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Thank you!

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Please cancel all of my subscriptions.

I had been buying some products I wasn't interested in (Example: Map Folios) and generally ignoring products I liked less (Example: Ultimate Wilderness) and maintaining the full subscription slate in the hopes that continually buying whatever books came out for Pathfinder 1E (providing a continuous, reliable revenue stream) would help prevent there ever being an edition change.

This obviously didn't work. I have no desire to follow an edition change.

Thank you.

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I could see parts looking like Dormammu's Realm based on the description.

There's also a picture of part of the Drift on page 46. It looks like outer space, with clouds of colorful gas/dust, stars, and floating islands and rocks torn from the planes (complete with plant life on some of the larger ones). There's a smaller picture of part of Alluvion on page 49; the drift looks like a purple, starry sky with misty clouds and purple-white auroras in the background there.

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UllarWarlord wrote:
I’m very interested in the Atrocite and Kish - what interesting abilities do they have?

They've got a handful of Spell-Like Abilities, including weekly world/dimension hopping, 3/day bestow curse, and at-will mirror image. They've got vacuum immunity and short-range lifesense. In terms of unique powers, they can invoke words of devastation to give 1/day Devourer cultists within short range a 3-round buff that gives them additional Critical wounding effects; if the Atrocite takes any damage, the power shuts off. They also have a ranged attack where they throw bolts of void that deal force damage and can apply severe wounds on crit.

They get a bonus feat and are good at using Survival to deal with inclement weather.

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Alchemist - It manages to have lots of flavor and variety in the discoveries, a wide array of archetypes that can mix up how it plays and offer interesting new directions to take the class, several different features that you can focus on (bombs, mutagens, infusions, random other discoveries, etc), has the power and versatility of being a caster (albeit not a full-caster), can fill a variety of roles, and pairs well with the variety of alchemical items that are available. They're broadly competent, play differently from one another while staying within the class's overall alchemy themes, and are just generally really fun to play.

Oracle, Kineticist, and Witch are all also strong contenders, but Alchemist remains my favorite.

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Technic League:
Is she? I can kinda see it with the ear, but I had always assumed she was an Androffan Human (and that the Androffan ship didn't have Elves).

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I'll give both.

What are my 10 favorite Starfinder creatures right now?

1) Kyokor Colossus - This thing is awesome! I've been partial to living disasters and Evangelion-style apocalyptic threats for a while, and this fills the general role even if the style is a bit different. Walking devastation with some sinister purpose hinted at in the background. I look forward to seeing more Colossi; my hope is that the rarer ones get even weirder and more dangerous.
2) Hallajin - Hauntingly beautiful, intriguing, and hints that there may be more advanced beings out there with the 'Advanced Immunities' on it.
3) Endbringer Devil - Does an excellent job of showing the presence of technology on the outer planes, the starship form is cool, and I have a general soft spot for Lawful Evil outsiders.
4) Vracinea - Looks awesome, looks alien, and is a cool plant monster delivering a strong early showing for aliens of rarer creature-types.
5) Urog - I like silicon/crystalline beings, good visual design, strongly alien playable race, and their math-and-knowledge focus appeals to me.
6) Anhamut Inevitable - Has the same planes-with-tech bonus as the Endbringer Devil, I'm a fan of the nanotech, and it's an inevitable that doesn't seem like it'll be constantly butting heads with PCs.
7) Anacites (in general) - I like their distinct design aesthetic (even if I liked the old Aballonian's art too), and there's a ton of room for expansion here.
8) Skittermander - So colorful! So helpful! So doggone cute!
9) Void Hag - Really cool visuals with the moon-crater flesh, interesting cultural aside with the importance and crafting process of the robe, cool to have space-focused magic stuff to compliment the high-tech stuff.
10) Crest Eater - I'm a fan of Kasath's wildlife in general. This is another cool alien beast to add to their overall ecology.

Honorable mentions go to the Skyfisher and Sharpwing (for being cool and notably alien life forms), Asteray and Hesper (for being nifty sci-fi takes on fey), Vesk and Kasatha (for being the most fun core PC races), Necrovite (for their role on Eox), and The Swarm (for filling a stock enemy role that's fun to have around for sci-fi bug-hunt games).

What 10 creatures would I pick as assets for a group that's able to mass-produce creatures as a resource?

