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If an NPC has 2 racial hit dice and 7 class levels, does he gain +1 or +2 to ability score modifiers (as normal for level advancement at 4th and 8th levels)?

Does it matter if the class levels are NPC class levels?

Are these going to be part of the "official" adventure path numbering system?

And do this mean no regular AP during these months?

The weather rules fail to address how much snow melts when the temperature rises above freezing. A warm spell of a day or two probably isn't going to melt multiple feet of snow...

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Hi folks. Not sure if this is of interest to anyone (or if it's already being done), but I thought I'd share my index of Pathfinder Minis & Pawns (mostly pawns) in the hope that others will add any products they own so we can expand the index.

I've posted the file to my dropbox and it can be accessed here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/693kw3zrlhl2i3u/Pathfinder%20Minis%20Master%20-%2 0Jan-02-2018.xls?dl=0

Anyone who wants to add an additional product please send the updated index file to fenris_wolff@hotmail.com and I'll then update the master file.

Hopefully we can flesh this out to cover all the Pathfinder products.

Thanks, I was aware of that info. But if someone wants to make a suit of chain mail, how many pounds of noqual do they need?

I'm running the Second Darkness adventure path and in module #2 the party recovers a significant quantity (50+ lbs.) of noqual skymetal. A sidebar in the module states that it's worth 50 gp per pound.

The question is how much skymetal is required to make weapons, armour, and shields?

The sidebar also lists the Item Cost Modifier for crafting items but it's in thousands of GP and doesn't appear to relate to the weight of the noqual (i.e., light armor has a cost of +4000 gp which if based on 50 gp per pound would be 80 lbs worth of noqual--there isn't even that much noqual to be found in the entire adventure!).

Is there a rule somewhere that spells out how much skymetal is required to craft items? Or does anyone have a rule of thumb?

Unfortunately the sheet protectors I referenced above appear to have been discontinued.

Has anyone found a similar two-pocket, plastic sleeve product? I have a couple binders full of them and they're excellent for seeing what you have easily.


Under the core rules for Negative Levels and Energy Drains it states:

A creature with temporary negative levels receives a new saving throw to remove the negative level each day. The DC of this save is the same as the effect that caused the negative levels.

But under the Energy Drain Universal rules it states:

If a negative level is not removed before 24 hours have passed, the affected creature must attempt a Fortitude save... On a success, the negative level goes away with no harm to the creature. On a failure, the negative level becomes permanent.

So which is it? We just had a couple characters gain negative levels from a wight attack and need to know if they get to save every day until they pass or if after 24 hours and a failed save it becomes permanent.

p.s., This may have already been discussed elsewhere but I couldn't find a thread on point to this particular question.

The alchemy crafting kit has the wrong weight listed. The 1st printing of Ultimate Equipment lists it as 50 lbs but the 2nd printing corrects it to 5 lbs. The PRD references it as 50 lbs.

https://pcgenorg.atlassian.net/browse/DATA-3010?page=com.atlassian.jira.plu gin.system.issuetabpanels%3Aall-tabpanel

A real class act! Another reason to love Paizo.

Any chance this could be re-uploaded?

How is the name "Chmetugo" (the shadow demon) pronounced?

As an aside, Chmetugo ("the Smokerake") gets a mention on page 31 of Demons Revisited.

Also, did Avery Slyeg go to Devil's Elbow himself or did he just send an expedition? Originally I assumed he went himself but after carefully reading the text it isn't clear and could be interpreted that he sent an expedition (who were all slain by the drow on the night of their arrival) to recover the skymetal for him. It's not clear if Slyeg is alive or dead at the end of the module.

Typo here ("duration" should be "DC")

Multiple Doses of Poison

Unlike other afflictions, multiple doses of the same poison "stack," meaning that successive doses combine to increase the poison's DC and duration.

Making your initial saving throw against a poison means stacking does not occur—the poison did not affect you and any later doses are treated independently. Likewise, if a poison has been cured or run its course (by you either making the saves or outlasting the poison's duration), stacking does not occur. However, if there is still poison active in you when you are attacked with that type of poison again, and you fail your initial save against the new dose, the doses stack. This has two effects, which last until the poisons run their course.

Increased Duration: Increase the duration of the poison by 1/2 the amount listed in its frequency entry.

Increased DC: Increase the poison's "duration" by +2.

General question for Paizo t-shirts...

Is the back blank? i.e., is their only artwork on the front?

Also, do they shrink in the wash or are they pre-shrunk?

