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Game Master

About Foxy Quickpaw

Foxy wanted to be a rogue, dancing on peoples noses without them noticing. But that takes a slight of hand check opposed to a perception check of everyone present. If you get caught that earns you a hefty ass whopping. So instead of opting for a propable ass whopping she decided to go for World Domination and took a level of Game Master instead.

And as you can clearly see in her eyes it will be a world full of sparkling unicorns farting rainbows and burping butterflies. Wouldn't it?

Build Stuff

Everything from Generally everything paizo, and no 3rd party stuff. But the more exotic you go, the more likely you’d have to explain what it is before approval.

- All base races are allowed with further races pending approval

- All base classes are allowed with further classes pending approval

Point Buy
- 25 point buy, nothing lower than 8 or higher than 18, post racial modifiers. Save or suck casters may apply for a 20.
- HP: Max at first level, Level ups either average rounded up (d8 = 4.5 -> 5), or you tell me at the start that you prefer dice and I roll all 19 dice in recruitment for you and you stick with it.
- Gold Maximum at level 1
- With Background Skills (2 per level)

Your application here
This is a roleplaying game. The most important things for your application are:
Who is your character, where does he/she/it come from. It is nice if you write that out in all detail, but for recruitment I'd like to have it as a summary in less than 100 words. What is your character’s personality, What role are you going to cover in game, in and out of combat. For Starfinder also your preferred ship roles. Maybe give your character a hobby. Something that allows for the characters to have small talk in game.
And the least important: how do you back that with stats.

Play stuff
I try to write an interesting story together with the players. To achieve that there are some rules about the gameplay posts.
- The posts are written in present tense.
- Only exception are flashbacks, if you have to finish a shopping spree or the like after the game has already moved on.
- The posts are written in third person perspective, as told by a narrator. So the reader doesn’t have to change perspective with every post made.
- Direct speech is "bold" and in quotes
- Thoughts are in italics
- Everything that is not in character goes [ ooc]
- Speech in other languages is "<bold>" with the language mentioned. E.g.: Sana tells Nuro "<I don't believe them.>" in their mother tongue, sylvan, to make sure they don't notice.
- Asking a post related question [ooc] in a gameplay post together with the actual post text is okay. Writing pure [ooc] in gameplay, is not allowed. Discussions and questions and out of character joking happen in the discussion thread.