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You know what they say, Gorbacz; the darkness makes the light shine brighter.

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Akachek no longer has stats (he was changed from a demigod to a full god a while back, so he's now too strong for stats), but the Havero gets full stats, as do a few of the other monsters that had yet to be given PF updates.
There's actually a sizable amount of added stuff, with a whole new dungeon area added to the end of the fourth chapter, and Scarwall has had a bunch more rooms given full descriptions. There's a lot of other little added stuff too, like campaign traits that give experience when you accomplish something in the first part of the adventure.
I don't remember there being anything major that was removed; some stat blocks are changed (Blackjack's a vigilante now), but I think the changes are improvements across the board. There's not a ton of new player options (though the kyton eidolon option for summoners is quite neat), but the aforementioned monsters are neat.
One last thing to note - there's a ton of new art in this book - way more than I remember there being in the RotRL compilation, some for characters who didn't have art in the original.

While I understand the appeal of the stories to some, and symphathize with the people who will miss them...
This is the best news I've heard in months, and will probably singlehandedly make me buy Ironfang Invasion, and likely more of the following AP's.

Also, I know it's a bit early to talk about now, but will Starfinder AP's have fiction?

By the way, the link to AP #107 at the top of the article links to #106 instead - just FYI.
Also, I agree with Lamontius - there is only one true iconic antipaladin!

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I'm liking the trend of having the announcement covers being much closer to the release covers - is this just a fluke thing, or is this the new standard?

And considering that we have a Hastur article in this book, I think I know what the theme song of this AP should be.

By the way, I don't see the author of this adventure in the description. Don't want to forget about them! ;)

The only support article I see listed is "details on the Mythos" - is that a double length article, or have you just not revealed what the other one is? Also, this looks incredible! Pretty neat to see Schneider start off two AP's after his long break from writing adventures.

Just out of curiosity, is the stream going to be saved and reuploaded somewhere later? I'll have to miss some parts of it, and I'd like to know if I'll be able to see them later.

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So I finally finished reading this AP and I have to say - wow. This is definitely one of the best Adventure Path's Paizo has ever done. The adventures all flow together amazingly, the variety of encounters and set pieces, the excellent villain - it's all just so good. Just wanted to let everyone who worked on this AP know - you did outstanding, in every department. Now don't disappoint me with Hell's Vengeance! ;)

Is Amaya (the human on the left) related to the Kaijitsu's? The name seems familiar.

Oh, oh, lemme guess!
It's Age of Worms!

Crows took murder, horde's too general. Pyre is perfect.

Ooh, the new Adventure Path logo is really neat looking. As is the rest of the cover, of course, but that's to be expected. I'm a little surprised the color scheme is blue this time, but I'll be damned (heh) if it doesn't work.

nighttree, with the APG they previewed the classes and new iconics over the approximately 3 month period before the book came out, so I imagine they'll do something similar here - so I wouldn't expect such info until late April or so. Generally Paizo doesn't like to talk about the post playtest changes until things are finalized, which wont happen for a while. But we'll see...

Am I correct in assuming that the robot on the front is

Unity's 'vessel'
or is it something else?

So, how exactly is the Black Soveirgn himself dealt with? Is he a straight antagonist, can he ally with the PC's, or at least be persuaded out of fighting, etc..?

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I think the main reason that a lot of Paizo fans like the crazy gonzo stuff more than the traditional (myself included) is that, well, I've got tons of traditional fantasy modules. There are just way more traditional modules in print for 3e, Pathfinder, and D&D in general than crazy stuff like Iron Gods. Frankly, there aren't more sci-fi D&D like products then fantasy ones, not by a long shot, and there's even less science-fantasy. While I, and I think most people, don't want everything to be as out there as Iron Gods, there's a definite demand for the crazy. Just look at how well Distant Worlds sold and is regarded, or the excitement for Iron Gods. I understand it's not for everyone, but that's not a bad thing.

On another note, the thing that disappoints me personally about Iron Gods is that it seems to be playing things very safe. Almost every AP has done something that sets it apart from other adventures. Jade Regent dealt with eastern mythology, Kingmaker was a sandbox, Wrath of the Righteous used mythic rules, etc. Even Shattered Star, which is almost entirely dungeons of various kinds, had the twist of being the first Paizo AP that dealt with previous AP's and their effect on canon. I'm just not seeing anything like that here. And maybe that's what Paizo is going for, I don't know. But this sort of story has been done so much (heck, Paizo themselves has told a very similar story, with Rise of the Runelords) that it just seems unnecessary to retell it without adding something.

But to be more positive, I am excited to see more of Belkzen, though I don't know how much of the AP takes place there. And despite my grievances, I'm sure Paizo will do some great stuff in this AP, per usual, but I just feel Paizo's efforts would be better spent on more unusual campaigns. But that's just me. And who knows? Maybe this will be the best AP ever and I do a total opinion 180. I certainly wouldn't mind that.

Yeah, I think last month's Great Golem Sale really put the warehouse behind. Not sure if that's the cause of the delay, but it would make the most sense. Too bad this AP is so good, because it makes waiting for it really hard.

Look at Generic Villain's post above yours, nighttree. He talks a little about it there.

