6th-level PF characters needed: Villagers defend their homeland


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Scarab Sages

This looks interesting.. you appear to have plenty of applicants but im totally going to follow along for the story :)


1. Anything like that sounds good.
2. Ah ok that makes total sense. I didn't look at the build carefully enough yet.

@TheNine: Cool! Thanks for the interest.

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Okay! I've changed that particular paragraph, and I like that this is a little more integrated into the story as well.

Once she was of age, Arla decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps by working in the logistical lower rungs of Helm’s government. Finding the life of a clerk confining, though, Arla sought work that would take her on the road. An old aunt who used to be a guard taught her to use a blade, to defend against those who would take advantage of a lone traveler. She took whatever courier and messenger tasks for which the Bishropric needed a runner, traveling the roads from Helm as far as Iustia. Early in her career, when passing close to the border of the Elven Lands, Arla was ambushed by a group of elves demanding her coin and her parcels. They were dressed too finely to be mere bandits, and she suspected elven agents trying to intercept the intelligence she carried. She considered running, or perhaps trying to negotiate, but the taunting elves hurling insults of “half-breed” and worse drove her to violence instead, the politics of the thing be damned. It was difficult to fight several foes at once, and Arla’s anger rose as she tried to defend herself in a losing battle. Something in her boiled with wrath and pride as she was driven back, exploding forth from her hand in a blast of lightning that surprised both her and her attackers. She pressed this advantage, blade in hand, and soon the elves retreated to nurse their cuts and burns.

Liberty's Edge

Brookside, Jarithe now updated with trade goods and horses and a cart, as well as level and stats

Arla: Sounds good!

Jarithe: Ah, thanks! I was wondering about the 4 levels of bard and nothing else I was seeing. XD

Liberty's Edge

I was thinking of picking up the PRC pathfinder chronicler but realized I wouldn't want that until after 6 anyway

Sorry was not very active the last 2 days with the holiday :)

@GM: I will change the backstory a bit. Yes, I like the idea of being sent away both for training and out of need to be kept safe from the hatred of others. I just gave the academy name as a reference for the feat. I figured we would change or make it work for a homebrew. So yes being taught by a retired blademaster works fine.

backstory updated.

Jarithe: Ah that makes sense.

Krixus: I like the updates to the backstory, thanks.

Going to be hard making selections but I'll let you guys know pretty soon after recruitment closes as I know none of us like waiting.

Two more days to go (more or less).

Hey everyone! This is Perrin, the other returning player in this game, and I just wanted to chime in to wish all of you good luck with the selection!

I mean, the selection process is pretty much zero-sum, so that's basically the same as wishing you all horrible luck. But it's the thought that counts.

Zero-sum? Hmm.... That makes sense. Thanks I guess?

Yes it's hard to wish everyone luck as necessarily there will be good submissions which can't be selected. :( Selection will occur in about three hours then I will PM those we chose!

Final list of submissions: Make sure you're listed here!
Keeyan Rayahn: Witch 6
Krixus: Magus 5/Bard 1
Jarithe the Hunter: Bard 6
Arla Fuller: Magus 6
Kazador the Clanless: Fighter 4/Brawler 1/Monk 1
Olar: Bloodrager 6
Cuthalian: Fighter 6
Reinidir: Ranger 3/Cavalier 3
Roet: Brawler 6

Brominate with a slightly different character concept:
Erendriel Morynore

Erendriel grew up in a mixed community, mainly elves and humans. Her mother was a spell caster who liked to test the limits of known magic, invent new spells, and often saw "shocking" results. The two of them trained together, Erendriel always surprised at how easy the arcane arts seemed to her. Indeed, she had quite the knack for electric magic. Erendriel's father had never been in the picture, and her mother made a strict rule against asking about him. She did, however, find a father-figure in their local blacksmith, Goodbrandt Pimren, a Kasatha that somehow ended up in their small settlement. He trained her in many different blades and weapons, her favorite being the old-fashioned Rapier. It symbolized what her life often lacked: balance, elegance, perfection. Perfection is what she desired in life. To be a master of her arts.

