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Game Master Kirsdrake

Map of Khorvaire ** Party Pool * * Character status * * Combat map *

Campaign description forthcoming...

So, some basic rules as food for thought for you...

- PF1 rule set
- Lvl 2 characters, 20 point by, 2 traits, 2 extra skill points per level for background skills
- Eberron conversion rules from the familiar source
- Eberron races only, and I'd prefer the more "civilized" ones
- Unchained versions of any class that has one, other than that I kind of dislike psionics (or any 3rd party class that drags its own magic system behind it or something similar) but if you really want to make a Kalashtar or Psiforged, make your sales pitch
- Only max 1st level wealth for gear, all money save 5gp must be used up, and not on easily resellable items... you are supposed to be borderline poor, after all, while avoiding looking like it (since that would deter potential customers). Will write up some numbers how much just living in Sharn can be expected to cost later
- Dragonmarks are acceptable, since they are extremely Eberron, but only one for the group, please, and you need to explain why you are enough of a black sheep that you can't just ask daddy for a few hundred galifars to sort out the company's debts, but aren't so far gone as to fear excoriation

I liked playing Arodric, who was inspired by Valdar of the Magic Sword (Lawrence Watt-Evans' Misenchanted Sword). I'd like to do something in the same vein (but not the same PC).

So; a melee fighter, got a reputation in the war, but only fought because that's just what people did. Now wants to live peacefully(ish), get a job, etc - but his only marketable skills are (A) finding problems and (B) killing people.

When a friend seemed to have a job for someone who could lean on their reputation to avoid actual fighting, it seemed too good to be true. And it was.

Hi Kirsdrake, great to hear from you and see what you've got together here!

Hello all - Kirsdrake PM'd me that you might have room for another. What is the party weak on? Character dreaming now.

Hooray! Welcome! We have an Oracle, brawler and rogue. So anything would be welcome!

Is Sebastian no longer playing - my first idea was a Human Bard-Archivist but it felt like a shadow of a Swashbuckler/Investigator who casts from the bard list.

Yeah, Sebastian is out and focusing on running games rather than playing. Both ideas sound good, the thing the party if most lacking at the moment is some sort of arcane caster.

And don't worry that a bard would resemble Sebastian too much - he was a fallen noble of sorts, and that reluctant University student/graduate you spoke about sounds quite different, even though the characters might tap similar spell lists.

Yay...Ner! So happy to have you join us! Looking forward to playing with you again.

I'm not finished the character yet but will dot in under the name: Baran 'Elmswright and delete.

I'm going with straight-up bard. I have four extra languages but still need to do a lot of reading on Eberron. What languages would be useful? The character so far is a dilettante who started lots of different training and never seemed to be able to complete anything. For his favoured class (bard) bonus I would like to take the human varriant - knows one extra spell one level below the maximum he can learn, per level. This grants him two extra cantrips.

Angie H wrote:
Hooray! Welcome! We have an Oracle, brawler and rogue. So anything would be welcome!

Thanks Angie/Alua!

Phin the Raccoon wrote:
Yay...Ner! So happy to have you join us! Looking forward to playing with you again.

Excited to join Shari/Phin!

I'm reading up on past posts etc. Very much looking forward to joining!

Well this right here is, once again, a pretty good source for Eberron information. Do note there are no regional "human" languages on Khorvaire (the continent you are unlikely to ever leave). Dwarven, Gnome, Elven and Halfling are important, as they are the other common races, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any members of those races who won't speak common (some particularly barbaric Halflings from the Talenta Plains, perhaps, or a secluded Dark Elf tribe on Xen'Drik, or some more-civilized-than-thou post-mortal elves on Aerenal isles, or a Valenar elf too proud to sully his mouth with any lesser language, or...)

Giant or goblin can be a fun language from academic perspective, as since giants and the Dhakaani empire (goblins, hobgoblins and the works) were both major civilizations once upon a time. Sharn itself was built upon the ruins of an ancient Dhakaani city of Ja'Shaarat. And the nearby island/continent of Xen'Drik still holds plenty of unexplored ruins from the time giants ruled the world and used the very moons of Eberron as parts of their eldritch machines. Dragonic is important in the same sense, as it is the very language of magic.

Other than those notes a student of the Morgrave university might find useful, pick whatever you fancy, as there's no way for you to tell if they will ever be central to some adventure ;^)

He feels complete. Kirsdrake, please have a look.

Looking pretty good. I take it that you are an ex-student of the University? In that case, I'd like to hear what your character does to earn money (the inquisitive business isn't profitable enough to keep one fed) and where he lives (since an ex-student wouldn't have a place in the University dormitory, unless you want to reconsider that part).

Let's retink it and have him still under the tutelage of the Mortuary sciences professor, an underling of the Director of Biology Sendor Reddick.
He has probably also done a little tutoring for wealthy upper middle class families and a little performing with other university trained musicians.
I'm adjusting Baran's background now.
I was thinking that he knew Sebastian in a very casual way - hoping to overplay the connection into work - not knowing his old duelling club acquaintance has moved on. Maybe he can impress himself on those who still work there.

Suits me just fine - if your family paid for your tuition to get you out of their way (particularly if there was some suspicion on who was the actual mother), they might still hold on to the hope you might switch to a more prestigious major. And you being there keeps you out of their minds ;^) So I'm OK with you remaining a student, even if you keep skipping lectures. That'll earn you a small and simple room and simple meals at the dormitory, since I understood you haven't actually graduated, and certainly haven't earned a tenure at the University.

I'm going to read some of the novels - going to start with 'City of Towers' unless anyone has a more relevant suggestion.

The Dreaming Dark trilogy (City of Towers, The Shattered Land and The Gates of Night) is actually quite good (and as canon as it gets, considering it was written by the creator of the campaign setting himself). That one I'd recommend. Any other Eberron novels, though... haven't read them all, not quite, but those that I did I found to be on the level of the average Forgotten Realms novel - decent for background information, but rather lacking as books.

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