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Harakani's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 435 posts (6,924 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 66 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Beautifully written - I was hesitant to do a Mystic Theurge, and now I'm interested in trying it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have an idea for a Nethys-worshipper hoping to uncover how the "Pharaoh" Nethys ascended, and then trying to repeat the trick.
Once again, this is a character that might involve a discussion on the nature of Evil.
Nethys is a N god, embodying creation and destruction. His one overriding command is the acquisition of magical power - which his religion uses to discriminate between people. The one thing he seems to forbid is assisting Rovagug.
I see some interesting parallels to geek:programmer culture, especially from the 90's.
I can even see trying for a (questionable) greater good.
But is this evil? Seems like Nethys helping of chaos and law, good and evil... concentrating only the pursuit of magical knowledge could be CE, yet the games states it as N.
This gets very tied up in what people think Evil (note capital) actually is.
Fabian: What do you think?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'd love it (as a GM and a player) if there was a way to see when a player's posting times were (I'm in Australia, and have joined active games where there are ten or so posts, then I post first thing in the morning and there are no more posts till I go to bed, then BAM 10 more. I've actually taken to bringing this up with GMs looking for a high post rate when I'm applying.

I'd also love to know what people's posting frequency or sticktoitiveness is. Maybe just a review system? "Ravingdork is rated 4.9! I should definitely get him!"

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

If someone dies while under the effect if Infernal Healing, they go to Hell with a head start on becoming a Devil.

They can still be raised, all that stuff. But no matter how Good you are, this spell risks a Soul.
One thing I would suggest is that creatures with a subtype or aura don't get the side effect. So an [Evil] Cleric can't just spend all day every day casting Summon Monster and expecting the armies of hell to win... but if they can trick a neutral guy into doing it...

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Two words: Soulbound Mannequin

True beauty is this only uses part of the soul, so you're less likely to have an army of psychopomps and inevitables coming down on you.

Admittedly at 8500gp (cost) each it's expensive.
Even the (lesser) Dolls cost 2300gp.

On the other hand this would be a scary army to fight, you might actually stand a chance if the various afterlives decide to launch an attack.

And, given time, they could eventually pay it off. Heck, with 10HD and a craft skill they'd be better than they were. They don't need to sleep or eat, so if they earned 20gp a week they could pay it off in about 8 years if there was no interest. with 5% about 12 years. With 10% 21 years; so a bit like a home loan.

Hmmm - arguably you could say the Soul Focus (500gp) is the necessary bit. That could allow you to 'store' souls until you can upgrade them.

Edit: Damn. Now I have a character concept.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I think the big problem might be finding the big bad.
Not sure there is an historical analogue.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Congratulations to those who got in, and have fun :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Roga Dismar-Foundlast
NPC 1: Johann Aldori. My father never said what he did to get an Aldori Swordlord to back our request, but I think that wide-eyed weasel killed him because of it - and now he seems worried I know something.
NPC 2: Takek Dismar-Foundlast. My son looks older than I do - the blood that came down from our divine ancestor seems to have finally faded, and though I love him Inerrys is a “modern” Mendev now, not a “traditional” Sarkorian like me.
NPC 3: Danr Dismar-Foundlast. My cousin Danr is a better warrior than I - perhaps even a better leader - so he leads the last of the Dismar warband, and if he obeys my commands I am careful not to test his faith by asking him to do anything he does not want to.
Moment of personal development 1: When I was a lad of 20 my father took me into the forests as his father took him - though the dangers of the forest were much different in the demon-torn worldwound - and there in a somehow untouched grove of my people I connected with the Pantheon, was sent Whitetooth to be my first herald, and became a God Caller in truth.
Moment of personal development 2: There was little of our town on the Mendev border left - many people left for treacherous Ustalav or diseased Iobaria when the Wound opened, a century of warfare against the Abyss had cost life after life, and many had fled to safer Mendev towns - but through all this my father held the Faith of the Land until the birth of my all-too-human son Takek convinced him our line was ending.
Moment of personal development 3: My entire life I did what my father commanded, sheltered under his enormous celestial wings, believed he was the unassailable wall of my childhood - a childhood that only really ended when Danr returned with my father’s ring and named me clanliege.
Motivation Word: Duty. My life now is Duty - had I only attended to it as I should have perhaps… now all I can do is keep the last of my people alive as a Seed from which New Sarkoris might one day grow.
Class: Summoner
Race: Aasimar
Age: 87 (22)
Description: Roga stands six foot tall, inhumanly beautiful with his literally bronzed skin and glowing eyes revealing his inheritance. He wears the leathers and carries the spear of a Hunter of Sarkoris and the totem bags and fetishes of a cleric. His skin is unblemished - all scars and marks healing - a problem in a culture that regards scars as a badge of honour.
Status and where he is from: Roga is the head of the Family Dismar, and Clanliege of the Foundlast Clan - a title that once would have meant he commanded a thousand barbarians but now means he commands a few refugees.