As an adult, still living at home, not much changed. She practiced arcane magics early every morning, went to Goodbrandt's where she worked as his apprentice in crafting weapons, then she and he would duel in the evenings (she now exclusively used a rapier, though allowed the Kasatha to use whatever he wanted).

One day, as she left home, heading for work, she heard some commotion coming from the direction of the blacksmith. A hooded figure stood before Goodbrandt (albeit a foot and a half shorter). He seemed to be looking for someone.

She didn't hear any of the conversation but could tell the cloaked stranger was agitated.
a burst of... something... suddenly erupted from under the hood, and Goodbrandt fell down, burnt to a crisp.

Erendriel's mother came running up from behind her, as she passed, she blasted Erendriel several meters back, she hit her head and all went black.

When she woke up, the stranger and her mother were both gone.

She arrived in Bishopric years later, on her quest to master her skills, find the stranger who killed her mentor, and hopefully, find her mother.

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Thanks for the interest and effort put into high quality submissions, all. I really appreciate it. I wish I could take more than two players but I'm afraid of making too big of a change to the current game. After much difficult consideration, I have selected Arla Fuller and Kazador the Clanless. Thank you very much to all who showed interest!

Thank you for having me. Looking forward to this :)

Thanks for the consideration, and have fun!

Note: I might have to be a fly-on-the-wall if I have time. Enjoyed reading the previous thread!

Yep if/when you need another shoot me a PM. Always around.

Congrats, Arla and Kazador! Enjoy the ride. :)

Thanks and have fun.

Yes I'll keep you guys on tap should we find room for another character!

Unfortunately, one of our players (shaman) has dropped out of the game seems to have left the boards entirely. We're hoping he's ok and sorely miss him.

In the mean time, the party finds itself without a full caster! Who will fill the role?

Level 7, 20 pt buy, standard wealth. More information in the first post of this thread. Will add a bit more information later.

Short version: Right now, the party's about to go fight pirates in order to thwart the geo-political machinations of the human empire on their way to finding the ancestral dwarven treasures in a clanhold taken over by orcs manipulated by the Elven Lands. Characters fight to maintain the sovereignty of the small, neutral nation caught in the middle of the two great powers and prevent all out war if they can. Humble origins are a major plus.

So I am entertaining an idea of a Season Witch and with how it is set up you choose one season and that is it, but I had an idea of it changing with the season. However if the seasons won't be changing either because it is just not being worried about or such then I could just choose one.

We haven't paid a lot of attention to what season it is though we've mentioned it a couple of times.

So likely best to pick on so you won't have to constantly keep track of it?

Sovereign Court

As this is a homebrew setting/campaign, would you speak more about the current situation with particular emphasis on how possible PC's might find the current group?

EDIT: What exactly is the party composition/how many players are already participating? I checked out the "players" tab and it looks like there are quite a few. That's fine with me, but the number of PC's is going to change my approach to the caster and likely influence the variety of caster I pursue.

Good questions, Gummy Bear. There's a campaign journal I'm about to update to help potential players have more ideas.

The number of players is smaller than it looks. The party is currently a dwarf iron caster, human medium, and elf unchained rogue. Our shaman has been MIA for several weeks and we'd love to have him back but can't count on it.

Possible PCs could find the group by being a captive of pirates, a member of the small navy of the country the group is helping, a sailor, and adventurer looking for a job, etc. Anyone who would want to o help fight pirates right now and seek a dwarven treasure later. There's also a secret option I don't want to tell my players that I'll PM you. Anyone interested in this option can PM me as long as they guarantee they won't tell my players. XD

Okay so I'm finishing up the character sheet and backstory, and I was wondering if because of taking the secret idea do you want me to PM the backstory to you?

Also what languages do you suggest?

Sounds good. PM would be great.

Elvish, Dwarvish, and Orcish are the most likely to come up. But others might as well, e.g. abyssal or celestial.

Here is the crunch for her, and I should have her story to you if not by the end of tonight than by Friday. I would say tomorrow but that is Thanksgiving and I am unsure if I'll be in a food comma or not.

Holidays have got me a little slowed but should be able to do more soon. Will review and provide the updated campaign journal.