Mummy's Mask could end with book 4 - just don't have

Rakotep's soul escape to reunite with his body

Most of the more recent AP's - Reign of Winter, Wrath of the Righteous, and Iron Gods come to mind - are harder to end partway through due to a pretty strong indication fro the get-g of who the BBEG is. You could stop Reign of Winter in Book 5 with some adjustments and Iron Gods in book 2, but of the last 2 years of AP's the only one with a really good partway stopping point is Mummy's Mask

Man, this poor book has been through a lot of turmoil! Also, surprised that you already have a formal release date for it. For everyone's sake, lets hope its the final one.

Hey, one time I ate straight mayo, and it was okay. I don't do that anymore, because it would lead to ruin and obesity, but it wasn't bad. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, card game. Neat to see some previews, sad about delays. Hopefully the next round'll go smoother, for all our sakes.

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One thing I might recommend - After Runelords 5, the PC's will probably want to take the fight to Karzoug pretty badly. Putting in Shattered Star 5 right after might run the risk of feeling like a side mission. There are three options I can think of that might work there - merge Shattered Star 5 with Runelords 6, or move Shattered Star 5 to after Runelords 6 or before it, likely after Book 4 of Runelords. You'll have to adjust some things, but I think i'll improve the flow signifigantly.

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Interestingly, there are no new writers for this AP,which hasn't happened since Jade Regent, I think. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, considering the authors we are getting.

Thanks Paizo - I may not agree with everything you do, but you do your darndest to make the best product you can. Thanks for everything.

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Viva La revolution!
Let's hope this one goes better than Galt's did...
Seriously though this sounds awesome. Very interested in the special AP #100.

Thanks guys! Didn't think this would be out before Gencon. Good to have something to tide me over until the actual adventure begins! Also, is the purple-haired lady on the cover the same one on the 1st adventure's cover?

Ooh,Prince Kasiya is in here! Always cool to see some things from the Tales line cropping up in the rulebooks.

Since Book 6 has shipped, I imagine this one has as well - any cool little tidbits people with the PDF want to tantalize the rest of us with?

So, for those who have the book, what are Hakotep's stats?

Um, isn't this a Spring Hardcover, not a Summer one, or has that changed? Also, this looks awesome - reminds me of the old Arcana Unearthed book

Also, doesn't she have the feat that lets her burst into flames and die? If she doesn't (I don't have my copy yet), give it to her, as it only makes sense.

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Huh, Zyphus is an interesting choice for a god to detail in this installment. I'm interested in why he was chosen for this part. Also, Black Sovereign hype!

Yeah, while I dunno if Giant Hunters has anything to do with the next AP, this book definitely makes it look like the next AP is in Belkzen.Which is awesome, because we really haven't seen a whole lot of detail about orcs in Paizo products, considering how popular they are. It'll be neat to see them in more detail here, and hopefully in the next AP.

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Congrats to Nicolas Logue to returning to the AP writing team! It's been a while, and I'm glad to see you back.v Can't wait to see more of your insane genius here!

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Someday,I would love to see Bastardhall published in some form or another. That would be a long ways off, of course, but I still would love to see it.

Wow, this looks awesome. Amazing author list as well - good to see Logue and Shel back in the AP line again. Can you reveal roughly what level this AP should go to - will it go to 17, like most of the recent ones, or something else?

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Tis sad he's leaving, but I can't begrudge the man wanting a change of pace. He's done a huge amount for the roleplaying community and for Paizo as a company. I may not have always agreed with Mr. Reynolds, but I certainly always respected him and the insane amount of work he does. May your future be even better then the present.

Wouldn't mind if you wrote more god articles at some point either...

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Truly, this is a Christmas miracle! All hail Eric Mona, who has returned to bless us with this most noble of gifts. Seriously, this is awesome! It's good to see this done, and I'm sure you're glad to not have to deal with all the "Where's Balthazar" comments.

Just wondering, will this book explicitly answer these mysteries, or will it just have hints or possible explanations for them. Or is it a bit of both?

I'm very excited to see Amber Scott is doing this adventure. She did a great job with the Worldwound Incursion,so I cant wait to see what she does here!

Blood of the Moon #14. You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir!

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Yeah, I'm certainly glad that this cover does not include that goblin's "hidden treasure"!

Interesting! I don't remember seeing any demodands thus far into Wrath of The Righteous. Does this mean they will have an appearance later?

Interesting! I assume the two huge miniatures in the boxed RoW set will not be in this set, but are a separate product?

Wow these are all really cool looking! Just one thing - I think the title is a little off , it says PathPathfinder.

Purity of Violence, I'm pretty sure this book wasn't due out originally till November or October, and thus it only got pushed back one or two months. It's probably just due to shipping delays, not anything with the writing. I'm not from Paizo, so this is all just speculation, but I wouldn't worry about it.
As an aside, I just noticed how AP's and modules are grouped together now. Neat!

Just wondering - Demons Heresy, the Oct Adventure Path part has a release date of Oct 23 - is that when this book will release as well, or does it release separately? Thanks!

Shouldn't these should go in the Reign Of Winter section, not Wrath of The Righteous?

Epic Meepo, I believe the CR 17 includes the mythic tiers - The lich would be CR 14 without being mythic, and 7 tiers increases CR by 3.

Um, I think you posted this twice...

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