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I know a few of us on the forums started this AP not too long ago and was just wondering how things were going.

So far, as of I think week 4, they have explored most of the island safe for the south end and mountain. They have run in to a few canibal patrols and are currently going over what to do about the entire camp now that they've found. They haven't taken any npc's with them as yet and done it all on their own.

I've laminated the map from the map pack and put red dots down for each of the dots on the gm map and then covered the entire thing in cut up black post it notes. Under any square that covers a dot I rote the coresponding number to look up what happens. So far it's been a lot of fun and worked out better than I had hoped. The boats and a couple animal dens they failed to notice are driving them a bit crazy though since the dot is still there but there isn't any in character reason to go look again and a lot of the boats are out in the water a bit so they just can't get to them.

So how are things going for you other new SS path runners out there?

Darksyde wrote:
So how are things going for you other new SS path runners out there?

Hey Darksyde -

I know "not too long ago" is subjective, but I started running this AP a little over a year ago. Been running it on roll20 as a way to unite my scattered group (we grew up gaming and are now adults all across the country). We've run about 20 sessions and play every two weeks at best during a good stretch. We're 3 sessions in to module 3 CoSS. Things are going great. Part 3 really is as much work as people make it out to be, but my players seem to be having a great time and haven't lodged the kinds of complaints people seem to have had about modules 2 and 3. We're playing Sunday and really looking forward to it.

I know there were some folks posting in the past year who were about 1/2 to 2/3 of a module ahead of my group and I. Love to hear from them, too...

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My group is about four sessions in and they are still on Smuggler's Shiv.

They are still first level and tried to make an alliance with the cannibals, who led them into the heart of their camp and ambushed them. It would have been a TPK but the cannibals wanted meals. The party has now escaped with no gear into the jungle. They may die of dehydration before the savages track them down. Not to mention the NPCs are manning a camp on the other side of the island...

Joshua -

Sounds pretty exciting! My guys scored pretty high on the local roll in the beginning so once they found the first traps and a few of the abandon huts they called the cannibal rumor true and I think negotiation was off the table because ... cannibals.


Glad to hear you guys are still plugging away at it. I've been a few AP's now and never gotten out of the first book so as I am running this one I am determined we'll finish it.

My group is currently in the beginnings of book 4. It's been a long time, maybe even 2 years or so. But when we started, I was the only player who knew the rules. Things have changed since then, obviously.

To be completely honest, late AP stuff is pretty hard and I'm losing steam fast. My group, once extremely excited for each new week, is getting a little bit flustered. It's perhaps my fault, but it's hard to say? Hopefully I can get them back into the spirit of things. Who knows?

My group also just started book 4. It's been an awful lot of work to salvage part 3, but it paid off - we're having a blast. One player said that "it's better than Curse of the Crimson Throne so far".

I just started running this in Eberron. We have only played one session (plus one for character creation), so the group has done little more than explore the Jenivere wreck and start getting know each other and the NPCs.

I'm excited for the next few games as they start to explore the Shiv, but my groups meets pretty sporadically due to grown-up commitments, so it may be a couple of months before they really get into the weird stuff on the island.

Apparently a bunch of people are just starting Book 4, because my group just began it as well. We started a few months back (we game once a week if we can), but it's actually been pretty great so far. We had a few rough patches (Book 2 and 3 require a lot of work to be "fun," and while I kind of hated what Book 2 was I actually enjoyed the scant details and broad stroke approach that they had for Book 3. It allowed me to take what I considered the skeleton of an adventure and make something more tailored to my players) but otherwise I'd call it a success.

I DM for 3 players who are all martial classes, so when I say some parts of this AP are really hard take it with a large grain of salt coming from a party with minimal access to spells. However, I'll still posit that this is a pretty challenging AP, especially Book 1. The DCs are pretty nuts early on and the Caves of the Mother are a TPK waiting to happen. I'd love to hear how they progress through the AP, so please keep us posted.

Hey all you guys, going into book 4: Did you guys have what's her name come out and tell the PCs the plot they missed? I didn't have her come up at all, I didn't like the idea that it took the PCs so out of their role as story-tellers, to be honest.

But this leaves me a little lost as to how to get everything moving. I'm wondering what you guys are doing, and how people are responding.

