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Website Feedback

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Topic Posts Last Post
The New PRD

Advanced Class Guide on the PRD

Request to change Session Sheets for Season 6 Pathfinder Society

Dodgy accounts spamming the forums with advertising material

Please Increase Log-in Session

A Tip to Improve Forum Performance

HTTP vs HTTPS message boards

You can check out any time you want, but... you can never leave...?

I made a list that is too big....

Is this change to the website intentional?

Dice Quotes Glitching

Paizo Blog: Gen Con 2014 PRD Update!

Store Blog: The Best Four Days of Gaming—In Your Home!

Scam by PM alert

What Happened to the PRD?

PRD - Bestiary 4?

PFS Regional Coordinator list

Rev. James Allen UK private message

To the moderators!

Artwork of Ancient Metallics posted on blog?

Over / Under on crashing the site overnight, tonight.

My Downloads doesn't progress past "Personalizing..."

How on do I contact moderators with an apology... for an apology?

Unable to download PDFs

RSS Feeds broken?

Are PDF downloads broken on user accounts

Font for one character name has a "strike through"?

Using 3PP Beta Material in Messageboards?

(X New) is too close to X

What is a "Charter Subscriber"?

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest LCG by Fantasy Flight Games

New post notifications

Thread transfer

Can't open messageboard thread

How to edit / delete PbP post

Funny Bug in My Downloads

PFS Blog on Chrome

Making a change to the Rules Forum (And maybe the forum in general)

Things for Cort's to-do list

forum thread text resizing on mobile

Document titles and e-readers

Can you import your own avatar

Are there any non-captioned pictures of Stone Giants and Graul Ogres for Community Use?

Getting logged out after posting to forums using new FF

Disappearing threads?

No list of PFS event under event finder...

Can't download old GameMastery Map Pack PDFs

Digital Gift Message

My PFS GM table credit all disappeared!

Card game subscriptions

Meet the Iconics Valeros and Seoni

Viewing PFS Sessions

Pop-Up windows frozen on Mac

Can't post on forums

Help Paizo Staff! Payment method is not showing and order is declined!

Champions of Corruption Preview Image Size

Estimated Shipping

"My Downloads" Organization

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Seoni Thursday, May 10, 2007Back by popular demand,...

Crusader Road ePub

PRD on iPad

New Online Gamer Looking for Help

Forum avatar requests

Black Background in Copy and Pasted Images

Poll Poll?

Favorite vs. Like

More new avatar images

"Planned Errata" Section (or something).

Locked thread

Problems checking out cleanly when purchasing multiple retired scenarios.

Too many page requests too quickly?

SPAM in my Mailbox

prd options

Payment method and shipping address section of account management do not work

PRD Issues

On Line PBP games

Questions on user Icons

Unable to Select First Steps Part 1 When Creating PFS Event

How to subscribe to threads / posts?

Paizo Campaign Tools (Browser Extension)

"And if the Boys Wanna Fight You Better Let 'Em"

Listing Feature Bug?

Last post by Design Team is more than 2 months old

Removing Cancelled Scenario sessions

GM sessions fixed! GM stars still wrong...

Pathfinder Society Regional Coordinators list

Mobile apps?

Can't checkout with ACG subscription, stuck on Select Recipient

Please edit my thread to include important link

Weird Alias Header Difference

Edit button?

Creating a Pit of DOOM!

What PRNG algorithm does the forum dice-roller use?

PDF Question

Missing thread title

Why is the FAQ so hard to find?

This is a test, this is only a test. Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, can I change my title after I've submitted it? YEP! STILL YEP!

Missing PFS Scenarios

New to the Site

Pdf problems. ....

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