Hey Terquem,
let me start by saying that I reckon I'm an amateur at running PbPs, so take everything with a big grain of salt. Sorry, sounds ominous I know.

I signed Valind up because I thought your original premise was exciting and brave; a chaotic, multi-dynamic-teams sandbox. Even if it failed I thought it would be amazing to just be in it and learn. I thought it was a great sandbox, but I can see that it lost players, even if I can't see why. Eventually it fell below critical threshold, and you changed the direction of the campaign and re-recruited.

Maybe I should have dropped Valind out then. He wasn't actually built to be an adventuring cleric, and I think it shows. He doesn't really fit with combats, and only really with bureaucratic social scenes. I think he would have been great as a semi-NPC in the sandbox that occasionally went on little quests. He doesn't really heal, doesn't really fight and doesn't cope well with full size or larger parties. Still, I admired your craft and I liked the setting you'd created and decided I'd like to stick around - and I don't regret that.

I think the introduction of the new characters gave a bunch of new interactions. I especially congratulate Thikka on being so ******* annoying ;P. Minerva & Valind seemed to be starting to get some interactions (no, not like that Thikka).

I sort of 'lost the game' when all the big reveals happened all at once. The setting changed unexpectedly (for me), the original premise had already changed, We were away from the fort, I couldn't keep track of what was happening (as shown by one of my posts) and I just... lost the game. Don't know how else to describe it.

I've been thinking about saying something for weeks. Yesterday I decided if you thought the game could be saved the best thing I could do was to try to push it forward till you could catch it, so I posted.

I liked the world. You responded well to player buy-in (when it happened). The world was detailed in breadth and depth. There was great verisimilitude. The NPCs were all real people, roleplayed differently and with three dimensions.

I think maybe you need to encourage player buy in (somehow, don't ask me, I can't do it) and possibly explain your new vision for the game (it sounds a bit like Iron Gods?)

As I say, at this stage I've lost the game and I'm looking to withdraw Valind.


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Alright. I've got two options I'd like to play. One is a non-controversial shipwreck survivor, and the other is an existing NPC. The existing NPC is the hard one.

@DM Nerk: This small novel is directed at you, I'm looking for one of; Yes, No, or Hell No!

I read through the gameplay posts. I knew that some of the "background" npcs became major characters so I kept an eye out looking for an NPC I liked that I thought could become a full PC. I was looking for someone who had an interesting story, was tied to PCs, but who was not obviously already plotful. I was tempted by Zik, but the one that stood out was Vasily.

Wow. If this was a book he'd sound like the hero.

Irrisien born.

Great-great-grandson of Baba Yaga:
Radimer Elvanna, great-grandson of the queen

Brought up in a witch's study:
She fell even deeper into her studies with Vasily at her right hand, determined to use her newly gifted skills to test all the theories she'd been working on for years. Her sections of the estate soon became eerie, spell-shocked places, riddled with mystical and alchemical equipment.