Tlaten: I think you listed your hp wrong. ^_^ 81 is a bit high.

Are you still accepting submissions? I have a couple of characters that I think might work well.

Pawns can be promoted

I second the question - are you still accepting submissions? Is there a deadline?
Wouldn't want to start brewing up a character only to find out that I'm too late for consideration - right now, just a dot. Will need to read a bit into the setting before deciding on details.

Yes still accepting submissions. Let's set the deadline as 5 pm Dec 1.

Campaign info

I have a nature fang druid vmc cleric that I could build a backstory for, but I'd like to ask a couple of questions.

Are you ok with druid herbalism?

And since I don't really see a classic face character for my vac domain can I take the conversion inquisition?

This build yields a very flexible caster (you get spontaneous casting for both cure spells and nature's ally) but you cast less and skirmish more. It also replaces a lot of the fiddly bits that are usually atached to druids.

Hm. I had mentioned in PM that I was interested in playing a Druid, as the one pbp game I had one in recently folded.
But on the other hand, I would prefer not doubling up on the submission baggageboy is offering.
What made the class unique to me was the duality between a specialised caster/controller and a buffed melee support. However, this could be duplicated in other ways, so I'll ask: Would you be fine with a Sorcerer with the Sylvan Wildblood Archetype?
That way, I could go with the same basic concept, while sufficiently distinguishing myself from the other entries.
(Mostly posting so as to 'reserve' the concept for a submission - someone doubling up on that at least knows beforehand if he read the posts *smile*)

Baggageboy: I'm fine with the conversion inquisition. Let me reread about herbalism.

Mordred: Sounds good.

All: I may select two characters if there are two really strong submissions. Note that, while the party lacks a full caster, they are surprisingly set on healing so there's not a big need there.

Good to know. I know looking at the party composition that they had a surprising amount of spellcastig. I love the whole iron caster idea. I hadn't ever heard about it until I looked it up from here. Now I want to make one of my own lol.

Is there any particular aspect of the full caster that that party is needing? Battlefield control? Blasting? Summoning? General problem solving/utility?

I don't know why it says 81! XD
I even have 41 written down on the sheet I used to rebuild... Oh well! It's fixed now. Also as you said that you're good on healing I'm going to edit a few things before submitting a final crunch and when I'm done with that I will send you the background so that you know she's finished.
Also I see that is does look like tl, it is t i. Tiaten.

Battlefield control and utility are the main things. Condition removal and debuffing are good too.

Upon review, druid herbalism is fine with me.

Thanks for correcting, me Tiaten! Totally didn't look closely enough. Lol@hp. Sounds good!

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I realise I'm a late addition. I'm a sucker for a humble origins story, and I've been thinking about it for a while - reading bits and pieces to try to get a feel for the game.

At the moment I'm thinking of a Wizard - a sort of mirror to Perrin. An apprentice to a master who had largely retired from the world, and recently passed away. The apprentice will be educated but not worldly, having never see anything of the world beyond the small village the wizard sourced his supplies from.

The apprentice carries his master's book - his only legacy - and casts a lot from that, with the book acting as a metaphysical crutch and having little idea of his own power.

The take a look at this magus. I will have to change the gear around but it will work well.

It's a damage, debuffing and control build. I think it will work well.

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Dotting, not exactly sure what I'll make. I had a druid in the works before I looked back over the thread and saw a few other druid concepts. Maybe an oracle of some sort.

Per correspondence in messages, I'm locking in the Arcanist with an Animal Companion via Featline.
Mechanical build is mostly done, I expect to send links via PM tomorrow.

Thanks for the questions, Harakani. I just replied to your PM. Sorry about my thanksgiving business, all.

Looks interesting Hedran. Let me know if you have questions about the kind of backstory that would be appropriate for a half-orc in this setting. There was a relatively friendly orc druid the party encountered earlier and being his son could be quite interesting.

Sounds interesting, Simeon.

Yep looks good, Mordred.

Grand Lodge

For homebrew settings, I find backstories written with the player and GM work best so I will ask a few things to help.

