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Which APs need NOT be completed and still provide closure (Possible spoilers)

Pathfinder Adventure Path General Discussion

The reason I ask is that I don't particularly like running high level (above 10th level) adventures (PCs have too many options, combat gets out of hand, etc.).

I'm currently running a Carrion Crown PBEM and plan on making the last battle in Broken Moon the climax of the campaign, thus making that NPC the overall bad guy. I think this is very doable with only some minor changes.

Do the other APs lend themselves to this 'cutting it short and still provide closure'?

I'm particularly interested in Curse of the Crimson Throne and Legacy of Fire APs.


I don't don't think Curse of the Crimson Throne would work very well if you shortened it. You have a pretty good idea who the BBEG is front the get go.

Rise of the Runelords would work pretty well though. Each book is pretty separate from each other and could probably each be run on their own.

Sorry, not sure about Legacy.


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Crimson Throne would work. Just make the Queen a true ruler and not the ultimate BBEG. She implores the PCs to help the city with its troubles and to free Old Korvosa from the criminal elements that took it over.

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Legacy of Fire could work, if you stopped with the Jackal's Price (book 3). You may need to switch up a few things on why Father Jackal goes after the party if you don't use the arc that takes up the later part of the story, but otherwise it seems to end in a good sweet spot before the whole quasi-railroady sucked into the demiplane arc sets in.

I bet you could change Shackled City to end at level 10; you could just make the bad guy from Demonskar Legacy into the guy who has been kidnapping the Shackleborn.

I think you could also end Savage Tide after Tides of Dread (the PCs finally get their revenge on their old enemy and they save the colony from a fate worse than death: the end).

For Age of Worms: the PCs win the tournament and save the Free City from a fate worse than death. You'd probably have to say that the bad guy from Champion's Belt was trying to turn himself into Kyuss for all of the foreshadowing to make sense, though.

EDIT: Out of those three, Savage Tide would probably work the best, I think.

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Oh, another idea, for the Jade Regent AP, you could alter the AP so that it ends at AP 51: the Hungry Storm and going into the Pathfinder module "The Ruby Phoenix Tournament" altering things in the module so that the winner of the tournament decides who will rule over the empire. Depending on your whim, you may or may not want to bump up the enemies a level or two to challenge 10th level PCs coming out of the Hungry Storm (the module was made for 9th level characters).


Curse of the Crimson Throne: As mentioned it could be done, just take out all references to the dragon possessing the Queen.

Instead the Queen is just as ruthless, etc, but on her own agenda. So, there can be a conclusion where the heroes clean up the city, only to discover the Queen has solidified her rule through the chaos. Whether they accept the new Queen's rule (which they helped establish) is up to them.

Council of Thieves: Could end in the third book, in a climatic battle in Delvehaven where the two end villains are somehow down in the Pathfinder Lodge themselves. Taken them out then and the rest of the AP doesn't have to unfold. Of course, that leaves the Council of Thieves still operational, but perhaps a final, final battle with the Council in the open would break their hold on Westcrown (with damning evidence gained from defeating the two evil siblings/villains).

Kingmaker: This can pretty much be ended at any time. "And they lived happily ever after..." can drop at a moment's notice.

Jade Regent: This can be changed to a caravan delivery and hand-off. Basically the heroes will escort Ameiko to the border between Tian Xia and Avistan, either to the Crown of the World or to Goka on the other side. Once there Ameiko will meet with loyalist forces and go off to fulfill her destiny. The heroes have fulfilled the epic escort journey and can return home satisfied their task was done well.

Carrion Crown: Yup, good ending. Get the villain before he can gather all the ingredients for the ritual. Job done.

Rise of the Runelords: Could be ended at any time, although tweaking would be needed for some things (like how come Karzoug doesn't appear if nobody stops the soul harvesting, so maybe tone down the soul harvesting aspect).


Thanks guys, that was the sort of info I was hoping for.

What about the remaining APs? I have no experience with them but could look into them in the future.

Could these APs be cut down and still provide closure?

Second Darkness?
Serpent's Skull?
Skulls and Shackles?

serpents skull is actually best if you drop last two and combine some ideas from 3 and 4, you'll need to put some effort into it but its fun.

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Second Darkness has a great ending at the end of book 3, complete with banquet and prizes for the heroes from their grateful allies. I almost regretted not ending it there, it felt so perfect. All you have to do is make the foreshadowed BBEG from book 1 into the person the PCs fight in book 3.

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You could do Council of Thieves without the council at all. Simply make ending the shadowbeast threat (in its incarnation as a 30-year old Thrune measure) the main goal. Have Ilnerik as the BBEG, reduce his level, and place him in Delvehaven (where he's attempting to personally rid himself of the Morrowfall's influence).

Curse of the Crimson Thrune could have the Arkona family as the BBEGs, instead of Queen Ileosa. Some changes would have to be done, but otherwise that could work as a noble house attempting to perform a coup against a weak, inexperienced ruler through assassination, instigating riots, and unleashing a disease.

SeSk could end after the 2nd mod

CC could end at the end of each mod as they are very self contained monster-of-the-week

I guess with them all just think beforehand and aim for that ending

Skulls and Shackels can end at any point. Just have the goal to be accepted by the rest of the pirates/have your own base/whatever and drop the invasion.

Savage Tide can be ended at almost any point

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Yeah, the end of Skulls & Shackles really depends on what your party's goals are.

Escape forced labor and get to safety - End at part 1
Become respected pirates and/or go on a treasure hunt - End at part 2
Join the Pirate Council and/or get your own Island - End at part 3 (though it makes Tessa's tasks ultimately meaningless beyond advancing your goals)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Runelords can end quite nicely after Book 2. Make Xanesha the BBEG of the whole thing; Karzoug never enters the picture.

You could instead make it end after Book 3: In that version, Barl Breakbones is the BBEG. Again, no Runelord is needed-- just a power-hungry giant.

You could end it after Book 4, with Mokmourian the BBEG. Yet again, no need for a Runelord to actually rise. You'd probably want to nix the whole library beneath Jorgenfist; instead just have a regular giant's treasure trove.

Silver Crusade

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Kingmaker - Use my Hargulka's Monster Kingdom modifications. The PCs oust a bandit lord, build a Barony and win a war against a troll king. Epilogue: They lived happily ever after.

Serpent's Skull can easily end after Book 2 (yay, we found the city!), Book 3 (we found and conquered the city!) and Book 4 (same as 3, extra dungeons).

Are wrote:

Curse of the Crimson Thrune could have the Arkona family as the BBEGs, instead of Queen Ileosa. Some changes would have to be done, but otherwise that could work as a noble house attempting to perform a coup against a weak, inexperienced ruler through assassination, instigating riots, and unleashing a disease.


Seriously, this would work great, and you wouldn't need much modding. The Queen is good in this one, the Arkonas are behind everything, and at the end you expose them as rakshasas and kill them. You do miss on all the fun Cinderlands stuff and the pretty awesome dungeon in #5, but it will work just fine as a neat, self-contained adventure.

Possible tweaks would include making a connection between Lamm and the Arkonas at the beginning, adding a scene or two to show that the Arkonas are dominating the kindly but naive young Queen (and that some people in the city are fine with this, because we need strong leadership), making the Gray Maidens and the Doctors employees of the Arkonas sent to "help" the Queen and the City, and putting the bard as a captive in the dungeon in #3 instead of at the beginning of #4.

Doug M.

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