Went on a spirit quest at 2:
Zoriya came out of the wood a witch with a snowy white owl circling above her head. She was much calmer upon her return; Vasily, on the other hand, didn't make a sound for a week

Father issues and Tomag as a sort of father figure.
Hasn't said much, but still has ties.
Going to be dealing (I suspect) with the loss of a parent and protecting a younger sibling.

If he wasn't #$%^&@ 7.

There are stories with protagonists who are 8 years old (and the classic here is the Ender series). Medieval Knights did start training at 7.
The only way I can see it working is with an adult-like familiar and by really using the Crepy Child and Child Soldiers tropes.

Could be 8 (could have had his birthday since his introduction). Irrisien kids mature fast (they have to). Could quite possibly be absolutely brilliant (high int). Make sense an Irrisen kid might be an old soul. There are rules for young characters (even if it does make them wildly unoptimal). I figure I'd get a familiar (Raven works beautifully, especially given Sorala's vision quest) which can advise him, sort of reversing the normal relationship where familiars are a bit childlike.

Mechanically I think he'd be an Aristocrat/Unlettered Arcanist... but possibly just an Aristocrat/Adept 2. Honestly, mechanics aren't likely to be the issue here. There are huge issues with playing such a young character - let alone an NPC - and I would totally understand a "Hell No!" response, in fact I am sort of expecting it.

Still, it is a fascinating and already existing character that keeps elements already bought into play in play. Once the kingdom building starts I'm guessing that there are going to be longer gaps between 'stops', and that's the payoff for me: having a young adult who grew up in Newspring, his growth paralleling that of the town.

Indeed - I've now gotten to page 40 and the lecture on dwarven philosophy while taking a Hobgoblin apprentice back to Newspring. Really need to read everything first I guess.

Okay, I'm up to page 30 and an idea is starting to emerge (though I realise with 20 pages to go everything is subject to change).

I'd like to post what I've got and see if anyone who is playing has any advice.

A lot of this campaign seems to be (as was said) about interactions between PCs (and NPCs and semi-NPCs) about how their new home should be.

This makes me think that some sort of conflict to talk about might be good - but not so much that it results in hostility.

All the dwarves seem to pride themselves on their craftsmanship, but this craftsmanship seems to be based on ancient - and proprietary - techniques. Some of the things said by Vallen when looking at the carvings seem to indicate that the dwarves feel the quest for sky lost them some skills or techniques.

This has got me thinking about a follower of Brigh, constantly inventing and dedicated to "Share what you know". Importantly it would not be a dwarf. The idea was to have someone who superficially appears much like Vallen, but whom Vallen might see as a (religious?) trial. My model is arguments like broad gauge/narrow gauge and metric/imperial.

Not thinking a cleric. While these arguments might border on theological war, I don't want to actually start some sort of religious-based civil war non-craftspeople don't understand.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

It's an amazing campaign. I'm reading through, up to page 16 so far.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I feel like a terrible person, but I really don't like Krynn. Tied up with stuff that happened when I was still learning to play. I think I'm going to bow out and wish you the best.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

@Kelsey: bit worried this seems to have become you and I talking. Was hoping someone would weigh in over the weekend.
Seems like a great campaign - I hope it gets up.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Trying to get a feel for the technology level, and it seems sort of similar to that in the Bioshock Infinite game? 1900-1920s-ish with occasional magic/advanced-science breakthroughs impossible in the modern world?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Damn. Lost my rather long post.

Editing it in piecemeal. Sorry for the disjoint nature.

I like that armour idea; sounds really good.

I have a few questions please.

Can a Mechanist Combat Engineer buy Craft Wondrous and Craft Construct using mechanist level as caster level?

Teleport spells are banned. Are Summon and Extradimensional spells okay?

Are you okay with reflavouring spells to a more steampunk feel?

