MYTHIC PLAYTEST: Rise of the Runelords!


Hello all! I will be taking 6 players on a mythic playtest through the major bosses of Rise of the Runelords, Anniversary Edition.

The players will be expected to be able to level up in very short time, as I want to blast through these encounters as quickly as possible. This will be a *combat only* playtest. To re-iterate, only select encounters will be run I will try and discourage anybody who has not played RotRL and plans to play it in the future from participating (obvious spoilers abound even just from the combats).

What I am looking for as part of the playtest:
1 player to take NO Mythic progression.
1 player to take FULL Mythic progression (the document will explain this to us hopefully, and I will define this better later).
1 player to take MULTIPATH mythic progression.
3 players to take a mash of level + mythic progression of their choosing.

I will be selecting players to make a complete and balanced party (at least 1 semi-healer, and 1 full arcane). So read through the submissions that are already posted to try and get a feel for what is currently lacking.

Character Creation:
Players will start at 2nd level as the heroes of Sandpoint, and will level up rapidly between each combat (can expect usually at least 1 level between each encounter).

20 Point buy.

Any Common or Featured race, uncommon race with permission only.

Any pathfinder class, 3PP classes with permission only.

You will be responsible for buying your own gear to bring you up to WBL every time you level up.

If you haven't gotten it yet from the text above, this will hopefully be an intensive playtest and I will require each person to post at least 3 times a day to push through combat as quickly as possible. I will do my best to also stay on top of things.

Recruitment will close Saturday night with selections made sunday afternoon, and play will begin monday. This will hopefully give everybody enough time to read through the mythic rules. If theres anything I've missed, please let me know!

Just wanted to dot this - Concept is ranged paladin (probably Champion or Marshal path): Will be posting him up asap (pending doc availability ofc :D).

Definitely interested in this. I'm thinking Scout Rogue, but obviously I want to see the playtest document before I make too many decisions.

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I would also be very interested in this, and I was thinking a bomb-based and perhaps also poison-focused Alchemist.

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So, does this mean the Mythic rules Beta is available?

I have a 'White-Haired-Witch' Concept I keep wanting to play but the games keep dying. I guess she would probably be most broadly effective as a MULTIPATH Mythic progression. Assuming that means what I think it means...

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:

So, does this mean the Mythic rules Beta is available?

I have a 'White-Haired-Witch' Concept I keep wanting to play but the games keep dying. I guess she would probably be most broadly effective as a MULTIPATH Mythic progression. Assuming that means what I think it means...

Mythic Playtest goes live today, according to Paizo. F5, F5, F5...

Multi-path means you can advance 2 different mythic paths: so, for something like a white-haired witch, probably Trickster and Archmage. Obviously at a reduced progression.

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What would you recommend as far as a mythic path for an alchemist (though I'm sure we'll all have a better idea once the playtest actually drops)?



Would be willing to go non-mythic with a wizard, sorcerer, Oracle, druid, or cleric

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Dotting for interest. I will not apply/take part in character creation/combat, since there is no way that I can post 3 times a day with any regularity, but I sure am interested to follow this through (read up on progress of you good folks).

Playtest is live! And can be found here

I should also note that no character is allowed Mythic levels at the start of my playtest. So take your 2 class levels and we can progress from there.

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After reading through the playtest, I'd honestly be excited to play many different classes with each of the paths, but playing an Alchemist with the Trickster path would be AWESOME.

I am really interested in this. I would be willing to play what ever role the party needs as I'm very flexable but right now i'm leaning towards a mesh of regular levels/mythic.

I've got a cleric of Pharasma already built and ready to go(at level 2). I am posting this under her alias so check her out and let me know what you think of her. I can obviously reshape the background a little...

To be honest, really don't care about anything fluff related. The premise is that you're the Sandpoint heroes and are continuing through the adventure as normal. That's the only part of your background that's important.

Hierophant, in regular play, looks totally insanely powerful. The ability that lets it rest twice a day for spells... Awesome. Sadly it will be of little use in a boss-fight-only game :P

I'm actually ready playing a Hierophant in another mythic playtest I think I will be going on another mythic path...though I'm not really sure which one I want to try yet.

If you want to keep this to people who aren't in other playtests I totally understand.

This one would be honored to take part in such an historic undertaking.

If it wasn't already obvious, this is the White-Haired-Witch Irnk mentioned.

Posting as Edeldhur's alias > Telegar, half orc ranger.

Changed my mind from the Archer paladin concept - sticking to the ranged damage idea though - this is a first draft.

Let me know if it is acceptable Dunebugg

P.S. Also on the forge a frontliner (if for some reason proves to be needed)

Posting as Shalm's alias, the elf Alchemist Eldon Whiteleaf. Let me know what you think, or if you need any more information from me.