1) Paragon Symbiend - Capable of fusing with hosts to offer more skills, intelligence, and charisma in a symbiotic relationship, good for upgrading the rest of your creations
2) Oma - Reasonably powerful, capable of doubling as a spaceship if you need several of those, amusingly the best pilots currently in the game
3) Assembly Ooze - Potentially very useful for mass-production of tech if contained properly
4) Witchwyrd - Diplomatic, intelligent, able to be reasoned with, and, if you play your cards right, you might be able to get some well-trained friendly ones to get you a Planar Aperture drive from the Tetrad
5) Skittermander - Not the most powerful, but possess a strong drive to 'be helpful'; probably able to be turned into a jovial minion horde; as a bonus, they're really cute
6) Sarcesian - Agile, intelligent, capable of performing outer-space operations rather well
7) Anhamut Inevitable - Can be convinced to help assist adventures that involve mapping out new parts of space, Good with computers and engineering, Nanite-swarm-mode
8) Hallajin - Mystically very skilled, powerful, spellcasters, capable of generating energy, Teleports around at will, Extremely intelligent, Advanced beings that would be very useful allies
9) Elder Aeon - Solid array of skills, help maintain the integrity of reality, can be controlled/bargained with reasonably well
10) Urog - Intelligent, notably skilled with math, willing to assist with adventures to help discover secrets and advance scientific knowledge

Necrovite might work as a swap-in for one of those depending on the party's alignment (or if the system can produce off-standard-alignment versions of things, given that non-evil Undead are a thing).
Barathu is also a contender for its general skill/knowledge and ability to combine into greater beings with more mental processing power.
Barachius Angel could be a good pick as a tech-user/defense-assistant if the party is good.
If you can swing the 'age' thing (or some other detail-dial) to get them produced, Contemplative Mentors would be another strong choice.

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That fixed it. Thank you!

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I was looking through my various Starfinder products, and I noticed that I had the two scenarios after Cries from the Drift, but not Cries. It looks like it was in Order 4373621 for me; I got the other three scenarios from that order, which all say they were moved from order 4056627, but Cries seems to have had some sort of hiccup in the system. It looks like it may be the same problem that hit some other people, since looking at the comments thread for Cries shows at least one other person got the scenarios after it without getting it, so the same fix might work here?

Thank you.

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Katapesh is ruled by the Pactmasters. It's the only one in the Inner Sea Region that comes to mind, discounting individual River Kingdoms.

Edit: Brevoy may or may not have been ruled by Dragons at one point.

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9 people marked this as a favorite.

Themes, personal preference, and individual module quality/execution are ultimately the biggest factor in whether I like an AP, but those aren't really what you're looking for, so I'll go through a list of things I've though hurt/helped APs overall in a closer-to-objective manner (though there will be people who disagree with these things and they aren't wholly-objective).

* Make sure your first module is strong. A strong first module can do a lot to help build up a path. It isn't everything, but most of the best paths (Curse of the Crimson Throne, Kingmaker, Iron Gods, Hell's Rebels) lead with a strong intro.

* Introduce or foreshadow the AP's villain early, but avoid direct encounters between them and the PCs until the end. Not introducing the villain early leads to a 'where did this guy come from' scenario and reduces overall path cohesion. Putting them directly next to the PCs too soon results in the PCs trying to fight them too soon. Carrion Crown, as written, suffers from not introducing the villain early enough. Adding the content the authors put on the board about introducing him earlier really helps things.

* Figure out your path's themes. Dial in on them tightly. Building on that: keep your setting within established bounds. Is your AP urban? Keep it urban unless you telegraph a departure from that well in advance. Is it planar? Make it planar from an early point. Don't suddenly make changes to the setting or themes compared to what's been happening for several parts. It *can* work (and I really like Skeletons of Scarwall and Sound of a Thousand Screams), but that requires particularly strong adventures to pull off; doing it is a big gamble.

* Is your AP set somewhere unusual? Are you in fantasy-Asia? Are you in a city at the center of the planes? Let the PCs be from there. Don't force the PCs to bring in outsiders to solve an area's problems if there's a valid population of locals. I'm not saying to mandate local PCs either, just to allow them.

* Are you giving the PCs extra power boosts? Make sure the villains' power accounts for this, or you end up with a cakewalk. I'm looking at Wrath of the Righteous here; this was one of its major problems (though some groups liked the feeling of power).

* Letting the PCs late in the path have some encounters with enemies they vastly outclass helps give them a sense of power and progression and enhances an AP. Having a whole module where the PCs outclass the opposition makes for an unfun experience bereft of general challenge.