Would it be possible to be a member of the nobility - I really like the conflict you've written in between the nobility and the crown.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Very interesting!
A few quick questions: What do item crafting feats do? Halve the number of enhancement points to build something?
I see Machinesmiths can build servitors from level 1. Curious as to how common they are, and whether servitors you can wear exist.
When you say weekend I am VERY interested, but what sort of time zone are you thinking? I'm in Australia, so my weekend tends to be (in practice) very different from the US.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
DM Corerue wrote:
True! And something I considered. When I get into a position I will attempt a test run with one of the aforementioned groups to keep it simple. However I am unsure what is exactly popular or not with the PBP community at large.

The Kingmaker AP seems to get a lot of applicants. It is a lot of work to run a game in this style though.

I know someone did a survey a while back about which AP people wanted, and a few came up very popular indeed.

Human seems to be the most popular race. Might be best to (as you said) start with the human game. On the other hand the other games (centaur, goblinoid, changers) are intriguing because of their difference.

If you run a game where people can be evil (like goblinoids) then expect undead hordes :) I get them every time I run a kingmaker game :)

I wouldn't call a game a 'test' game either; people seem to want a chance to get to high level play.
If you really want to run a test game, I suggest saying something like "short game that might lead into a much longer campaign" or something.

Iobaria, once being a part of an ancient Cyclopian empire, has ruins and architecture that is large and more geared towards larger creatures. Which means its not entirely impossible for Centaurs to explore dungeon

That's a very interesting point! Great for Cavaliers as well.

If you want to play up the barbarian nature, there's now Skalds and Bloodragers and Shamans as well as Barbarians.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

That's awesome!
I had thought Iobarian problem was plagues. Forgive me for not knowing off hand, but have the centaurs been immune?
Is the plan to run three kingmaker groups "against" each other? If so I think keeping the games synched will be your biggest problem. Possibly just state a kingdom turn per month or something?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I love that movie. I'd be interested in it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Peter Avoir wrote:
Spooky GM wrote:
... because I'm not missing Gotham and Sleepy Hollow.

Wise choice..

All done here. Peter came together well. I like the scarred on the inside friendly on the outside vibe.

I hope you do not mind my making him a member of the city watch/militia. I expect everyone in this town contributes somehow. It is a rather focused place.

I hope not too... because I did the same thing!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Thanks Spooky.
I've thought about this a lot and I have decided you're right. It seems like a good character concept for a live-action tabletop or a late game WotR.

That said, I would love to get in on this game. I hope you're okay if I submit another character.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Wow... I'll never get to play this unless its published in an official pathfinder book, and this makes me sad because this class is so damn good.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

RE Religion
I've got Lost Kingdoms, which goes into a bit of detail. Mainly it brings up that the Sarkorians were really pantheistic. They worshipped not just gods and demigods but even local spirits and flat out made-up things. Explicitly way more than hundred gods in their pantheon.
They had huge levels of detail on who they thought was sired by who. Often wrong.
Summoners (God Callers) seem to have thought they were able to enflesh one of the gods.
Deskari got as much influence as it did in the first invasion by just looking like another Sarkorian god (albeit a popular one) until too late.

RE Sarkoris
I'm not expecting we'll be going into Sarkoris any time soon, but a lot of the people in the crusade are Kellids of Sarkorian extraction (as per player's guide).
The player's guide seems to suggest that there'll be opportunities to help redeem people or things... I'm imagining at least some of these would be Kellids or some sort of 'corrupted' monster (that could have been a lesser demigod).
This is a PC whose goal is to redeem Sarkoris. That gives him a reason to care about redeeming the things that were of Sarkoris.

Incidentally Champions of Corruption recently came out and had an explicitly evil Sarkorian Godcaller archetpye that is linked to Evil Outsiders. My reading is this is what happens to corrupted god callers. It is very clearly NOT what I'm looking at.

This is a strange concept. If you'd prefer not to have it I would understand.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hey Spooky,
I've got a concept I'd like to play. Sarkorian Godcaller who wants to redeem the Worldwound and his people's gods.
Mechanically it's a Summoner
Thematically it's a godcaller nursing the last remnant of his tribe's gods.
As he gains in power so too does his tribe's god.
This does play with the idea that all the Sarkorian gods were corrupted (this would be the last uncorrupted one) and that extant other gods could be uncorrupted.
Not really a divine caster, so is this okay?