A little guidance for Hedran would be great. Hexcrafter Magus, in my mind, is a warrior-scholar willing to use the enemies weapons against them. So, not only is he a half-orc but one with some formal training magical training.

Are there institutions where he could have studied (druid circle is perfect), or is an occult family tradition a better concept?

The father being a druid is a nice mixture of both.

The father being a druid would be AWESOME. I would love to flavour the magus as connected to nature. He can fight with scimitar, pathfinders most iconic druid weapon. This would allow me to play a character very different than any magus other games. The flight hex could be bestowed by a nature patron of air.

How does this relationship connect Hedran to the central conflict?

This will provide a motivation to move the pc into cooperation with the group.

Philosophy: Being druid-ish while living in a land that exists to create balance between two nations is great. But, being 'of nature' and living at the nexus of two powers and the wild lands is perfect. Hedran's modivaiton will be to see the success of the nations does not come at the expense of nature.

I'll add to Grandlounges inquiry:
How detailed a backstory do you want for a start?
As was pointed out, for one that makes sense in a homebrew, in-depth GM involvement is a necessity.

My take on the matter was that some rough points and ideas regarding the world-dependent aspects would be good for a start and help in the decision process, and the(/those) character(s) you pick can then work to flesh things out in greater detail, in collaboration with you.

But if you want a more detailed character history, I could imagine some people might have additional setting questions :)

More bluntly spoken: I don't want to be disregarded for not delivering a detailed enough backstory when my intent is to make things easier for you, so figured it might be smart to ask what level of detail you are actually looking for - rather than I assume I can guess...

Good questions:

I would like a backstory that gives me a rough idea of what a characters goals/ambitions/motivations are and why they are what they are. In addition, I'd like some idea of why a character became who they are mechanically.

I have also been working with people already to help them figure out how their character could be integrated into the homebrew setting and what is happening here. This isn't required nor does it guarantee selection but it certainly helps.

Answers specific to Grandlounge:

Interesting take on the hexcrafter. I think of magi already as warrior-scholars but the hexcrafter being a little bit more witch-like and less wizard-like. This can fit well with learning magic in a tribal setting, imo.

There aren't many institutions in this world that would accept a half-orc student so tribal tradition or a single, private mentor makes more sense.

Having Halak (the orc druid's name) as a father would connect Hedran very tightly to the central conflict. Halak's raiding party was manipulated by the Elven Council into attacking Brookside (home of the humble PCs). The PCs killed all of the other orcs in the defense of Brookside except for Halak who was captured and interrogated but treated well. Eventually, he developed a grudging mutual respect and almost friendship with the leader of the PCs (Vors Falchen) and came to learn that the Elves were behind the conflict.

Halak has been a free man for a while and has probably returned to Orcish lands. It's likely that he's been trying to tell the orcs that they are being manipulated by elves, creating tensions between orcs who believe him and those who don't. The PCs will be entering orcish lands soon to visit the abandoned home of a Dwarvish PC whose home was overrun by orcs (manipulated by Elves who wanted the Dwarvish clan's artifacts). Some orcs will oppose the PCs while those allied with Halak might aid the PCs.

This motivation of balance and preservation makes sense to me.

Note for everyone:
I will take 1 or 2 players depending on quality and compatibility. I will take 1 arcane caster at most and 1 divine caster at most. I also would prefer not to take more than one character with the secret option discussed earlier which I have been answering questions about via PM.

So far we have a lot of interest in the secret option and in arcane casting. So those who are still deciding might want to consider divine casting and non-secret options (e.g. a cleric who works for the Bishopric of Helm's divine part of the government, a druid who was captured by pirates, an oracle from the Kingdom of Iustia who's strongly opposed to the way his government has created this pirate crisis, etc.)

Also note that the Campaign journal is in this alias. This is a very abbreviated synopsis of the campaign as I don't expect anyone to go back and read it all, though some people do that and it's certainly helpful!

Grand Lodge

I will write up a couple paragraphs and fill the backstory out further I become more familiar with the world. I may leave some things vague like other characters or conflicts that have occurred so that you will have threads for other aspects of the story as they arise. I will also post an updated character sheet soon.

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