* Include well-fleshed-out backgrounds for the three-or-so most notable NPCs in each part of the AP so that the GM has a wellspring of info to pull from, whether these are allies or enemies. The Pathfinder AP made a very good choice adding the section of stats/bios for the key NPCs at the end of the module.

* Make NPCs that are supposed to be allies to the PCs actually helpful, but don't overshadow the PC team with them. PCs (generally) will balk at working for NPCs once they pass a certain disagreeability threshold, and they (generally) won't want to be stuck following someone who outclasses them around.

* If your AP offers PCs the chance to join up with different factions, include content for all of those factions throughout the AP; don't just abandon the majority of them a module or two later. Serpent's Skull kind of drops the ball here.

* If you have a specific moment that the AP centers around, particularly if it's the PCs' initial goal/motivation, make that part the best module you possibly can. Serpent's Skull had finding and exploring the lost city at the center of the PCs motivation be the weakest module of the path, and the whole thing suffered a lot for it (despite having a very good opening module).

* Don't include abstracted mechanical subsystems that make PCs less effective than they would be in standard mechanics. Don't make fiddly subsystems a focus for part, but not all, of an AP, forcing groups to learn them and then abandon them later. The caravan rules would be an example of what not to do here.

* If you have a thematic or mechanical goal, state it in an AP's intro. There's audiences out there for APs that do weird things or break standard conventions, but it needs to be part of the initial buy-in. Want to make an AP with low-treasure and high difficulty? You can, but you need to say so. Your audience may be lower as a result, but catering to a niche audience can be a successful strategy sometimes.

* If you say in an early module that you're going to include details on something in a later module, make sure you actually include them in the later module. There will be people who specifically end up wanting whatever the thing was who will be upset if you forget to include it later like you said you would.

* Make sure the adventures are meaty enough. Shorter adventures make for weaker paths, generally. Make sure you include enough details on the places they're taking place in that they feel like they're in a setting with character as opposed to generic-no-serial-numbers-fantasy-land.

* Is there going to be something in a later adventure that certain character types just won't work well with? Announce it at the start of the AP. It's fine if Paladins / evil PCs / Druids / members of Faction-X don't work as PCs, but you need to be upfront about it so that people don't get surprise-stung halfway in.

* For published APs: Are you including a new monster? Include a picture for it. Is someone a major NPC? Include a picture for them. Is the whole AP in a particular town? Add a picture of it (and a map too). Stuff without art has less of an impact (particularly weird new monsters), and good art (and cartography) is pretty much required to get past a certain AP-module-quality threshold.

* Give the PCs direction and reason to move to the next module. PCs left adrift in a non-sandbox will end up in the wrong places at the wrong times. Don't railroad, but make sure there's a hook from each module directly into the next (and that there isn't a hook leading from module 1 straight to module 5 that overshadows the hook to module 2).

* Don't have the villains auto-beating the PCs in a cut-scene unless it's part of the upfront module buy-in (and even then, be careful). Don't give the villains powers in cut-scenes that they don't have in their stats. Do feel free to give the villains cool additional narrative powers as formally-statted things, though.

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Good to see this book in general and the new 0-HD Law/Chaos planar races in particular.

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The NPC wrote:
Are there aboleths and how do they work?

There are not aboleths in this. There is a new type over in the first volume of Ruins of Azlant if you don't have that yet. It's an aboleth-heavy AP.

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The occult rituals are here.

One of the Obedience Feats is here, but I don't see the deity/demigod-specific boon lists; those may not be on there due to the individual deities being product identity (or they may be in a different section that I missed).

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One resource that might be more useful for the Commoner-party than a normal group would be Occult Rituals. They'd give you a way to cast magic without having any actual casting classes; you'd still have to make sure you had enough skill ranks in the right skills to cast them, and they don't have the speed advantage of normal casting, but it's a well of magic for you to draw on.

Divine/Fiendish boon feats would be an alternate way to get everyone a few magic tricks that they could pull / special abilities they could use.

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Laivatiniel looks like an elderly woman with many decaying arms. Her obedience is to create, and then eat, a detailed portrait of one of your parents.

I think it's well within a GM's range of fiat to play Folca as an "It" expie, but I offer the potential suggestion of making It a unique Sakhil instead; they feed off of fear, and I could easily see one of them with enough shapeshifting/illusion powers pulling a Pennywise.

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:
Would anyone like to share any info on the Sakhil Tormentors?

They are mainly based out of Xibalba, which is a Silent-Hill-like realm of terrors built from nightmare-matter. It exists in the Ethereal Plane at the point where it is metaphysically closest to the Plane of Shadow. Its above-ground realms are varied and unsettling, and the caverns are vaster and even worse.