Also, I'm tempted to represent the link between him and his gods by making him a Tiefling, but if I did this I'd like him to morph Assimir over time. I am concerned this is going too far, though. Perhaps simply going human is a better way to play this?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Are there restrictions on the WBL spend? Often GMs rule you can't spend more than 25% on a particular item.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Maybe look at things like the armoured kilt that give an AC bonus but upgrade the 'level' of the armour by 1.
Are there special materials like mithril and adamantine?
If this is in the transition phase (even early) perhaps there is non-bronze armour and weaponry, but iron is a special (and rare) material. If you don't have adamantine you could even just sub in adamantine stats for iron.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Horrid thought: Summon spells don't require the bestiary, do they? I figure that's an effect in the same way the "cold damage" of a Snowball spell wouldn't require the CRB.

It's an interesting rule. I think I like it. Certainly I've seen optimised characters cherry-picking rules from a hundred books pretty often. This lets you build a character around a particular book without allowing that.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Goldmyr wrote:
After some consideration, I've decided to expand the starting allotment to four books. When I made this rule for my home games the average was one book for race, one book for class, and the third book to shore up advancement and theme with a prestige class or particular feats or spells. However, traits are getting in the way of the original goal because they are rather consolidated into only a few areas. So you get four books.

Yay! Thanks. Cleric is back on the table, then :)

what exactly:

CRB: Cleric, School Specialization (Conjuration), Augment Summoning
ACG: Evolved Summoned Monster
APG: Traits & Evolutions for Evovled Summone Monster
ISGods: The Outer God, Dark Tapestry Domain, Trait, Magic Items and perhaps eventually Feat

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I wanted to get Evolved Summoned Monster, but pretty much all the evolutions are in the APG.
I think this will need to be a Summoner.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hmmm - I'm looking at Core, ACG and Inner Sea Gods. I'm pretty sure that means I only have access to Religion Traits, and hence can take only one.
Does the extra trait just vanish?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay, so I'm thinking a Cleric of the Dark Tapestry with an emphasis on summoning.
Someone who has always heard the whispering, and when the war came he gave into those whispers. One day there will be a price. Every day his sanity suffers... but terrible as the Outer Gods are they do not take his freedom. If he is careful, surely he can harness their power against the Diabolists of Cheliax.

This would be a CN character of a CN god, but still falling into the "lesser evil" camp I think. Anything to save Andoran. ANYTHING.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 4, 2) = 14 12
4d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 3, 1) = 9 8
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 4, 3) = 16 13
4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 2, 3) = 14 12
4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 6, 4) = 19 15
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 3, 2) = 13 11
Hey - me too

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Is the lack of plane shift indicative? Are spells like Gate, Summon, Create Demiplane etc also banned?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

That's true; but the thing I like about the concept is the idea that there are things that cannot enter the light. That inside every shadow, behind every mirror, there is another world where the monsters live. The Shadow Lord has the abilities to make that actually true at times.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Alright, I love the sound of the game and I'm interested in a character... but I suspect the template would need to be 'tuned' a little.
@rednal: could you take a look and see if this might be a goer?

"Like all kids, I was afraid of the dark. I used to think there were things in it. Now I know there are things in it. Things waiting at the boundaries where the light becomes the dark, looking out at us. Or, rather, you."

HIGHLY summarised backstory:

Obviously I'll write it in full if this concept is a possibility. Just didn't want TOO much of a wall of text.
Wizard survived fight with a shadow creature (narrowly), retired and married a farmer. Her youngest (son) was a bit otherworldly. Her eldest (daughter) was not. Both were studying magic when she died.
Youngest son was always scared of the monsters in the dark, and demanded to sleep with the light on. Mother used to humor him, but Stepmother did not. Monsters came for him, started changing him.
Saved by the older sister, who was lost in the process.

