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Full Name

Eric Hindley


Filthy Hunam


Accountant 4/Manager 1/Theatre technician 3




6' 4"



Special Abilities

Miniatures, salvaging adventures and watching professional wrasslin'




Calgary, AB, Canada


English, Bad English, Conversational French


Making your life better through the magic of theatre

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Strength 15
Dexterity 8
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About Boxhead

Eric is a proud weaver of many paths and an expert in every field (or at least a jack of all trades). He began his RPG career in the early 90s, badgering his friends to let him have the 17 Cha he needed to play 2nd edition paladins at every chance. He migrated to 3rd ed in 2000 because the book was shiny and new out front of a Coles bookstore, on some kind of cardboard display. Pathfinder caught his interest almost immediately after being announced, and he has been a believer ever since. He began GMing primarily to force other people to play with him in university in Toronto. After honing his skills picking off characters in the far-flung town of Banff, AB, he is currently running and playing in Calgary.
Most of the rest of the time he paints toy soldiers for Warhammer (both fantasy and 40k), Warmachine, and other games; works with theatre equipment or torments an assortment of cats (and occasionally his wife Kalyna).

You can find Eric's work in


For Paizo:
Pathfinder #97- Avians
Occult Adventures,Burst of Adrenaline was my fault ;)
Bestiary 5
Horror Adventures
Villain Codex
AP # 109 - Swarms

Wayfinder magazine issues 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. and now as Associate Editor.

Check out his work with Psionics in Fat Goblin Games:
Classic Monsters Augmented and The rest of the Mindblast! Line
And other Fat Goblin a Games credits:
Movie Monster Matinee
Carnival of Sinners

Dreamscarred Press
The adventure The Opened Mind and some work in Mythic Psionics.
Plus all of these and more collected in Ultimate Psionics :
Moldev the Secret Strike , Dissonance, Wind of the Mind, the Crown of Chaos and the Groundscorn Boots.
All are now part of Psionics Augmented Volume 1 along with plenty of other goodies.

Raging Swan Press
Dungeon Dressing: Goblin's Pockets
Dungeon Dressing: Chests
Wilderness Dressing: Plains
Village Backdrop: Golden Valley, also part of GM's Miscellany: Village Backdrops
Wilderness Dressing: Castles

Kobold Press/Open Design
In 2012 Eric seized the Tin Crown, now also published in Kobold Quarterly 23. Also, here's an adorable Monster Monday: The Margreve Backpack Gecko .
He was a runner-up in 2013's Monarch of the Monsters

LPJ Design
Obsidian Apocalypse
Adventure Path Iconics: Path of Undeath

Gygax Magazine
Super Science in Fantasy Games in Gygax Magazine #2.

He is thrilled to have participated in the RPG Superstar contest. His entries can be found here:
Chittik, Fey Would-be God
Knife Fighter
Shadow Falconer's Glove Now part of Ultimate Equipment.
Sensory Stalker
Hourglass of the Insightful Conjurer