Some of them initially appear friendly (Dachzerul, Ozranvial), whereas others are fairly monstrous (scaling up towards Ziquiripat, who is disgusting and overtly omnicidal). Shawnari is almost imperceptible, even to demigods, and is (while still Evil and fear-based) working against the other Sakhil Tormentors subtly.

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PannicAtack wrote:
Any details on Osolmyr, Corosbel, Ruapceras, or Yan-gant-y-tan?

Osolmyr looks rather mutilated and has public self-flagellation as her obedience.

Corosbel rules a realm of debased temples and accepts sacrifices to dead and false gods.

Ruapceras is a twisted executioner who encourages hatred.

Yan-gant-y-tan has a mobile divine realm that teleports around Stygia, and peering under his cloak strikes the curious dead.

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CrinosG wrote:

Wow, so Folca is finally getting full worshiper stats and an illustration? Paizo is really pulling the trigger on this one huh?

So what does he look like? Cause my headcanon is he looks like Slenderman. How close am I?

He, like the other Harbingers and rest of the 'other fiends' groups, is getting a lean version of the worshiper stats that includes an obedience, three spell-boons that it grants, and info-paragraph as opposed to the larger boon-blocks and two-page spreads the more-major beings get.

Folca appearance:
You're pretty close. Slenderman is a good base-idea for what he looks like. Replace the classy suit with slightly grimy, worn leathers, give him pointed, black nails, and give him a bloody, lumpy sack. His face, like Slenderman's, is featureless, but you can see tiny children's hands pressing on it from the inside, like they're trying to get out. He's carrying a bright, red candy-cane that really pops from the rest of the picture and draws the eye.

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Samy wrote:
How much use would you say this book is for gameplay at levels 1-5?

Not a ton is specifically aimed at those.

The various Petitioners, the Nucol Sahikl, and the Deinochos Qlippoth are fightable at those levels. The Bushyasta Div, Sepsidaemon, and Najikai Oni would be usable at the upper end of the range. A few of the magic items could be used in that range too.

Beyond that, there's a paragraph or two of info on each of the existing Devil/Daemon/Demon types, as well as info on what their preferred sacrifices are.

The obediences and demigod info-blurbs could be mined for ideas on how cults would operate.

I'd say that the meat of the product starts kicking in around Level 7, which is when the Obediences start kicking in and the prestige classes enter play.

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Prince Setehrael wrote:
Lord Gadigan can you describe Ardad Lili and Socothbenoth please?

Ardad Lili:
Ardad Lili is a black woman with gray-brown eyes wearing a long, green dress with fluffy white trim (the trim-type you'd see on a Santa outfit, for lack of a better comparison) and fingerless gloves in the same style as the dress; she is barefoot. She has wings made of serpent tails that look somewhat like tentacles. She is holding a stiletto and touching its point. She is smiling in a wry, dangerous manner.

Socothbenoth looks like a bishonen elf man with black eyes and long, brown hair. He has a white robe-coat with cream-gold trim that he's holding open, showing his unbuttoned shirt (which is silky-looking and has a cream-gold grain-design on a rich red color) and white pants (with cream-gold belt and red cut-in lines on the sides of the legs); his shoes are gray. He is wearing a moderate amount of jewelry, with multiple earrings, rings, and metal balls implanted under the skin of his bare chest. He has three white snakes wrapped around his feet and lower legs.

Samy wrote:
Are there any overland maps, encounter tables, sample dungeons or the like that a DM could use to put together an adventure?

There's a section on the Book of the Damned's interior that may qualify as part of what you're looking for. It has stats for some stuff in there.

By and large, though, no. This is more of a monster/villain resource than a direct adventure base.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
So, what is Folca's obedience? I have the idea it's something that would warm the cockles of Freddy Krueger's heart.

Folca Obedience:
Stalk a child, do something terrible to them (or make them witness something terrible), leave them alive, promise you'll be back.
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The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Did Pazuzu, Dagon and Kost get new arts as well?

Dagon, Kostchtchie, and Pazuzu have new art.

Dagon's is a side-front-angle view of him attacking with a tentacle.

Kostchtchie's is a fairly dramatic pose of him mid jump-attack. He got more human-looking and a bit less bulky, but is still huge and imposing.

Pazuzu's is him mid-flight with a two-handed sword ready and eyes glowing; it's a wide piece that occupies the whole top half of a page. There's something familiar about it, but I think it's just because it's in the same general vein as the art style that Pazuzu already has.