Experienced DM looking to start up a new Pathfinder campaign in the Mississauga area. Looking to play once a week, either weeknights of weekends. Players of any experience are welcome. Looking to run one of the Adventure Paths.

Just starting out so no players as yet but feel free to invite your friends.

You can contact me at: wolfe.jon@gmail.com

I'm confused by this:

Mythic Lich: Spell Resistance (Su): A mythic lich gains spell resistance equal to 11 + the base lich's CR (before adding the lich's mythic rank to its SR from the mythic subtype).

Mythic Subtype: Spell Resistance: If the creature has spell resistance, add its mythic rank to its spell resistance.

So let's say we're talking about a base lich with a CR of 20 and a mythic rank of 10. The mythic lich template means it has SR 31 (CR 20 + 11). But what about the part in brackets? Is that saying that you then add the mythic subtype for a total of SR 41 (SR 31 + 10 MR)?

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The answer is in the FAQ, currently found here:


Hit Points: What creatures get max hit points for their first level or first Hit Die? What creatures get favored class bonuses to hit points or skills?

Creatures whose first Hit Die is from a PC-appropriate character class gain max hit points for that Hit Die. The current list of PC-appropriate character classes is alchemist, arcanist, barbarian, bard, bloodrager, brawler, cavalier, cleric, druid, fighter, gunslinger, hunter, investigator, inquisitor, magus, monk, oracle, paladin, ranger, rogue, shaman, skald, slayer, sorcerer, summoner, swashbuckler, warpriest, witch, and wizard (including archetypes, subclasses, and other variants of these classes).

Creatures whose first Hit Die is from an NPC class (adept, aristocrat, commoner, expert, warrior) or from a racial Hit Die (such as most monsters) do not get maximum hit points for that Hit Die.

All creatures with class levels (including those with levels in an NPC class or monsters with class levels) may select a favored class and gain the normal favored class benefits. Creatures never gain favored class benefits for racial Hit Dice.

For example, a human warrior 1 could select "warrior" as his favored class and take either the bonus hit point or skill rank for taking a level in that class. A normal bugbear with 3 racial Hit Dice and no class levels has no favored class and no favored class bonuses, but if that bugbear gained a level in rogue, he could choose "rogue" as his favored class and take either the bonus hit point or skill rank for taking a level in that class.

Perfect thanks!

For the Form of the Dragon spells, what is the DC of the breath weapon?

Is it the DC of the spell?

Or something else? (e.g., the DC of a normal dragon's breath weapon = 10 + 1/2 dragon's HD + dragon's Con modifier)

I looked for an errata thread for Half-Dead City but couldn't find one so I'm posting this question here.

In the statblock for Wati (PF #79, p. 63), it lists "sacred site" as one of Wati's settlement qualities. However sacred site isn't one of the listed qualities in the Game Mastery Guide.

My guess is that it's meant to be "holy site" for the temple of Pharasma but this quality increases the spell casting level of the settlement by +2.

Wati's spell casting level is 7th (base 6th + 1 for the pious quality) so either sacred site isn't holy site or Wati's spell casting level should be 9th.


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Yeah, except it doesn't give him a spotlight. Everyone at the table is like, "Ho hum, another trap he automatically finds and disables." And as a result, we don't even bother with traps because there's no sense of danger anymore.

Thanks for those who are trying to say there isn't a problem (feel free to move on to another thread) but there is and that's what I'm seeking advice on.

This isn't about the Uber-Trapfinder feeling awesome in his field. It's about making traps relevant to the game again.

Best idea so far is the one about traps triggering something that opens up the path and being exposed to the danger is what's required to proceed. I like that.

I have a PC trapfinder in our game who is an "Uber-Trapfinder", as in his base modifiers are above +30 for both Perception and Disable Device, he has the Trap Spotter rogue talent(so can auto search for traps within 10 feet), and he has the Master Explorer ability (from the Pathfinder Delver prestige class) that allows him to take 10 on Disable Device checks (so he's effectively +40 right off the bat).

Granted, we're in a high level campaign but traps have become a complete waste of time and I don't bother designing or wasting any time on them at all anymore since the Uber-Trapfinder can pretty much auto detect and auto disable them as a matter of course.

I'm not looking for ways to nerf his abilities (since he did pay for them) but rather ways to make traps useful and/or a threat at least some of the time (even if I need to use alternative trap rules or Rule Zero to make them a factor).

Again, I can live with a lot of traps being found and disabled automatically but every once in a while it would be nice to have a trap that could actually have an impact in the game.

