in the "Chronicle of the Righteous")

Hi Feuerrabe,

  • in general, yes,
  • if it is to make your character overpower, no,
  • but we have already reached the cap for applications...

Menadra... so you say you want me to put you in a "processing queue", then?

If you look at Ulrik's stats, you will see that his stats are not that good for an epic (25-point) character. Don't let go of Narah because of the ineffective build :)

(But, well, you know better about her attitude. I think that if you say your character is Good, then you are committing yourself to RP your character in a way that he will acknowledge the right thing to do. If the character fails to do because of mortal weakness, that's ok, it's part of roleplaying good characters. My issue is characters getting stuck because they will say "Mah, I don't want to make myself the trouble of helping such and such. I will go farm gold instead.")

Maia is a blaster :3 so if these boards are correct will be inheritingly underpowered than most wizards he he (first one!)

Ulrik of Belkzen wrote:

Menadra... so you say you want me to put you in a "processing queue", then?

No thanks. Menadra and Narah are my characters.

Attitude is not the same as alignment afaik. Narah is as good as it gets, alignment wise. The reasons why I deemed Narah inappropriate:
• She's a sylph. You don't permit sylphs.
• When you say "you're heroes, you're supposed to be epic" I suspect you want highly optimized characters, and Narah has been rejected to a group before. That may very well have been the reason. I wouldn't go as far as to call Menadra overpowered, the choices are simply more meaningful with regards to game rules.
• You seem to be looking for characters that come from the kind of horror style scenario that the campaign suggests itself; as opposed to they player's guide which emphasizes that this is optional.
• You said that the characters need a very good explanation to be in Ustalav if they are not from Ustalav. Since a campaign trait is mandatory every character will want to go Lorrimor's funeral as implied in the player's guide, I suspect that won't be enough. Narah is "like the wind" she never stays in one place for long, comes from Katapesh, concluded her training in Kyonin, has traveled with a circus through Taldor and helped a group of Desna's clergy to rebel against the authorities in Nidal. She doesn't have a good reason other than Lorrimor's funeral, she just does what she feels like and doesn't stay in one place for long.

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