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The Gold Sovereign wrote:
Who are the minor fiendish demigods that got illustrations? Did any of the Qlippoth Lords get new arts?

Asura Rana - None

Daemon Harbinger - Folca, Vorasha
Div Lord - Ahriman has a two-page spread (His art has appeared before.)
Infernal Duke - Ruzel
Kyton Demagogue - Sugroz
Malebranche - Alichino, There's an unidentified sketch-style picture on another Malebranche page that I think might be Rubicante
Nascent Demon Lord - Treerazer (Appears twice, I *think* that the first one might be a new picture, but am not sure.)
Oni Daimyo - Inma
Qlippoth Lord - Yamasoth (Has two pieces of art, both of which appeared before.)
Queen of the Night/Whore Queen - All four appear and get two-page spreads (The Eiseth art has appeared before. Mathathallah's art I'm unsure on.)
Rakshasa Immortal - Ravana
Sakhil Tormentor - Zipacna

Tabris also gets a new, high-detail piece of art as the opener for the appendix. Not entirely sure where to categorize him.

My favorite of the bunch is Sugroz (though Folca and Alichino are also quite well-done). Her piece is one of the better new ones in the book, and she manages to look both appropriately creepy and ethereally serene.

Description of Sugroz:
A giant, kite-like skinned face hanging by chains between two hooked pillars that form the upper part of a pyre-assembly that skeletons are bound to the bottom of. A black emptiness is visible in her mouth and eyes, one of which weeps blood. I would call her expression almost happy; the skeletons chained to the pyre base are screaming, though.

I'm quite pleased with the Kyton info overall and am having trouble conclusively picking a favorite Demagogue. The Oitos also got really good art.

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Check your Device Manager for yellow ! symbols for device conflicts. If something (even something you're not actively using, like a thumbprint scanner), has somehow started conflicting with the keyboard, that might be the issue.

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The Izfiitar. It's new in Bestiary 6.

Agreed that a CR 20 Archon would be a good addition.

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Historical campaigns! Excellent!

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I prefer the Oracle. The mysteries are interesting enough that they make the class more enjoyable to play despite having fewer spell prep choices.

That said, the Cleric is a strong pick for a class to play and have excellent ability to prep for stuff if they generally know what they'll be going up against.

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Oh man, I briefly forgot about the Oitos Kyton. Add that one to my list too. I've wanted to see it for a while.

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Things I'd currently like to see:

* The hinted-at evil counterpart to the Manasaputras
* More elementals
* More creatures from positive/negative/shadow/ethereal/astral/Axis/Boneyard/Maelstrom.
* New Gigases
* Example members of some demigod-types that haven't been statted yet. Kyton Demagogues, Primal Inevitables, Protean Lords, and Asura Ranas would probably by my picks, but I'm up for any of the unstatted groups.
* Lawful planetouched
* More psychic creatures
* Some sort of extremely-large CR 20 giant. Tectonic or something.
* Satori, Empusa, Sacred directional beasts
* More Golems (Amber, Ivory, Confectionery would be my top picks for uncovered materials, but I like seeing the esoteric high-end golems too); Colossi too
* Animated toys, an animated spellbook / living tome creature that can cast
* I support the slow, continued translation of Pathfinder / 3.5-open monsters into official PFRPG stat versions. The Azis would probably be my next pick there.
* In the unlikely-under-Paizo's-current-design-philosophy-but-still-stuff-I'd-like-t o-see boat, nonevil undead and eldritch celestials.
* To answer the earlier question in this thread of 'what existing creature would you most like to see expand into a full group of creatures', I'm going with 'Axiomites'. I'd like to see esoteric merged math-entities and higher-order beings of law.

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Huzzah for alchemy! I'd love it if the book included more dynamic alchemy stuff, but I'm glad to see an alchemist-focused book in general.

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Glad to see the Taldor campaign setting book appearing. That covers all of the major Inner Sea nations from my floating list of places I thought most-needed gazetteer books. Looks like I'll have to come up with a new list of places I'd like to see / think need the coverage.

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Meanwhile, Oaur-Ooung has figured out a way to turn mortals directly into Qlippoth (completely missing all of their former memories) and *is* working to shore up the qlippoth numbers.

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The Kikituk looks like a whale skeleton bound with lots of twine-like sinew, with arms (complete with big bone-webbed claw-hands) and legs affixed to it and scrimshaw carvings on its body. It gives a looming, lurching, almost crocodilian vibe.

