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Serpent's Skull

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Topic Posts Last Post
Vaults of Madness (GM Reference)

The Thousand Fangs Below (GM Reference)

Racing to Ruin (GM Reference)

Sanctum of the Serpent God (GM Reference)

Souls for Smuggler's Shiv (GM Reference)

The City of Seven Spears (GM Reference)

NobodysHome's Silly Serpent's Skull Moments [***Spoilers***]

Consolidated Stat Blocks Document?

My Serpent Skull Campaign (With some modifications) SPOILERS

Fish's Serpent's Skull's Campaign Journals(')

My Serpent's Skull Campaign

Serpent's Skull Help

Serpent Skull Obituaries

The Gorilla King and the War for Saventh-Yhi

[Spoilers] How did your party defeat that BBEG in the Government District?

Conversions / alterations and resources

Savage Sting

Converting Smuggler's Shiv to 5e?

Savith's Tomb and other Savith related stuff.

Expanding the Role of the Base Camp

Who are your castaways?

The Wrath of the Jungle Goats

DMing Serpent's Skull for 6 players.

Mordant Elf Appropriate?

About to start, need backstory help

Journey Through the Mwangi: Serpent's Skull Campain Journal [Spoilers]

Serpent's Skull 2.0

Travel Times in Saventh-Yhi

Revenge of M'Degogg

Evil Player Characters in Serpent's Skull

Wealth (by level)

Making Serpent's Skull Feel More Indiana Jones

Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Book 3 City of Seven Spears. Question to DM's as a PC (WPL?)

Campaign Arc Idea - Post-Serpent's Skull AP

Saventh Yhi Location Maps / Pictures

Froghemoth Spawn

Nearing Tazion - spoilers

Converting the Seprent's Skull AP to 3.0 / Greyhawk / NWN 1

Captured by cannibals!

SfSS: Mama Banyan

need ideas for Pulpy Adventures In Saventh Yhi

How large was Eando's group?

Snakes...why did it have to be snakes!

Heisting the Aspis in Eleder

Awakened Spirit Animal bonus duration

Could this (modified) AP work in this setting?

Question about ability in Journal (Spoilers)

Can serpents skull get interactive maps

A Red Mantis Assassin PC in Serpents' Skull

Roleplaying Paranoia

Smuggler's Shiv portfolio for HeroLab?

GM requests advice regarding a certain artifact (possible SPOILERS)

Tough enemy in Savanthi (or however it's spelt. (Spoilers)

TPK at the end of Smugglers Shiv (spoiler)

Do you track food?

Help modifying Serpent's Skull

A question about insanity

Let me make sure I understand this AP. (possible spoilers, I suppose)

Finished It! (Spoilers)

Monster Codex and the City of Seven Spears

Current Status for New Campaigns

Serpent's Skull (AP complete) quick impressions

Removing the Endo Kline subplot

Mythic Ydersius CR 29

Rescaling Serpent's Skull's "Souls for Smuggler's Shiv" for lvls 4-8

CoSS: XP for Conquering Districts?

Undead Alton Devers and Rambar Terillo

Starting Serpent's Skull - Need character advice

Friends and Enemies in Saventh-Yhi: The Other Castaways

Help Cutting 7 Spears

How hard is this AP, and how do I make it harder?

Let's flesh out Saventh-Yhi (Spoliers)

Witch personal quest

Serpent's Skull is Slow

Mythic Statblocks

How Long Did Your Party Stay on Smuggler's Shiv?

Map Question for Running SS (may contain minor spoilers)

Serpent's Skull in AD&D 2nd Edition

the beginning of the end...

Starting Equipment - No Real Spoilers Please

What does the name Jenivere mean?

Serpent's Skull Minis

Increasing cohesion & tightening plot (spoilers!)

Adding Kingdom Building to Serpent's Skull

Grugonoth Miniature

Turning the Serpent's Skull factions into 13th Age Icons

Help with the City of Seven Spears

Skinwalker in the SHIV.

Skull & Shackles Group Question (No Spoilers!)

Yog'oltha - how do I use him?

BQ's Saventh-Yhi experience

I have a problem

Smuggler's Shiv Map Scale Discrepancies

Maplewood's Racing to Ruin [All Spoilers]

My concerns after first read through

Which Faction are you?

Diplomacy with the cannibals?

Zura cultists finagling

My group entered the government district first, Worried about TPK

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