Any suggestions?

I can't find descriptions of the following mythic powers from Mythic Adventures. If anyone knows where they can be found, please advise. Thanks!

1) Disorienting Pounce (Owlbear, MA p. 213)

2) Entrap (Ice Devil, MA p. 186; functionally it's explained elsewhere but how does the Ice Devil manifest this power?)

3) Sooty Flame (Red Dragon, MA p. 190)

4) Smother (Water Elemental, MA p. 196)

Is it permitted to create a spreadsheet for all Pathfinder products that lists the classes/NPCs found in each and share it on this forum? i.e., create a reference tool for people to quickly locate NPCs for use in their game.

E.g., Joe Kool, human fighter 5, Medium humanoid, CR 4, source

I'm not talking about recreating stat blocks, listing feats, spells, etc. Just the basics.

Found some errata:

On page 72 the Shackles Random Weather descriptions provide modifiers that don't mesh with the Stormbound Hazards table (d20 modifier but the table uses d100).

I'm assuming multiplying the mods by 5 gets the appropriate result?

Can someone re-post the conversion doc?

I just bought some plastic sheet protectors from Staples that fit 2 cards per page and you can double up front to back to fit 4 per page. They have flaps on top that I didn't think I'd like but they actually help keep everything secure and orderly.

They're called Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery secure-top sheet protectors, 8.5" x 11" (but they're actually 2 pockets of half that size), item code #14521. They're hole-punched so you can put them in a binder. I paid $3.99 (Canadian) for a 10-pack at Staples and that will hold 2 sets of maps. You can also get them in 5-packs.

I really like this product because I can see all my map cards easily simply by flipping through a binder. If I stored them in boxes I would never know what I have.

If you go here and type in #14521 it will take you to them: http://www.avery.ca

Dekalinder wrote:
Stunning assault is equivalent to any of the many save or suck spell that wizard or sorc have. The main difference is that said wizard can do it at most 3 or 4 times per day, while you can use stunning assault 5 or more times per round all day long. It's like giving sorc or wiz infinite level 5 slots. You just don't do that, not even at level 16.



Also, a CR 16 monster has an average save modifier of +14 or +19 (and a CR 16 NPC with class levels will be much lower, either +5 or +10 base saves) so passing potentially multiple saves EVERY ROUND is unlikely.

And again, once you fail once you drop any weapons you might have so that makes you even less effective in the rounds that you may actually pass.

I've read the replies but I haven't seen anything convincing. I agree that the concept isn't entirely flawed but the implementation leaves much to be desired. This is just too obviously a MUST HAVE feat for any melee combatant that meets the pre-reqs and that's the sign of a broken feat.

IMO it should have some kind of limits on it because having the opportunity to stun (one of the most powerful effects in the game) on EVERY attack, EVERY round, all day long is way over the top.

Somewhere between a monk's stunning fist ability and the Stunning Assault feat as currently written would be more appropriate. I think Stunning Critical is closer to the mark because for that at least you need to score a critical hit.

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Just because something else may be broken doesn't mean this feat isn't...

How is this feat not broken?!?

For a -5 penalty everyone one of your melee attacks has the chance to stun an opponent with a Fort save equal to 10 + your BAB.

So for a minimum qualifying user that means a DC 26 Fort save every time an opponent gets hit.

Then look at the effects of being stunned. No actions for 1 round and drop everything in your hands. So even if you save next round you're weaponless and have to rearm.

Plus stun is one of the hardest conditions to get rid of.

This feat is so broken. Every combatant with a +16 BAB and Power Attack should be taking this, including monsters. And that's how you know the feat is broken!

Are there any PF random generator tables for weapons & armor?

I like using the Ultimate Equipment random treasure generators but I'd like it even better if they had random tables for the actual weapon and armor types.

I'm pretty sure 3.5 had these but are there any PF versions?

Was the Undercity originally supposed to be directly under the southern half of the upper city map?

If you look at the bridge (I-J) on the Undercity map and compare to the Q-R areas on the upper city map, it's a perfect fit. Even the placement of the little unnumbered rock to the north matches both maps.

What gives? Was this changed later?

I say nothing.

It's too powerful a spell for 3rd-lvl if it can outright kill you with no save.

I was wondering whether multiple uses of the spell can advance the target through multiple age brackets and I'm thinking yes up to venerable.

To clarify...

The question is not about special armor qualities that count as a "+" to the weapon's cost (i.e., a +1 weapon counts as +3 with the bane quality).

