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Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

Website Feedback

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Report - Spell level Error

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

In Ultimate Equipment, the spell storing armor enhancement is linking to the weapon enhancement, not the armor enhancement.

The correct link is: Spell-storing armor rSpecialAbilities.html#spell-storing

In the Dark Stalker's SLA, shadow conjuration links incorrectly. Instead of linking to shadow conjuration, it links to the shadow magic armor quality.

On the Technomancer page (, in the spells sections, there is a typo.

"Recycle Technology (Ex)...

Broken or nonfunctional 10% of crating cost"

Crating should be crafting.

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

Somewhat strange one.

Search of the PRD for "fly", the second link is to the spell.

Note the name of the anchor is #fog-cloud.

It works, but is really confusing. I imagine the reason is this snippet from the page source:
<p id="fog-cloud" class="stat-block-title"><b>Fly</b></p>

The spell Detect Radiation is described as:

School divination; Level bard 1, cleric 1, druid 1, ranger 1, sorcerer/wizard 1

But in the index it shows as cantrip:

0th Detect Radiation divination Detect radiation in the surrounding area.

What can I report here?

  • If you think any piece of content is missing (though, do keep in mind we do not include any item that isn't covered under the Open Game License, including Golarion specific names)
  • Suggestions to make the PRD better (IE: "This feature would make the PRD much more useful in my own games if...")[/list]

    I noticed that the Spell Index includes spells from the Advanced Class Guide, and has filters for some of the classes from that book, but does not feature a filter for the Hunter class, which would be super useful as the Hunter class mechanics sort the Druid 0-6 and Ranger spells (some of which overlap) by whichever spell has the lowest level.

    Additionally, I could not select both the Druid and Ranger lists simultaneously to reproduce a very rough Hunter list, though that could simply be user error on my part.

    The Spell Index page I am discussing is here:

  • Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

    The Spell Index is not excluding based on book.

    When filtering by creature subtype in Global Monster Indices, clearing the flags and selecting "swarm" shows creatures with swarm subtype and those who lack any subtype.



    It seems that if you uncheck all subtypes the filter simply shows all the creatures without subtype and then adds to them creatures with selected subtype(s).

    Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

    The bhuta from Bestiary 3 has the word 'cold' in its weaknesses line accidentally linked to the cold subtype. This error recurs in the Special Abilities section.

    Instead of 'channel resistance' being linked to the UMR channel resistance, the word 'resistance' is linked to the UMR resistance.

    On the Global Bestiary Indices page, the link to "Jellyfish, Giant" says "Jellyfish, Death's Head", so there are two links that say "Jellyfish, Death's Head"

    Typo here ("duration" should be "DC")

    Multiple Doses of Poison

    Unlike other afflictions, multiple doses of the same poison "stack," meaning that successive doses combine to increase the poison's DC and duration.

    Making your initial saving throw against a poison means stacking does not occur—the poison did not affect you and any later doses are treated independently. Likewise, if a poison has been cured or run its course (by you either making the saves or outlasting the poison's duration), stacking does not occur. However, if there is still poison active in you when you are attacked with that type of poison again, and you fail your initial save against the new dose, the doses stack. This has two effects, which last until the poisons run their course.

    Increased Duration: Increase the duration of the poison by 1/2 the amount listed in its frequency entry.

    Increased DC: Increase the poison's "duration" by +2. oundingWords.html

    The page linked above shows Wounding Words for the Word Spell optional rules from Ultimate Magic. The page is called Weather Words, however.

    This link: a

    Leads to a page with text that reads:

    "The requested URL was not found on this server, or you do not have permission to access this area."

    By default, all filters on the Bestiary Index are turned on. You click on Bestiary Index in the sidebar, and all the monsters are displayed.

    I think it would make a nice improvement if there was an intermediary screen where you could decide which filters to start with; for example, "start with all Bestiaries checked/unchecked" or "start with all CRs checked/unchecked".

    In other words, let there be an option to check or uncheck all the filters we want to use before we start actually querying the database.

    There is a lot of processing and database access time being spent retrieving the selected database rows each time a filter is checked or unchecked (even with uncheck all). Anything that could speed up this process would be helpful.

    Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

    In the faceless stalker's stat block, under Skills, "...Stealth +11 Racial Modifier..." should read "...Stealth +11; Racial Modifiers...". These errors also appear in the printed book.

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