It can jump around with dimension door, turn invisible, enervate, bite (with double STR bonus), trample, and cast spells inscribed into it at-will. The inscribed spells can be taken out using Erase, and taking them all out causes it to enter berserk-mode and lose some unholy protection that it normally has. It is CR 13 and costs 145,000 Gold.

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Things with pounce:

Cipactli - Gargantuan Magical Beast - CR 21
Deathsnatcher - Medium Monstrous Humanoid - CR 18
Empyreal Lord, Arshea - Medium Outsider (Angel, Extraplanar, Good) - CR 29
Fen Mauler - Large Monstrous Humanoid - CR 10
Great Old One, Rhan-Tegoth - Large Aberration (Aquatic, Chaotic, Evil, Great Old One) - CR 28
Psychopomp, Esobok - Medium Outsider (Extraplanar, Psychopomp) - CR 3
Solifugid, Duneshaker - Colossal Vermin - CR 18
Solifugid, Razormouth - Huge Vermin - CR 11
Thessalhydra - Gargantuan Aberration - CR 18

I think the Deathsnatcher is probably the most-likely polymorph target here, with 50' flight, fire/cold resistance, scent, a bite, four claws, and a sting with a DC 28 poison on it that does CON Drain. Depending on how your GM rules things, I could see it possibly also giving darkvision, negative energy resistance, and rend (as it has things that are really close to those, but not exactly them).

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Having gotten the chance to do my initial look-throughs, here are my favorites from this bestiary:

1. Blights - The new ooze group is a home-run on my end. They're a cool new creature group that lets a traditionally-underused creature type have some time in the spotlight.
2. Mountain Giant - This thing is freaky in an excellent way. I heartily approve of the sneaky, slasher-ish giant that other giants fear as legend.
3. Archdevils - I like getting stats for assorted demigods, and the archdevils are one of my favorite groups. The little touches like Barbatos not being a Devil help seal the deal on them.
4. Oblivion - This thing is a powerful, ominous negative-plane-based creature (which I've been looking for more of), and it's an ooze to boot.
5. Quintessence Golem - My favorite of the new golems, both in art and thematics.
6. Whisperer - A strong fae that comes with creepy thematics and gives a being-type to create environments that are eerie and alien, but not aberrant and against-nature.
7. Mosslord - I like that we're getting some options for dangerous plant villains. This one is my favorite of the set.
8. Sakhil - We've got another strong, creepy showing from the Sakhil.
9. Viridium Golem - Another cool new golem, with the toxic theme being an interesting space for the construct.
10. Entothropes - It's good to finally have an official were-vermin.

Runners up, in no particular order:
The new Kaiju, The Olethros Psychopomp, the Green Man, the Horsemen, the Qlippoth and Qlippoth Lords, and the Yaddithian.

I also put forth a general statement of support for the addition of prehistoric creatures and sea creatures, even if they aren't the most individually exciting bestiary entries. The slow build of them over time is creating a strong base of animals to pull from. Ditto for the slow conversion-over of all the 3.5 stuff that hasn't previously been updated to the PFRPG yet, like the Cutlass Spider.

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Pre-painted plus non-random makes me notably more interested in these than the standard Pathfinder minis.

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I like using it in combination with high-tech weaponry. Vital Striking with a Rocket Launcher or other high-damage AOE Technological Weapon can deliver rather potent hits.

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This is sounding awesome thusfar!

Will it be including information and categorization of the assorted powers of Hell that haven't been confirmed as Infernal Dukes and lack domains thusfar (i.e. Astaroth, Glasya-Labolas, Nahemah, Nybbas, Orobas, Xaphan, and Zagan)?

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Interesting. I haven't done it, but I like the idea. If you want to avoid the Oracle route, I'd suggest making her form dependent on what Memory Facets the party has given her. If she gets the Chaos and Evil ones, she'd be a Demon, if she got the Law and Good ones, she'd be an Archon, if she got the Guile one she could have rogue powers or be shadowy, etc. She could also adopt powers and form-elements/concepts from the Domains associated with the facets she's slotted with. It makes her useful, but gives the party control and offers foreshadowing for her divine traits.

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I'm happy to see the Transformation Sequence popping up as a Vigilante Social Talent. That really opens up some options for less-pet-focused Magical-Child-type characters.

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Not as standalone, full-sized adventures, but there's the later parts of the Jade Regent AP and some PFS scenarios.

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Insane KillMaster wrote:

Andrew Winder wrote:

I would like to see more AP's where you play the bad guy
+1, another +1 if they aren't as restrictive as HV was.

