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Is there any way to get a high-resolution digital map of Korvosa?

Paizo has - hands down - the best customer service people I have ever had to deal with. Thank you so much, Katina, for your timely and cheerful help. You guys deserve a raise.


I have no idea what to do to get this package. Is there anything you can do on your end?

I've been tracking the package. It made it all the way to Federal Way, WA, then inexplicably came back to Oklahoma. It has been stuck in OKC for the last three days. Mail is weird.

Thank you so much.


Hey folks,

Sorry; I couldn't get an email through to you. I ordered the Curse of the Crimson Throne Limited edition hardcover and accidentally had you send it to my old address. They couldn't deliver it and sent it back to you. Can you re-send it to me? Hit me up for the new address.

Many thanks,

Kevin Wright

Has anyone created any campaign-specific character sheets? We are about to play Carrion Crown and I would love a sheet that is evocative of that AP (looks a bit gloomy and gothic-y).

If not, someone should definitely get on that. I'd pay a dollar or two for sheets that fit the APs I'm running or playing.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the thought you put into this and it helps immensely. The thread about shortening some of the APs had some great ideas as well.

Can anyone speak to how this might work with some of the newer APs?

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The gaming community I'm involved in love the APs, but have yet to actually finish one. Due to the vagaries of life and the often-flaky nature of gamers, our campaigns tend to flame out before the PCs hit 10th level.
So, if you were using the modules or cannibalizing the AP adventures, which ones would you use to create a mini AP? They could be united by theme or location, but must cap out around 8th level (more or less) but must be easy to unite into one overall story.

What do you think?

You said it, and I feel better for it!

I ordered it on Oct 31st.


Thanks! I'll keep an eye out.

Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription after Shadows of Gallowspire, before the Jade Regent begins.

Many thanks,


I absolutely love Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Cult reference!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Or it could be the gnomes that cut off your hands while you slept and replaced them. So everything now "feels" different to you. It happens a lot more than most people think.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time. Although with St. Paddy's day coming up, I tend to blame the leprechauns.

I did compare HH to an SS module. The cover did seem the same, but the book felt floppy, as if it were heavier maybe.

Lisa Stevens wrote:

We are using the exact same paper stock on our adventure paths that we have from the beginning. We have never changed the specs. Not one little bit. Why mess with something that is doing so well? My guess is that it just "seems" to be flimsy to you. It feels the same to me. :)

Of course, your sense of seeming may vary...


Hm. I don't know whether to feel mildly disturbed that my perceptions are out of wack or mildly insulted by the insinuation that they are.

I received this in the mail yesterday and it looks absolutely decadent. The layout is gorgeous, the art is excellent, I love the maps. The appearance of the whole thing is luscious. Kudos.

I did notice one odd thing. The cover seemed flimsy, very different than the other AP books. It seemed much more like a magazine than a book. Was this a conscious decision? I can't help but think that it will affect the durability of the module over time.

Dear Paizo guys -

My group and I are starting our new campaign Feb 26. We haven't been able to play regularly in over a year, and we're very stoked about it.

Although we have plenty of APs to choose from, we'd really like to play Carrion Crown. So, is there any way you can send the Haunting of Harrowstone to me about a month early? We'd greatly appreciate it.



No and no.

Any of the 'Swords' books by Fritz Leiber.
Anything Conan or Solomon Kane by Robert E. Howard
Cyrion by Tanith Lee
The 'Swords Against Darkness' compilations I-V. Especially the stories by Richard L. Tierny, David Drake and Ramsey Campbell.
The King's Blades stuff by Dave Duncan

Those are just a few of my favorites.

Oh man, good GMs are worth their weight in platinum, aren't they? We've probably all had good and bad experiences with the folks running the game; good GMs can make even a mediocre adventure into a fantastic thrill-ride of escapism. Bad GMs can ruin even the best adventure. The people who pour their time and creativity, good humor and discernment into a gaming session just can't be beat.

Excellent! I'll do that.

Many thanks. Sadly, I've made more than 10 posts.

I know this is possible. I believe I've done it before, but now I just can't figure it out.

How does a fella change his avatar name?

Dr. Welby-

As one of the authors of the adventure, I can tell you that there was no plan by either the authors or the editor to step it up a notch.

It was simple: Greg said, "Kevin J., here is the overarching plot and the adventure's level. Now write me some encounters, boy, write!" And I did. Primarily because of my love of the game but partially because he was holding a beat-stick.

On the encounter you referenced, I was just trying to make that particular type of encounter interesting and challenging. I'd never used that particular thing before and wanted it to be more than just a one-shot spell-effect.

I'm glad your party handled it well, and I hope you all enjoyed it. Danger does add some spice, doesn't it?


The rules are guideposts and good ideas. We use them only as a game aid, not the game itself.

That sounds similar to the Ravenloft: Masque of the Red Death, though that actually was based in the Victorian Age.

Wow! Thanks for the input everyone. I'm going to have to do some internet digging now.

To JaeWalker -

I'm Kevin J. Wright, Greg's co-author on this trilogy of scenarios. My adventure-writing naivete (charming though it may be) may be to blame for the difficulty of the adventures. I was just trying to match up appropriate CRs with the level of the adventures, but that can be tricky. One CR 5 is not the same as every other CR 5, and in my inexperience, I may have put too many difficult encounters together. So my apologies if it was ruthlessly lethal.

Much love,


Nine natural 20s in 2 encounters...that is mind-blowing. That could've ended the whole ball game right there.

How many crits were scored in those two encounters?

CotCT would be great. It has the best 'get the party together' beginning than any other AP. Though Serpent's Skull is excellent as well.

Okay, it seems as if you guys are keeping current with comics. If I were to subscribe to one or two titles, which would you recommend?


You know, the APs really lend themselves to a convenient tv-serial format.
Picture it: Rise of the Runelords Year One: Burnt Offerings.
Of course, they could only run for six years, but it would have to be better than the Sword of Truth series.

So if one of the APs was novelized or made into a series of movies, which AP would you be most interested in reading/seeing?

A disagreeable cuss with a 17 charisma?

I'm in! Genius Guide to Dream Magic, please!

You guys are amazing.


We have never used "magic malls" and everyone seems to get along just fine.

I misread this. I thought you were implying that people might me too content :) making this a different conversation entirely.

Thank you so much!


Sara Marie wrote:
Barbarossa wrote:

I received an email regarding my subscription to the upcoming AP and realized that it is shipping to my old address. I corrected the address on my account, but I wondered if it is too late to ship it to the correct address. it?

Many thanks,


Your order was shipped on July 29th and your address was changed on August 3rd.

The post office usually does a pretty good job of forwarding the mailers, and when they don't, they send it back to us. If they send it back, we will email you to let you know.

sara marie

I received an email regarding my subscription to the upcoming AP and realized that it is shipping to my old address. I corrected the address on my account, but I wondered if it is too late to ship it to the correct address. it?

Many thanks,


Paizo Staff -

Amazing job on this book. I received it yesterday, and I am constantly impressed with the quality of your work. Well, well done.


I'm in.

People, if you're rolling 3d6 for old-time's sake, you have to put the abilities in the correct old-time order:


It's a shame about the poor quality of these cards; I was really looking forward to them. Is there any chance they might be reprinted and improved?