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Elf (Jinin)


Witch (White-Haired Witch)/3 HP:12/12 Spells 3/3 1st 2/2 2nd AC 12 12 10 F+1 R+5 W+2 Per+3 Init+2

About Restless Cherry Blossom

Current Notes: 12/12 HP, 3/3 1st lvl, 2/2 2nd lvl Spells
the Jill: Ermine familiar 6/6 HP

Restless Cherry Blossom stands just a finger's width shy of six foot, at a willowy but subtly curvaceous 111 pounds. Her silvery-white hair falls at least to her feet, curling freely & frequently independently of any air movement. Her eyes shine like unfaceted sapphires in the alabaster planes & curves of her face. Her steps betray a dancer's grace & her clothes flow loose & free as her feet carry her along, seemingly of their will, not hers.

In a word: Quick. Quick to befriend, quick to anger, quick to judge, quick to act, quick to forget, quick to forgive. Restless Cherry Blossom lives in an eternal 'NOW'. Those few who have had the opportunity to know her well, very few indeed, have come to realize that what seems to be flightiness is simply a willingness to let go everything that impedes what she calls 'DEN', unusually for one who reveres the Sacred Sting, this includes Vengeance. If she can't strike back immediately, she avenges herself by letting go the slight. Surprisingly enough, this has proven effective, at least often enough to have attracted some notice.

Restless Cherry Blossom
Female Elf (Jinin)
Witch (White Haired Witch) 3
Diety: Calistria, Patron: Enchantment

CG Medium humanoid
Initiative: +2 ; Senses: Perception +4, Low-Light Vision

STR 8 (-1) DEX 14 (2) CON 10 (-) INT 18 (4) WIS 8 (-1) CHA 14 (2)

AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
CMD 12/17 (10 +1 BAB -1 Str +2 Dex/10 +1 BAB +2 Dex +4 Int: Hair)
Hit Points 12 (12)
Fortitude +1 (1 Base)
Reflex +5 (1 Base +2 Dex, +2 familiar)
Will +2 (3 Base -1 Wis)

Speed 30 ft
Melee Hair +3/1d4+4; when successful, may attempt a grapple as a free action w/out provoking an attack of opportunity, when grappling in this manner Restless Cherry Blossom does not gain the grappled condition.
Ranged Sling +3/1d4 -1B 20/x2 crit. 50 ft. range inc.
CMB 0/+5 (1 BAB -1 Str/1 BAB +4 Int: Hair)

Calistrian Courtesan (Religion, Calistria): +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks & Diplomacy checks to gather information & Sense Motive is always a class skill.
Afable (Social, Champions of Purity): +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information & such checks take half the time they normally do. Also, Diplomacy & Knowledge (local) are always class skills.

Skills ({2 + Int +1 Favored Class}x3)
Diplomacy: 2/4 (+2 Cha/ +2 trait, to Gather Information checks)
Heal (Wis): 5 (3 +3 Class -1 Wis)
Knowledge (History- Int): 10 (3 +3 Class +4 Int)
Knowledge (Local- Int): 10 (3 +3 Class +4 Int)
Knowledge (Nature- Int): 8 (1 +3 Class +4 Int)
Knowledge (Planes- Int): 10 (3 +3 Class +4 Int)
Linguistics (Int): 5 (1 +4 Int)
Perform (Dance- Cha): 3 (1 +2 Cha)
Sense Motive (Wis): 8 (3 +3 Class -1 Wis +1 trait +2 Alertness)
Spellcraft (Int): 10 (3 +3 Class +4 Int)
Languages Known: Celestial, Draconic, Elven, Goblin, Orc, Sylvan, Taldane(Common), Tian

Weapon Finesse
Improved Unarmed Strike
Alertness(from Familiar)


Entertainer's Outfit
Traveler's Outfit
Masterwork Backpack (Advanced Player's Guide)
50' Silk Rope
belt pouch
Spell Component pouch
2 Sunrods
Healer's kit
Pearl of Power, 1st lvl spells
sling w 20 bullets