Liberty's Edge

I'm not even close to that point yet in my game, but my plan is to set up books 3-6 as a giant sandbox the party can explore at their leisure. Things like the monkey king's arrival will still happen outside of their control, but I will let the party discover the vaults and the way down to Ilmuria without using the Eando hook. Most likely I will sprinkle hints and rumors throughout the ruins that hint to there being much more than just the above ground city.

As the next DM in rotation I'm currently prepping to run the Serpent's Skull AP. Everything will start once our gaming group finishes with Skulls & Shackles. So far I've gotten everyone excited about the campaign setting being in the Mwangi Expanse as it will be our first time exploring the jungles of Golarion.

I'm really excited for this adventure path because there's so much to explore. Rob Lazzaretti did a superb job fleshing out the landscape for this AP.

My game kind of went off the beaten path, so to speak. They have essentially skipped book 3 and will be starting book 4 soon. I have included both the Mythic and the Kingdom building rules in the game and they have been busy reclaiming Sargava for their kingdom.

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My group's still on the Shiv, and barely survived

the cannibal camp. They had the great idea of setting the witch's hut on fire and then climbing the balcony of the lighthouse - unfortunately, they didn't give Klorak enough time to actually leave, nor had they been picking off any cannies. The gung-ho player nearly went down twice, and then the cleric actually went down protecting him. They got away after downing Klorak and three cultists, fully killing him by tossing in an alchemist's fire on his body, but were chased off by a fire elemental and the skeletons. Oh, and about 10 cannibals. The blink dog player's DD ability is sprained for a while, from the effort of teleporting the cleric out of danger.

They led the skeletons to a crab they'd avoided and made it back to their camp, and regrouped very well by executing perfect ambushes upon the enraged patrols the next day, with every castaway and Pezock (oh yeah, they'd riled up the cannibals so much they chased him out of his crab, to boot). At this point they've drawn two sentries away by

having the panther-shaped eidolon take down the shiv dragon as if it were a natural predator, then when the sentries ran over HAIL OF SNEAKY ARROWS.

While the encounter itself was a cluster, they managed pretty well and had some good plans. My gung-ho player kept amusing me with how dismissive he was being about the cannibals.

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If you're going to be running Book 3 soon and want to foreshadow Book 4, you can definitely use people's advice about mentioning sinkholes and cenotes everywhere.

ADDITIONALLY, I am dropping the quote from Urschlar Vohkavi which appears in Book 4 (p.6) into location L5: Pharasma's Throne in Book 3 (p. 50-51).

VoM p.6 wrote:

I have seen the doom that comes to Saventh-Yhi, but the Council remains unconvinced. Fools, all of them, jealous of my work! Fortunately, the midnight spores I introduced into the reservoir are having the desired effect on the populace, and more and more people are attending my sermons and heeding my words, fearing the future that is to come. The seven vaults are almost ready—I have seeded them with even greater concentrations of the spores and moved the Argental Font into one of them for safekeeping, but I know the Council is trying to interfere with my work. If Saventh-Yhi falls, it will be their fault, not mine!

—Excerpt from the journal of Urschlar Vohkavi, high priest of Pharasma

I also use the Fast XP Track for CoSS because I want to bring in Book 4 ASAP. The PCs have conquered the Military, Government, Residential, and Mercantile District (in that order) and are 4,200XP away from level 10. This means they should have 5/7ths of the city explored before "Slothzilla" ;) shows up.

Anybody else do any foreshadowing of Book 4 in Book 3?

I started this as a solo game for my wife the other night using the pregens. She is playing Kyra and Ezren while I GMNPC the other two. They have so far set up camp and made it through the first night.

I put some information about

the Argental Font in a temple to Acavna in the Temple District, including the fact that it was located there. Its absence and the tablet with Urschlar (see above) stating he moved the Font has really got them wondering about these vaults.

in order to set up Book 4.


my PCs teleport to Senghor to buy magic items, and I have been dropping rumors on them when they are there - news about the Kaava Bush Devil and his bandits and talk of Usaro mobilizing for some unknown purpose

in order to make Book 4 seem like a natural progression.

We have added three new players and have made it through day four. After exploring the Brine Demon Jask is now helpful.

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