As of December 31, please cancel all of my subscriptions.

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The shift to suddenly ignore the evil of slavery in Golarian and thereby make useless much of the lore and even some character options (who are the Liberators liberating exactly?), all for the sake of cowardly trying to ease the hurt feelings of a few social media people is unacceptable. All it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. If you want to point out that slavery is evil, then have more adventures fighting it, with content warnings for the faint of heart. In the current day, over a billion people suffer under totalitarian regimes, yet no one speaking out against having those. Why? Because without some evil force, the game of heroic fantasy devolves into an episode of Care Bears. But of course pointing out the hypocrisy and cowardice of not minding the larger evil isn’t something you’ll listen to, as pointed out by Tonya Woldridge in the forums, and besides, when your books are printed in China, why would you want to listen to it. I loved pathfinder because it was a wonderfully balanced game that allowed all options and viewpoints, and I found it when I left D&D because WotC began changing the lore and mechanics for purely political reasons. Now it appears that Paizo has taken the same stance, and not only insists that the game must reflect the hypocritical priveleged first-world politics of the real and current world, but must also destroy history and lore to make it happen, no better than right-wing people who want to ignore slavery and keep it out of schoolbooks, so too does Paizo want to ignore evils and keep them out of their books. Since I play RPGs to create stories of heroism against evil, ignoring evil so it may grow and fester, will never be an option.

You know what? Never mind. I do not want to cancel my subscriptions. A friend of mine made a good point. I’m going to see how y’all handle the content in the future; I’m going to give you that chance. Though my anger and disappointment with how this was handled remains, I will wait to see how this is handled. Please rescind my request for cancellation.

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Removed non-OP commentary as this is the CS forums. We will honor your second request to not cancel your subs, per your second message.

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