Gold 102

Class Abilities:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: all simple weapons. No armor or shields, Witch spells are subject to Arcane spell failure.
Witch Spells & Cantrips, Witch's Familiar: as Wizard's arcane bond class feature with the following additions.
If a familiar is lost or dies, it can be replaced 1 day later through a special ritual that costs 500 gp per witch level. The ritual takes 8 hours to complete. A new familiar begins knowing all of the 0-level spells plus two spells of every level the witch is able to cast. These are in addition to any bonus spells known by the familiar based on the witch's level and her patron.
Store Spells: Starting at 1st level, a witch's familiar stores all of the spells that the witch knows. This does not allow the familiar to cast these spells or or use spell-trigger or spell completion items. Starting at 2nd level , and every two levels thereafter, a witch's familiar adds new bonus spells to the witch's spell list based on her patron. These spells are automatically stored by the familiar and can be prepared as normal once they are gained.
Deliver Touch Spells (Su): If a witch is 3rd level or higher, her familiar can deliver touch spells for her. If the witch and the familiar are in contact at the time the witch casts a touch spell, she can designate her familiar as the "toucher". The familiar can then deliver the touch spell just as the witch would. As usual, if the witch casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell dissipates.
White Hair (Su): At 1st level, a white-haired witch gains the ability to use her hair as a weapon. This functions as a primary natural attack with a reach of 5ft. The hair deals 1d4 points of damage (1d3 for a Small witch) plus the witch's Intelligence modifier. In addition, whenever the hair strikes a foe, the witch can attempt to grapple that foe with her hair as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity, using her Intelligence modifier in place of her Strength modifier when making the combat maneuver check. When a white-haired witch grapples in this manner she does not gain the grappled condition.
At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, a white-haired witch's hair adds 5 feet to its reach, to a maximum of 30 feet at 20th level.
The hair cannot be sundered or attacked as a seperate creature. In addition, a white-haired witch further improves her ability to control her hair as she progresses in level, gaining the following abilities.
Constrict (Ex): At 2nd level, when the white-haired witch's hair successfully grapples an opponent, it can begin constricting her victim as a free action, dealing damage equal to that of its attack.
Trip (Ex): At 4th level, a white-haired witch who successfully strikes a foe with her hair can attempt a combat maneuver check to trip the creature as a free action.
Pull (Ex): At 6th level, a white-haired witch who successfully strikes a foe with her hair can attempt a combat maneuver check to pull the creature 5 feet closer to her as a free action.
Strangle (Ex): At 8th level, when a white-haired witch's hair is grappling with an opponent, that creature is considered strangled, and cannot speak or cast spells with verbal components.
This ability replaces hex.
Rogue Talents: At 10th level, a white-haired witch learns a rogue talent, using her white-haired witch level in place of her rogue level. At 12th level and for every two levels thereafter, she gains an additional rogue talent. A white-haired witch cannot select an individual rogue talent more than once, and can select from among the following: assault leader (Pathfinder APG), combat trick, finesse rogue, major magic, minor magic, positioning attack (Pathfinder APG), resilience, surprise attack, and weapon training. At 18th level and 20th level, a white-haired witch can choose from among the following advanced rogue talents: another day (Pathfinder APG), defensive roll, improved evasion, opportunist, redirect attack (Pathfinder APG), slippery mind and thoughtful reexamining (Pathfinder APG). This ability replaces major hex and grand hex.

Spells Known:
Cantrips: All Witch.
1st level spells: bungle (Ultimate Magic), charm person, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, ear-piercing scream, forced quiet, fumbletongue (Ultimate Magic), identify, ill omen, interrogation, mask dweomer, obscuring mist, sanctify corpse, sleep, unnatural lust (patron), mage armor, unprepared combatant, unseen servant.
2nd level spells: blindness/deafness, cure moderate wounds, daze monster, enthrall, false life, ghostly disguise, glitterdust, haunting mists, perceive cues, status, steal voice

Today's Spells:
Cantrips: (bleed, dancing lights, message, stabilize)
1st: (charm person, comprehend languages, sanctify corpse)
2nd: (blindness/deafness, perceive cues)

Consistently exhibiting the impetuousness characteristic of their ancestors pre-earthfall, the young elf girl first was called Restless Cherry Blossom by the elders of her community as an admonishment. As time passed however, it became painfully apparent to family, friends & neighbors alike that what they hoped was merely an extended immaturity was in fact evidence of a perhaps supernatural atavism.

When her hair turned from russet gold to a silvery white akin to freshly fallen snow & began moving about as though it were another limb it was no longer merely apparent, it was inescapable. Soon thereafter the Jill arrived, whispering secrets to her in the darkness & the quiet.

That night she left her childhood behind her & with it the only home she had ever known. Making her way from trade caravan to trade caravan she followed the Path of Aganhei, over the Wall of Heaven, across the Crown of the World, until the day she came to Kalsgard & chance put a name to the presence she felt whispering to the Jill. Calistria

With the Sacred Sting's name on her lips, Restless Cherry Blossom (now an admonishment of an entirely different order) danced where the whispers led her. Eventually, the whispers brought her South. At first, she thought the Elven enclave in the Mierani Forest was her destination, but it soon became apparent that they had no more use for a strangeling such as she than her Jinin kin. Not long thereafter, she found herself among a motley assortment of Pathfinders & other similarly-rootless souls investigating an Azlanti ruin in the Arcadian Ocean.