I'd also like each person to list what path they plan on taking, and to what degree they will take that path. For now, we will pretend that 1 level is equal to 1 mythic rank. You wanna be a Fighter2/Champion10 at level 12? Be my guest, lets test it out against a Fighter10/Champion 2 and see what happens.

Definitely interested. I'd like to offer my (potential) half-elf universalist 20/archmage 10 to participate in this playtest. I drew up her character sheet at 20/10 yesterday, so it'd be pretty easy for me to dump her back down to level 2 and follow progression from there. I plan to take roughly one archmage per 2 wizard levels, conforming to the more 'traditional' combination as a control group of sorts, haha.

Question, how many levels are we expected to be at by the end of this boss rush? I've only ever read the original RotR.

I was thinking I'd go the "more Alchemist levels, fewer Mythic tiers" route, and take levels in Trickster. So I'd say that at 12th level, I'd be something like Alchemist 9/Trickster 3. By 20, it would probably be closer to Alchemist 15/Trickster 5.

Of course, if no one wanted to do the "mostly Mythic tiers" route, it wouldn't be hard to twist my arm to do that haha

Level will go up to somewhere between 17-20, depending on how much time I have with school to get the encounters drawn up suitably epic.

I'm am sure I want to go cleric as my class but i'm not really sure what mythic path I want to take. As I said above I'm already playing a hierophant in another game so I'd like to try a different path.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh and Dunebugg do you have a problem with the Samsaran race I chose for Nalita?

Well I gave it some thought and I think I'm going to go Cleric/Guardian.

I believe I will opt for Witch/Archmage/Trickster at an effective rate of 4/1/1, which will likely round out to two levels Witch/one level Archmage; two levels Witch/one level Trickster; and so on...
I have not yet read enough of the Mythic Playtest rules to determine if that is feasible or not, but you were asking for someone to make the attempt. If it turns out that won't work, just 2/1 Witch/Archmage, likely with some 'generic' Mythic abilities selected instead of Archmage abilities.

Telegar will most definitely try out a preferential investment in mythic tiers - I want to see how it turns out and this is the best possible way - most likely ranger/champion :D

On the other hand, I seem to have noticed a lack of a frontliner - I may also post up something along those lines to give us more options.

Okay! I've got the handle on all this Mythic stuff and I'm more than ready to handle whatever comes this way.

There is some incredibly powerful things in the playtest, which you can take as early as T1.

The thing I'm most terrified coming out of the playtest is high level Abyssal Sorcerer summoners / Archmages. With their Added Summonings ability, plus Superior Summons, PLUS Mighty Summoning... 4 demons for the price of one! Oh, and they all have the agile template letting them act twice a round. Hooray! :S

dunebugg, I have been running back and forth between a full mythic progression frontliner (Probably straight up fighter champion), a ranged champion, probably ranger AND a Conjuration Archmage.

The thing is, the activity seems kinda low around here, so I cannot really put my finger on what we have so far - would it be:

Telegar - Ranger/Champion
Cherry Blossom - Witch/Archmage/Trickster
Nalita Bakji - Cleric Guardian
Eldon Whiteleaf - Alchemist Trickster
psionichamster - non-mythic wizard, sorcerer, Oracle, druid, or cleric
Merkatz - Scout/Rogue

Will you be requesting some sort of additional dot so we can actually check who is still in this or..?

I have tried a simple low level(4) conjuration Wizard, and even at that level he was already really amazing to play, not only powerful but also extremely FUN so.... Yes, I was already pondering the Mythic Archmage/Wizard/Conjuror idea - just the concept itself is amazing. Add to it, the mad versatility from the summoned allies, and the uncanny buffs to them and... WOW :D

I'm still interested in this...just been busier than expected. I'll have a character up in the next day or two if that isn't a problem with the great and powerful DM lol.

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I'm definitely still interested, and my character is up on the alias.

Sorry, that last post should've been from this alias.

Is there any update on who will be participating?

I am still here :D

I would like to have the full Mythic progression. :)

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I'm extremely interested myself. I would be interested in playing an Aasimar Oracle of Life. While it would be really cool to play this character as a Hierophant, I would not mind playing this character as a non-mythic.

Edit: That are perhaps a Gnome Oracle of the Heavens going down the Hierophant or Trickster path.

I'm still interested, but if there're too many people, I don't mind pulling out. :)

I'm still here too, hoping this one doesn't fall through the cracks.

Here is a quick run down of my Aasimar Oracle of Life's Mechanics. She just needs a bit of work finishing up equipment and updating if you would like for her to be Mythic. Please let me know.

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