Now the monsters work with him, but he's not fully changed. Desperately trying to be "good" and find clues as to where his sister is now.

Fetchling Young Shadow Lord/Arcanist(Occultist)
mechanics discussion:

I'd actually like to take a proto-shadow lord... something being turned into a shadow lord but not quite there
Why it needs to be tuned:
Shadow Lord is for Shadow Creatures. My belief is that a Fetchling is a Human with the Shadow template applied, but not sure.
Shadow Lord requires evil. Not sure why, but I'd like that to be the proto thing... Possibly change finishes the alignment might have changed.
Shadow Lord requires 5 HD. I think this is because some of the SLAs it has access to are terrifying at low levels. I'd like to suggest this be balanced by removing concious control of those powers until 'later' (higher level, when the change finishes, whatever you like).
breaking down the abilities;
See in Darkness Always on
Energy Resistance and Damage Reduction (Su) As needed for balance - can't give a level 1 character DR 10/Magic!
Incorporeal Step no concious control
Touch Attack: no concious control - an issue for touching people
Cloying Gloom Blast : no concious control. Manifests when scared
SLA At will—ray of sickeningSure - not likely to be used much and could cast the spell anyway
SLA shadow conjuration no concious control. Manifests when scared
SLA shadow step can turn it on, no control over where he ends up
SLA shadow walk can walk into shadow holding people's hands and use shadow walk, but probably SAFER to just walk the normal way (shadow conjuration opposes)
"A creature created with shadow conjuration or greater shadow conjuration that would normally have a celestial or fiendish template (such as a bear) instead gains the shadow creature template." Would like this to be true for ALL conjurations
Planar Thinning: Can use... but sometimes turns on when he doesn;t want it to, or if he's trying to use one of his other powers
Ability Scores: Dex +4, Cha +4.Yes
Skills: A shadow lord gains a +8 racial bonus on all Stealth checks.Yes


Path: pick up slayer/rogue. Look at moving towards evolved monsters (Spell focus, augment summoning, etc...)
Why not just go Summoner? There's a lot of very flavourful spells that only Wizard-type casters get... also, concept kept drifting to this and trying to keep some distance. Do love the Eidolon, so am tempted as the secondary class...

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

@DireMerc, there's a Hermean concept I've never been able to play: the near-genetic-perfect superman with a single 'flaw' (non perfect stat), desperately seeking to prove himself.
I'm not sure it's going to work in an all-Hermean game though.
What is the minimum attribute level, please?
Also: 16, so we haven't been tested for citizenship yet?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

My concept has bifurcated. I've been agonizing over choices, and it occurred to me it would be worth seeing if one branch or the other was preferable.
I've tried to summarize the core of the concept and mechanics, which means they're very brief.

Option 1: "Young Faust". This is Faust still young in his deal. He has just started to regret his deal for power, but not the power itself. Rather than outsiders, deal is with the Old Gods.
Mechanics: Occultist Arcanist. Feats SF(Conjuration), Augmented Summoning, then into Evolved summons.
Pro: Lots of summons, good choice of spells.
Con: LOTS of summons - it really is the best choice in pretty much every situation.

Option 2: "Old Faust". This is a Faust whose deal is really just a body swapping trick. Every 25 years or so he has traded bodies (and lives). He's been the villian in a thousand stories. He's had power. Was friends with Caromarc (through letters) for three bodies... always considered coming out to Caromarc and ending it all. Decided not to renew as his last body was failing, sent some evidence to Caromarc, but then panicked at the last minute. While weakened by the transference he's come to the funeral; in part to pay homage to his old - and only - friend, in part to check that the evidence (which is missing) does not show up. Or that it does, and he finally comes clean.
Mechanics: Spell Sage Wizard. In this case spell sage is representing some of his old power and previous lives. Probably look at Amateur Investigator, reflavoured for "previous experience" rather than "flashes of brilliance".
Pro: One amazing spell per day, awesome knowledge skills
Con: Novas in a single encounter, then just a knowledge guy (albeit an amazing knowledge guy)

I should probably also check; some of the roleplaying for this PC is going to be in internal voice (unless there's a group that would accept him... which I doubt!) - is this a problem?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Out of curiousity, when you say Gothic Horror, are you attempting to keep Lovecraft-style elements out?

