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Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

Gaining access to an alias from a previous, now closed, account.

Requests for future "PbP Recruitment" improvements

Keep getting sent to homepage?

Suggested Update to the Crypt of the Everflame Product Page


Problems with loading on phone


We have dice rollers!

Maximum character limit?

Wrong products showing in RPG subscription page

PFS faction symbol

Witch Class Deck character sheets

Missing items from the July 2016 PDF sale?

Post a story?

Sale not showing correctly

Pathfinder Advantage

If I started a thread about how to disagree politely in the PFS forum, would it get moved?

New Releases Section

Paizo Blog: Happy Anniversary, Korvosa!

Can't print PDFs?

Post Monster out of hibernation?

Paizo Blog: Goblins Again?!

Adding metadata tags to Paizo PDFs

Think there is a slight mistake with blog

Where can I voice a complaint?

Simple Way to Ignore Posters?

WotR OP Misprint on Adventures

Bold Only

Search not working in PACG playtest Play-By-Post forum

Editing, deleting, or closing forum threads and posts

Gift certificates

Trouble downloading

Rules Regarding Posting Advertisements

Humble Bundle RPG Downloads not showing on download list anymore

Dice Roll Changed?

Can We Get Some New Character Images for the Boards?

Order history functionality

Last post on alias page

Request to remove watermark from two PFS guides

Missing Single File PDF from Order #3950593 in Downloads

PACG Card Guild Adventure PDFs and Adventure Path product pages

Duplicate PFS ID

Mummy's Mask Book 3, Chisisek's Tomb Map

Something changed about Jan 20 on sign-in

Redirect in 'Sessions' link on PFS Events

Creating an Event: Can't add sessions

Wrong character reported and moved out of Core

Who Broke the AP Page

PRD: Global Bestiary Indices Issue

Is there a way to cancel subscriptions on our own?

Question on PbP thread architecture

Add our own avatars?

Face Cards product page error

Time limit on having things in my shopping cart

42 Step Check Out Process

Download page - lite and chapter options filter

Un-openable spoiler boxes

Could you lets us flip our avatars?

Question re a temporarily locked thread

Feature Request for the Help / FAQ pages

Community Use Package: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Characters Missing Monks, Barbarians, and Druids

[PFS] Core Campaign as Standard

Wasn't able to complete order using Chrome this morning

Oracle and Alchemist character sheets requested

Paizo Modern RuleBook

I would love to have another flag option!

Trouble loading home page on smartphone

Downloads page request

is there a way to put adobe....

Proposed feature: errata mailinglist

Paizo Blog: PaizoCon Brings Out the Best

I would like more avatar choices, please!

Ultimate Equipment (OGL) PDF Updated - Wrong file in downloaded Zip

GenCon volunteer email address not working

Pathfinder Adventures Blog Tags

[PFS] Core Campaign table reported as Normal

Name change?

Non-Lite Inner Sea World Guide

Trying to change my email address, says it does not match.


Any other formatting options?

Issue with pages / formatting -

Problems with Atom feeds

Server certificate expiry:

Found some spam

RSS feeds appear to be down

[PRD] Psychic Archetype formatting error?

Corrupted File with download Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Iconics

Issues with Personalizer on downloads page.

Infinite Personalization Loop

Character not Showing Up in Current Campaigns

Can't post to gameplay thread

Campaign Ownership changed

Report a Problem with a scenario

I am still having a hard time downloading my humble bundle books...

Having problems downloading PDF onto my IPAD

Thread deviations

Why was this conversation in breach of the community guidelines?

Possible errors on the Inquisitor and Cleric Class Deck sheets

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