The question is whether adding special qualities that purely cost additional GP (e.g., +3000 GP) have any limits and/or whether adding multiples increases the costs (like the normal rules for adding magic abilities to an existing magic item).

When you add special abilities to armor (specifically the ones that have a "+X" price, not ones with a +X bonus), do the item creation rules for adding additional magical abilities apply?

Or can you keep adding as many additional special abilities as you want at the listed price?

Here's an interesting question that the rules don't appear to contemplate:

Let's say you use an immediate/swift action on your turn.

Then, before your next turn, you want to use an immediate action.

Can you?

The rules say that if you use an immediate action when it isn't your turn (i.e., after your turn) you cannot use ANOTHER immediate/swift action until after your next turn. That seems to indicate that you CAN use an immediate action on your turn, use another one after your turn (but before your next turn), but then cannot use one again until AFTER your next turn.

Is this right?

I was hoping dispel magic would negate smith but it doesn't work on Su abilities.

But an anti-magic field DOES suppress smite.

Why use detect evil? Whenever our paladin is fighting a BBEG, he just assumes he's evil and smites. To date he's never had to detect evil to know to use smite.

If a Medium creature has a weapon with 10 foot reach and does not threaten enemies adjacent to him, does attacking with the reach weapon provoke AoO against the wielder from the adjacent enemies? (i.e., similar to provoking an AoO by attacking with a ranged weapon while in a threatened space)

In addition to your queries, the text for the Wind Effects refers to a Fort save being required but the table makes no reference to this (the only references are to Str and Fly checks to avoid being checked or blown away).

I think they must have missed something because I'm pretty sure the 3.5 DMG had a Fort save DC column to avoid having to make any other checks.

Don't think so. Litany of Escape has a somatic component and you can't cast spells with a somatic component while in a grapple. Swift action spells only remove any AoO, they don't remove the need for somatic components.

Grappling or Pinned: The only spells you can cast while grappling or pinned are those without somatic components and whose material components (if any) you have in hand. Even so, you must make a concentration check (DC 10 + the grappler's CMB + the level of the spell you're casting) or lose the spell.

How does tripping help? i.e., if he trips the PC then he's still within 10 feet so on the PC's turn he stands up (move action) and is ready to Step Up again (since that's an immediate action).

If he trips the PC (standard action) and then moves, he's burned his action doing that so he's no better off. And the PC can just double move to get up and move closer again.

The BBEG is a tripping/disarming machine so that's an option.

He has summoned minions but this question is more for when the minions are gone.

I have a Medium-sized BBEG who wields a longspear. In the first encounter with the PCs they were able to thwart him via the Step Up feat that one of them had. This proved to be a big problem because the one PC simply kept stepping up and that prevented the BBEG from attacking him.

Can someone suggest some effective countermeasures? (tactics, spells, feats, etc.)

I thought there was a feat that allowed you to shorten up on the weapon to attack at a penalty but that must have been 3.5.

Thanks! That's very helpful.

Say you are attacked and get poisoned by a spider on its turn. You immediately make a Fort save to resist the poison.

If the poison has a duration, do you make subsequent saves on the spider's initiative or your own?

If you save on your own turn, does that mean you can be affected twice in the same round by the poison? (i.e., if the spider acts first in the round you save on its initiative and then on your own)

If you save on the spider's turn, how does that work if the spider hit you with an Attack of Opportunity? (i.e., not on its initiative count)

Let's say you have 3 attacks per round when use perform a Full Attack and the bonuses are +20/+15/+10.

If you use your second attack to perform a Disarm maneuver, do you use your full CMB modifier or do you use CMB -5 since it's your second attack?

Two questions come to mind when using this monster's Spectral Strangulation ability:

1) What is the range of this ability? This is its primary attack form but the text only says the creature needs to be on the "same plane" to use it. The creature has lifesense so the maximum range would be 60 feet but what's the minimum? I'm using Close range as per magic spells.

2) If a target fails the initial Spectral Strangulation Will save but passes the second Fort save, the text says "the victim acts as if affected by a fear spell for 1d4 rounds." Does that mean panicked for 1d4 rounds or does that mean make a Will save with failure meaning panicked and success meaning shaken?

When I first saw this I thought, "Crap! They're starting to do re-releases of the Player Companions!", which would be a bad thing because I'm still trying to catch up on all the ones released to date.

But then I checked my shelf and realized Varisia hadn't been covered yet so this is a big THUMBS UP from me!!

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