Does having run this game previously preclude an application?

I've got a sort of Faust/Dorian Grey image in mind using the new Spell Sage archetype... or possibly Arcanist... decisions, decisions....

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Sounds like they already have a group.
8 is young to start roleplaying. I know people who have done it, but you may need to keep things a little simpler. If they are using adventures/modules I suggest you look at those first. The Core rulebooks themselves are usually pretty tame, but adventures (like books) range in appropriateness and there are some that have adult concepts in them.

If you are looking for a product aimed at a younger audience paizo recently released the Beginner Box

If it is not Pathfinder (or D&D) they are playing please shout out and we can try to tell you what the game is like. "Spirit of the Century" is pretty safe for kids that age. "Werewolf: the Apocalypse" probably isn't.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I've been playing since I was 12 (28 years ago) and have kids of my own.

There is a huge spectrum of Roleplaying Games. Wikipedia will help a bit to sort them out. Roughly they are; Live Action, Tabletop and Computer.

Computer RPGs are games like Skyrim.

Live Action RPGs involve some component of "acting" the character (a bit like theatre-sports). These range from simply describing, through dressing up and eventually to "offer" larps where (safe) weapons are used to resolve combat.

Tabletops involve saying what a character would do, and sometimes moving representations or figures on a map or board. Dice and published rules are used to resolve the chance of an action's success.

I'm going to assume here that your son is getting into tabletops?

There are literally thousands of tabletop games. Pathfinder is one of them, published by Paizo (who run this site). Most tabletop games have a "core" rules and a series of additional books that expand on these rules. Pathfinder makes all its rules available online through something called the SRD.

Tabletop games require a group to play and in this way are a social activity. Often these are groups of friends, but there are several clubs. Most stores that sell games will be able to tell you where the clubs are in your area. Pathfinder is more organised than most, and there is a global pathfinder playing club called "Pathfinder Society".

There was a lot of bad press from certain conservative groups around roleplaying games a few decades ago, but this was unearned and has largely moved on to video games as they grow in popularity.

Was there something in specific you wanted to know? Are you looking to play yourself? How old is your son? Obviously good advice is different for a 9 year old and an 18 year old!

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Desidero: your style sounds similar to how I used to play shadowrun.

It does tend to be that permanent defensive magics are high level and/or very expensive.

There was a book called the Stronghold builder's guidebook that used to exist that has some simple non-magical ideas.
First; work out what you want to defend. Even with a castle there are probably areas they don't care about.
Many spells don't work through thin layers of lead.
Earth glide doesn't work through metal - any metal.
Inch thick walls of iron (relatively cheap spell) sandwiched between rock or wooden walls are a good way to do "standard construction". If an airtight seal (say clay) is used then you probably don't even need to worry about rust.
Traps can get around a lot of spells; triggers go up to true seeing, include sound and pressure.
The alarm spell is your friend. Even permanent it is only 2500gp+casting cost, prevents penetration by Tiny+ creatures, and has a password... it even has the option for a silent alarm. Most people in medieval times will live work and sleep within a mile of the same spot.
Flying creatures mean you have to treat the entire outer surface volume as perimeter. This is annoying, but gives an in-genre reason for important areas to be below the ground level. It also gives a good reason to "re-use" previously created subterranean stores.

More expensively...
Mage's private sanctum is awesome for stopping bugging.
Teleport Trap stops high level casters ignorning the entire thing.
At the top of the range is Create Demiplane so that should probably top out how much people are prepared to spend. For about 70K you can have a 4000 cubic foot area that is an extradimensional dead magic zone with a permanent portal to the real world. for twice that you can have 16000 cubic feet. Then all you have to worry about is permanent portal plane shifting, which I believe teleport trap will take care of.

