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Downer—Volume 1: Wandering Monster

***** (based on 3 ratings)
Downer—Volume 1: Wandering Monster
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The dark elf Downer Tarantula thought his dungeon guard duty would be a good way to earn some easy gold pieces, but his last day on the job finds him engaged in a mysterious and deadly quest for a powerful artifact called the Ulolok, an entity capable of reshaping the multiverse. Join Downer and his motley crew of subterranean adventurers on their epic quest to deliver the Ulolok to the drow city of Oubliette! Collected from the popular Dungeon cartoon designed and written by Kyle Stanley Hunter.

Downer: Wandering Monster contains 64 pages of comic strips collected from the pages of Dungeon magazine. The compilation allows readers to experience Downer's rich, complex story from the very first installment!

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 3 ratings)

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The next best D&D comic to OotS


How can you turn down a comic strip that uses lines like "never bring a guitar to a dungeon crawl" or "don't be a flayer-hater"?

Dead men tell no tales.


The first installment of my favorite comic of all time, by my favorite artist of all time. Published by the only company I trust. Bliss.

Tight artwork, tight story, solid graphic design, cool.

A worthy successor to Wormy!


Finally, a D&D comic series that is as engaging as Wormy, as humourous as Zogonia and as fresh as a newly-planted corpse! I got interested in Downer during the latter half of its story arc and was as amazed by its intricate subterranean world as I was perplexed by its convoluted storyline. Now I can finally understand the whole picture and catch the story.

Kyle has added helpful commentary to explain the sometimes abrupt transitions between segments, and there is lot of additional content that rounds out the book. The book itself is only volume one and runs up until Downer is about to enter the Overbright (above-ground), but a subsequent volume should complete the story. The quality of the book is very high, and the map of Oubliette (one of the most memorable Underdark cities I've ever seen) could make for a great roleplaying location. The appendix of Kyle's monster cartoons could be photocopied and used during gaming sessions.

All in all an excellent collection and a good value. Here's hoping to see more Downer some time in the future! Gift Certificates
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