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OR, Portland - Numerous systems

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So I'm moving to Portland, once I get settled in with a job and all that fun stuff I'll be looking for a group to run games for. I'm a GM through and through and playing is something I only do once in awhile so it's kind of important I find a group I can be a primary GM for. The systems I enjoy are Pathfinder, Savage Worlds (particularly Hellfrost and Deadlands), Star Wars Saga Edition, Castles and Crusades, and more.

Those are what I have that I've played, I have and want to play many more games from d20 variants like Iron Heroes, Arcana Evolved and Midnight; to strange RPG's like Monsters and Other Childish Things, Don't Rest Your Head, All Flesh Must Be Eaten (and the Army of Darkness game); I also have the Dresden Files RPG.

I am, and will be for some time, primarily a Pathfinder RPG player, it's the one I've invested much of my funds in. I have, however, been with a group that hates the thought of trying something new and different, that had players who'd latch on to one mechanic in a system they didn't like and then loathe the system because of it and thus refuse to play, I've felt like I've been suffocating being unable to run other games would like to stretch my DM wings. That said a group that is at least willing to try new RPG systems is definitely a requirement.

Might sound like too much to ask but a GM can hope can't he? :P

Hi! I posted a thread on here earlier looking for a game to play in, but didn't actually look at some of the other threads. I'm living in Portland for the summer (I go to school in Salem) and I'm looking for a game to play. I'm alone, but I might have one other friend who could be convinced to play, but they would be a rookie.

If you do end up running a game and needing a player, let me know at garabbott(at)gmail(dot)com.

I'm a huge Pathfinder fan, but haven't looked into really any other systems, though I'm generally open to most things.

Thiiiiiiiis is probably super late (I only just joined today), but I guess it can't hurt to ask anyway if this option is still available. Any luck finding a group? I was thinking of doing some DM'ing for Pathfinder with friends, but I'm not all that experienced, so really I could go either way as a DM or a player.

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