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Presumably one could have a trap made that triggers on detect magic.

Tyrus' player here.

Seems like we're going to be without magical healing. I don't mind, but it does mean the World Weariness system might not show up that much.

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I agree that personality wise low int can be offset by high wis or cha.

High Cha: Better an okay plan now than a good plan too late. The simpler the plan, the less to go wrong.

In many ways Jack O'Neill fits this. Always asking Carter, Daniel or Teal'c what something is... but good at (simple) combat plans. Seems like you could do that, right down to buying excellent ranks in some weird knowledge skill (like O'Neill's astronomy - the only area where he is actually a knowledge expert).

There are human feats that give more skill points or bonuses to untrained skills.

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Oooh, Ashiel, that is clever. You'd need people who would spread out and not die though.

I'd been looking into Animate or Possess Object.
3d10+20 HP and, importantly, completely immune to positive energy.
You'd need some way of extending it, and passing it onto something that could then possess bodies for Possess Object.
This would actually make it possible to animate partial corpses, which is nice.
Probably give it an additional attack and grab.
Would also mean you'd have to completely destroy the body.

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I'm in! Well, interested, technically...

If you're in this for the long haul I have a Blood/death themed wizard character I've been interested in.

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First one to cause the zombie apocalypse wins?

Also, there's a question about whether it might be possible to get a mythic ascendant spell. Potentially that might just increase the area. That'd be ST discretion though.

I vaguely recall there was a power somewhere that meant if a target was under the effect of a spell of yours you could infect someone else.

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Let's see how a PC would do this.

The obvious answer is Cursed Earth.
At best cursed earth covers an area of 3.14 square miles.
Actually... forgive me here, but I'm going to use metric.
8.13 km2
The earth has a land surface area of 148940000 km2
Therefore if golarion and earth are similar, and circles could be optimally overlapped we'd be looking at 18319803 or more castings.

Now at 7 spells per day this would take about 7165 years
and cost (at 10000gp of onyx per casting) about 18 billion gps worth of powdered onyx.

But, let's say we build an item that can cast the spell an unlimited number of times per day.
roughly 1800*17*9+10000*50=275400+500000=775400gp. Creations cost is 623930 if you take hedge magician. Now there was a time 600+K gp seemed like a lot, but that was before we had a material component cost so high we had to start calculating whether the elemental plane of earth actually contained enough onyx to do this.

so 624K gp and you have a lovely zombieapocalypse... thing. A hat? Seems like a hat.

Casting time is 10 minutes. If we assume travel time is negligible then without sleep this whole thing is now doable in just 348 years.

With four of these (and some ruthless accomplices) and about 2.5 million gp you could do the whole thing in less than a century. That's about the wealth by level of 4 19th level PCs, so once you murder, loot and raise the other three members of your adventuring party you're in!

For those aspiring armegeddonizers who seek to do this at a slightly lower level I direct you to the Soul Trade. Even a commoners soul is worth about 100gp of material component, which means 20000 commoners souls and you're in! Possibly at the cost of rendering you zombieapocalypse hat into a sentient and very, very evil item.

While a century to do the world does sound like a lot, remember that with 4 of these you can do about 1800 square miles a day. About a 24 mile radius in a day - though there will be some very short gaps in that.
Guesstimating that means you could do everything north of the inner sea in about a year. Another year for everything south.

And you needn't stop at just one world. These beauties can be lent to madmen on other worlds as well!

If you can get enough people on side you may even be able to form a cult (cough whispering way), allowing for more items, so faster dispersal. Further, such a cult would allow you to use the oncoming 'wave' to strike at the clerics most likely to cause a problem, desecrate the graveyards, and spread rumours of the effect being undispellable.

Sadly this effect can be dispelled, and doesn't get round the consecration effect upon many graveyards.

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