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Mimski wrote:

I got the book today and enjoy the diversity of the equipment, but noticed a small slip-up that's a bit disappointing this early in the system:

The new Electron crystal, shard in Armory costs more than the Tauon crystal, least from Pact Worlds and does less. (Tauon has the same stats plus a critical hit effect.)

I have to agree, The Speed Suspension costs less, can be upgraded and works with all armor type which the Longstrider module can't be.

Longstrider Module armor upgrade:
Longstrider Module Level: 4 Cost: 2200

This actuator system mimics the action of leg muscles and tendons when you run, providing assistance and support at the ankles, knees, and hips. This grants you a +10-foot enhancement bonus to your land speed.

This upgrade can be installed only in light armor.

Speed Suspension Cybernetic augmentation:
Speed Suspension
SYSTEM: All legs
Minimal 4 1,900
Standard 8 8,800
Complete 12 32,900
You increase your land speed by replacing joints and tendons in your legs with high-performance cybernetics. A minimal speed suspension replaces only a few parts, increasing your land speed by 10 feet. A standard suspension is more invasive and increases your land speed by 20 feet. Replacing all your leg joints and tendons with a complete speed suspension increases your land speed by 30 feet. You can install a speed suspension into prosthetic legs. Extra speed from these augmentations is treated as an enhancement bonus.

An Auto-CPR Unit costs 850 cr


This device monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and temperature. When one or more of these vital signs falls below an acceptable level, the device administers aid, injecting you with stimulants and resuscitating you with a defibrillator as necessary. If you have 0 Hit Points and are dying, at the end of your next turn the auto-CPR unit attempts to stabilize you, attempting a Medicine check to administer first aid to stabilize you with a +5 total skill bonus. If you have a computer interface (see page 82), you can have the computer control activate the auto-CPR unit to attempt first aid when you have the bleed condition, and you add the tier of the computer in the interface to the auto-CPR unit’s total Medicine bonus.

There are a some major problems with this item.
1) because the medical check is at the END of your turn if it fails you can NOT spend Resolve to stabilize... i.e. you died. So you will only use the Auto-CPR unit when you are out of Resolve points.
2) A computer control module gives a base medical skill of 2.5 x tier. versus +1/tier.
3) The unit does not cover all of the conditions that a Medpatch can with 5 less bonus to the medicine roll.

Unless I've missed something...?
A medpatch (50 cr) with a tier 2 computer (250 cr), AI (25 cr) and a control module (5 cr) can be deployed by the computer on its' action with a medicine skill bonus of +15 and cover multiple conditions. And it doesn't use an armor slot. The computer interface upgrade would give an additional +2.

A medpatch is a simple, all-in-one, disposable medical device designed to be slapped onto a wound or area of concern (such as a clearly diseased or poisoned section of the body) with little skill required. A medpatch allows you to attempt a Medicine check untrained with a +10 circumstance bonus, but only for the first aid, long-term stability, treat disease, and treat drugs or poison tasks.

Control Module:
The control module allows the computer to operate a complex device, to which it must be in some way connected. (Simpler devices can be controlled as part of a computer’s basic functions.) Some countermeasures might make use of a computer’s control modules when activated. Gaining control of a computer allows the user to activate the devices in any way allowed by the control module. The price of a control module depends on the complexity of the object being controlled. The control module for a more complex device, such as a spy drone, starship, vehicle, or weapon turret, costs 10% of the device to be controlled.

When controlling a basic device that essentially has an on/off switch, the computer simply gains access to that switch and can activate or deactivate the connected device as instructed. When in charge of a device that can already operate autonomously (such as a robot or another computer), the controlling computer can give orders to that device. When operating a device that requires a skill check or attack roll (such as a computer hooked to a med-bed or weapon), the controlling computer can either allow a creature with authorized access to attempt a skill check or attack roll, or attempt the skill check or attack roll itself. When making its own check, the computer is assumed to have an attack bonus equal to its tier, proficiency with any weapon it controls, and a total skill bonus equal to 2-1/2 × its tier. Such controlled objects are normally mounted to a specific location (such as a controlled longarm placed in a turret with line of sight to the computer’s terminal), in which case the mount and related components are included in the control unit price.

Dear Proof readers / editors,
Please do simple maths.


You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Perception checks to notice a creature using Stealth and to pierce disguises. You can use Perception to visually search areas up to 10 feet by 10 feet as a move action or up to 30 feet by 30 feet in 1 minute.

searching a 10 by 10 area using move actions is 2000 sqr ft searched in 1 minute which is more then twice the 900 sqr ft of a 30 by 30 area.

10x10=100^2 ft / move action
30x30=900^2ft / minute
a standard action can be used as a move action (Action types: Core p244) therefore there are 20 move equivalent actions in 1 minute.

David knott 242 wrote:
Vonyar wrote:

I don't know if this is the correct forum thread, If it isn't please move it to the correct one. -Thanks

On p. 111 in table 1-26 Magic Items there is an entry:

Item: Clearsight trinket Level: 5 Price: 2,750 Bulk: L

The Clearsight trinket doesn't have a description entry anywhere in the Starfinder Armory.

What does it do?

Take another look at the left column of page 100.

Edit: You are right; there is no specific entry for the Clearsight Trinket, but the table entries foe Clearsight Goggles and the Clearsight Trinket are too similar for them to be separate items. But at some point we should ask which set of stats is correct.

What is worse is that the Clearsight *GOGGLES* entry actually refers to them as a "trinket" But the Goggles are clearly tech while the Trinket is listed as a magic item which have limitations.

I don't know if this is the correct forum thread, If it isn't please move it to the correct one. -Thanks

On p. 111 in table 1-26 Magic Items there is an entry:

Item: Clearsight trinket Level: 5 Price: 2,750 Bulk: L

The Clearsight trinket doesn't have a description entry anywhere in the Starfinder Armory.

What does it do?

Milo v3 wrote:
Seems something has changed in the Spell Index overnight making it so you can no longer sort by level.


This is still a problem today (4 March 2018) And it sucks!

Griffyn Maddocks wrote:
The Spell Index is not excluding based on book.


As of today (4 March 2018) the spell List page is still not filtering out unchecked book(s). This makes looking up spell list for core campaigns VERY hard.

Lorrraine wrote:
I would love to see Pathfinder t-shirts in women's sizes.

I would also love to see shirts in TALL sizes!


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OK I know it isn't PFS but from an old D&D game I have a character who keeps getting cursed to hand out business cards when she meets adventurers, which reads:

Paladin of Ukko
Member in good standing of the
Foundland Assassins Guild

What's worse is that she has been on a couple of hits for the guild... What's a Paladin to do when "informed" of the evil necromancer building an undead army?
(The church has gotten some very generous tithes in her name)