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Full Name

Just A Worm




Expert 12




43, in human years

Special Abilities

(Ex) 1/day - translate management speak into language that developers understand




God the Father, Son, & Spirit


The Melting Pot


English, Hungarian, C++, Java, Ada, Perl, Python, Matlab


Software - System Engineer

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 8
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 11

About justaworm

Characters / Campaigns:
- [Current] Corban (Dwarf Hydrokineticist) in Curse of the Crimson Throne (+ Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale)
- Shard (Ratfolk Occultist) in House on Hook Street [Completed]
- Sirusk (Nagaji Slayer in Mummy's Mask Book 1, PBP, only explored 1 tomb)
- Ryll Kor (Aasimar Paladin of Sarenrae) in Rise of the Runelords AP [Completed]
- Jael and Red (Non-Slumber Witch, Fox famaliar) in Dragon's Demand [Completed]
- Grush Mush (Ogre Inquisitor) in Crypt of the Everflame / Masks of the Living God / City of Gold [Completed]
- Ko-ti (Cerrean Noble) in Dawn of Defiance [Star Wars (d20)] [Completed]
- Dalamar (Half-elf, Warlock) in World's Largest Dungeon. We should have zagged but instead zigged right into a clearly overpowered black dragon. Death was this group's only escape from the WLD.
- Hatori (Human Wu-Jen) in Savage Tide AP [Completed]
- Shenthari (Elf Sorcerer/Fighter/Arcane Archer) in Forgotten Realms homebrew campaign (misc. adventures + City of the Spider Queen)
- Lots of DnD 2e, 3e, 3.5e homebrews

- [Current] Serpent Skull AP, Book I
- [Current] Hollow's Last Hope, Crown of Kobold King, Revenge of Kobold King, The Pallid Plauge (pfs scenario), Hungry are the Dead as a single story arc
- River Into Darkness - PBP Gameplay Thread
- Blackfang's Dungeon (from Beginner Box), + Sandpoint homebrew
- Thornkeep
- Impossible Eye, Legacy of Fire Book 5 PBP Gameplay Thread
- Act I & II of Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
- Other various 1 night adventures ...

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