I'm up for another evil AP at some point. Not on the top of my list at the moment so close to HV, but I certainly wouldn't be bothered to see another one.

I argue for either less or *more* restrictive, with a tilt towards 'more'. HV was stuck in a weird middle-zone at some points thanks to trying to accommodate all types of Evil characters. There were bits that were tricky for ultra-Lawful follow-the-letter-of-the-law-and-support-the-regime-100% types, and there were bits that were tricky for characters who wouldn't want to get bound to serve authority figures. Some parts expected a group that was sneaky, others expected a group that was forceful and in-your-face, and others had weird juxtapositions where LE patron individuals were acting fairly non-Lawful. I liked HV, but I think it might help focus a new evil AP and allow it to play more-strongly to specific themes if it went for 'all Lawful Evil characters supporting the church of Zon Kuthon' or 'all Chaotic Evil characters who are part of / allied with a specific drow house' or 'all members of a thieves guild' or the like instead of going 'this is for any Evil PC'. On the flipside, evil Kingmaker that's super-open would be cool too.

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Kalindlara wrote:
If it helps, the impression I've gotten from Iobaria is that it's the most "Irish/Scottish" region. The art in the section on human ethnicities in Inner Sea Races was the big kicker there.

That actually does help, thank you. I had been thinking they were more Russian/Slavic-inspired.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
I'm really hoping we'll see some current day Azlant settlements/towns (cities?) in the upcoming Ruins of Azlant AP.

That'd be cool! I wasn't sure how much of the AP would tilt in the direction of currently-inhabited cities and Azlant-based nations versus how much would be dealing with ruins, dungeons, and aboleths.

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I'll lead off with saying that I'd rather see another Gazeteer a bit more than than Distant Shores II. Distant Shores was a book I enjoyed, but I'd like to see continents and nations get detailed in the broad scale before zooming in on more cities. Having said that, I'd still enjoy Distant Shores II and would likely be jazzed by whatever world-snapshots show up in it.

I want to see something on Casmaron. My mind goes first to Kelesh since it's the huge empire that hasn't been shown in detail. Ular Kel was pretty awesome, though (and ended up being the surprise favorite of Distant Shores for me). In light of that, I think I'll put out a blanket 'somewhere new on Casmaron' request instead of a specific one.

I want to see something on Tian Xia. The nation I'm most interested in is Shenmen, but the city of note that I can think of there is the spider witches' capital, and it seems weird having Tian Xia represented by evil-capitals twice in a row. The city I'm most interested in over there is Goka, but Goka is massive like Absalom and would need an entire book to do it justice. That moves things over to Nagajor. I think it'd be cool to get a city from there. I'll add that to my list. (Minata would also be cool, but I'm sticking with Nagajor as my actual pick).

I want to see something on Arcadia. I want to go somewhere other than Degasi's trade coalition. Three Craters sounds cool, but I'm going with a place in Razatlan since 'Hispanic / Latin American nation' is one of the three main nation-types that seem to be missing for PC backgrounds in things I've run and seen run (the other two being 'British Isles' (with knights being somewhat filled by Taldor, but no obvious analogue for Irish/Scottish-background PCs) and 'Steampunk nation' (which would be kinda wonky on the surface of Golarion and might do better in a truly massive Darklands vault or something).

I want to see something from an active/rising nation in the ruins of Azlant. Azlant was huge, and I'm figuring there's *something* going on there besides ruins, aboleths, and independent island-places like the Sun Temple Colony. Maybe we could fit some British-Isle-equivalent in here amidst the waves and ruins?

I want to see something from Southern Garund. Droon is tempting, but I feel like it'd be weird having it in the same book as Nagajor (if Nagajor happens), so I'm going with a city in Nurvatchta instead. Spiders are fun!

That hits all the unmapped continents except Sarusan (which I feel abnormally fine leaving a mystery for now compared to other parts of the world since that's kind of its 'theme'; I'll likely want to know more eventually, though), and it leaves one pick. I considered Vudra, but I think there's something else I'd rather see. I'm going to go with Visheksrad. I'd like to see more of the Crown of the World, I'd like to see another dwarf culture, and Visheksrad is the largest city I can find up there on the Crown. The more I think of putting it in there, the more I like the idea.

So, formatted, ordered into a preference list, and pared down for quicker reading:
1) A city in Casmaron that we haven't heard much of
2) A city in Nagajor
3) A city in Razatlan
4) Visheksrad
5) A city from Azlant (alternatively a city from *wherever* that's British Isles themed)
6) A city from Nurvatchta

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Hastur Obedience:

The obedience is to meditate, either on nothingness or on the lines of The King in Yellow, either in a richly-furnished area (value scaling to character level, with character clothes counting towards the value requirement) or in the presence of a Yellow Sign.

Bonuses across the three sets of boons include:
* Perform bonus
* Various emotion/mind-affecting spells, various charismatic/disguising spells, various death/curse spells
* Control confused creatures
* Create a Yellow Sign 1/day
* Self-disguise with an unsettling, fear-based, init-increasing return-to-true-form
* Charisma-to-AC when in fine clothing but not armor
* Confusion/insanity immunity except against Hastur and greater servants of him
* Death/petrification immunity with inbuilt 1/day effect-reflection

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I'd venture to guess that Deskari probably *wouldn't* destroy Rovagug's cage. If he (and Baphomet) got control of Golarion, they'd probably be trying rather hard to keep Rovagug stuck in the middle. Rovagug is a Qlippoth-deity, and Qlippoth tend to want demons to be extinct. The Worldwound is still a huge threat to Golarion, but it probably isn't going to cause a Rovagug-breakout.

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What do Hastur cultists look like?:

The general answer to 'what do the Hastur cultists look like' is 'they look good and have nifty, fancy clothes'. They pretty much all (excluding the Kuru Thugs they have for security) look wealthy, and if I had to guess what they were based on portraits alone, I'd probably pick 'nobles', not 'cultists'. I like this since it plays into the ability to hide their cults well, and it fits with the obedience and associated powers encouraging decadent outfits and furnishings.

Cultist kidnappers - Black coats with fancy gold patterning around their edges. Fancy rapiers. Belt-sashes with pouches.

Daelene Spence (Cultist Sorcerer) - Wearing something green that's mostly out of the picture that has a fancy collar, something white and ruffly-edged under it. Triple-pearl-necklace, pearl earrings, fancy hairdo with a lot up in the back and on curling piece on the side. Looks like she may be wearing makeup.

Kuru thugs - Lots of tattoos that give the appearance of 'scarred' and 'eyes covered in blood / bleeding'. Spiked leather rags that don't cover too much of the body. Some animal skulls on a rope-cord belt. Bandages on feet instead of shoes. Holding spiked club.

Cultists of Hastur - Fancy blue-and gold outfit. Belt with scabbard. Rapier with fancy hilt and secondary blade. Purple cloak with gold trim. Neatly-groomed beard. Boots.

Risi Nairgon (Cultist Assassin) - Long brown coat with frayed bottom edge. Chain shirt. Boots. Pants. Scarf that's big but not long. Multiple belts, lots of potions. Crossbow at waist. Holding rapier. Reasonably long blonde hair, green eyes, freckles. Doesn't look wealthy as per the standard, but still manages to be in the running for best-looking cultist.

Weiralai (Denizen of Leng) - Long, pointed nails, Several rings and bracelets. Multi-part robes that are blue and gold and have a big fancy gold-and-jewel-buckle-thing in the middle and a built in scale-pattern pauldron. Fancy, upturned-ended shoes. Headscarf with attached jewelry that matches the overall outfit. Small tattoo on forehead. Glazed-over-white eyes.

Melisenn Kororo (Cultist Cleric) - Blue and golden-brown dress with white sleeves and blue trim. Belt. Rapier. Forehead-necklace with blue jewel. Hair back in ponytail. Shoes with ribbons.

Cultist from the deity article - Golden dress, with purple belt and purple-and-gold scabbard. Rapier. Book with yellow sign. Upper part of outfit has a topaz-looking jewel on the neck and a high collar. Hair up.

Keeper of the Yellow Sign (New Monster) - Fat man with nearly-melting skin and piercing-yellow-glowing eyes. Broad black hat. Upper half of coat looks has a bunch of layers that overlap each other almost in a shell-pattern. Bottom half of coat is a black coat with buttons and a pocket. Brown pants. Brown shoes.

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Synthesist Summoners. They're frequently a go-to for people calling out what an archetype shouldn't be (in terms of being overpowered), but they're one of my favorites, both in flavor and in mechanics.

I'll also n'th the Kineticist. It's my second favorite class, and I enjoy them a ton even if they aren't always the most optimal thing / have burn.

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Since it hasn't been mentioned yet:

Monster Art from Adventure:
The Attic Whisperer with the outfit made of the child's drawings managed to get a 'd'aww' from me and is quite well done. Kudos to whoever made that creepy thing so cute.

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